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Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.8.666a
« on: January 26, 2023, 04:18:27 PM »
If you just want to make sure it even exists in your save, you can open your save file in a text editor and search for the carrier. It's a cheat, but at this point, if you want to prove your sanity and/or the mod functionality within your game environment (lotta mods) without wasting too much time, this would be the sure-fire way to check.

The character skill "Hull restoration" gives +5 CR for each S-mod a ship has. Is there any way to make these S-mods count? Currently they don't because the skill looks at the variant, not the specific ship.
Really? I haven't had an issue with that with my install and I'm running several other "ship upgrade" mods alongside this. This functionality is, in fact offsetting, some CR loss I should have from some hullmods I use from the More Hullmods mod.

Do you have any documentation regarding making your own set of upgrades? I think I've identified the files I need to edit, but I'd like to make sure before I try anything. I'm also pretty sure one of the files contains all the stat IDs used to define what stats can/will be modified, but it doesn't look like it has a couple of (weapon-based) stats I'd like to use (namely, ammo/magazine).

I'm trying to see if I can sorta make a weird mash-up of your intentions for balance with ESR's "balance ::)? LOL ;D" legacy. (Or I'll just give up and make something more inline with ESR's OPness. Guess it'll depend on my mood with how I want my endgame to be like and how much effort I feel like putting in...) I really like ET's UI/UX compared to ESR's and I liked ESR making SS feel more like a typical RPG with the stat boosts. Above all, ET looks WAY easier to customize compared to ESR (ET's methodology is straight-forward, from the looks of it).

Well, plus, you know, the ongoing support for ET going forward versus ESR's deprecation. ::)

If you don't have any documentation, I'll just poke around on my own with a stripped down SS install at some point. (Got too many mods on my current install; takes a while to start-up.) Though the "missing"(?) stats will hinder my plans.

Thanks in advance either way!

They're under the "fleet log" category. I try to avoid using new intel tags since that real estate is already very cluttered.
"Cluttered" is putting it lightly when you have a sizeable number of mods installed... ::)

Are you requesting a setting to make loyalty multiply the effects of traits instead of adding to them? If so, I'm afraid it's not in the cards. Options that allow variables to be adjusted is one thing, but adding alternative formulas compounds the work required to test and maintain the code by quite a bit. Generally I prefer for numbers to interact in additive ways because it makes things cleaner (in terms of both UI and game mechanics) and easier to understand/explain.
Sure thing. I get it if you're trying to stick with "Simple is best." ;D

Thanks for giving me your time and all the effort put into the mod! :D

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Better Colonies 1.86
« on: January 16, 2023, 06:16:13 PM »
Would this mod play well with Yunru's "Slightly Better Tech-Mining"? I have that to make ruins with long-term tech-mining worthwhile. However, I know that other mods that affect tech-mining can interfere with each other. I had that case with Yunru's mod and I think Industrial Evolution. Luckily, IndEvo has a config option to turn-off their version of tech-mining.

I think the best way to go about it might be to add a "prevent sidegrade suggestions" button to sidegrade intel items that would also prevent them from expiring and add a button for re-enabling suggestions.

I can see that, given what we can work with now. Would you need to add another category to the Intel filters to make it easier to track those decisions? I currently look under "Important" to find side-grade requests. Don't recall if there was another category I could find them under.

It'd be nice if you could hack into the Fleet screen and add another ship-state button akin to "Stop Repairs" or "Mothball". Wonder if there's an API for that or if Alex would float the idea of adding one if there isn't...
I'm fairly certain the API doesn't provide a method for that. Might be worth suggesting. I'm sure it could be done anyway, but probably not in a way I'd be willing to implement.

If it has to be done on the modder's side, sound like something for the likes of LazyLib rather than your mod. It seems like something all the modders could use if they want/need it.

Oh, any thoughts on adding an option to make the Trait and Loyalty multipliers multiplicative with each other rather than additive for us tinkerers? Or do you prefer the flat additive feature for a reason?

I do think it's a worthwhile goal to give players more ways to prevent sidegrade suggestions they don't care about, although I don't consider it a priority. The trouble is that it's simply very difficult to implement an interface that's well suited for that purpose.[Emphasis Added] A 0 OP hullmod would work, as you suggest, but that would have several downsides (chiefly, that a lot of people find that kind of workaround off-putting). A button in the intel panel would have disadvantages, too, like the permanence of it, as you pointed out. I'm not aware of a solution that I think would be worthwhile, at the moment, so for now I'll just sit on the issue until/unless that changes.
I figure that would be the case given the game's state and current design priorities. It'd be nice if you could hack into the Fleet screen and add another ship-state button akin to "Stop Repairs" or "Mothball". Wonder if there's an API for that or if Alex would float the idea of adding one if there isn't... (Because now that I think about, there are a few things I would love to have added to the fleet management screen...)

The only reason I mentioned the option as a hullmod is because it would be easy to turn on/off for fleet management. This would make it possible to stop side-grades for utility/logistic ships that take a bit longer to accrue traits (but still earn the trait ranks) so you can concentrate on combat ships whose side-grades might be more important to swap.

Though if you want to make it a permanent decision... I can see that. Though I'd probably advocate for a small boost in trait power if you lock them in.

Or just an option to defer side-grades for a particular ship for like a year or so. I just don't know how much flexibility you either want to give a player or are even able to give them via the intel screen.

Or, if you're feeling generous, both: some method to pause side-grade suggestions, then when a player feels like they have the right traits for a ship, lock them in and maybe get a Rank bonus (in terms of effectiveness) or something.

"Fixed Specs/Locked Design: The ship's crew can no longer tinker with the ship's systems at will. Since they can't changes the specs anymore, they've learned to exploit their ship's quirks to the fullest. Effectiveness of all traits increased by 1 Rank."

Just throwing out ideas. I just hope it's something worthwhile to/for you given the effort needed to implement it. (Assuming any of it is a good idea to begin with.)

Say, have you considered adding a HullMod for 0 (zero) OP called something like "Fixed Specs" or similar so ships stop asking for side-grades if they have a Trait set the player is happy with? Now that I have a far better chance at actually seeing and resolving the requests, I find myself resolving a lot of side-grades I don't want to change. (It's mainly for non-combat/logistics vessels that don't have many traits yet.)

NOTE: I have changed a few things about the mod (bumped up the trait count), which is probably why it's apparently favoring side-grades for my lesser-known utility ships (more side-grades to choose from), but I imagine that at some point, players will have a ship with traits they'll what to keep as-is. I also think it might help focus side-grades onto ships the player does what to have, though maybe it'll take longer between side-grade opportunities (for the same ship) with the smaller pool of eligible ships.

Thank you for the reply. I totally get it. I figured it might require significant effort, so I'm not disappointed or anything. I just thought I'd throw that out there. Maybe when SS hits v1.0 or beyond. Or not. SS has a very extensive mod community for an Alpha game. I've seen plenty of mod go by the wayside as time passes. (I'm sad about Tartiflette distancing himself from SS, but I get why. Life goes on and all that.)

Still, thanks for the mod and your time!

P.S. I do hope the features from some mods make it into SS by default. Though, I can see that being a legal nightmare and something Alex may not want to deal with. RPG mechanics for individual ships is pretty fun, honestly (if a bit OP across several mods put together).

Stupid question/request:
For the ship traits, would it be possible to, over time, have them slowly all work towards the Legendary multiplier? I've noticed that traits get better based on which ones came first. (So your first Notable traits will be your eventual Legendary traits.) Any way to get it so all your traits can be Legendary given enough time and XP without having to do a bunch of (re)coding, assuming this would would be a worthwhile change?

And while I'm here: Is the mod hardcoded for 4-levels/ranks, or can we add more ourselves to the relevant .CSV files? I kinda wanna add a fifth trait rank ("Mythical"? Mainly for one more set of traits) and maybe spread out the Crew Loyalty bonus with more ranks there as well.

If I understand the feature correctly, you have to click through one proposal to get the next one, which adds tedium.
I'm pretty sure you're not understanding the feature correctly? At least, if it offers a sidegrade I don't care about, there doesn't seem to be any penalty from just letting it expire rather than tracking it down and explicitly saying 'no thanks'.
Only one sidegrade suggestion is offered at once, so letting them expire might delay the next one. Not really a penalty, but some people might want to resolve them as soon as possible to make sure the next one isn't delayed.
Would it be possible to remove that "one side-grade at a time" limitation and just have just some interval between side grade suggestions? Like one per month (at 100 days, that up to 4 in the queue, all different ships) and/or at most one after every major fight. "Major" being fights that have objective points on the map, not including pursuit fights.

For the former, it'll weigh more toward civilian ships/ships that haven't deployed recently. After a fight would weigh more toward deployed ships in that fight (but not for ships that have or had a recent side-grade proposal).

I have to admit that having to pay attention to the log notices and immediately resolve them is kinda hit/miss with me. I sometimes miss the notices because they fly by before I even see them. (The "New" category in the logs needs like 30-day record or something. Right now, if you even just glance at it, it'll mostly clear itself the moment you view anything else.)

Mods / Re: [0.95.1] Yunru Core +
« on: December 28, 2022, 02:34:00 PM »
Anyway to get a save which used misc ships back up?

Earlier on this page (first post):

Updates to everything now live.
If you were using Misc Ships, you'll need to enable Civ, Old School, and Higher Tech.

Imma go sleep for a week.

Actually, while I'm here:

Any plans to add integration of your Hullmods pack with Better Deserved S-Mods? (i.e., Some added effects for being installed as S-Mods.)

EDIT: And I see you already posted in that thread with a sample of checks for integration. Time to check out your Hullmod pack...

Recently got back into SS after a long time away. Saw the changes made to vanilla and immediately looked for updated and new mods. I'm glad I picked this one up.

I'm basically end-gaming at this point and noticed a quirk/bug: the XP requirements for expanding S-mod limits changes with the DP of a ship. A skill lets you have up to 20% or a flat -10 DP cost for a ship if it doesn't have a captain. If it does, the DP cost is the normal amount.

If I just uncaptain a ship, it costs less to upgrade. (I think the XP cost to install an S-mod is affected as well.)

I'm guessing the mod is pulling the DP cost live from the actual ship you're editing rather than the base template?

Suggestions / Re: Shield Pass-Through
« on: December 14, 2019, 08:37:49 PM »
To add, it would let faction mods differentiate themselves more. Oddly enough, I recently had the idea of another shield-type that always has 360-degree coverage, but takes longer to raise. During the raising, it progressively blocks more damage, otherwise letting some percentage through. (So at 25% effectiveness, it blocks 25% of incoming damage while letting 75% through; might apply to Flux efficiency as well.) This is for shield-centric factions, encouraging leaving your shields up and never dropping them unless you are well away from combat. (Armor and/or hull would be paper-thin as appropriate.)

So as a gameplay mechanic it might be questionable, but as a game-engine feature, it'd be useful.

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