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Consistent crash on 0.95.1a on Admin training in the academy. as they gain 'adminSalaryTier3' which does not exist anymore and causes a crash.

Use this if like me you can't progress anymore

Ah! So that was the fix!

I just ended up adding a tiers 3 salary (same as tiers 2) row in one of the game files (can't remember which one) and it worked ok after that.

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Apex Design Collective v1.0.4
« on: January 28, 2022, 01:01:28 AM »
Noice!  ;D
Excited to see how well the rebalancing works and what these missions are about!

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.7.6 - Flakky Wideboi
« on: January 27, 2022, 08:24:01 AM »
Ok, in my save I'm currently occupying their home worlds and I let them take back the fortress in the system. I'm not sure how much of a difference I noticed in fleet strength, but when I was taking Luciforn they did sue for a cease fire as I was invading so I guess it did something. Maybe to help with the tediousness I'll try sending out fleets to do part of the work, especially the invasion bit as I find that the most tedious

You're kinda meant to take full advantage of Nex's features in dealing with them, yeah.

Fair enough :P but I only learned about the fleets thing a few days ago lol it's been kinda handy for guarding things while they get their defenses back up, but I've it used it for anything else yet. I've just been doing everything myself until now

It is fantastic to take down stations when you may not have quite the right ships at hand but lots of money sitting on your bank account.

I have to say, I was very salty about Legio BS in this run but it is very nice to have to use all the options in Nex to take them down (I guess I'm just not a huge fan of Chad pirates being the faction to take out that way but YMMV). Especially the sabotaging shields with an operative.

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.7.6 - Flakky Wideboi
« on: January 27, 2022, 05:37:41 AM »
So I've been having a problem for a little while with Legio eating the entire sector for breakfast while I'm busy with other things, Sindia is already long gone and Tri Tach isn't looking too healthy in my save atm. Is there some setting or other I can tweak to make it a bit easier for factions to defend themselves against Legio in particular? So far all other fleets seem to be acting normal in that there seems to be a 50/50 chance that they may or may not conquer whatever planet they're invading, but unless I'm there with my entire fleet of multiple capitals and support craft, the Legio fleets flatten the defenders every time and take over their planet. I've tried simply taking back everything, but tedium aside, this results in Saturation bombardments reducing the colonies to ash, so it's ultimately futile. So is there anything I can do to balance them out a bit other than going planet to planet and taking them out? I'd rather not face that process again. I've been loving the mod otherwise, and really don't want to just turn off LI since they're one of the few factions I take seriously when fighting.

I had a similar issue. My way to deal with it in game was simply to take their toys: go to Lucifron, use an operative to disable the shields, invade, take all the cores and the forge, keep the colony or give it to another faction. Rinse and repeat for the entire system. After that, Legio just crumbled and never recovered. It is extremely tedious though (it does give you some nice loot for your trouble).

Caveat: it may be already too late in your game (especially if they already have several massive markets with pristine nanoforge).

@Nox: You are completely misunderstanding what the Mess is and why they behave the way they do. No Mess ship could ever be boarded safely by a human being. Frankly it's almost a little hard to believe that weapons can be salvaged off of them.

At no point should the Mess ever be salvageable. If you'd like some automated ships that are semi-disposable (or at least "intended" to be used in a more disposable way than most ships), the Domain Derelicts of .95.1 and certain ships in the Dassault-Mikoyan Engineering mod are designed like that.

You're making a bunch of declarative statements based on some assumption of lore.  On that point, I completely disagree.  I'm using them because my crew has learned to adapt and adopt drones.  I'm not going to do fan fiction here to justify having fun in a game, and I'm not going to accept fan fiction as an argument.

Since when lore arguments aren't valid arguments? It's not "fan fiction" when the author of the lore for the mod tells you it's non canon (assumption on my part here, I assume the lore surrounding the mess runs counter to your interpretation). Actually, your version of "mess = drone" is the fanfic.

Feel free to argue that drenching your crew that is immune to poison into a pool of Ebola virus makes sense though. However these are two different beasts entirely, just like The Mess is very different from drones or REDACTED.

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Apex Design Collective v1.0.3
« on: January 26, 2022, 01:45:27 AM »
I do indeed have a habit of making new things too strong and then having to tune them down.

That's totally understandable when in love with an idea, no problem!  :D

Worth noting that you were facing ~120 DP worth of ships with officers and you still won without losses, which seems reasonable to me. The reason one of them was so mobile was because it had safety overrides.

Didn't quite notice for SO, so maybe that's how this particular cookie crumbles (but then again, SO itself may have to be rebalanced because it is stupid good ATM, eh... another can of worms).
The 120 vs 120 isn't the whole picture though, all my ships had 3 s-mods, all commanded by level 6 aggressive officers with two elite skills etc. I am really not sure it would have gone the same way without officers on these ships and without s-mods, in fact, it may have been extremely difficult. Hard to tell if situation would have been similar facing a midline line-up instead but my guess is that it would not have been THAT difficult (and maybe I'm wrong but I see ADC as being an exotic midline faction, they seem closer to vanilla midline than high or low tech to me). With that said, if you rebalance Temporal Damper it may just be fine.

Eidolon: It's a fast capital, and definitely not the only one out there (Odyssey, DME's Zelenograd, II's Dominus, etc). It's fantastic at bullying things that are smaller than it, but loses against "real" capitals- an Onslaught beats an Eidolon quite handily.

You're correct. I don't use Onslaught, just did some tests and it works quite well against the Eidolon. I'd bet Conquest would as well. I never had a problem with a Zelenograd kiting my destroyers all around the battlefield for minutes on end though (I haven't compared the stats side by side but I was under the impression that just coughing on a Zeleno is enough to break it in two, it is much less the case with the Eidolon, the latter scares me, the former not really). But it may just be circumstantial (and maybe when Eidolon is kiting like crazy there are mods/officer skills at play, just like the Komodo example).

Temporal Damper: You're correct that ships with damper field are normally just tanks, or otherwise have some tradeoff for having damper. In this case the tradeoff is that they're just overpriced for what they are- without damper, the Komodo could be ~25 DP (Dominator equivalent) and the Caiman could be ~8 DP (worse Sunder). The Apex could definitely still be 60 DP without damper, but the Paragon is a thing and only costs 60, so the Apex is staying right where it is. Regardless, temporal damper is a little bit too strong right now, so I'm gonna reduce the system uptime a bit.

Sounds good! The Apex is in a good place I think, even if Temporal Damper is brought down a notch. I always use this ship in sim as a "golden standard" to test all my Battleship builds and it is definitely stronger than the Paragon builds available there. I have never had a build beating an Apex in sim but not a Paragon and definitely had a few beating the Paragon but not the Apex. But then again, Apex is more expensive (one may argue it should be 70 instead of 65 but with a slight Temporal Damper nerf it will be fine... 5 DP is also around the cost of most fast frigates which, in some cases, is not an easy choice "do I want Paragon + fast frigate or do I want Giga chad paragon with Temporal Damper but no fast frigate"... that sounds balanced to me).

Crocodile: This one's been on the watchlist for a bit of a nerf. Will probably reduce hull HP and OP a bit. Though, it's still only good in a fleet context- it struggles to kill any other similarly-priced cruiser in a one-on-one. And yeah, it's not a particularly fun ship to captain. A bit like an Eagle, there- there's not much going on with it, so it's a bit boring to fly. But not everything needs to be playerbait, and it's perfectly fine in AI hands.

I've been flying Eagles a fair bit, that's my go to ship in vanilla and trust me, 2-3 HMG + 4-6 AM blasters SO Eagle build is very fun, it is like flying a brick to bash the enemy fleet with: not subtle at all, very stupid but very efficient. ;D
But I agree regarding the croc, alone it is laughable, in a fleet it is a massive PITA that saturates PDs and fighters/bombers. I think all factions should have such a ship ideally (independently "trash" but a godsend within a fleet) .

General Discussion / Re: Carriers in 0.95
« on: January 25, 2022, 01:52:03 AM »
I'd say that two main things need to happen to help fighters become well-balanced:

1) Non-PD weapons should have no collision and no targeting with all fighters and bombers - same as missiles.

And thus making space station battles absolute hell (and the doritos)? Please no. As someone that loves flying a destroyer, that sounds like a terrible idea. Having to back off and focus most of your fire power against fighters is enough already, getting instantly deleted because "LOL not enough PD" isn't particularly fun. What do you do against space stations then? Because it's a zero sum game: don't bring PD at all and get instantly deleted. Survive because you have enough PDs but the fight gets extremely slow because you had to sacrifice fire power for PD. Ofc I see your answer to this "bring more carriers" which... would just bring us back to boring carrier and missile spam (which still is viable as of now, just not as broken OP).

Full disclosure: I don't like carriers very much and just have a couple in my fleet every run and never capitals. I think this should remain a valid playstyle.

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Apex Design Collective v1.0.3
« on: January 24, 2022, 06:42:53 AM »
As for the mamba, honestly i just think the DP is just criminally low, 6 DP for a phase-frigate with the ability to both dodge and delete entire volleys of enemy fire is absurd, it could be 12 or even 15 OP and still come out as an amazing escort alone with that shipsystem. (i *&^#ing love this guy)

+1 to this.

Although I'd probably say something like 10 DP would be a good start. I see no good reason why it should be cheaper than an Afflictor (I'd argue the Mamba has better raw combat performances but the Afflictor system is better when paired with a big nasty battleship, so they should at least have a similar deployment cost).

The crocodile felt a bit off somehow but I can't offer constructive feedback on that one so far because I did not experiment against it enough yet (both in sim and in fleet battles proper).

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Apex Design Collective v1.0.3
« on: January 24, 2022, 02:18:22 AM »
Alright, creating my first account here after lurking for a while just to give a bit of feedback about this mod.

So first of all, great mod, I love the idea of the faction, the art is great and quite unique and I love all the hull mods that synergize really nicely. I think Apex Design Collective will be one of these main stays in my future runs. 8)

With that said, I have some concerns regarding balance. In my humble opinion some ships are a bit too good. The worst offender being the Eidolon. Many time this battleship has been kiting around my VIC destroyers (yes I know, not vanilla but that's what I am playing with this run and they are fast ships, so in this regard they are a relevant example). We're talking here about a battleship hull, kiting fast light destroyers from a speedy faction. That's a tad broken isn't it? A fast battleship kiting another battleship? Fine. Kiting cruisers? Maybe. Kiting a bunch of fast destroyers? Even the Radiant can't quite do that (or at least not for very long). So I suggest to nerf the cooldown on the active of the Eidolon a fair bit.

I have some issues with the Komodo too. Alone in a vacuum it is fine. But put a bunch of them together and oh boy do you have a problem:

They managed to keep almost 150 DP (with skill reduction) of my fleet busy for nearly 2 minutes with the support of two of their light destroyers (it would have been much longer without player intervention). Let's be honest, they had the fire power of two endgame s-modded battleships facing them (plus an excellent destroyer piloted by a player of very questionable talent ::)) and should have crumbled easily. I don't really know any other configuration with cruisers that would have done THAT well. In fact, I bet even 3 Brilliants with Alpha cores wouldn't have lasted that long (mostly because they are much squishier). I am unsure what gives but so many good weapon mounts (including a large one), plus fighter bay, plus decent flux stats, plus damper field? That's too good, something gotta give (and yes I understand that they aren't quite mobile but they seem decently maneuverable and their omnishield make it sort of moot anyways). They didn't have ships to regen their armor though but I can't imagine the nightmare with these around. Maybe make their shield worse, maybe just give them a front shield instead of omni, or a slower one... Or maybe the cooldown of their active has to go down too or increase the flux cost of their damper field (they tend to get quite spammy with it). Most of the vanilla vessels with damper field have massive drawbacks (usually they don't pack a lot of heat and are just there to tank, the Komodo does both a bit too well IMHO). Maybe remove the fighter bay (thus forcing them to use some of the mounts for PD instead of pure DPS against vessels).

That's it! I love this mod so, I had to chip in and as I said, it is really well made (I've been quite impressed by the missile launching animation of the Crocodile).

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