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Mods / Re: [0.95a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.7.2 - Hammerheaderer
« on: August 02, 2021, 02:17:42 PM »
Any plans for more GH ship / weapon sprite overhauls as done with the Izanami?

As a fan of Starsector and a borderline Halo scholar, I love the idea behind the mod, and its implementation so far is pretty good. The MACs are virtually perfect. You pretty much nailed them in every aspect, apart from the projectile speed. You might want to consider increasing that a bit, they are coilguns after all.

That said, I have a few constructive criticisms that I hope will give you food for thought. These aren't demands, obviously. It's your faction, your mod. They're just suggestions from someone who knows a concerning amount about Halo and Starsector alike.
1. Missiles. They are an integral part of every UNSC ship, the most common form being the Archer. Gleeful missile spam is a fundamental aspect of the UNSC as a faction, and seeing a nearly total lack of them was somewhat surprising. However, there are a number of simple fixes; here's my two cents. For a solution, I'd recommend equipping every ship in their fleet with built-in Archer pods (with autoforges), growing in number the larger the ship gets. Archers should be fast but fragile, vast in number, and deal low kinetic damage (keeping with the theme of using massed Archer volleys to break enemy shields and then gutting the vulnerable ship with MAC rounds). You could also pair these with some dedicated anti-small ship missiles, either built-in or on hardpoints. (Side note, this is somewhat specific but hey, why not add it in; make Archers weak to energy damage but resistant to fragmentation).
2. Dear God, the Ramparts need a serious buff. Their rate of fire is okay, but their projectile speed is pitiful, rendering them useless against even marginally large volleys of missiles and small flights of strikecraft. Up their projectile speed and rate of fire, and they'll be much more effective. Maybe even increase the number of mounts (or make them all built-in but lower their damage and accuracy to compensate). Also, you might consider pairing them with a medium-sized PD mount of some variety, firing low velocity fragmenting rounds to counter the aforementioned threats.
3. You nailed the fleet composition. No problems there. UNSC 'frigates' operating as destroyers in Starsector is perfect. Keep this theme, don't give this faction anything smaller.
4. Increase the Sabre squadron to 3-4 strikecraft. 2 is alright, but they are very easily overwhelmed, and paired with the pathetic Ramparts, this faction simply CANNOT HANDLE even the simplest carrier spam.
5. This is radical and would be very difficult to implement successfully but; get rid of shields, factionwide. Increase both armor and hull like crazy and add some extra High-Explosive resistance to armor. Try it out and see if it works, if not that's fine, but having a truly no-shield UNSC faction that can hold its own would be amazing.

I'm definitely looking forward to the future of this mod, keep up the good work! I hope these suggestions give you some ideas, or at least make you consider some different possibilities. Good luck!

Mods / Re: [0.95a] Magellan Protectorate v1.0a - Release!
« on: June 08, 2021, 02:57:30 PM »
Levellers as currently implemented are roster-incomplete and intentionally somewhat weak (as you'd expect from energy-converted low-tech ships). That's not going to be the case forever; they have a planned roster of a few more, and unique, ships that, while rare in their fleets, should make them a lot more dangerous.

Definitely looking forward to that. About the frag weapons, I see what you mean, they are situational (and good when said situation favors them). Oh, and... dear god... Shockfire MRMs are obscenely effective. Turns an otherwise annoying fight against Dekker spam into a laughably efficient slaughter.

Keep up the good work! You never disappoint.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] Magellan Protectorate v1.0a - Release!
« on: June 07, 2021, 04:16:56 PM »
So, I have to ask, since it's the only thing I can find wrong with this mod so far;

What's with all the frag weapons? Fragmentation damage is the worst damage type in the game, and a somewhat irritating amount of the weapons in this mod, specifically those of the Leveller and Antique variety, use it. When I've seen stuff like this in other mods, the weapons usually have some other extra effect, such as added armor damage, EMP, etc. These don't, with the exception of the Bonecrusher Cannon and its larger cousin (both quite difficult to acquire). Even then, this effect is of negligible value considering the hilarious inaccuracy of said weapon.

This aside, I love this mod and can't wait to see what you add next. The Deserters of DME are one of my favorite factions to play in this game, and so of course another mod released by the same mad genius immediately caught my interest. The only problem is the frag weapons, which makes thematically equipping Leveller ships with Leveller weapons risky. So yeah, that's it really. Everything else about this mod is awesome. Ships feel great, weapons (mostly) are balanced and effective, and an almost fighter-less faction is a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work.

Just.... why frag? I must understand.

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