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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24); New blog post: New music for Galatia Academy (06/12/24)

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Modding / Re: Help with finding location of sentence
« on: Today at 01:30:41 PM »
it's in /data/strings/strings.json

you'll need to recompile the mod from it's source code, the game changed a tiny thing about that method and for the old version technically stopped existing (despite the syntax remaining identical), causing a crash when the old one is called on

the wiki has a guide for setting up a java IDE & compiling code here

Resolution is always possible. Maybe not if you mod your game but that's not the dev's fault.
The game straight up tells you how you can get the other side to stop being a pain. You can pay tribute to the local pirate boss, same for the path. PL and heg are both resolved in the same way, joining the league. Diktat is stealing their core. For tri-tach, you can raid them to death. For church you just talk to their leader and tell them to stop. And all of these (except tri-tach) are not including the major crisis solution which is combat.

Just taking a moment to point out that (with the exception of the TT suggestion) none of these alternate solutions actually resolve the crisis, they're all the "bad" deals that you can take to prevent the crisis from happening & give yourself more time to prepare.
The crises can only be properly resolved for a reward by fighting the fleets that gets sent at you once the meter fills up.

is there a way to get a ship's collision radius from it's hullspec?
not super sure if I've just missed it, but at a glance it doesn't seem to be possible

ninja edit Q - is there a way to add a flat amount of maintenance (not tied to any particular ship ship) to the player's fleet?

Bug Reports & Support (modded) / Re: Super Low Frame-Rate
« on: June 09, 2024, 05:16:59 AM »
what mods are you running?

afaik you can also be given bounties on dustkeeper fleets by military contacts.

oh yeah that fixed it completely, ty!

I'm not sure, not seeing any reason why .setLayer() wouldn't work.

I'm not sure why you'd need to move the ship through layers here, though. Wouldn't you want to render the portal on above/below ship layers while the ship remains on whatever layer it's on?

hmmmm, wierd
and I'm moving the ship between layers so that I'd be able to render a section of the battle's background sprite (in the example, where the white bit is, with the red bit being the "inside" of the portal) over the ship w/o covering other things that souldn't be covered, like ships / asteroids etc

Suggestions / Re: A bunch of issues and suggestions!
« on: June 06, 2024, 05:54:45 AM »
(not answering everything because some are just misunderstandings that others have cleared up / other people have responded to in a better way than I could (and some of them just annoy me too much to write coherently about ngl))
Why is the player's fleet is limited by number of ships, but that limit does not account for size of each ship?  There are fleet skills like wolfpack tactics, and I really want to build a 240 point mono-wolf fleet, but I can't actually field 48 ships + support. 
word-of-god directly from alex, it's partially about performance but mostly about the actual ship management side of things; doing loadouts & command (& etc) for a larger number of ships quickly gets very tedious
Performance is a consideration, but one of the main reasons for this is that managing that many ships really bogs the game down, so the limit is just the game saying "maybe you don't want to do that". But of course you can edit settings.json if you *really* want to. It's very much not something I'm looking at changing.

(grouping these together because they're all effectively the same suggestion / issue)
Why can I field a massive 240 dp fleet at level 1?  It makes me feel like player levels don't matter.  If I find a capital ship at low level, it should good to get enough Command Points to start using it.  It really helps feeling growth as a fleet commander if I actually grow into how many ships I can command. 

Why can I have 8 max lvl officers under my command when I am a totally unknown and newbie lvl 1 commander?  Gating by level also helps newbie's early and mid game cash flow out, as officers are the largest expense at this time.   

Changing fleet cap from number of ships to Command Points based on your level. This also gives a hook for other design systems to tie in.  For example,  officer levels can increase the total command points allowed in the fleet and Civilian ships can require less.  Also, some sort of soft cap here might be needed. Like max challenge rating reduced for every X you go over, and people start leaving (with your ships) when you visit port. 
The game already has a fairly elegant natural curve of progression as you level up & grow your fleet to be able to do harder missions to earn more money to grow your fleet and... (etc etc etc), adding a strictly level-based system on top of that is completely unnecessary imo.
For example, In the current game if you find a capital ship out while exploring early, recovering it is an interesting risk / reward proposition of "can I afford to haul this back to the core and outfit it" vs "but think of the money I could make doing bounties with this bad boy".
If you added some external hard limit to fleet DP / what ships could be used, it'd become a much less interesting choice because the player would only be able to recover / use the ship if they were already capable of comfortably maintaining & utilising it.
fwiw I don't think that this is a bad idea, per-se (you could definitely do some interesting stuff with making larger vessels be more scarce), but I dont think it'll work for starsector.

Why do I start the game with complete knowledge of building out colonies?  I need blueprints for complex inner working of ships, but the heavy industry needed to build said ship?  Yeah, I can just wing it. 

Finding blueprints for colony industries.  Perhaps start the game with mining, farming, waystation, spaceport, and tech mining, then find the others as you explore/do quests. 
This would just be a really annoying checklist to fill out before you started your first colony tbh. Rare ship / weapon blueprints work because no ship / weapon is truly essential & there are still other ways of getting them if you don't have the bp, but neither of those apply to colony buildings.
There is a single set of buildings that will produce the most money on a given planet; being locked out of them at random because you didn't get the blueprint would just feel awful.

Why are all the officers found in space rank 5 or higher?  I think it'd be more engaging to find them at a random lvl 1-5.   
This would just add to fleet management / loot sorting tedium; would you ever keep around a lower level officer? Hell, I barely even keep the rank 5s around because they rarely have skill sets that are useful to me.

Having repairs at port take time.  That feels thematic, and can add pressure if you need to get somewhere fast. 
The whole point of repairing at a port is that it's an instant qol thing, if it wasn't there would be 0 reason to ever do it (not that it has any downsides now, but) over just waiting for your natural repairs to happen.
Though it'd also turn defending your colonies from larger fleets into a really tedious cycle of doing a fight & waiting for the repairs to finish (potentially dodging around the fleets you can't fight the whole time) instead of the current rapid-fire play that instant repairs allow.

Adding a repeatable way to further acquire omega weapons. 

Changing the Eagle (falcon too?) so some of the ballistic turrets are composite. I think this goes a long way to fixes the issue where the ship has too many turrets for it's flux capability. 

Changing the Conquest built in hullmod. I had an idea. Instead of the generic point reduction for heavy ballistics, have a new hull mod that reduces the OP cost in half for a ballistic weapon if it matches the what's in the mirror turret on the other side of the ship.  Then, thrown in a penalty that prevents both turrets from firing at the same time.  This gives the conquest the very interesting and unique ability to rotate to present a new armor face while still having the same weapon loadout.  I very much want to build a symmetric conquest. 

I was gonna respond to these three separately but they're all kinda the same thing, imo you're just fundamentally misunderstanding something about each one -
- Omega weapons are limited because it allows them to be more powerful than usual weapons & it forces you to actually consider where you're using them (e.g., the shock repeater is basically the best in slot for small energy PD, if you could have as many as you wanted then you'd just use them everywhere).
- Giving the eagle two medium missiles (because that's what missile dual-type slots are, 99% of the time they're just missiles) would turn it from a "jack of all trades, master of none" line-holding cruiser into an offensive monster- something like two sabot pods, a heavy autocannon & 3 phase lances would absolutely clean house.
- And the Conquest suggestion is (ignoring the fact that it's infeasible to implement) a strict & unneeded nerf, HBI is on the conquest to give it 40 additional OP that can only be spent on guns while your hullmod idea would outright force the player to build it symmetrically (unlike how HBI just offers more freedon of choice) and cut out a lot of build variety.

IIRC those values get overridden because of the assumption that the drive is fully "on" by the time the ships spawn, and the actual duration of the burn varies depending on whether they're coming from off-map or not.

I don't think so, added:

ah yeah, that makes sense
and ty!

(also just gonna mention that I edited my previous post w/ an extra question about some wierd behaviour with ShipAPI.setLayer())

and a question of my own - how do travel drives get called / initiated / triggered when a ship spawns in & do their CSV stats actually matter?
I've made a custom one that's just a copy of the base one's csv line & logged the states but they don't seem to add up to the CSV values - it has a much lower IN duration (about .2s vs 2s), a much longer ACTIVE duration (about 5s vs 0) & the same OUT duration (2s vs 2s)

edit - is there a non-obvious way to get the sprite that's being used as the background for the current combat instance?
asking for the non-obvious way specifically because there doesn't seem to be a method for it in CombatEngineAPI

edit 2 - does ShipAPI.setLayer() work properly? it doesn't seem like it can properly move a ship "up" from its current layer (say, from BELOW_SHIPS to FRIGATES_LAYER) but it can move a ship "down" (that in reverse just fine)

edit 3 with an example & text describing the situation -
I'm wanting to make a custom travel drive that has the ship fly in though a portal, but the ship seems to get stuck on whatever layer it's on after a few seconds in the fight, either below the white block if it comes in through the system or above it if the ship is spawned by default (though this is just a sim issue)
(and the black text is the layer that the ship is rendering on)
example image

how do non-vanilla missiles work with the Missile Autoloader? Is the amount of missiles reloaded calculated based on their op cost or something?
you can just look inside the hullmod's script
but yeah, it has an automatic system for determining the cost + the ability to override that cost by just setting a tag on the weapon


particularly, if the base spec has a built-in hullmod that can't be hull restoration'd off, the ship will say as a (d) hull, with everything that entails
this just got noticed on the discord with an executor, but presumably it applies to all similar ships

When I call addPlugin to add a TestPlugin object, and then call removePlugin, do the parameters of removePlugin need to be the same TestPlugin object, or do I need to create a TestPlugin object?
To put it another way, does CombatEngineAPI allow for multiple objects of the same kind of plugin to exist, or are addPlugin and removePlugin something like singleton (possibly using instanceof to make sure there is only one object of the same kind of plugin)?

yeah, multiple plugins of the same type can be attached to the combat engine; removePlugin takes the specific plugin object that you want to remove as its param

this might be a larger request than the scope of this thread, but would adding a third combat plugin type that combines the functionality of EveryFrameCombatPlugin & CombatLayeredRenderingPlugin be possible for the next update?
Mostly asking because EveryFrameCombatPlugin's functionality is practically a subset of CombatLayeredRenderingPlugin's with the one exception of input handling & it gets incredibly annoying when you need both layered rendering & input processing in the same place.
... and it also just feels kinda wierd to have two almost identical plugin types for almost the same thing, with one being better at doing almost everything.

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