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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24)

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Wow dude thanks for making this mod. This is the mod I did not know I needed. I mean when I saw the name I was a bit dubious, then I watched your little showcase video and i was interested, now I have played for 6 hours with and I don't know how I managed to live without it before!!! TRUELY THANK YOU!!!

Mods / Re: [0.96a-RC10] San-Iris 0.9.8
« on: June 17, 2023, 03:12:34 AM »
Man I wish their was a mod somewhere that allowed you to travel through the gates an into far away systems from the sector where these interesting factions would reside and would be the only way to encounter them and get their items. Interesting faction but for me I just cannot allow it into the Persean sector. :)

General Discussion / Re: Clipped Wings - An Eagle Thread
« on: June 04, 2023, 09:23:04 AM »
This sure got lively.

That LG Eagle looks good, tweaks to the missiles will surely help it out if not converted hangers could do some good not to mention triple s-mod for dedicated AI captain fleets like me. I don't enjoy the direct piloting gameplay personally. I haven't gotten my hands yet on a LG Eagle but it seem like 2 of the front ballistics go converted to energy or did all 3 get converted to hybrid?

As someone else Also pointed out if the 3 medium hard points and 3 turreted hardpoint were switched around I feel that would solve most of the eagles problems like that. Certainly would resolve a lot of range conflicts and allow for more different style of build. I often imagine such builds when I am trying to figure out a good setup for the eagle with my currently fleet.

Giving it a natural hanger would also help resolves a lot of it's shortcomings as well. Would give this jack of all trades ship more flexibly which should be a jack of all trade feature but yet builds in the current ship feel very restrictive.

I should probably have clarified I was looking more of XIV and Vanilla Eagle builds But the LG post does give me new ideas and concepts, but it still goes back to the max range setup idea. Seemingly confirming that medium and short range builds cannot be with this ship.

General Discussion / Re: Clipped Wings - An Eagle Thread
« on: June 03, 2023, 02:28:13 PM »
So with 0.96 out and the Eagle supposedly having been buffed has anyone found GOOD eagle builds yet? So far my builds continue to feel so-so to barely barely decent. Long story short works well enough for small and medium fights but sucks horribly VS large fights and Ordos.

So anyone got anything? Or is this bird still worthless?

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Scy V1.66rc2 (2023/01/16)
« on: March 12, 2023, 04:59:46 PM »
Reading you wont be around to update as much. Sad to hear it but life goes on.

Been playing a lot recently again this faction. Still have some gripes with some weapons but overall i dunno how much this is just a feeling but faction feels weaker now then i remember it. Vanilla creep maybe?

But my main issues are still the Hemors and Kaccs, weapons that require a ship to keep staying in harms way to deal steady damage, which seems like a clash from the hit and run tactis the faction tries to sugjest to you. which is why i LOVE the ricochet guns. Honestly I think you should add the magasine function to more weapons to synergize more strongly with how the ships seem to be built. Where they need to enter range do dmg and full out to vent flux, clicp weapons seem so much better at this style.

But 1 weapons I have is the medium Lasser torperdo lancher. If you don't put that thing on a boemianboar it's honestly useless and overpriced IMO, Sure I can get up to 12 missiles with skills and hull mod but even then I would find it difficult to pay 6 points on it on other ships.

And I still wish we have more bomber loadouts. Wings with Laser Torps and Arc missiles would be loved.

But in all you faction mod continues to be a favorite and I have a very VERY hard time not including it into my mod list, even when i plan to stir away from all scy content in my playthrough.

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Phillip Andrada Gas Station Manager v1.10.3 MEGASCOPE
« on: February 17, 2023, 01:32:56 PM »
Nice Thanks a lot!

Mods / Re: [0.95.1a] Phillip Andrada Gas Station Manager v1.10.3 MEGASCOPE
« on: February 15, 2023, 01:55:07 PM »
It would be nice to have a complete list of all cross overs other mods have with this one so that I could do a max crossover playthrought.


1-) A while ago you revmouved the Void Extration

Void extraction isn't from indevo. Get your mods right!
Indeed it seems it does belong to an other mod my mistake it just fitted too well within the Industrial Evolution mods scope so well i have mistaken it. They being said, appart from it not belonging to this mod the rest of the information is relevant for potential path forvard for this mod.

Currently still playing on V3.1f

Playing with the ne features in this update is fun. The new artilery stations are a nice addition. Been playing with some version of your mod on since ever i dicovered it a few years back and would not really consider doing a run without your mod on, to me it is AS necessary as NEX is.

That said been looking to see what you plan for the future of this mod but couldn'T really find anything, might just be lost throughout the posts and replies or you never mentioned it as to not be bothered by people. So here is a request for information of your vission of the future and some of my hopes you might push this mod into.

1-) A while ago you revmouved the Void Extration industry with good reason, the thing made every planet a good planet. It was like a mandatory industry you built pretty much everytime. But the question I had on my mind why not keep it but leave it as a gas giant and/or space station only industry?

2-) That being said any plans to add planet type restricted industries or penalties/bonuses based the type of the planet and/or it'S positive and negatives debuffs it might have. Quick ideas would be to have scrap yards have a bonus when built on gas giants, or Fuel VPC getting a bonus to production when use in  a manufactory/forge that has not atmosphère and a penalty when atmospshere is present.

3-) Have you thought about synergies? (FYI i never use the forges because i prefer the manufactories becaus ei like to build large empires but preference.) What i mean is have some industries bost or penalise each other based on what is present on the planet, like a potential example if you have a planet with: Farms, Orbital works, Salvage yards and Refinery could have this happen, The farms take a -3 debuf to food production from the scrapyard, orbital and refinery, but recived a bonus of -1 to heavy machine need because of the orbital works building them. But the orbital works getting some bonuses from the scrap yard and refinery which booth feed it material, the refinery only getting a bonus from the scrap yard, and finaly teh scrap yard gettign bonus from the orbital only. Manufactories and forges could be part of the chain depending on what VPC they have.

4-) Speaking of forges and synergies and GATCHA mecanics I have this idea of using forges as a way to build in hullmods into ship hulls by placing the modspec blueprint inside the forge and the forge needing to be present on same planet as an Orbital works as well, and doing that could increase the price of ships, increase D-mod, and have a chance to sucseed or fail, Different AI cores could have different effects bonus. Or maybe that could be a job for reestoration docks (which I also never build) where the gatcha could not only endup costing you money, time and D-mods but also the ship itself when somethign cataostrophy happens.

5-) Speaking of the restoration docks which I currently never use is it posssible to make the D-mods created from the derelict industries to be remouvable only from them?

6-) What about station building and or terraforming? I know they are 2 mods that already do this. Theri is DIY Planets - Terraforming and more! which I really love and almost always run but could use some improuvements, and Terraforming and Station Construction which has stations but it's basic alone with some features i like and other I don'T which mean I don'T run it as often. But your industry evolution mods would fit well expanding in those directions.

That'S all I can think ofve for now. Hope you can give some feedback on your plans hopes and limitations that make some ideas not feasable.

Ok, so i seem to be stuck a bit on the progression and none of the NPCs are giving me any leads.
I'm at 100 rep, commissioned, 49 rep with the vemillion station admin (capped), 74 with each fo the npcs she sends me to (also capped) and nobody is saying how to progress further.

If you relying on gift to get you up they eventually stop working. At one point you can only raise rep by putting in the actual work. That is at least how it is in my playthrough. IF even completing missions doesn't raise rep then you might be the victim of some bug.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] BigBeans Ship Compilation
« on: September 11, 2021, 04:46:52 AM »
I love the style of your original ships and would love to add your mod to my mod list. However the starwars ships are a deal breaker for me. Could you make a stand alone pact that has only your original without any other content that comes from proprieties outside of Starsector? That would be very cool thanks.

I just wanted to tell you that I found your Logistics Core, and found the paper clip reference hilarious. SFIA for the win.  ;)

Mods / Re: [0.95a] Scy V1.64rc6 (2021/05/02)
« on: July 05, 2021, 02:37:15 PM »
I've had Scy Nation in my mod list for a over a year maybe 2 now. At first to me it was just an added faction to fight with that ascetically still fitted with the the look of the vanilla factions.

First real exposition tot he faction was to it's anti-fighters miniguns which at the time were not only good for killing fighters but also for shield pressure. (think they dealt hardflux back then, not sure but they were more effective vs shields back then than now from what I recall.)

Plus my fights against the SCY fleets were always a challenging, but my first 2 attempts at playing with the SCY nation ships and weapons were quite misserable failures. However my 3rd and most recent attempt went very differently when I decided to use Manticores with with the Missile cruiser and beam cruisers together. It was spectacular! Adding siege Carriers latter only push the whole thing over the edge into ROFLSTUMP territory.

Did play with the singularity weapon many times always super powerful, always a double edge sword for AI fleets so I always opted out of using it. (just happy AI fleets don't spwn with it, as far as I know)

However so far I am having an issue with making builds that use the Kacc and hemor weapons. Not so much issue with KAcc but HEmor is like WTH was the concept? Because right now I am trying to make exploration fleet with cheap to fit Hemors on Corocotta cruisers and it is just not working yet. The range is short, the projectiles are slow, accuracy seems so so, flux to fire seems high for what it does. Also looking into the Dracanae cruiser, golly gee if you don't have a captain with the right skills and right hull mods when ever it'S ability activate 80% of the weapons go offline!!!!

Siren I just hate the AI can't handle. But I get it.

The Geryon I love for early game fights but since It cannot Reload missiles later on I have to discontinue it'S use. :( The easy thing to do is to give it Missile-auto forge skill, but that's been done a lot, wouldn't it be possible to make it dock to a ship can can replenish missiles to make it reload or maybe create a new capital ship hull dedicated to that, or maybe a special modual for the Xanthus to do that? Sometime like this would also greatly help the Lealaps which after experimentation I tossed aside. In one of you post you said you felt the SCY navy felt pretty complete and didn't know what you could add that would not be excessive I think something that fills this role could be it. I could write chapters on ideas of different ways off iteration for this, contact me if you want concept ideas.

Orion artilleries loved them on other faction ships, Find them expensive on SCY ships.
Ricochet guns are nice.
Laser torps feel underwhelming but maybe i just have not experimented with that enough yet.
Super charge Pulse beams, Meh, Think I need to try them again just with MORE of them.
Nano needlers feel good, but i miss it flux pressure it had on enemy shields from before but I get it.
Zone Scorchers from the simulation testing I have done could be OP, have not yet tried using them in Mass since they also killed your missiles and Strike-crafts which my fleets have always been heavy on, but If I can't get the Hemor and Kacc fleet working I'll switch to trying it out.
Cluster missiles and the Ker bombers I kinda both dislike for how it deploys, don't get me wrong I can see that full hits of those weapons are powerful, but they often miss or get destroyed before full deployment and are very ineffective vs mobile targets. Essentially that are good for nuking starbases and super fat lumbering capitals.
Coasting missiles, love em, why not large and small variants?
Arc missiles, useful in mass, but not amazing, Large swarm launcher version would be nice I think.

Oh dang I could go on but this is getting long. Dont expect you to answer everything, but Would really like you design idea and intended method of use for the Hemors and Kaccs, esspecialy the Hemors.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] Tahlan Shipworks 0.7 - SUNDEREST!
« on: June 20, 2021, 06:15:41 PM »
I need some guidance on the Rosenritter quest you get from carrier. I got all the tech it has it says and told me their is something in a certain constellation. I've search every system and even tried searching for secret jump point like the one to get to alpha site. How ever have 4 hours of searching I would really appreciate a pointer of what I'm looking for.

EDIT: after searching the changelog I have to ask is the Traumtänzer the thing I am searching for? If so I found it ages ago. Actually found it in my like my 3rd or 4th searched system. Found the carrier only recently.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] Seeker - Unidentified Contact 0.42 (2021/03/27)
« on: April 23, 2021, 01:34:01 PM »
Simple: it's not a "rare bird" if they produced a whole faction worth of these for each and every role.
I see what you mean. But the aesthetics of it fits so well in the game for the Persean sector. And that is an issue I have with ship packs often. Sometimes some factions fit perfectly within the core worlds. Other times I feel they would fit on the fringes of the sector if you could travel 2x or 3x further away from the core worlds then you can in the vanilla map. Other factions I feel would only belong in systems that you should only be able to visit by using the rings to travel way beyond the sector like the mod of the same name. And I few others are like WTF is that eye sore abomination!

The style of that ship would fit well to a faction near the core or even on the edges of the vanilla map.

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