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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24)

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Any word on an official update for r97 ?
I'm testing just changing the version, and hoping nothing explodes
Any news captain? Have you exploded?
Been busy with work, sorry. I didn't even know there was a new release until now.
It works as is, zero changes necessary, aside from metadata changes to let the game know it'll work. I'll update the file as soon as I can.

Nice work, appreciate the options.
And a merry xmas to you, bud!
Merry Christmas to you to as well, and a happy new year!

standard lvl 25 download link doesn't work.
The download is linked and set up correctly on my end; what's happening when you try to download it?

Any reason why the different max level variants level up at different speeds? Mistake or intended because isn't that what the standard and fast variants are for? I first tried to use the max lvl 20 standard version and ended up with lvl 16 in my save game. Then I tried the max lvl 25 standard version and instead ended up at lvl 18

Yes, there is. Without a way to completely decouple story point gain from leveling up, the only way to make story point gain... 'balanced' in comparison to vanilla, while also staying close-ish to vanilla style-levelling, is to smoothly transition from low experience required to high experience required. And the different level caps means that you end up with different rates. I tried to keep them as close together as possible, and switching between the two won't cause any problems. Let's say you're using the max 25 and switch down to max 20, you'll still be at the higher level, you'll just have an experience defecit to makeup until you can start levelling up again.

When I first made this, I really made it for myself and only myself, but figured that if I went through the effort of coming up with a 'balanced' max-level increasing mod, I might as well upload it. And then I figured "well, I already have a good system for figuring out what a 'balanced' leveling rate is, why don't I apply it to other increments of 5 and upload those?"

Is this mod able to be added to an existing save?

Yes! And removed or changed to a different variant as well. It is safe to assume any mod in the 'utility' section of the Mod Index will be like that, but it's always good practice to make a backup save before activating/changing/removing any mod, just in case.

Minor issue, but "bonusXPUseMultAtMaxLevel":3 in the level 40 rapid settings config was missing a comma at the end. Don't know if it's like that with the other versions.

...yeah it is, all the fast variants. Crap. Well, time to reupload the entire thing.
And it's fixed.

Sorry for the delay in updating, it really was simple. I'm finished with the update, so let me know if anything's borked--I only had time for a quick playtest to make sure nothing was egregiously broken, unfortunately.

I'll be checking this thread ever other day for the next ten days or so, to see if there any issues I didn't notice, and fix them. Long term goal, once the fires are out at work, is to fiddle with the new method/API call added by the update, "getBonusXPUseMultAtMaxLevel," because I'm 99% sure I can use that to make a... better version of the fast variants. Also, seeing if I can make this work with Lunalib, because that looks neat and, if I understand it correctly, would mean I'd only have to upload a single file instead of 8!

Sorry, been busy with work, didn't even know .96 released. I'll work on the mod tonight. Having to actually be reliable at work is horrible, I do not recommend it.

Would you mind if I downloaded this, poked around in the javascript, and rejiggered it to work with my mod list? To add checks for the new planet types, conditions, and industries.

Loving the mod so far, I've used it for a while but haven't hit max level yet and I wanted to ask a question. I'm not super familiar with story points yet so this may be obvious and I just don't get it, but when you say "vanilla-like Story Point gain, even at level cap" does that mean its similar to having a vanilla level cap in exp cost to get a story point at max level when the required exp is much higher, like say 30 or 40?

My understanding is if the level cap (and thus the exp needed to level) is raised, then the cost to get story points at max level would also increase correct? Or have you made it so it isn't impacted by your changes to level cap with the mod?

Thanks for any help!

TL;DR: I changed it so that the experience needed for story points at max levels isn't doubled over what you need for story points while levelling.

Long explanation of why that is/how the mod works:
In vanilla, you get 4 story points per level. Using a few examples to illustrate what I'll be saying: in vanilla, going from level 9 to level 10 takes 1,000,000 experience, so you get 1 experience point every 250,000 experience while at level 9. Going from level 14 to level 15 takes 2,000,000 experience, so you get 1 experience point every 500,000 experience while at level 14. However, once you hit level 15, XP_REQUIRED_FOR_STORY_POINT_GAIN_AT_MAX_LEVEL_MULT takes over, and multiplies that 2,000,000 experience to 4,000,000 experience, so, at level cap of 15, you need 1,000,000 experience points per story point, and it stays that way no matter how many story points you get.

In this mod, the standard variants at least, I've altered the levelling curve such that to reach max level (20, 25, 30, or 40 depending on the variant) it takes around 4,000,000 experience, and I've set the XP_REQUIRED_FOR_STORY_POINT_GAIN_AT_MAX_LEVEL_MULT to 1, so that, at max level, that 4,000,000 experience required per 4 story points remains 4,000,000 experience points, meaning that, exactly like in vanilla, it still takes 1,000,000 experience points per story point. The rapid variants have a slightly different set-up, and you only get 2 story points per level at max level, but you get double the bonus experience from using them, and each level only takes half as much experience, meaning that you still have the same overall rate of story point gain--1,000,000 experience per story point at or near max level. You actually get slightly more experience points with this mod, due to the fact it smoothly transitions up to 1,000,000 experience points per story point, as opposed to jumping immediately from 500,000 to 1,000,000.

If you need more clarification on any this, I'd be happy to explain. It's relatively simple, anyone could have made this mod, I was just the first person to make one public for 0.95. I figured that since I made the mod for myself, I could save other likeminded people the time and effort if I uploaded it where everyone could use it. That's also why there are so many different options--it saves someone else some time, and didn't take me all that much as I'd figured out a 'formula' for it.

Love this mod, been using it in my modded runs a while now.

Just thought I'd point out a bug I ran into in the 30 rapid variant.  Upon reaching level 18, it required over 8 million xp to reach the next level.  It also granted me over 8 million bonus xp from use of a story point a while before I hit level 18.  I'm guessing based on my previous progression that it's using the total xp required to reach level 19 as the difference between 18 and 19.

edit:  Just looked at the script, it's in fact just an extra zero added to the xp required for level 19 and 20.

Thank you. I would've never noticed that one my own; I don't use the rapid 30 variant, so I would have never encountered that. I uploaded a fix. And updated the metadata so it no longer has that annoying yellow color. If there are any other issues, let me know.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] Unknown Skies v0.43 (2021/03/27)
« on: December 21, 2021, 02:23:57 PM »
They can still be found on my Patreon or in the previous pages. However other modders and myself won't make it easy to grab because otherwise it implies there will be support for older version, which quickly becomes an untenable position over the years as older and older versions pile up.

That's... a smarter thing to do than what I did.

I'm sorry, but what do I have to alter in the file to make this work? Already updated the version number in the mod file...

FYI, I have the same issue.

You are using the proper version, right? You've downloaded the 0.95.1 version for 0.95.1 or the 0.95 version for 0.95?

Because they are different. There's more to it than just changing a version file.

Spot on. Thanks for the help. Downloaded the game right before the update apparently and didn't expect one so quickly. Very much appreciated and thank you!

As soon as I saw the update I immediately downloaded it and looked at what I needed to change.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Secondly, just checking if this is safe to use on an existing safe that's updated from 0.95 to 0.95.1? I do get a light warning about RC3 being expected but I have RC5? Is that ok?
Yes, and yes. I'll RC4 and RC5 were just minor bugfixes and didn't touch anything related to skills/levels, and 0.95.1 is save compatible with 0.95, which means so is this mod.

I'm sorry, but what do I have to alter in the file to make this work? Already updated the version number in the mod file...
...How? All of the variants of the LevelUpPluginImpl I have uploaded have getStoryPointsPerLevel defined. The only way I could think that this could happen is if you somehow deleted the file or edited it in a way that caused Java to forget about it. Upload the starsector.log file, so I can try to figure out exactly what is going on. Also, try redownloading the mod, and don't edit anything, see if the issue still occurs.

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