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Starsector 0.97a is out! (02/02/24)

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Suggestions / Re: Escalate crisis
« on: February 15, 2024, 10:37:04 PM »
I guess it'd make each event more complicated, but beyond a simple button maybe we could go so far as to have some or all of the events have specific, logical things you can do to accelerate it, just like in the separate TT commerce raiding event. If you, for example, were hitting the PL with industry disruptions and/or tac bombardments (on not-Kazeron of course) as pre-emptive retaliation to their coming blockade, maybe it could add event progress. Of course, an SP-button might be a simpler solution. :D Or even both, they're not necessarily mutually exclusive but could be separate options.

Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.97a (Released) Patch Notes
« on: February 13, 2024, 01:44:06 PM »
... IMO the missiles are very much (intentionally) overpowered, btw. They do give up the "no flux" advantage, but the ability to deliver so much damage so reliably is basically unmatched...

My first playthrough on 0.97 was with a Gryphon with the medium and small missiles for this along a Hammer Barrage and some harpoons; it was good fun! As an aside, with all that said, that does feel/seem like there's at least some design space for TT having some dumb-fire, lesser and not-intentionally-overpowered "energy torpedo" or something. Just enough to acknowledge there's Something Going On Here with TT connections and tech development and give them a little something for, say, S and M slots, but the [REDACTED] ones get to be overpowered with more effective damage and the high-effect guidance. :)

Suggestions / Re: Commerce Raiders are too aggresive with no cooldown.
« on: February 11, 2024, 10:50:17 PM »
If you're unable to pursue, I think the only way that can happen is if the burn level of your fastest ship is slower than the burn level of their slowest, so this is probably a fleet composition issue. At least, if I'm interpreting what you're saying right.

Wait wait wait hold on, this is a thing? As in, this is a thing the game checks for? A fleet that's faster straight up can't be pursued by one that's universally slower? It guess it makes sense if it were, I just never even thought the thought in... 4+ years.

Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.97a (Released) Patch Notes
« on: February 07, 2024, 09:56:00 PM »
IIRC they don't target your colonies at all.

Truly? I definitely got one of them targeting me and went to squish the base as normal, but I have been starting to add some peripheral mods now and one of those could conceivably have caused that, I suppose. Either way, thanks for the answers! :D

Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.97a (Released) Patch Notes
« on: February 07, 2024, 06:25:50 AM »
A few more things after playing more on the same save as before (still paying the PL taxes, I'm a good bullied boy here I guess):

- Glancing at a comment about the Intel screen earlier, at least after New, Important, and maybe Major it might be nice to have Intel tabs sort alphabetically or something, like the faction breakdowns below are? Might be one of those far simpler said than done things.
- I’ve not done the tutorial in ages so maybe your Hegemony friend there already does say something about it, but for new players it might be nice if he said something about colonization and “warning” new players about the dangers just as he does about commissions. It’d be an opportunity to say the Hegemony doesn’t really care that much as long as you’re not abusing AI cores (and get a little positive light shone upon them), but that other factions might have issues with you for their own reasons. Maybe that could even allow you to converse with him and ask about what the (unmodded at least) factions each are likely to take issue with and give a new player a little glimpse into both what sets events off and what the factions are about (from a Hegemony point of view).
- Out of curiosity at this point, are random Pirate Activity events that target systems just as likely to go for yours as anyone else’s? Feels like it’d make sense they did, but I’m not sure if it’s somehow tied into the pirate colony crisis.

And for the last couple of colony events I hadn't yet gotten through:

- The pirate event ended up pretty chaotic with 13(!) fleets, but they were obviously all pirate garbage ships and as far as I could tell I didn't need to defeat every single one of them either, which was nice. With built-up patrols and a couple star fortresses it was smooth sailing. It being so late probably did a lot to make it so straightforward to just fight off.
- The Pathers event came with 4 fleets, which resulted in a big, chaotic battle around a star fortress and along with several of my patrols. Pathers do always bring Excitement when their fleets are big enough what with how aggressively they fight so there’s that, and it was fun battle, though admittedly not very challenging with my fleet and friendly forces in support at that point. The star fortress did get destroyed though, so there's that.
- All in all, I might've ended up with some of the rougher events first and easier ones late; PL, SD, LC, TT (though they and their raiding major event were around for a while along the rest before I dealt with them), pirates, LP, in that order. I'm not sure how much of that is the intended difficulty of each of the events or how much scaling they do (if any), especially after just the one playthrough, but that's how it went for me. On the one hand it might have ended up feeling a little backwards, but on the other it might just be an effect of me making progress on both colonies and my fleet as they came along, too.

Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.97a (Released) Patch Notes
« on: February 05, 2024, 01:48:58 AM »
Right, so after a rather intense weekend of an essentially unmodded playthrough (save for portraits and a couple of marginal utility things like SpeedUp; it might have been a couple years since last...), some things I felt worth remarking upon.

- Reverse polarity’s neat, no complaints. It does what it was supposed to do, I think.
- Generate slipsurge feels a little like I’m cheating or hitting a glitch somehow when I use it; the abrupt WHOOSH-fling makes it feel a little bit like a hack to the game. The mechanic is fun to play around with though, especially trying to fling for distance into the abyss. :D It could maybe do with some sort of visual effects to dampen any sort of glitchy-feel?
- I'm definitely feeling the economy's different than I'm accustomed to, but I'm not sure how much is the fact I've not played umodded for a long time and how much is the patch.
- As much as I keep telling myself to try other skills, I also keep ending up looking almost identical every time; combat skills to Systems Expertise and/or Missile Spec, both officer buff skills and Best of the Best to not get too badly suppressed on Deployment Points and they both kind of make sense together in my head, both Navigation and Sensors for the big QoL improvements. I did manage to convince myself into picking up Electronic Warfare with my last point instead of Coordinated Maneuvers or another combat skill though. The capture effect is neat, but I'm not sure if it's actually worth it next to the alternatives; it feels like it's not that big of a deal, though depending on who you are and who you ask I guess 20% speed could be no big deal either.
- Cybernetic Implants used to be a go-to due to the officer skills I always end up taking, but at level 15 that's just one point out of my reach after 5 combat, 6 leadership, in the end; shame.
- As a long time Helmsmanship connoisseur (or idiot) the buff is welcome. :D Slow, clunky ships aren't fun for me so that plus elite Impact Mitigation has been a staple ever since the last skill revamp.

- The flat +/- damage done/taken effects aren't as interesting as the quirkier and more specialised ones that used to be there on for example old elite Systems Expertise, but I can't pretend like people might not prefer more direct, obvious and visibly impactful effects. I do like more quirky effects than just "more number!", but I do understand such effects are harder to make up, balance and make actually appealing.
- I remain unsure what techmining is supposed to do for me; feels like I'm just getting random stuff I don't have much use for at the point I'm colonising in the first place?

I'll spoiler down the new colony stuff 'cause maybe someone reading this still wants to go through the event interactions unaided... Also post length.

For the longest time I've generally played without colonies, both modded and unmodded, since the state of "infinite free money" takes a lot of the fun out of the game for me; it just feels like it plays better when I'm constantly hungry for more money (and isn't that just a funny warp on real life...). I've also never really used AI cores for colonies, outside of the occasional temporary gamma core to reduce resource need, due to feeling that they're more of a hassle than they're worth, given Ordos aren't exactly casual pushovers for my normal fleets and the aforementioned "infinite free money" game state has been easy enough to achieve entirely without cores.

That said, for the sake of testing, obviously I went in deep and followed my usual "strategy"; find a nice system, colonise several planets quickly and try to be self-sufficient on as many goods as possible as quickly as possible (usually with 3-4 size 3 planets to get production + their corresponding booster item and an industry improvement or two going). Hoboy did that generate a lot of excitement very quickly. :D

- Overall I'm definitely feeling the want/need to have a more proper ~200-240-point fleet to handle all the bullying with violence! Makes sense you wouldn’t just randomly start colonies with lots of money but little means to defend yourself. :D When I did colonise in the past I used to do it pretty early with 100-150 point fleets already because the pirate annoyances weren't usually a big deal yet, but I imagine that's a lot more costly now to actually deal with the factions.
- Right away I got bullied by Perseans due to proximity (I think?). I didn't have nearly the sort of fleet to fight them when the blockade came (though I think I could've waited them out; one year of -60% access with Megaports plus having the stability goods in-faction probably would've been just fine), so I went to "make a deal".
- I'm kind of surprised I didn't get a corresponding bullying from the Hegemony; wouldn't it make sense that they both moved in on a new polity to force taking sides and not just the Perseans alone? Could it be grounds for a separate "collision of the powers" crisis, maybe? One ending with a Persean and Hegemony fleet coming to blows over you, with the option to take sides yourself?
- The sheer size of the commission payouts has long been a little pet peeve of mine, to the point I've made a habit out of going into settings to change the numbers to favour the faction bounty payout (my current number is cutting the flat rate to 10% of normal and setting the bounty base to 1250) instead of just getting paid 100k credits for doing nothing, but the 20% dues the Perseans demanded makes the huge commission even more noticable of an eyesore for me. They're... Forcing you to take their commission money to then take money back? It ends up feeling really weird.
- If you accept the deal, maybe one of the Enforcement fleets could just stick around in your system? You know, the League charter does prohibit internal meddling, of course, but "for your safety as a fledgling League policy" and totally not to "remind you of the "deal" and the costs of withdrawal..."; plus if it occasionally helped out with pirates or Pathers skulking around that'd be just a neat little nod towards the deal actually giving you *something* except just paying the submission taxes and blocking AI inspections that weren't going to come for me anyway. Maybe you get to feel more like a member if you do it pre-emptively rather than waiting for them to come knocking though?
- I thought it was a neat little thing that the colour ring around my fleets changed to reflect the Persean "deal". :)
- Actively disruptive fleets in my system being “friendly” sometimes feels weird (Commerce Raiders mainly, Luddic Church to some extent); if they attack your convoys it feels like they should be hostile to you, too, straight away; you could be carrying goods to cover your own shortages, after all!
- The colony crisis bar got really hectic with Sindrians, Luddics of both flavours, TT commerce raiders and pirates all at once for a while, but it might’ve been because I neglected the colony for a bit and due to my "go hard early" colonisation. I could've probably avoided some of that by waiting with fuel production and going easier on straight up making myself into a TT competitor.
- Sindria's bombardment attack was pretty hardcore, but I managed to fight it off one fleet at a time with acceptable losses, having gotten up to a full 240ish fleet by that time.
- Is there supposed to always be a message prompt when a crisis is fixed? I got one for fighting off the Church but didn't notice one for the Sindrians, nor am I entirely sure what effect it was supposed to have. Maybe if all finished colony events could be listed somewhere, whether Important or in Agreements (maybe call the tab something else?) so we know all the results for sure? I'm honestly not sure if I got anything out of beating the Sindrians, in specific.
- It'd be neat if the Luddic Majority tooltip alerted you in advance of what buildings will negate it so you don’t have to find out by building.
- The TT commerce raiding event definitely got me doing stuff I normally wouldn’t have; trade fleet piracy and wanton disruption of industry aren't things I usually bothered with.
- I thought it was neat that I had to have a contact to make a TT deal after "convincing" them to stop with the raiders; I'm all for more concrete uses of contacts given I've had a hard time so this is good! I still do want to make more use of contacts as mission sources, but it's generally more convenient going around to the randomly generated bounties for money, and similarly system bounties (or even AI cores) are more convenient for building faction reputation.
- I haven't seen a Hegemony event (Due to not using AI cores? Due to colonising physically closer to PL systems in the first place? The tooltip on the Perseans implied the latter but I'm not sure) so I don't know what that'd be, and I haven't yet fought the Pathers trying to sat bomb my industry (That's next on the list!) so I can't yet make comment on them.
- By and large I like the way the system is laid out, but it might be too hectic early on; it's not entirely clear to me how much of that is design and how much of that is me blitz colonising rather than taking it more gradually. I imagine once you know the factors properly, you can pretty effectively nudge the game towards the faction events in an order you want; don't do heavy industry until you're ready for Pathers, don't do fuel until you're ready for Sindria, etc.

And I guess a second spoiler for the Abyss stuff.

- Here's the opportunity for actual hyperspace monsters... ;) I had this spontaneous thought of hyperspace monstrosities/anomaly things/"p-space leaks" with some attacks/"weapons" similar to some of the Omega weapons, like the Disintegrator and Cryoflamer, as a sort of "hey here's a component part of how this super AI designed these weapons" nod.
- I rather enjoyed the writing for the little chain towards the gate carrier and the random mining operation planets I Transverse-dove to find.
- Kind of creepy ambience in the abyss, but I never really felt in after the first time where I ended up cutting it close on supplies and the closest gate I could take back is orbiting a frickin' neutron star, which is always capital-E-Exciting. It feels like a mostly blank canvas, and/or a sort of resource check for having enough supply capacity to make the trip and carry the transplutonics to get your (not-quite-)free gate. On the other hand, if it's full of various stuff to find, people would go there all the time... Unless there was extra dangers.

Well, that got longer than I thought. Hope some of it's helpful!

Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.97a (In Development) Patch Notes
« on: February 01, 2024, 11:37:44 AM »
... It'd be interesting to see how it does on something like the Medusa, I didn't spend much time with that.

The Medusa has long been my favourite destroyer, mostly because the AI feels like it's pretty competent with the Phase Skimmer backed up with Accelerated Shields and don't get themselves killed all the time, especially when there's a bunch of them. Not sure how well that'll play out with Escort Package given the incentive to be close to bigger ships instead of (necessarily) doing their wolf packing thing, but it's high on my list of things to give a try. :D Of course, best case scenario they got a couple of Auroras or something to be doing their thing in reasonable proximity of... Though with their general (unmodded) availability massing Auroras and Medusas together isn't necessarily the most straightforward of things to do, either.

Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.97a (In Development) Patch Notes
« on: January 21, 2024, 10:19:10 AM »
Concerning the updated patch notes, I always had a soft spot of the "torpedo shotgun" vibe of the Hammer Barrage, but ultimately never really feel like it was cost-effective compared to the Cyclone (that's to say that despite the additional additional OP cost the Cyclone felt like a near no brainer for the large torpedo niche). I'm looking forwards to trying this change. :D

Issue (as I see it anyway, YMMV and all that): shipping large quantities of restricted goods to pirates, pathers and black markets remains a quite easy and convenient way of making large amounts of credits.

The general suggestion/idea: Now, you wouldn't want to punish players who do this incidentally, or as a way to generate some quick cash to cover up some unexpected losses (or on hard mode maybe you would?), but systematically and regularly supplying pathers and pirates could have some consequences to it as per events. This sort of event should probably have a passive decrease over time as a baseline.

Simple design: A clever game designer might figure out a neat way of making it one tracker instead of two. You'd obviously want warning disclaimers whenever selling dangerous goods to dangerous people that it might have consequences if done in excess. Selling marines, supplies, fuel, armaments and AI cores or could increase progress. If you wanted to play it more hardcore, anything generating money for the factions might increase event progress. The straightforward way I can think of would be to track the base credit value of the goods, perhaps with a modifier for how desperate the faction buying is for them; if they're under-supplied both before and after player input the effect might be small. Either way the effects could be different for supplying Pathers to supplying pirates/black markets. Effects of various severities might include:
- More numerous, larger and higher-quality fleets for supplied factions, perhaps in two or three different severities.
- More frequent Pather sabotage events.
- More frequent pirate raids.
- Outright Pather fleet attacks upon worlds with heavy industries, large scale mining and fuel production.
- Sector-wide reductions in supply to fuel/supplies/other stolen/affected goods that's something the player can feel as security increases costs and Pather/pirate raids upon the production facilities become more frequent and effective.
- Raider communities a la Pather cells or Decivilized Subpopulations forming on the outskirts of affected worlds, favouring smaller (more space/easier to hide from local security), less stable and more valuable targets. Stations and larger worlds could spawn crime networks with similar effects, just re-flavoured to note they're hiding among the populace rather than out in the remote wilds.
- Just as covert trade doesn't alert the authorities, it wouldn't make the supplied faction thankful in the slightest and could start impacting Hostile Activity and generate all sorts of things as above for the player as well.
- Overt supply might make the recipient happy and divert the effects from the player, but have diplomatic repercussions with other major factions.
- A player well known as a trafficker in illegal goods might get more opportunities for smuggler-type missions from bars or be subject to more "random searches and scans" from patrols, perhaps even with a tailored bit of flavour text indicating they actually know they are unlikely to find anything and are just doing it because they want to make your life more miserable and expensive through destructive "searches".
- At a certain threshold the baseline monthly reduction in the event tracker might disappear, symbolizing pirates/pathers establishing more stable bases of operation and power.

Complex design: The exact goods or category of goods might be tracked in some way and impact the event progress and cause different effects upon the various thresholds depending on what, exactly, has been most supplied. Trading in drugs and domestic goods might have very limited effect. Shipping supplies, fuel and heavy machinery might make the effects more focused upon space. If you actually sell them a ship it could be remembered and turn up in a fleet later, irrespective of blueprints. Marines and heavy armaments could tilt the outcomes to be more planet-side effects. AI-cores... Well, Pathers might destroy them and thus cause them to have no effect at all, but who knows what reckless pirates might do given large supplies of AI cores? :) Such effects might range from occasional AI-controlled ships in pirate fleets as some fleet commanders effectively learn the Automated Ships tech skill, to full on [REDACTED] takeovers of a pirate nest, generating occasional [REDACTED] fleets menacing everything and everyone in the same system. As mentioned, a more hardcore approach might be that any and all money spent and generated in black market/Pather trade causes some progress as pirates/Pathers aren't likely to be any more helpful to the sector at large with cash than they would be with actual goods.

Counter-play/event-reducing actions: Again, a list of things that pop to mind and by no means potentially exhaustive.
- Destroying relevant bases in general, of course.
- Supplying affected worlds/systems with defense goods.
- Disruption raids upon military facilities on Pather/pirate worlds/stations. This sort of thing should probably have a cooldown timer for the market in question to prevent spam-raiding the same one.
- Destroying pirate/pather trade/smuggler fleets (insofar as they exist).
- Attacking "independent" smuggler fleets.
- Completing contact and bounty missions against pirate/Pather targets.

Possible issues: The general economy simulation is one I can't say I have a particularly strong grasp of myself, and any large scale effects upon it could have much more awkward consequences than I envision here. A clever player might hoard goods they know will become more scarce with event progress and make profits that way, though that just kind of puts us back at the start issue, albeit with some more intricate steps to get there. Perhaps we'd even consider it a feature to be able to make the sector a(n even) worse place for the sake of personal profit? It could serve to make Hostile Activity more annoying. It could make everyday travel and existence in the sector more annoying in some ways, with more frequent fleet attacks and higher upkeep costs in fuel and supplies, albeit as a direct consequence of aggressive player profiteering. Again, making sure the player is given some warning when selling goods in a way that'd push the event forwards, as well as cause antagonism from the other factions, would of course be a given.

I'm honestly not particularly creative in the end so I imagine others could poke holes/have more ideas for this kind of deal, but it struck me as potentially something of a fun general idea.

Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.96a (Released) Patch Notes
« on: May 22, 2023, 11:31:49 AM »
... Should I be worried..? This feels very ominous.


General Discussion / Re: The Phillip Paradox
« on: May 14, 2023, 06:00:48 AM »
Sindria quest spoiler

The whole Macario quest made it sound like Andrada isn't really in any position to revise the state of things, anyway, no matter what he might have intended to start with... Could be he's a now a vegetable, if not dead, that might've been suffering Alzheimer's along with dictator's pride/yes-men-advisors and the likes for who-knows-how-long before that.

Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.96a (Released) Patch Notes
« on: May 10, 2023, 05:48:09 AM »
Some various little bits and bobs at the tail end of my first (modless save for portraits and aesthetics) campaign:

- DEMs are fun and have caused a few laughs. I don't yet quite know how good they are compared to equivalent missiles for the same OP/size/ammo counts, which at least suggests they're in the right ballpark, but I've found I tend to prefer Gazers to Sabots now. Dragonfires are cute but I think Reapers generally feel better and more impactful. Gorgons have caused a few harrowing near-misses and armour dents since I'm not yet used to how to move around them.
- The new capitals, while I find them aesthetically rather ugly, (personal taste and all that) seem to mostly do their thing well enough. The Pegasus especially has been neat to have around and the missile floods can be pretty nifty. I haven't had the others in-fleet yet, mostly because I find the Legion and Onslaught way too clunky and exploitable as is, but the fights I've had against the two low-tech ones have been interesting enough. The Lidar Array blinking on you is pretty unsettling, even if you can get out of its way quickly in my ever-trusty Fury.
- The Sindrian quests were... Very interesting. I couldn't help but feel far out of my depth, especially with the Big Insinuations in there. Nice. Is there perchance a next step somewhere in the "to do" documents? ;D
- The pilgrimage quest sadly broke on me this in a rather bewildering way so I haven't seen where that goes.
- The little extra dialogue options added in the main story quests were neat, especially
the conversation options with clone Loke.
But I also always really loved the chat with Cotton in general.
- I like the Fury and Eagle buffs, but I was always a Fury flying enthusiast and liked the idea of the Eagle already.
- The mining blaster change is nifty too, I've actually found some consistent uses for it now!
- The colony threat event I'm a little iffy about, mostly because it felt that until the step where you get the freebie -14 or whatever the only really effective way of keeping it down seemed to me to be to get a military base up really early since there were never enough fleets around to keep the number from steadily rising. My first colony was on a decivilized world, though, which definitely caused stability to be a bit lower which in turn might have pushed the event track along a lot more than it normally would have. Furthermore it didn't seem like friendly patrol fleets cleaning up pirates or Pathers gave the reduction which feels really weird.
- Are black holes supposed to not give hyperspace topography points, or is it maybe some kind of weird bug I've been having? Or have I just not gone close enough somehow? It feels to me like if gas giants and nebulas are then black holes should definitely be major topographical features worth checking up.
- Brilliants with Plasma Burn are very scary for their footprint in combat.

After going through the initial conversation with the Excubitor Orbis my actual attempts to visit the shrine have been met with the error that:

"ERROR: no rule found for option lpp_hesperusVisitStart, adding a failsafe option to exit dialog. Note: this may break any mission interaction in the current dialog, it's recommended that you reload an earlier save if you use this option."

I managed to find the flag in the save file to reset the first dialog and have tried clicking through the various dialog options with mister Orbis with the same outcome.

I found I also get the same kind of error if instead of picking the "Wait, that's it?" or "Thank you..." options I try to just cut the comm link, with lpp_ExcubitorCutCommLink instead of the visit start line as above.

I wish I could be more helpful with the replication here, though the only thing I can think of that might have had some kind of impact is that at first I tried visiting Hesperus as the penultimate shrine before Gilead, then went to Gilead when I saw the error so that Hesperus is now the very last shrine.

Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.96a (In Development) Patch Notes
« on: February 05, 2023, 02:45:00 AM »
Would you mind sharing a good build or two?

Not that I was the one asked but given the Fury rapidly became my favourite ship by far to fly when introduced and stuck there even through that tooootally cruel and unusual and unnecessary DP increase (:D) I felt the urge to comment on this at least. I have had a lot of fun and success with an Ion Pulser, Heavy Blaster, and Reapers for the missiles as the main armaments. ITU, Unstable Injector and Expanded Magazines for notable augments. It's been a while since I played now and I forgot the name but there was also a [SUPER REDACTED] weapon with ammo charges I used for a small and PD to taste around that (mostly burst lasers to get more perceived worth out of Magazines), supported by EWM and Systems Expertise/Mastery I forgot the skill name to get the extra charge and recharge rate on the Plasma Burn, plus maneuverability buffs from other combat skills to allow quick turns to send the Reapers properly. Play it as a broadside ship moving up the enemy line's right flank and fly around behind to poke at engines and make the AI panic at being flanked/pick off smaller escort ships, keep 1 or 2 charges of Burn to make a quick escape to let flux cool/the Pulser recharge to full when necessary. I never found much use for the Fury in AI control though, it simply can't play it tactically the way a player can. Which is fine and all, not all ships and tactics are feasible to implement an AI capable of playing properly, just... The discrepancy between AI and player performance makes it kind of feelsbad to see the AI:s limitations so clearly. I'm not sure what stance you have on the notion of "this is mostly for the AI" vs "this is mostly for the player" types of ships respectively. To me the Fury feels solidly in the latter camp, either way.

In general for the patch though, looks good, can't wait to try it! I'm a little surprised at the extent of the Eagle buffs, I thought it was already a pretty okay ship, if a little awkward to outfit; my brain never clicked well with a mixture of ballistics and energy weapons and how best to use them. I'll be giving it a thorough try with those numbers though, be sure of that. :D

Blog Posts / Re: Uniquifying the Factions, Part 2
« on: May 01, 2022, 01:25:46 AM »
I also never quite caught on to the depths of the dictatorial madness of the SD and Andrada in particular, but after reading up here okay, I get it and I can dig it. Anyone trying to raise the problems with his attempts at defining military doctrine being decried as traitors and sent to disappear long before he even has a chance to hear about the complainer incident(s) works for me. Less "Supreme Executor, someone raised issues with your proposed improvements yesterday and we told them to shut up." and more "Supreme Executor, we neutralized three more traitors in engineering yesterday."

As for the meat of the content upcoming, flying big miserably vulnerable capital ships without a mobility system makes me want to die so I'm not being caught dead in a Pegasus, but I'm curious to try it out for my AI buddies, and as a connoisseur of high tech space magic I'm definitely interested in pewpew-missiles as well as stealing some Gigacannons. I never really got into many scuffles with the SD as is, particularly for being such a convenient central fuel depot (I guess that's Andrada's leverage depicted in game mechanics?), but as has been noted, there may be a lot of sudden fleet disappearances to unidentified, suspicious third parties...

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