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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Hostile Activity (09/01/22)

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Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Industrial.Evolution 1.8.c - Colony content expansion
« on: January 17, 2021, 02:14:17 PM »
I am not against this ship fabricator in ruins thing per se but so far it has been really disappointing. By the time I got a planet with a ruin I was already raking in half a million a month. By the time I used automatic plant from another ruin (first one only fixed broken blueprints) to print a Doom cruiser I already had 5 Paragons I built traditional way in storage gathering dust. I found other ruins, they probably allow making more ships or copying existing ones... but why bother? I already have blueprints to build almost everything in the game, worst case I can just go and spend money to buy them since I have nothing to do with those tens of millions of money anyway.

It is in my understanding that these ruins are endgame content, maybe allow ruin made ships to have beneficial hullmods to make them worth the hassle? Currently they only seem to be a way to make ships for players cheaper but with much more hassle around moving blueprints around and grant bonuses to industrial production.

In every vanilla sector (non-random) playthrough I had Hegemony and League come to dominate pretty fast with smaller factions purged out of sector or (if they are lucky and colonized anything away from the center) reduced to irrelevance. Imho they should be buffed.

According to the lore Tri-Tachy is about on par with Hegemony in terms of military potential, yet because Tri-Tachy has far fewer planets and nothing coming close to Chicomoztoc or Kazeron in terms of size their fleets are weak and can't stand up to invasions or successfully invade themselves. During the AI wars Tri-Tachyon had inferior numbers, inferior morale, lower quality of officer corps but they made up for it with tech quality, superior intelligence and superior strategizing with the help of AI which focused on harassment of Hegemony convoys and demolishing their logistics via small fleets of high tech ships and contracted privateers.

This can be ameliorated if a faction fighting Tri-Tachy receives a pirate-like debuff (-X access, -Y stability) for the duration of the war. Maybe only for planets limited to some vicinity of TT systems, maybe for all, not sure which is more lore-friendly. Small fleets of high tech ships would roam systems and attack traders/miners akin to what pirates do. Hopefully shortages caused by low accessibility with strong enough debuff will be enough to even out the playing field.

Luddic Church has Knights of Ludd who swore to protect the faithful, while Church fleets suck ass in general they could even out the field by supporting rebellions without declaring war by e.g. intercepting relief fleets, sending aid to rebels etc and gaining new planets through exploiting the moral high ground. That's how Luddic enhancement mod describes the history of the Cerberus planet and I think it fits with the lore decently.

Diktat... There isnt much lore for me to make up anything really. Problem with Diktat is that they only have one system (albeit strong one), which means that every single raid/invasion targets the same place. Usually Diktat can resist the initial invasion attempts but they get disrupted which tanks their fleet power and the following invasions succeed. Maybe give them more Lion Guard task forces to help out with invasions and defences?

General Discussion / Re: AI in combat help
« on: December 09, 2020, 07:05:41 AM »
Yea if you are using the escort order then they're not going to do much aside from covering your rear. From what I understand though (and what I've observed anecdotally), the smaller frigates do have behavior where they will move in-front of you to shield tank some damage when they are on escort duty. Its actually behavior that is noticeable with a lot of enemy AI. If you ever see like a group of enemy ships moving together, the escorting frigates will move forward to absorb your hits if you've fluxed out the main cruiser they were escorting. Key distinction between frigates and destroyers and cruisers on escort duty is that a lot of the larger destroyer and higher ships just don't move or accelerate fast enough to get in front of you in-time to help you soak hits.

Escort command is the absolute worst. For example, when I was young and naive I used to send Drovers to escort Conquests (so the fighters could cover it from bombers and other fighters flanking from the sides). What happened most of the time to those Drovers is that while Conquest is duking it out with some other capital - and runs out of flux - a Drover would jump in between them and tank the enemy capital's hits with its shield. Yea, it ends about as well as you suspect.
Another problem is that all escorting ships are trying to do the same thing and stay away from the ship they are escorting at the same range. Once you have about 3-4 escorts this leads to them colliding, pushing each other, blocking etc.

I think its not even the problem of AI but of command interface. There is no way to differentiate between "cover this ship" (taking flank and tanking some hits) and  "follow and take cover behind this ship" (staying away from the frontline and taking shots at enemies with fighters, rockets, long range beams and ballistics). There is also a problem of orders being per target, not per ship. E.g. you can't have one ship being targeted by fighters and being eliminated simultaneously, the carrier and battleship you designate to kill that one conquest will either both stay away and take potshots (if you select "E" engage or fighter wing strikes on the ship) or will both close in (if you select "C" eliminate).

With the current AI I find it best to just let ships do just stay on search& destroy 95% of the time and 5% of the time I use waypoints to corral where I want them. Not escorts, not eliminate, just waypoints.

General Discussion / Re: Conquest is bad - change my mind
« on: December 09, 2020, 06:32:02 AM »
Player controlled everything is strong. It doesn't matter what ship player pilots, I'm fairly sure if someone is skillful enough they can solo Paragon in a Hound. Saying "But I did X with Y ship!" is not an argument towards one ship being better than others.

Ship itself is decent, but the problem is that AI can't play it well. AI actually has problems with many things, and staying out of range of chonkier but lower ranged ships is one such thing and where other ships can take the hurt - Conquest can't. I think if AI was amended Conquest could rapidly advance from ***-tier waste of money and space in your fleet to an absolute OP artillery platform, but it is what it is.

What does autonomy exactly do? Do the autonomous colonies with bases still provide fleet points? Can they send fleets themselves like all other factions do?
Mostly they do what it says when you click the autonomy option (reproduced below for convenience):
An autonomous market will only generate 20% of its usual profit or loss, and will not count towards the player's colony or admin limits. Heavy industry here will not contribute to the player's personal production capacity, although the faction will still benefit from its ship quality bonuses. Tech-mining will not produce items.
Revoking autonomy later will cause 2 points of recent unrest.

For fleet requests by the player, autonomous colonies provide full FP capacity but only 25% of the point accumulation.
Autonomous colonies spawn patrol fleets as usual, but player faction does not normally generate its own invasions/raids or other event fleets, autonomous colony or not. Unless the relevant config settings are changed, in which case IIRC there are no differences involving autonomy.

Can that be changed? I always viewed Player character as this kind of warlord who established a new nation, very influential due to having a fief of a few planets and whose words and advices are heeded but not the part of its bureaucracy like that Sindrian dictator, sitting on a throne and micromanaging everything. PC is basically like Garibaldi (the guy who was a face of reunification of Italy), who once deemed his part in revolution over went back to his farm while Player once no threats are facing his colonies goes back to exploration and trade.
The events which affect diplomatic relationships already kind of subscribe to it, with PC faction's government doing things outside of player's purview.

Ideally autonomies would split some fleet point into a separate pool and allow them to do everything other factions already do - wage war, send disruption fleets, colonize. And if the hundred autonomous colonies accidentally conquer Chicomoztoc severely cutting into export earnings, well, thats your own fault for granting them autonomy. Maybe giving some options to limit their autonomy would prevent that, but imho that wouldnt be a real autonomy.

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Industrial.Evolution 1.8.c - Colony content expansion
« on: December 01, 2020, 11:09:45 AM »
I really don't like doing trade in games like this, so unless it earns money automatically I don't want to deal with it.

I found a VPC that makes supplies AND fuel and put an assembler on one of the colonies near the center of the sector, it alone makes enough to satisfy 50% of my fleet's supply and 20% of fuel needs per month. I don't really need more since I get more fuel than I can use from salvage and I have more VPCs just making supplies in other places.

Variable fabricators are actually much more beneficial than they initially look, they create a lot of demand (e.g. supplies+fuel VPC needs volatiles, metals and transplutonics while the fabricator itself needs machinery - four different commodities) and significantly raise market capitalization which means that your exports will bring more money. VPCs are also good for earning money from those trade missions since they keep accumulating goods forever and you only need to remember about them when you find a mission worth pursuing. E.g. was passing by Atzlan in hyperspace when it gave me a mission to bring 8k of some commodity to Chicomoztoc for 500k money, would be great if I had a VPC stockpiling that stuff somewhere - no way I was getting that much stuff from normal markets in 40 days - but alas.

What does autonomy exactly do? Do the autonomous colonies with bases still provide fleet points? Can they send fleets themselves like all other factions do?

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