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Starsector 0.95.1a is out! (12/10/21); Blog post: Uniquifying the Factions, Part 2 (04/30/22)

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General Discussion / Re: The State of Phase in 0.95.1a
« on: December 22, 2021, 10:34:24 AM »
Phase ships are obviously overpowered in skilled hands, no significant changes here.

But boy oh boy do i LOVE the changes from perspective of playing against phase ships. Would send a jar of cookies to developers if i could.

I'm a salty person. And my sodium chloride levels soared every time a phase heavy fleet approached. Couldn't do anything about those without proper preparations. They'd probe you rectally. Outplay you like some bunch of ultra instinct hummingbirds on crack, with literally machine reflexes. Almost untouchable, uncounterable, un-outplayable.

The new changes made them able overextend. To be rushed down. Brought balance and counterplay to the universe. Showed them fear.

These are good changes.

Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.95.1a (Released) Patch Notes
« on: December 11, 2021, 06:09:42 AM »
Maybe obvious, but PSA:

Unless I'm a ***, with neural link and ai ships skills, without using cores, you can have two high cr radiants benefiting from your combat skills. TWO. RADIANTS.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] SAD: Sanguinary Autonomist Defectors
« on: November 11, 2021, 03:32:38 AM »
The mod is great, i epsecially like the hubships functioning as research stations you have to fight against for blueprints.

Only thing i have gripes against is the HVB from this - a literall HORDE of wadjets is not something the initiall description prepares you to fight against, and the Sakura cruiser recieved as a reward seems underwhelming - yeah, it is supremely tanky, but lacks the weapon mounts / systems to actually do something fancy with that tankyness. At least in my experience.

Mods / Re: [0.95a] Industrial.Evolution 2.2.g - Campaign content expansion
« on: November 05, 2021, 04:54:09 AM »
Has anybody had any luck with turning profit on a privateer base?

Had one in a max size colony with High Command enchanced with a Cryoengine. Weak systems too weak to turn profit, strong too stronk to be raided.

How do you actually use this thing correctly?

General Discussion / Re: Bounties and binary star systems
« on: July 08, 2021, 03:00:34 PM »
Oh. OH. The thing which is wrong is me being an idiot. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Have a great day, and let me bury myself in shame meanwhile -.-

General Discussion / Re: Bounties and binary star systems
« on: July 08, 2021, 02:36:15 PM »
I've double checked the save.

1) The system is labled as having stars A and B ( Gamma new Marmara nad Gamma new Marmara B),
2) Shows having two stars when opened in intel screen,
3) Is the only one in constelation with gas giant

Something seems to be wrong.

A wise man once said " Yes, command points are a resource i can take value out of" - the statement is oftentimes disputed.

Constant barrage of suggestions and rants about the current iteration of in-battle fleet command system is common in the forums. But hardly ever is there any praise and appreceation for how you can really turn a tide of the battle with them. Below is a scenario which occured to me in a game which could serve as a self-serve demonstration, and also, I hope, a fun challenge. Enjoy!

Admiral Oberon, confident in his ( objectively subpar -.- ) alterations to hottes ship designs fetaured in Culnan Express, decided to impress a high-ranking Sinidrian official. The order, he thought - was simple. A remnant ordo, not even the biggest, baddest one - a regualr one. As he approched his quary, a wave of dread overcame him. Did he judge correctly? For remnant forces, in this day and age, are not to be trifled with...

Did Admiral Oberon bite off more than he can chew? Can you save him from the automated menace, and help him win the love (or at least +3 reputation points) of his Sinidrian lady?

Alternate title and sort-of-hint
" Ring around the chungus"

General Discussion / Re: Bounties and binary star systems
« on: July 08, 2021, 06:26:57 AM »
Is this intended? Am i interpreting the "binary" wrong? Is it non-binary when stars are closely clumped together, and not just in the same system screen?

If you're in the system map, and there are two stars, then it's a binary.  If you're in the system map, and there's only one star (or three), it is not a binary.

The system map had two stars - though they were preeeeety far apart (yet still on the same system map). Maybe it is a problem in those cases?

I managed to make sure they were no gas giants in other systems, and even if they were, the actuall bounty was in this system.

General Discussion / Bounties and binary star systems
« on: July 05, 2021, 10:58:21 PM »

[ The gameplay is modded, but i have seen such examples in pure vanilla ]

The bounty description reads "in a binary star system" while the only place with a gas giant is the one with two stars.

Is this intended? Am i interpreting the "binary" wrong? Is it non-binary when stars are closely clumped together, and not just in the same system screen?

[ ... ] But generally speaking, it doesn't feel right to take donations for what's ultimately a commercial enterprise [ ... ]

1. Commercialy - many of us thought that the game we bought would entertain us for a few, maybe a dozen hours. In practice it is a common sight to have several dozen, or several hundreads hours clocked in over several iterations of the game, thus felling we got far more than the money's worth. From this perspective, you could also count continued forum replies, commentaries, develeoper feedback, customer support etc. as additional services - 18k posts and counting. It is also a given that more money equals (more-less) less worries, equals more of team's time saved, equals more starsector thingies for us to recive. Commercially sound.

2. Passionately - while starsector is your project, many of us share the passion and enthusiasm for it, and would gladly support it.

3. Practicaly - imo a good Patreon-esque, non intrusive game-wise and developer-control-wise option would be to set "donation bounties" for adding lore-friendly names to capitan name generation tables, or name generation tables for specific ships. Taking all of the above into considerations, i'd gladly throw a nice few bucks to get a chance for "snicka blasterflash" or to have a (rare) chance of encountering Hyperion class ISS "Nothing personal".

Blog Posts / Re: Skill Changes, Part 1
« on: July 02, 2021, 05:11:26 PM »
Phase Command teleporter - assuming Player control od this ship and other ships from it is instant

*Visible happiness in having something close to a suggestion ( Neural link ) implemented in game*

Suggestions / Re: Doom system proposal
« on: June 07, 2021, 12:34:05 AM »
I would also like to note another unique mine use - you can intercept hostile reaper missles from half map away with matrix reflexes.

General Discussion / Re: Hullmod Ideas Thread
« on: June 04, 2021, 07:51:40 AM »
Phase Command teleporter - assuming Player control od this ship and other ships from it is instant

Middle ground suggestion - " Anchoring "

The fleet exectues a manouver which results in a position fortified by station's fire arcs.

Pros: The station always supports anchored fleet and vice versa, the anch fleet can harry.

Cons: The manouver must be performed basically while sticking to the station side by side, cant move, takes time to execute ( think reverse pulse ).

Possibile SP action : create a diversion to force the anchored fleet into a direct battle without station support.

When caught during preparation time : chase style battle with station present in far up side.

Multiple fleets could flock to the station and orderly surround it. Should also prevent the weird and wonky situation where pickets surround stations like angry bees trying to reach out on the maximum distance to use the station as a CR eating stinger.

General Discussion / Welcome to the probe country!
« on: April 26, 2021, 12:19:23 AM »
Probes seem to lead to survery ships which seem to lead to motherships and cyrosleepers. The derelicts are fun to fight and go *kaboom* in a satisfactionary way. I really like those exploaration objectives.

But i still tend to avoid systems with probes like plague. Why? Because the presence of a single probe seems to indicate the system and neighbouring ones (possibly a quadrant even) to be "probe country", where, at least in my experience, there seems to be a shared pool of spawnable exploration objectives, which gets eaten up by probes, resulting in FAR less research and mining stations. In far less rare loot.

Is it only my bad luck, or does anybode else share a similar sentiment?

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