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General Discussion / Re: Weapon Range/Skepticisms
« on: April 21, 2013, 05:17:26 AM »
Okay, I get that weapons need range restrictions for balancing reasons, but why do bullets and such seem to disappear from existence after leaving their effective range?

Like, balancing-wise it makes sense, but in a realism sense a ballistic shell fired in space would keep going for a very long time if it didn't hit anything. As far as realism goes so far, missiles are near perfect: I'm not talking about them.

(Most) Energy weapons are different though. A beam weapon (assuming it's chemical, radiation, or plasma-based) wouldn't keep it's power for too long, so having beams stop against an invisible wall is somewhat believable. As with projectile-based ones, having a drop in damage over range is plausible... but at a much more shallow decline than what already exists.

All-in-all, ballistics weapons currently break physics, and this is worth being fixed IMO, since most small ballistics weapons are pretty underpowered.

Unless of course everyone else in the Starsector universe is Neo and stops you bullets mid-vacuum just to troll you.

Some reasone for this and some logic
2)the univers is a vast 3d zone, the game is 2d, so the limited range on bulets can be the fact that bulets have travel time and you can go under or over them and avoid them, that why the bulets disapear after a time/range
3)insert more reasone here

well i think that piloting a fighter will be a good ideea for some missions, like going in a strike mission, trayning, some low tv show were space battle wil lbe involved. but to pilot a fighter in a huge battle, no thanks fighters are good cause they are a group, you can't pilot mroe than one ship you are not a robot:)

I've just bought the pre-order and figured I'd post my first-thoughts. Before I get into a rather long winded account of my issues with the game I figured I'd start by saying fundamentally it looks quite funky and has a lot of prospective. There's lots of polish here already (i.e. mission descriptions and general lore).

That said, following is a big wall of text. This probably includes some bugs. I've split off the obvious ones I could find and put them in the bugs forum:

This is 0.5a

Combat tutorial:
   The mouse movement system is horrible. I hate how the screen moves to where the mouse /was/ in relation to the background. I've played countless games in my time but few have had a look-around system that grates as much as this does. Maybe I'll get used to it.
   Combining the way that manually aiming PD lasers works with the way that the mouse look works is very... unpleasant. (autofire didn't work for me on the first two playthroughts, see bug).
   Shift - A/D makes the ship strafe. Fine. But when I do this it ALSO makes the ship turn to point at my mouse. Arrrrg. I was already disliking the mouse-look and control scheme before this. :-(
Outcome of playing the combat tutorial: I really don't like combat in this game. :-( It's so much nice in SpacePiratesAndZombies or any other space game I've played. I anticipate just leaving battles to the autopilot.

Fleet tutorial
   I'm playing 1024*768 windowed (so I can write this at the same time).
   I've just deployed my drone wing and been told to assign orders. I move my mouse and and pan it over the fighter icons. Up pops a nice page full of information and stats about the fighters, BUT, much of this information is off-screen (to the right), at least when I enter the fighter-box from the right side.
   Is there a way to speed up the game? For some reason pressing "+" results in it going to the map page (despite not being on the "controls" list).
   It's never really clear when the game is paused when you're on the combat-view. It does occasionally say "game paused/unpaused" in the top left, but that's not particualrly helpful when its disappeared and it doesn't always show.

   Outcome of playing the fleet tutorial: I like the possibilities of this, however its rather unwieldy at present, particularly the interface. I can't really offer more constructive feedback other than that its just a bit messy and cluttered and it doesn't help that the ships don't always do what you expect, despite having been given orders. Its also hard to tell what orders a ship/whatever currently has. I think you need to get input from people who haven't spent a long time getting used to the system

Mission: "Turning the Tables" - The game claims this is "easy".
   Attempt 1: I set capture orders on both points, the mining drones go off in each direction. I set "destroyer escort" on the Hamatsu. The destroyer does nothing whatsoever (I'm staying in map view at this point).
   I then manually took command of the destroyer and tried to kill the two close-support frigates. Yeah right. The things just kite out of my range. I can't catch them (too slow) and can't hit them. My fighters get destroyed doing whatever.
   Ok, So failed take 1.
   Attempt 2: I again set "destroyer escort" on the Hamatsu. Then then give each of the capitals a "light escort" order. I then just hit play and wait (in the map view, never having left it). My destroyer flies to the top of the map leaving the hamatsu to fend for itself. At the top of the map it then reverses and flies downward (backwards, hence reverses, rather than turns around).
   The Hamatsu gets destroyed. Failure number 2.
   So what am I doing wrong? Do I need to manually pilot the destroyer? Despite having given it escort orders? I've not given it "autopilot" orders, it follows those should be given automatically when its assigned a role. Also, surely if its not on autopilot it shouldn't be automatically accepting orders or classed as "in standby".
   Attempt 3:
   Same orders as take 2, but after issuing them I click "autopilot" on the destroyer. Things look up, it actually does stuff this time!
   But for some reason the fighters escorting the hamatsu go flying far off to the left to attack fighters near nav alpha (left) while the combat and both fleets are going on towards Sensor alpha (right).
   I leave the battle on auto and the destroyer on autopilot much like me can't hit the support frigates which just kite it. It does take out the assault frigate though. Eventually the strike carrier is destroyed, the support frigates retreat and I get the score of 29%. Whooo.

   I get a "new high score of... previous high score of 0%" - you may not wish to show the "previous high score" if it is 0%. Seems kind of pointless.

   Attempt 4:
           Can I actually destroy those damnable support frigate? I decide this time to set the destroyer as escort again (plus manually autopilot), but give the fighters an "intercept" mission against the first support frigate I see. I have no idea what happens next, but one set of fighters disappears (turns out destroyed) and the other is miles away attacking some other fighters despite having a nice big arrow pointing at the still surviving frigate which has 3/5 of its hull intact.
   Outcome: Defeat. The hamatsu is disabled. Oh well.
   Outcome of mission: It's pretty obvious the tutorials haven't prepared me for the game if I'm losing an "easy" mission multiple times despite years of playing these sorts of games. Typically these things are a cake-walk at this level.
   I appreciate that kiting is a valid tactic, but I don't expect it to be used against me to such effect on a an easy mission where I have no recourse against it (it's obvious the fighters are useless for this).

is beta, stop making such of fuss from it

Suggestions / dificult lvl
« on: March 01, 2012, 12:28:59 PM »
besides the ai that in games usualy is easy, medium or hard. we should have if we chouse when we press the new game butoon a permadeath option, the game will be saved when you exist the game and after a battle, the old saved file will be replaced by the new one, so you could not play a battel again if you don't like the end of it

this will be optional so if you want to save before a battle you should not pic permadeath when you start a new game

bad engllish i know:)!

Suggestions / Re: A rethink of ship acceleration and top speed
« on: March 01, 2012, 10:19:30 AM »
yeah cause space battle are realistic, and simulators for space battle would exist if we will have what to simulate(no space battle for now, go 2 centuryes in future for it)

still i like your ideea, it will make it more arcady i think, in a beter way. I love momentume

Suggestions / Re: Quick suggestion re: buying multiples
« on: March 01, 2012, 10:14:48 AM »
That's not necessarily more intuitive, just depends on what the user is used to. "Shift+click" to mean split or select multiple is common among most browsers and CAD programs.

That said there's nothing wrong with a right click either. I'm sure there plenty of planned UI developments in the works

In a *game*, shift-click is hardly intuitive, especially since shift+click in, say, a file browser selects multiple different items, instead of multiples of the same... judging by the number of threads on this topic. I mean, how long did it take you to figure that one out? Or did you have to look online?

for a ""casual gamer"" the shift+ command if is not explained in a tutorial it will never be used by that person, i know it from experienc, i played heroes 3 for 6 month not knowing that i could split my army using shift+, now since i played a lot of games if something seems off, i will search in controls, then try the shift+/ ctrl+ commands, or use google

Suggestions / Re: Ship kill stats
« on: March 01, 2012, 10:09:53 AM »
we could get custom ships(special ships), ships that you buy or get from a faction, or you hire it, that will have a name and a bonus in speed and healt like + 2 percent, (a very small one, but it will get exp and at max lvl, lets say lvl 10 it will have like 5 percent more healt +2 percent speed, + 8 percent better ai etc) The bigger the lvl is the longer it takes to go to the next one
this ships should be extra rare and losing one would make you cry for sure:)

because its unrealistic to assume you can run forever (nominally you would run out of supplies, etc), this should be on a formula, where the slower the fleets relative speed, the faster it gives up, also meaning you don't have to Chase a barely slower fleet half way across the system.

or maybe you can take like 2-3 ships whit you and go ahead, the rest of the fleet will follow you while you catch up the enemy, after the battle you can rejoin whit your flleet

Suggestions / Re: New faction, and new stile of combat
« on: February 26, 2012, 10:13:44 AM »
English is obviously not his first language.. let me translate he is saying in so many words it would be neat to have suicidal frigates with religious fervor, there explosions should have 2 effects. first vs fighters be a weak but with a large radius. and second for larger ships be very strong but with very short radius.

essentially if it gets shot down by fighters it will still damage said fighters.. but if it makes it to its target its devastating.

i have seen this suggested before and personally with the way things cost in the game i dont see its feasibility. not to mention i dont know how well it would fit the lore. though i suppose every state/country/faction/ has its religions with extremists.


Suggestions / New faction, and new stile of combat
« on: February 25, 2012, 10:53:13 PM »
We all see movie where there are some fanatic religios faction, that are suicidal, a new factin like ''Chousen of The X God'', and they have suicidal fighter that dive into capital ships, aditional tehy have powerfull logn range artilery(misiile) and their ships tend to take the enemy sheeps to grave when they explode, they can detonate when they want( this need to be add to the ui i think)
This coudl be nice liek a frigate that has weak defence agaisnt fighter whill have a weak explosion whit an huge range to take down the bombers, and a frontal sjip deck whill have s powerfull explsoion but a smaller range, that will allow you to engage a bigger ship knowing you are going to take it whit you   :)

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