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Title: Mechanics of Skill Respecs
Post by: WeiTuLo on April 03, 2021, 02:05:59 PM
It may not be obvious, but lot can be accomplished with just one story point. Multiple skill points can be refunded, or swapped when they cannot/should not be refunded. For example:

Refund multiple non-permanent skill points by clicking on the desired refundable skills. When they are no longer highlighted, they will be refunded upon confirmation. Can potentially refund 15+ skill points by using one story point. Still have to retain at least one skill per level before each permanently assigned skill, so no violation there.

Left clicking a removed skill again will assign a point to the skill, and doing so again would add the story point upgrade if available. Right click only removes, so using right click can be less confusing.

For single skills stuck below permanent skills, such as T4 Flux Regulation or T4 Phase Corps with only T5 Special Modifications taken, clicking on the non-highlighted one will swap to it when no skill points are available or usable there. Any number of swaps can be done with one story point. So taking a permanent skill locks in the number of required skills before it, but you can swap freely between them.

This can also be done to preserve Elite skills, so if you have C2-C5 elite skills, and want to swap C1 Helmsmanship with C1 Strike Commander, you can without losing the elite upgrades on C2-C5.

Clicking on a removable skill that is required for others, such as removing combat 5 with 8 points allocated to combat, will remove one out of two skills in combat 1, combat 2, and combat 3, even if they have story point upgrades, so be careful with this.

Illegally assigned skills will cause strange behavior, such as the inability to reassign skills without removing the illegal skills, making the illegal skill legal, or removing elite status from a skill (which removes the illegal skill). Skill swapping still works though.

With just one story point, you can do any, or all of these things. It's a great deal.

I tested this on RC9 and RC12. RC9 generates an extra skill point in a certain situation, but RC12 does not, so that looks fixed.

Anyone know any additional tips or tricks?