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Title: [SERVICE] Custom sound effects and ambient music commission work
Post by: MesoTroniK on March 02, 2020, 10:08:48 PM
Pricing will be determined purely on a case-by-case basis. The main factors that determine price are complexity and nature of the sounds / music. I accept both PayPal and in some instances work-trade as compensation.

My experience includes:
• My own Starsector mods
• Many other Starsector mods
• Freespace 2 mods
• A few commercial indie games (which are currently under NDA)

Starsector mods, all sounds:
• Commissioned Crews
• Gates Awakened
• Industrial Evolution
• Junk Pirates
• Legacy of Arkgneisis
• Roider Union

Starsector mods, sound contributor:
• AI Battles (tournament mod)
• Approlight
• Arma Armatura
• Disassemble Reassemble
• Exigency
• Foundation of Borken
• Hazard Mining Incorporated
• Interstellar Imperium
• Kadur Remnant
• Kipling Radiative
• Mayasuran Navy
• Metelson Industries
• Pearson Exotronics
• ScalarTech Solutions
• Seeker
• Shadowyards Reconstruction Authority
• Ship and Weapon Pack
• Sylphon RnD
• Tahlan Shipworks
• The Star Federation
• The Vass
• Tiandong Heavy Industries

Freespace 2 mods, sound contributor:
• FSU (Freespace Upgrade, media VPs)
• Inferno Nostos

Starsector mods, all music:
• Outer Rim Alliance
• Persean Chronicles
• ScalarTech Solutions
• Seeker

I do not offer non ambient music at this time, but that will change in the future. As the thread title states, I do sound effects and ambient music. See my SoundCloud for examples of my work, and if interested, please contact me to come to an arrangement.
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Feel free to message me in any of these places:
• Skype me at MesoTroniK
• Discord me at MesoTroniK#4736
• Email me at mesotronik @
• Forum private messages though this would be less than ideal
• Here in this thread though would require moving elsewhere to determine the details of an agreement

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Title: Re: [SERVICE] Custom sound effects and ambience commission work
Post by: Golde on August 23, 2020, 01:27:09 AM
Can confirm makes the crispiest of sound effects, even crispier than the crinkling of tissues underneath my bed.

Seriously, this man is udder insane.

I had this vague concept of what I wanted, struck up a convo and half way through he goes, "say no more" and proceeded to conjure up the wildest and mostest professionally made sound effect I can ever dream of.

If you ever wanted anything in your life, this is the right person you should go talk to.
Title: Re: [SERVICE] Custom sound effects and ambience commission work
Post by: mochongli on October 03, 2020, 04:15:14 PM