The Armada

David sent this to me a little while back, and I thought it was very cool to see all of the ships together like that. Most of these are in the game, but some aren’t just yet and a few may or may not make it.

A lot of the ones not currently in the game hint at features under consideration.Β Let the rampant speculation begin!

Click on the image to view at full size

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  1. I can’t wait for the next release πŸ™‚

    by Projekt2501
  2. This is awesome. No, beyond awesome. Way beyond.

    by Dohon
  3. Now that is a good quantity that makes a game interesting, especially if they all have different stats and uses (even if just slightly different).
    For now I’ll be guessing that the big blue Capital ship down in the middle is able to carry a few frigates.
    Also the ship called “Munitions Ship”, is it like the names implies a stock of ammo on reactors to refill your frontliners ? Is it to be used for general pre/post-battle replenishing or can it be called in fights ?
    Love those designs BTW, they have a kind of unique feel and give a sense of power, especially those 3 capital ships on the left.

    by Troll
  4. Hmm, I was looking over the list of ships in the game thus far, and I’m loving it! πŸ™‚ However, would I be wrong to assume that at some point a Mid tech Battleship and maybe a Low tech Battle-cruiser are in the works? πŸ™‚ Of course the argument could easily be made that the concept of a Battle-cruiser in the Low tech era was not yet prevalent, but still, it’d be pretty cool. ha ha

    by Zarcon
  5. @Troll: in theory, it’d be used in fights. Having a hard time seeing it work well, though – it’s more on the “list of things to think about” than “list of things to implement”.

    @Zarcon: Yeah, I’d like to see those myself. There are some other combinations not yet represented (cruiser-sized dedicated carrier of any type, for example). We’ll see how it goes πŸ™‚

    by Alex
  6. By the looks of some those ships, likely they’ll be some pretty …interesting stuff in the campaign?

    by psychosociety
  7. Could someone fix the “subtitles” for all the ships so that it properly shows each ship’s name and class ? (at least for the ones we know of)

    by Dimitar
  8. The ships Tempest and Wolf are using an old graphic

    by Apophis
  9. Also the Conquest is using old graphic

    by Apophis
  10. I think the original post didn’t make it clear that this isn’t something specifically made for public consumption – it’s actually a development aid that I think looks neat.

    So yeah, it has some old graphics, some graphics are actually scaled down concept art, and things aren’t neatly (or sometimes, even correctly) labelled – but that just gives it character πŸ™‚

    by Alex
  11. does the dark ship…mean theres an anti-matter powered ship πŸ™‚ ?

    by Lopunny Zen
  12. Those big red hulls on the to, I’ll guess those are tankers.
    And the blue capital ship I imagined as a frigate carrier, could it otherwise be a mobile repair ship ?

    by Troll
  13. Yep, tankers – good guess.

    The “blue capital ship” is an actual carrier – the biggest one in-game at the moment.

    by Alex
  14. Well it wasn’t that hard, they look like what a tanker truck would if you removed the wheels and added a few engines and all basic space ship parts. And the red paint makes it really think of a “watch it, don’t shoot this guy, it goes boom” kind of thing.
    About what you call “Logistical transport”, is it the kind of mildly armed freighter ship one would use to ferry military equipement, as opposed to a simple freighter which would most likely transport basic comodities ?

    by Troll
  15. That one’s a combination freighter/light carrier, with some half-decent weapon mounts to boot. A useful support ship for a smaller task force. Could also make a half-decent flagship in the early-to-mid game for a trade-minded player.

    by Alex
  16. I hope when we end up making the future in “real life” it end up looking something like this.

    by Leon
  17. […] Starfarer blog has been updated with a picture of ships under consideration, which look pretty […]

    by Spacey Snippets – 12/16/11 | Space Game Junkie
  18. Are there any plans for armed stations / forts to be included in Starfarer ?

    by Troll
  19. Forgot to add that if we could place those stations, would we be able to choose what goes in the slots.

    Also about the munitions ships, how about selecting them, have them target an ally ship and have the “resupply” option. The ammo ship would then send out a series of small freight drones each carrying a small quantity of ammunition. Makinf those drones targetable would also add some good strategic proportion, like cutting the supply route on the direct battlefield.

    by Troll
  20. Ohmahgawd so pretty! I want to eat them. EAT THEM

    by Konstantin Vernikovskiy
  21. @Troll: Star bases and such are on a long-term wishlist, along with a bunch of other combat features. They’re not the highest priority (even on that list), but I’d like to add them at some point.

    As far as them being customizable, that’s really too far off to say.

    Good idea as far as munitions ships – since they don’t have a campaign role, they could have a direct in-combat one. The problem with that is ammo just isn’t that big a deal in most cases, so it’d be a lot of bother for nothing. Only very specialized missile destroyer types would benefit. Still, experimenting with that is on that same long-term wishlist – maybe something will come of it.

    @Konstantin: Hah! Made me laugh πŸ™‚

    by Alex
  22. Finally bit the dust, I bought it.
    I know that this blog is more for comments about the discussed features, but I have to give my opinion :p
    All I can say for now after 2/3 hours of gameplay are those things :
    – This game is really great, the way you vontrol your ships, tactical interface and possibilities are of high quality. Graphics are pretty nice with a good amount of details
    – I’m crappy for now, I have heavy trouble getting past a hard mission and no impossible done for now. taht often comes from the faact that I either tend to try to d oit myself and forgetting giving order, or going tactical and forgetting the firepower I hold currently.
    – For a game that is still an alpha, it’s totally bug free (as far as I have seen) and with load of features while being nicely balanced yet unforgiving for tacticsless gameplay.

    All said, this game is a good and deep tactical marvel with loads of potential, but my main dissapointment is that I can’t get behinf the helm of the Onslaught anywhere currently. Other than taht, nothing bad to say.

    by Troll
  23. We do have a forum, you know πŸ˜€ Glad you’re enjoying it, thank you for the kind words!

    About the Onslaught – it’s actually pretty easy to mod any mission you like to give you one. This blog post talks about modding missions, and there’s a forum board dedicated to modding (with a couple of cool mods available for download, too!)

    by Alex
  24. Thanks, will do.
    I knew about the forums, been there a few times, but I thought (at the at the time of writing that there might be some people coming by the blog to get some info on the game :p.

    by Troll
  25. Much appreciated πŸ™‚

    by Alex
  26. Fantastic artwork guys. Would you consider putting up a post of a ship design in process? I would love to see the stages the artist goes through in creating these.

    Keep up the awesome work. Stoked for the future RPG elements.

    by Andrew
  27. …Derk-a-derr – looks like you already have done this in past posts. Reading = success. πŸ˜‰

    by Andrew
  28. The Conquest-class battle-cruiser doesn’t exist in the campaign mode, i don’t know why. i played a game for 30 cycles, it didn’t appeared even once. =(

    by ValkyriaL