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Author Topic: some suggestions  (Read 771 times)


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some suggestions
« on: October 05, 2015, 05:27:41 AM »

This game is shaping up really well. Congrats. I have a few suggestions, some of which I assume/hope will already be addressed in the new patch, but I didn't see specific info about.

The combat seems great, the AI is better than in most games. What seems missing though is some fleet coordination, even something as basic as an order to set the fleet or a group of ships to the same speed. Right now my frigates and fighters charge in leaving the bigger ships behind unless I waste CP to stop them. Then there are details, things like don't spam missiles at a PD frig...

Indicators on edge of tactical giving distance to objects. Would be great if these were visual rather than numbers, much faster to parse. Maybe done with bar length, color or something.

Once I save a ship loadout it would be great if bases started to sell that variant, would save a lot of time even if it isn't fully loaded.

The way CR recovery works now seems to make armor/hull repair irrelevant, it just happens for free while CR is recovering, while it seems repair should cost more. So increase supply cost for repair and decrease for CR recovery.

Reduce logistic cost for fighter CR recovery from 1.5/day to 0.5. They tend to cost more to maintain than big ships cos of their slow recovery rate.

More weapon groups, and the ability to have a weapon in more than one group.

Battle replay! I can't watch everything that happens especially when flying my own ship. Would really help sometimes to watch a replay.

Great cumulative time saver for upgrading if weapons on the refit list had those of the same damage type as the already installed weapon listed first (after ordering by slot size).

Right now salvage is based on number of deployment points killed? Would be great if you got lots of fuel from dead tankers and goods from freighters.

Pirate clans (subfactions) that have distinctive visual markers and tech type, so you can start with a clan that flies D ships then move up after a while. Tired of flying to a system for a bounty only to find a fleet of D ships that all run for the hills and/or collapse like wet cardboard.

Hope some of these are usefull!