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News: Starsector 0.9a is out! (11/16/18)
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Author Topic: [0.8.1a] New Galactic Order v.1.06b (=NEWS=)  (Read 139014 times)
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« on: May 22, 2015, 03:00:12 PM »



NGO-Broadcast =NEWS=:

I am very sorry for all people who still believed in my mod, that i didn't uploaded a new version in months. So sorry and thank you for your support, it means much to me.
I have my reasons to have no mood to continue this mod but i will not succumb to it, at some time i will come back and update the mod to the newest
Starsector version. Not now unfortunately, but i will not completely abandon my love for Starsector. One day in the future, maybe not that far away, i
will come back to Starsector modding. I promise. Until then someone else (you will see soonTM) will create a ship and weapon pack based on NGO with
my permission. I hope it will be well received and feature complete and will help you all to enjoy NGO in your playthroughs, until the full mod gets back.

Hail to thee, kamerads!



Strenghts and Weaknesses

Strenghts                                                                                    Weaknesses

-high amount of universal/hybrid weapon mounts                                -less weapon mounts in general
-early on access to large weapon mounts                                          -active ship systems have higher cooldowns than usual    
-inbuild torpedo launcher for many ships                                            -exposed engines and below average overall mobility                                                  
-strong shields                                                                              -below average flux dissipation
-good armor                                                                                 -lower than usual cargo/crew space


Content of the NGO faction mod:

-25 ships + 7 fighter wings
-22 buyable weapons + extra inbuilt weapons
-1 system "Aesir" with planets and stations, also added one extra station to the "Penelope" Star System
-18 portraits (few new ones and many recolors)
-1 mission for testing
-faction based npc pallet of names

PS: I tried hard to balance the faction around Starsector vanilla with few thing who are a bit better/worse.


                                                                                   =Downloadlink: "NGO v.1.06b"=



GraphicsLib(v1.2.1+): []
LazyLib(v2.2+): []  


Nexerelin +Random Core Worlds/Corvus mode: []
Version Checker: []


-------------------------------------------------------------(!very outdated-gifs!)---------------------------------------------------------------



                                                                                              NGO Ships



                                                                                           NGO Weapons

                                                                                            NGO Potraits



NGO Version 1.06b

=Balance Pass Version=


Flash Cannon:
Flux costs per shot increased 290->330
Turret movement slightly increased

Thrym Artillery Platform:
Damage per shot decreased 1400->1100
Range increased 1000->1100
Flux costs per shot decreased 2200->1700
Ammo size reduced 30->20
Accuracy reduced, has now spead per shot

Whirlwind Cannon:
Accuray reduced, has now bigger spread per shot
Flux costs per shot increased 240->255

Barrage Cannon:
Accuray reduced, has now bigger spread per shot
Flux costs per shot increased 70->80

Plasma Pulse Cannon:
Accuray reduced, has now bigger spread per shot
Flux costs per shot increased 125->135

Urd Beam Generator:
Flux costs increased 85->100

Proton Particle Lance:
Flux costs increased 480->550
Range increased 950->1000

Alpha Particle Lance:
Flux costs increased 1050->1150

Accuray reduced, has now bigger spread per shot


Magni Freighter:
Cargo reduced 140->130
Fuel increased 240->260

Forseti Support Cruiser:
Hit Points reduced 5500->5000
Max Flux Capacity reduced 7000->6500

Skidbladnir Troop Transporter:
Max Crew increased 400->500

Svadilfari Exp. Heavy Tug:
Inbuilt weapon mount position fixed

Ullr Exp. Heavy Cruiser:
Ordnace Points reduced 210->180
Price reduced 190000->170000

Njord Siegecruiser:
Ordnance Points reduced 195->185

Donar Battleship:
Ship system replaced fortressshield->burn drive

Hersir Battlecarrier:
Shield base position fixed


Star System Location changed:
"Aesir":[14200, -2850] -> [12200, -2800]

-Ship doctrine optimized

-Some ship variants adjusted

-Burndrive ship system changed to function more like a rapid forward acceleration instead of a long distance travel

-Some describtion changes

Older Versions Changelog

NGO v.1.06a:
NGO v.1.06a:
-'Hersir' battlecarrier max burn increased from 7 to 8
-in "data/lights/ngo_texture_data.csv" one typo fixed
-mission text typo fixes
-simulation mode typo fixes

NGO v.1.06:
NGO v.1.06:

Locked forum thread related:

-removed many ship names
-removed many character names
-changed many descriptions
-changed a background picture

Content/balance related:

-2 new ships (1x "Arngrim" experimental phase fighter wing, 1x "Hersir" battlecarrier)
-3 new weapons (1x "Honir" small missile, 1x "Ragnarok" large missile, 1x "Triple Baryon Accelerator" large energy)

-reworked npc fleet compositions
-reworked variants for most ships
-balance changes to many weapons/ships
-hopefully fixed the often wrong behaviour of carriers and weapon groups
-fixed some issues with projectiles disappearing
-changed sounds for some weapons (for example: inbuilt weapon from heavy cruiser "Ullr")
-the station Himinbjoerg no longer has its own market to avoid market conflicts with breidablik
-marketsize for the vili station increased

NGO v.1.05:
NGO v.1.05:

-Updated the NGO faction to Starsector 0.81a
-many balance changes and review work for the little things
-fixed many bugs and textfailures
-few new portraits

NGO v.1.04c:
NGO v.1.04c:

-faction description and ship descriptions adjusted (thx to HELMUT for helping me out)
-all sounds changed from stereo to mono to avoid rare sound bugs and to bring it in line with other mods sound shemes
-sounds for Flash Cannon/Barrage Cannon/Whirlwind Cannon/Baryon Particle Blaster/Phase Pulse Cannon modified
-added some modified sounds for venting/ship explosions/shields etc
-added some small engine thrust effect for most ships

-flash cannon got buffed in dps (was previously available with the second DL file)
-buffed the autogun dps of the munin fighter wings
-Njord engine effect size reduced
-Alfr torpedo bomber is now classified as ASSAULT to avoid some useless AI deaths, also buffed the shield arc by 20 and the efficiency by 0.2
-Loki max OP's buffed
-Fylgia burnspeed fixed, up from 4 to 9 now
-dellignr phase sprite smoothed
-idun beam generator has now the designation "strike" weapon

NGO v.1.04b:
NGO v.1.04b:

-few adjustments for new Starsector 0.72a RC2 version
-baryon particle blaster sound "pitch" lowered, volume lowered
 proj. speed increased and more glow added, OP cost reduced by 1 also turn rate increased by 20%
-clutter cannon range increased to 500
-Energy Overloader shipsystem effect color changed
-Baryonic Shield shipsystem effect slightly changed
-Fylgia Defense Drone has now one hidden inbuilt urd beam generator and a phase pulse cannon and an integrated point defense hull system,
 also it's monthly supply cost got reduced, description adjusted
-Forseti max speed increased by 5
-Tyr has now an "burndrive" ship system
-Draupnir has now an "flarelauncher" ship system
-Dellingr has now an "EMP" ship system
-Hermodr has now "maneuvering jets" ship system
-Heimdallr got an inbuilt highressensor hullmod
-Infernium Booster ship system got improved, more top speed and acceleration, uptime reduced by 0.5 sec but cooldown also reduced by 1 sec
-Baryonic Drive ship system got improved, more acceleration and the chance to get an flameout is removed, arrow shaped ngo ships are designed to pierce through their enemies
-fighter weapons weapon fix, they attack frigates now
-Baldr sprite sharpened
-Magni sprite color adjustment
-phase pulse cannon sound "pitch" lowered
-plasma pulsecannon volume lowered

NGO v.1.04a:
NGO v.1.04a:

-weapon color shemes adjusted to match the ships colors better
-some weapon describtions changed for better understanding

NGO v.1.04:
NGO v.1.04:

-three new ships added (Nyr-class "Heavy Frigate", Draupnir-class "Combat Freighter", Njord-class "Siegecruiser")
-new small beam weapon added (Urd Beam Generator "small energy")
-version checker compatibility added
-better color shading for all ships sprites
-three portrait recolors added to the start option, some other recolor changes plus one new for the ai fleets
-new Vili Station added to the penelope star system
-fuel/supply costs changed for most ships
-reduced weapon prices
-fleet compilations improved and some variants changed due to new weapon/ships
-sleipnir OP's reduced by 20
-magni freighter cargo increased by 20 and fuel cargo decreased by 10
-yggdrasil class cargo increased by 150
-valgrind station is no longer a military base, valgrind is now also a bit further away from adelgis
-old station/berngar/relay positions changed
-more nebular around in the star system
-valgrind illustration color change
-some new ship names added
-other little changes i can't remember

NGO v. 1.03
NGO v.1.03:

-new weapon added (Clutter Cannon), small HE weapon
-drill srm launcher OP's cost reduced to 4 and ammo increased by 10, increased rate of fire
-updated fleet composition for freighters/carrier + most ship variants changed due to new weapon/changes
-buffed gjallahorn weapon damage and some little change to the sound
-turn rate increased for hel beam generator, also increased beam sprite
-high pitch sound removed from phase pulse cannon
-little hull weapon mounts adjustments to many ships
-thrym artillery platform projectile enhanced
-bilskirnir projectile smoothed out
-flash cannon sound adjusted
-alfr description fix
-muzzle flashes of some weapons adjusted
-other litte changes here and there

NGO v. 1.02
NGO v.1.02:

-map faction indicator color changed for a better differentiation (i hope)
-name of "Versorgunsflotte" changed to "Versorgung" (was too long)
-muspelheim population increased
-berngar population increased
-dwergaz frigate market fix (increased the chance to be on the market)
-all NGO ships got an inbuilt hullmod "Baryonic Energy Core":Increases Flux Venting Rate by 15% and also the ship shield efficiency by 10 percent of it's base value.
-svadilfari heavy tug got two extra small weapon mounts and more flux dissipation rate/OP's
-some ship variants changed
-little ship sprite color change to svadilfari/donar/yggdrasil
-bragi got a flux capacity/OP's buff
-little sound value change to bayonic particle blaster/phase pulse cannon/flash cannon
-wodan lost his inbuilt armored weapon mounts hullmod but gained mobile headquarters hullmod
-proton particle lance reduced flux costs by 40
-bilskirnir flux costs reduced by 200
-idun beam generator flux costs reduced by 20
-some description fail fixes
NGO v. 1.01 Patches
Hotfix 1.01c "Extended Balance Update":

-Ship variants changed due to flux and op changes of almost all ships
-decription fixed for mining beam generator

Ship balance:

-20-40% flux dissipation nerf to all ships except wings (the flux values where very old, i had never touched them since starsector 0.62, i forgot about them pretty much)
-some OP's for some ships got changed aswell (sometimes very drastic ones)

Weapon balance:

-Coilgun: reduced dmg per shot by 5, increased flux costs per shot by 6, reduced range by 50
-Drill SRM Launcher: increased dmg per missile by 20
-Flash Cannon: increased flux costs per shot by 15
-Hel Beam Generator: reduced range by 50 but increased dmg per sec by 50 too
-Plasma Pulse Cannon: increased dmg per shot and flux costs per shot by 15
-Barrage Cannon: increased flux costs per shot by 15

Hotfix 1.01b:   (Savegames are not negatively affected)
-improvements to weapon projectiles (phase pulse cannon, plasma pulse cannon, qac, bilskirnir, baryonic particle blaster)
-sound values adjusted (phase pulse cannon, baryonic particle blaster, plasma pulse cannon)

Hotfix 1.01a:
-removed wrong title screen variant from the spawn list
-changed the effect of the alpha particle lance back to pre 1.01

Hotfix 1.01:
-Alfr torpedo bomber is now equipped with starburst instead of sunflare torpoedos, also it got two extra inbuilt autocannon, the price increases by 1000
-Einherjar weapon angle fix and also it costs reduced by 1000
-Munin weapon angle fix
-Fylgia got an increased shield efficiency by -0.1
-all portraits got darkened and three recolored portraits got added to be used by the AI
Release NGO v. 1.00
Release Notes v. 1.00

New Additions:

-4 new potraits
-2 new stations added to the NGO homesystem 1 NGO outpost orbiting adelgis gas giant with population of 3 and 1 independent "abandoned" old station
-1 new buyable weapon and some other inbuilt weapons (weapons for wings and mining laser)
-5 (6) new ships ("Einherjar-class" heavy fighter wing,"Alfr-class" torpedo bomber wing,"Fylgia-class" defense drone wing,"Dwergaz-class" mining frigate [for common mining fleets with extra miningg strenght, activated by AI in the next nexerelin version], "Ygrdassil-class" experimental supercarrier, also a drone system for which enables one "Nidhoggr"-class battle drone)
-nebular added to the NGO homesystem and one extra asteroid belt
-music added

Balance Changes:


-all ship variants/fleet compositions updated
-magni reduced supp/rep by 2
-freyr increased supp/rep by 1
-loki OP's reduced by 4
-CR deploy costs for most ships increased
-svadilfari costs reduced by 4000 also reduced fuel/y by 12 down to 8
-baldr OP's reduced by 10
-hermodr supply costs increased to 10 also hermodr OP's reduced by 10
-dellingr supply costs incresed to 11 also two front weapon mount arc`s changed to 45°
-skidbladnir supply costs reduced by 5 also reduced CR deploy costs by 4
-forseti costs incresed by 3000, also turn rate and decceleration rate decreased
-tyr got increased costs by 3000, also increased supp/rep costs by 2 and increased CR deploy costs up to 15, fleetpoint costs increased by 2
-Balmung gets a large hybrid turret mount instead of universal, it also costs 3000 more and it's shield efficiency got reduced slightly, fleetpoint costs increased by 1 too
-Bragi got + 20 cargo space but increased costs by 1000, also lost 10 OP's, fleetpoint costs increased by 1
-fighter wing consists now of 4 ships and fighter/bomber wing got changes to refit amount and base costs
-Ullr loses 30 OP's and the supply/repair costs increased to 36, fleetpoint costs increased by 1
-Wodan supply costs reduced to 35, max burn increased to 7, renamed the class from 'battlefreighter' to 'battlecarrier'
-Heimdallr supply costs reduced to 41
-Donar supply costs reduced to 52, max burn increased to 7
-Sleipnir supply costs reduced to 13 also fleet points increased to 13 and 60 less cargo space also it got one additional
 hybrid medium weapon hardpoint installed on the front of the ship
-some more i havn't wrote down


-coilgun got reduced dmg, increased rof, lowered energy costs but also -100 range down to 600
-hel beam generator got -40 reduced energy per sec cost
-flash cannon got reduced turn speed and 30 points increased energy per shot cost
-desolator cannon got 15 increased energy per shot costs and it's behaviour changed
-phase pulse cannon lost 50 range and 5 dmg
-plasma pulse cannon got a 10 dmg increase
-barrage cannon got +15 dmg
-whirlwind cannon got +25 dmg
-bilskirnir +150 dmg +50 emp dmg
-Munin weapon adjusted
-increase turnrate of hel beam generator/idun beam generator/whirlwind cannon
-drill srm launcher size increased to 4
-more flares and faster flares for the flare launcher system
-change to hel beam color
-baryon particle blasters op cost got reduced by 1, rof changed to 1.2 (from 2.6) but also dmg reduced to 14, spread/max spread of projectiles decreased greatly
-alpha particle cannon got increases emp dmg +100 and OP costs reduced to 25 also appropiate changes to energy costs
-quarks accelerator cannon lost 200 range but gains -0,5s ROF
-idun beam generator decreased charge down time to 0.8

Art improvements:

-all weapon sprites polished
-all ship sprites polished
-all old portraits polished
-all station illustrations polished
-many weapon fx's polished
-engine style particle change


-requires SS+ now because of used hullmods from SS+ for some ship variants
-some description fails fixed
-changed breidablik to regional capital and its population to 7, moved the volatiles complex/depot to the new valgrind outpost
-rando planet got renamed to Muspelheim and is now inhabitated by the organized crime also it got a generic military role, it's population increased to 4
-adelgis gas giant color change
-additional 15 faction ship names
-additional 4 faction person names
-base officer level reduced to 5 and variation increased by 0.07
-fixed music missing bug
Release NGO v. 0.99
-Mod is now compatible with Starsector 0.7.1a
-changed sound of phase pulse cannon
-some weapons have changed in their behaviour and op costs
-balmung/tyr class ships now less manuverable
-almost all ships got their weapon slot types adjusted (hybrid weapon slots) also adjusted all fleet points/repair costs for 0.7.1a
-other minor stuff
Release NGO v. 0.95
-added "gulltoppr-class" Shuttle
-added "Svadilfari-class" Experimental Heavy Tug
-adjustments to all ship/weapon prices and to some ship fleet points for better enjoyable playthrough/balance
-adjustments to most weapon lighning effects and also projectile change to barrage/whirlwind cannon
-color and balance changes to the "Desolator-cannon"
-lowered the quantity of "Dellingr" destroyer in the NGO fleet composition
-little sprite pixel fix to the "Loki" frigate and some saturation/color changes to the "Dellingr"
-added one missing codex description
-other little stuff i can't remember
Release NGO v. 0.91
-just removed many factions from the enemy list in nexerelin and normal game to enable a more fair game experience
///now the enemy list shrinked to: hegemony, pack, church and pirates instead of 10+ enemys///
(nothing else changed in regards to the 0.90 update, if you don't care about the difficulty in nexerelin than you don't need to update yet)
Release NGO v. 0.90
-3 new ships ("Loki"-class frigate, "Dellingr"-class experimental Destroyer, "Skidbladnir"-class Troop Transporter)
-2 new weapons ("Desolator Cannon" medium ballistic, "Alpha Particle Lance" large energy)
-2 "new" potraits with some darker tone and slightly changes to the originals aswell
-new fancy red blinker for most ships
-weapon lighting improved
-engine lighting slightly improved
-some bigger ship sprite pixel fixes
-balance adjustments to many weapons and some shipsystems
-better fleet compositions
-sound failure fixed (thanks for reminding me @meso)
-phase pulse cannon sound adjusted
-tritachyon is no longer hostile on basis
-several other little things
Release NGO v. 0.85
-removed pure grey scale from almost all ships(still grey style ships with added subtile red touch)
-added new ship, Forseti-class light cruiser (has a flight deck)
-sprite fixes to Vidar, Donar, Bragi, Tyr, Hermodr
-buffs to Bragi-class cruiser to compensate for the high price
-deployment points fix to Bragi-class and Hermodr-class
-Aesir starsystem generation coordinates changed to avoid starmap icon clutter
-planet Breidablik and station Himinbjoerg descriptions fixed
-planet Berngar and station Himinbjoerg population fix
-planet travel speed decreased for Berngar, Rando and the Aesir gate for better fly-by movement
-further improved fleet composition
-several other little things
Release NGO v. 0.80
-added experimental heavy cruiser "Ullr-class" with an inbuilt cannon and a teleporter ship system
-added medium ballistic weapon "Barrage Cannon"
-better fleet compilations/ship variants
-folder zip "fix"
-most sounds adjusted
-baryon particle blaster is now classified as PD and also got a little dmg buff
-coilgun projectile speed buff
-idun beam generator got buffs to dmg and chargetime
-hel beam generator buff to chargetime
-whirlwind cannon buff to range and projectile speed
-bilskirnir got a little buff to range
-sunflare torpedo has now better guidance
-mission flagship fix
-all the other little changes and fixes i can't remember *g*
Release NGO v. 0.75
-added basic active ship systems for all ships except "wings"
(Baryonic Drive, Infernium Booster, Ballistic Autoloader, Energy Overloader, Flare Launcher, Gatekeeper Shield)
-damage buff to "Baryon Particle Blaster" weapon [from 20 per slug to 25]
-increased colordepth of the "Gjallarhorn beam"
-increased the price of the "Balmung" cruiser and decreased the price of the "Wodan" Battlefreighter
-some other little things i can't remember :p
Release NGO v. 0.7
-added two ships
-added one missile weapon
-better fleet compilation
-many little fixes and some balance changes
Release NGO v. 0.61
-fixes to some ship sprites
-strenghten the large/capital ship fleet compilation
-buff to the "Balmung"-class cruiser
Release NGO v. 0.6
-added new ship, "Balmung"-class Cruiser
-added new ballistic weapon, "Whirlwind Cannon"
-added new missile weapon, "Fjalr Rocket Launcher"
-Java compiling fix
-better fleet compilations
-some fixes to shader and ship/weapon sprites
-hull variants have now "difficulty indicator" (Recruit, Veteran, Elite)
-few balance changes


=Next step=

-further balancing, bug fixing if necessary



I've got permission from the awesome guys at "Ashdar Games Inc." at, to use and modify art from their Homepage and the "Stars in Shadow" Project. Massive thanks to Sven and the other nice guys at "Ashdar Games Inc.", their game is also awesome and worth every penny!

50% of the ship sprites are kitbashed creations with art from Ashdar Games Inc./Starsector and the rest of the ships are mostly directly from stars-in-shadow with minor changes and ofcourse the new colour theme. Most of the weapon sprites are kitbashed too.

Greetings to Trylobot for his amazing program!

Also thanks to Tartiflette's planet soft clouds and motivating words from Vermilion Solvernia and Ryxsen1421 and other people from the community, also thanks to HELMUT for helping me out with many ship describtion fixes and Cergos for a new factionthread background plus a better introductiontext!

Thanks to everyone who helped me with modding questions and ofcourse big thanks to Alex and everybody from "FractalSoftworks" for their amazing glorious game "Starsector"!

Other big thanks to people who gave important feedback for the NGO faction mod, for example: Helmut, Taverius, DrakonST, Foxd1e, grinningsphinx and Wyvern!

I also used free licensed base fx effects and wallpaper from,,https://www., and one wallpaper from S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl. Also music credits go to the groups Triarii,Legionarii and Waffenruhe.

"New Galactic Order" Faction Mod von Ahne ist lizenziert unter einer Creative Commons Namensnennung - Nicht kommerziell - Keine Bearbeitungen 4.0 International Lizenz.
Beruht auf dem Werk unter
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« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2015, 02:57:16 AM »

Remind me of the old Hawken Fleet.

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« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2015, 05:10:45 AM »

Yes you are right tartiflette, the general art he used is from "Stars in Shadow" game but outdated. Also he didn't changed anything of the available art content. I will use the art and modify them to my pleasing.

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« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2015, 10:17:51 AM »

Welcome to the modding community! I just wanna say them ships are smokin' sexy! ...oh and good luck on coding.

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« Reply #4 on: May 23, 2015, 10:56:19 AM »

My only grip is that all ships are very similar. Not that much of a problem when you go from the battleship to the cruiser (also, aren't the ships a bit small compared to vanilla?) but the two destroyers confused me at first. Same "bumpers" on the sides, same torpedo tubes, roughly the same shape... Any more ships like those and battles could get quite confusing.

Anyway, good luck with the coding.

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« Reply #5 on: May 23, 2015, 11:08:52 AM »

Thank you all for the warmth welcome,

@Helmut, yes the two destroyer look very similar, but it is intended cuz the heavy destroyer is just an overloaded/fitted normal destroyer. Ofcourse i could look to change the front of the normal destroyer a bit to create more differences between them

*for now im completely focused on the art and ship design, i hope the coding etc will not be impossible for a beginner, we will see

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« Reply #6 on: May 23, 2015, 12:02:46 PM »

I just noticed your portraits. I really love the comical feeling of 'em. They look reliable and beautifully made. I'm looking forward to see them when you resized them to proper starsector size.

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« Reply #7 on: May 28, 2015, 12:36:34 PM »

Your superfreighter looks more like a brawler to me, just saying. She looks gorgeous. The bright-looking parts with the red light thingy, are those flight decks?

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« Reply #8 on: May 28, 2015, 12:58:35 PM »

hey Ryxsen1421,

yes you are right, those are flightdecks. Yeah the shape is more  rounded off cuz it's very slow moving and more of a platform, a rounder shape is better to defend the whole large ship with less weapons, maybe i change something here and there. The Battlefreighter is a mixture of a superfreigher/carrier/cruiser. Slow, much cargo and some good weapon mounts for a freighter. Also two flightdecks to give the NGO fleet some crucial wing support.

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« Reply #9 on: May 28, 2015, 05:38:16 PM »

The flight deck feels unnatural to me, the large white rectangle thingy made it look kinda silly imo. I'd recommend trying darker grey for the base color.

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« Reply #10 on: May 28, 2015, 07:58:45 PM »

thx for the feedback, i changed the color to a darker tone, looks better overall  Smiley

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« Reply #11 on: June 10, 2015, 12:39:19 PM »

little update*

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« Reply #12 on: June 19, 2015, 10:33:33 AM »

I have a critic concerning the sprites. They are grey, very grey. And it doesn't looks very good.

In vanilla SS, there's almost no hint of grey in David's sprites. Even the "grey-est" modded factions (Templars, P9, Valkyrians...) aren't as "grey" as your ships. It's especially obvious your ships as they have lines that beg to be colored.

Here i tried to add some random colors.

Your version only have the windows colored and a very slight yellow on the engines. Even if the color scheme of your faction is close to grey, an absolute, pure grey looks out of place. It's always better to add a very faint color on it to avoid this.

I don't know what color scheme you'll use for your faction but this thread might help you.

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« Reply #13 on: June 19, 2015, 12:11:00 PM »

yes helmut i understand that criticism, we will see how it feels and looks ingame when the mod progresses further, if more people want a change i will do that

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« Reply #14 on: June 25, 2015, 10:40:29 AM »

Public first release coming soon, stay alert! The NGO is coming for ya!
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