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Author Topic: Unique Crew Members  (Read 964 times)


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Unique Crew Members
« on: February 09, 2015, 08:48:23 PM »

As much as the title goes. I could ask for a modding allowance that generate unique crew members that alter the specific statistics of ships while they are on-board of a specific vessel.

Like when you have a Veteran Tri-Tachyon crew members, crew increases the Flux Capacity by 15% but in ration of how many crew members are in that specific ship, if there are roughly 2/3's of the Tri-Tachyon members, it only produces 10% of the effect. Or Engineer-based crew members that increases Engine power, Weapons and/or any minor changes into the ship.

Edit: Well, actually it's more on the Mount & Blade Warband side, as each ship now possesses a unique set of crew members that changes the statistics of the ship, normally when you have dedicated weapon engineers in the ship that increases reload speed and tracking capability of that particular ship.

All crew members still follow the Recruit to Elite ranking depending on how they perform much in the field. The more the specific statistic is being used, such as firing a weapon (for Weapon-based Crew members), take armor/hull damage (for Maintenance Crew) or managing Flux (Engineers) these crew members will improve only to those specific situations.

These are some examples:
  • Ballistics Operators will learn to increase Firing Speed and Reload Rate as the Ballistic weapons within the mentioning ship is being fired and damaged enemy ships. They stop learning if these requirements aren't met.
  • Flux Operators/Tri-Tachyon crew manage the changes of the ship's reactor, will gain experience whenever the Shield is hit, Flux overloads or Flux dissipates from high charge.
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