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Question: Do you prefer fighting or helping the Crystanite?
Helping; the trinkets haven't done anything wrong! - 6 (37.5%)
Depends; what pays more at the moment? - 7 (43.8%)
Fighting; those xeno should be crushed like the glass they are! - 3 (18.8%)
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Author Topic: The Crystanite (Version 1.10b Hotfix) [0.8.1a compatible]  (Read 93070 times)
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« on: October 10, 2014, 09:54:22 AM »

The Crystanite is a race of crystal-like beings, experts in armor technology. Indeed, their armor construction methods are so different, that it is totally incompatible with normal ship designs and modifications. They rely on powerful beam weapons, strong armor and unique aura-based hullmods to deal with their foes.

This comes at a cost, however. Almost all of the ships lack shield generators, and the ships are only really effective at its designated role. Their hull is also much weaker than most other ships, because of their strange armor construction methods.

Traveler-Class Scout Frigate

When the burn drive is too slow.
This ship has very few uses. It can be used to transport some personel, but is otherwise too fragile to do anything in combat. Nothing can match its speed, though.

Wanderer-Class Tanker Frigate

Even the crystanite need fuel.
A modified Treveler, treat this ship like you would any other small tanker. Has ok point defense.

Pin-Class Frigate

These scale surprisingly well in numbers.
You will be seeing a lot of these. These are the main frigate of the crystanite, with below average durability but above avarage anti-armor damage.

Haystack-Class Heavy Frigate

Go on, fire a missile. I dare you.
A heavy frigate with insane point-defense and offensive capability, this one is a big step up from the Pin.

Janus-Class Experimental Frigate

Now you see me. Now you do not.
The crystanite were missing one important thing; a phase ship. So i thought "Hey, why not take it one step further?". Thus was born the Janus frigate, a ship with both phase teleporter and phase cloak, and strike weapons to boot. It probably explodes if you breathe on it too hard, though.

Worker-Class Destroyer

Do not judge a book by its cover.
A technologically advanced ship with good anti-shield weapons. Currently the only ship with a shield generator, you have to remember that while the shield has good efficiency, it has horrible upkeep, so be careful.

Soldier-Class Support Destroyer

Tachyon Lance? Pfft.
Equipped with a Maledict-class beam, this ship rips unshielded targets to shreds. Worth of note is that this ship has some anti-shield LRMs.

Laborer-Class Combat Hauler

Note the "combat" part.
A surprisingly well-armored transport vessel. If you are playing as a trader in dangerous areas, this one is for you. Equipped with a Shard Swarm system, allowing it to burst down enemy shields.

Jupiter-Class Heavy Destroyer

Reminds me of Touhou.
Ironically the quickest crystanite destroyer, this ship has a mobility system and can fire a staggering amount of shots per second. It suffers from some flux issues, however.

Hive-Class Carrier

Probably the most heavily armed carrier in existance.
This is the cruiser/carrier/support ship combination you never thought you wanted. It fields a large amount of short-ranged weapons, several LRM launchers and a full fighter escort. This formidable firepower is further increased by its Shard Swarm system.

Grower-Class Attack Cruiser

A simple ship for a simple purpose; destruction.
Not much to say about this one, really. It is a cruiser with a lot of forward facing guns, and enough point defense to stop Annihilators. Lacks a ship system, as all the power had to be rerouted to weapons.

Lumen-Class Support Cruiser

Be blinded by your own ignorance!
A powerful long-ranged vessel with a huge energy cannon. You will need a lot of flux vents on this one.

Preserver-Class Point-Defense Cruiser

All your point-defense are belong to us.
If you have ever felt "hmm, i think i need more point defense", then this ship is for you. It has a staggering amount of point-defense weapons with insane range. It can protect several ships at once thanks to the range of its point-defense weapons. It has no direct combat ability, however.

Halo-Class Drone Controller

Drones. So many drones.
A dedicated drone ship, this ship can unleash 15 crystal minidrones, each equipped with a Light Discomfort Beam. It slowly regenerates its drones over time. Has few other merits.

Halo mkII-class Advanced Cruiser

Good ship, if you have the supplies for it.
Advanced ship, it has powerful frontal armament and a 360 degree point-defense weapon. It eats through supplies, though.

Seeder-Class Evacuation Vessel

When you need A LOT of something, and do not mind how long it takes.
For those who want a capital-sized transporter with room for both crew, fuel and supplies. This thing is probably slower than stations.

Payback-Class Battlecruiser

What rhymes with beams? More beams.
The dedicated Battlecruiser of the crystanite fleet, this ship is equipped with a lot of short ranged beam weapons, and has secondary Shard Swarm Launchers to take down shields. Uses a high flux, long cooldown teleporter to engage the enemy, but has no way of escaping if things take a turn for the worse.

Thor-Class Battlecruiser/Capital-Grade "Glass Cannon"

Sure, it is easy to kill. The hard part is killing it before it kills you.
A glass cannon of titanic proportions, this vessel can annihilate most ships before they even get in range. It suffers from severe flux and durability issues, though.

Rebirth-Class Arkship

You thought the Payback was overpowered? Think again.
Not much to say here. A huge, badass ship capable of wiping out entire swarms of frigates with its Phoenix system. Due to the risks involved (and AI limitations) Crystanite commanders will not fire the Phoenix-system, and rarely ever fields these ships in a fleet. But if you ever see one; run.

The Crystanite is an ancient race of starfaring aliens, who have been along for as long as anyone can remember.

The origins of the Crystanite have been long forgotten, lost in the great crisis from which they have suffered. The Crystanite still tell tales of "The Day of Judgement", the most tragic event in crystanite history. This event was also remembered in the old Domain, but there as the day of victory. On that fateful day the Domain fleet, spearheaded by five Onslaught-class capital ships, found the home system of the Crystanite. Over 99% of the crystanite population was wiped out, with only three Seeder-class evacuation vessels making it out.

From this day onward, the Domain considered them exterminated. But they were anything but. Bloodied, but unbowed, as the sayings go.

Crystanite are entirely made up of the non-organic matter from which they are named; "Crystanite". Crystanite is a unique material native to the crystanite homeworld, with unique properties, such as rapidly changing other materials into crystanite, when correctly stimulated. The crystanite themselves survive by absorbing solar energy and storing it within their bodies. They have developed incredible technologies involving light, and have even invented an almost perfect method of turning light energy into kinetic energy, which is how their ships are propelled forward. However, their technologies in the fields of flux usage is almost nonexistent, falling behind even hegemony technology by centuries.

Some videos of the ships in action:


Since i cant sprite if my life depended on it, i simply modified some of the sprites HELMUT gives away for free (with his written permission). Also, BIG thanks to Kazi and Tartiflette, i could not have made this mod without using their code!

Version 1.10b
Bug Fixes:
*Fixed minor error causing Evasive Manoeuvre to display twice

Version 1.10a : Drifting Crystal
*Re-added and completely reworked campaign generation: no longer requires Nexerelin or EzFaction (still supports Nexerelin and Corvus mode)
*Added the Redemption, the first Crystanite Station (currently only appears in Nexerelin)
*Some Crystanite hullmods are now acquired from Character Skills
*Several new variants have been added: Crystanite fleets should now have more variety
*Added custom personalities to Crystanite when using Combat Chatter (works most of the time, some officers in nexerelin seems to be bugged)
*Added support for Combat Chatter mechanics such as boss ships and missile ammo warnings
*Added some special mechanics when using Nexerelin
*Added the White Dwarf Overload system, which converts the firerate bonus on WD cannons into a damage bonus
*Added AI support for the Rebirth's Phoenix System
*All "Relay" hullmods now have increased range on larger hullsizes (+50% on cruisers, +100% on capitals)
*Crystanite (D) ships now only splits apart 30% of the time (non-D ships still break apart 100% of the time)
*Changed some minor mechanics in the new version of Nexerelin (fleet names etc)
*Changed the damage decals for Crystanite ships, and slightly changed vent color
*Changed the sound effect for the Lumio and PD-37 cannon
*The Splitter Shard launcher has new behavior
*The Worker and Grower now uses the new White Dwarf Overload system
*Minor adjustments to the Active Armor ship system: it is now cooldown-based rather than a toggle
*Slightly improved AI for some ship systems
*Reduced the OP costs of practically all Crystanite hullmods by around 30%
*Heavy Drone shard launcher damage down to 50 (from 75), firerate increased to compensate (DPS unchanged)
*Splitter shard launcher damage from 100 x 10 to 50 x 20 (total damage unchanged)
*Seeder flux capacity up to 7000 (from 3500)
*Lumen flux capacity down to 7500 (from 15000), dissipation down to 250 (from 500), turn rate halved
*Lumio Cannon flux-per-second down to 700 (from 1300) and damage-per-secong down to 300 (from 600)
*Communion relay ECCM-capability up to 50% (from 30%)
*Storm cannon accuracy drastically improved
*Removed the Hail cannon in its entirety; it was simply uneccessary, doing nothing in most situations
Bug Fixes:
*Fixed Drones, Heavy Drones and Cargo drones very rarily spawning in markets (they should not be bought that way in the first place)
*You can now properly equip the Melter and Modulator Maledict rewirings and the Heavy Drone Bay
*The Haystack now correctly displays the additional beams it fires as a buff, rather than a debuff

Version 1.9a
Bug Fixes:
*Fixed crashing error stemming from imperfectly deleted folders

Version 1.9 : Resonating Crystal
*Added D-versions of the Drones, Heavy Drones and Cargo Drones; these are automatically used if the ship which mounts them is a (D)-version
*Finished implementing a new WD-cannon mechanic : the longer the ship's WD cannons have been firing, the more firerate they have
*Added the Communion relay, a way for smaller crystanite fleets to mitigate the effects of ECM
*Added new icon for the Moving Fortress mod
*Changed the sounds for the Discomfort and Curse beams, Corona Defense System and WD Cannon
*Changed the algorithm for the Haystack's split-beams (they are now slightly more random)
*Revised the flux vent sounds
*W.D. cannon firerate down from 0.8 to 1.3, to compensate for new mechanic
*The Corona Defense System fires twice as many shots per burst and twice as fast, at 0.6 times the damage and energy cost. Reload down from 6 to 4.5
*Crystanite Armor now only reduces EMP by 75% instead of 100%
*Broken Crystanite Armor now reduces EMP by 40%
*Broken Crystanite Armor now causes the ship to take 20% increased kinetic damage
Bug Fixes:
*Fixed long-lasting bugs related to stereo/mono sound
*Broken Crystanite Armor now correctly reduces logistics costs for the ship (used to increase it)
*Added proper descriptions to all (D) ships
*Fixed a bug which caused Discomfort beams to randomly sound twice as loud
*Removed the Soldier Alpha; much of its code was out-of-date and could cause some crashes

Version 1.8h Hotfix
*Removed infinite duplication glitch related to Drone Bays

Version 1.8g: Repurposed Crystal
*Added (D) version for the Pin
*Added [spriteless] (D) version for the Janus
*Addd barebone (D) versions for all other ships (they only have the right hullmods and stats, no visual changes or special effects)
*Added code-based support for all Crystanite Ships to turn into their respective (D)-variants if looted
*Added the Melter, EMP and Modulator Maledict Rewirings. These change the behavior of the ships Maledict-Class Beam, but are not compatible with eachother
*Reworked all icons for hullmods: they should now be more uniform and have less wierd artefacts. Also streamlined the process to make new hullmod icons
*The Halo mkII has been reworked, and now mounts an array of White Dwarf Cannons instead of its Welder Beams
*Drone- and Heavy Drone Bays can now be mounted on destroyers
*Changed some hints for ships (should not directly affect the player notably)
*Reduced the Weapon Health bonus from Crystanite Armor to 100% (from 900%)
*Crystanite ships no longer exlusively have hidden mounts, meaning weapons can be disabled. This varies by ship size (Frigates no hidden, Destroyer Small hidden, Cruiser Small and Medium hidden, Capital all hidden)
*Increased the Soldier's max flux to 2600 (from 1600) to allow it to fire the Maledict without capacitors (for reals this time!)
*The Payback's Prism Bender had its enemy detection range reduced from 1500 to 1000, so that it always has some weapons in range (this is unrelated to its "lightning" range)
*The White Dwarf Cannon now grows accurate ~33% faster

Version 1.8e : Renamed Crystal
*Added Version Checker support
*Added Nexelerin support
*Added the Drone Bay and Heavy Drone Bay hullmods; these let Crystanite cruisers and capital ships bring their own fighter escort, lightening the load on the Hive-classes of the fleet
*Major rework for the Payback: it now has more weapons, but its firepower is spread across all angles rather than being forward-focused
*Changed all Variants to be more worthwile (and not use unsupported hullmods anymore)
*Changed icon for Disruptor Array
*Soldier flux capacity up to 2600, from 1500 (can now actually fire its main weapon)
*Heavy Drone shard launchers cooldown up to 2,6s (was 1,6s)

Version 1.8: United Crystal
*Added 0.8.1a compatibility
*Added the Cargo Drone Bay hullmod, which allows destroyers and cruisers to be escorted by Cargo drones and thus gain extra cargo capacity (at the expense of higher crew requirement)
*The Worker, Preserver, Halo and Halo mkII now has the new Unity Relay hullmod. This hullmod increases the flux dissipation of the ship by 5% for each nearby allied ship (only counting ships of their own size or bigger)
*Added the Disruptor Relay hullmod: replaces the ships Unity Relay with an ECM boost
*Crystanite ships always break apart when destroyed; they can still be salvaged, though
*Added descriptions to all hullmods explaining why they cannot be installed (if they cannot be installed)
*Split the Crystanite Armor hullmod into two separate hullmods; Crystanite Core Systems and Crystanite Armor. All crystanite ships have Crystanite Core Systems, but they do not all necessarily have to have Crystanite Armor (pirate vesrsions, for example, lack it)
*Crystanite ships can no longer use normal Hullmods; they can only use their own
*Crystanite hullmods are now locked by default, and must be purchased from Crystanite markets (or stolen!)
*Reworked all Ordnance Points for crystanite hullmods and ships (may need a second balance run)
*The Thor-class's main cannons now draw power from nearby allies to power itself. It is only about half as powerful alone, but in a fleet, its power quickly scales upward
*New mechanic for the Payback-class's Prism Bender; can no longer activate when near enemy ships (this will be indicated by a red effect around the ship), however upon teleporting it unleashes an EMP discharge to nearby enemy ships
*The PD-37 cannon has som minor behavior changes and had their cooldown halved
*The Blizzard Cannon now fires twice as many shots, at half the damage and 0.6 times the flux cost
*The White Dwarf Cannon now fires 50% faster, at 0.7 times the damage and flux cost
*The Janus no longer has built-in Light Crystanite Armor; mobility increased to compensate
*Broken Crystanite Armor is now considered a D-mod
*Updated all descriptions
*Minor tidy-up of code in a variety of places
*The Janus will now properly state that time has STOPPED, rather than just the fact that the time flow is altered
*Removed the Mercury and its main armament, the Heavy Shard launcher. They did not fit in thematically nor mechanically

Version 1.7: Lost Crystal
*Was supposed to update several things, but the code went up in smoke

Version 1.6: Timely Crystal
*Added 0.7.2a compatibility.
*Discomfort Beam range down from 750 to 600
*Discomfort Array range down from 900 to 750
*Light Discomfort Beam range down from 750 to 350 (used by the Halo's minidrones)
*Light Discomfort Beam damage down by about 20%
*The Light Discomfort Beam is no longer a PD weapon; the Halo now has the same lack of PD that most other CSB ships have
*AI for the Shard Swarm system rewritten from scratch; it is now properly used by the ai (still WIP though)
*Reworked AI for most other ship systems (active armor in particular)
*Reworked the Janus frigate; it now practically stops time when phasing. It also has a fancy new weapon.
*Changed the sounds for some weapons (most notably the Discomfort Beam).
*Fixed clipping sounds from some crystanite weapons (most notably the Discomfort Beam)

Version 1.51
*Changed the INSANE fuel costs on Crystanite ships, which were accidentally added in 1.5

Version 1.5: Lost, Found and Repurposed Crystal
*Support for Starsector 0.7.1a
*Added Crystanite Pirates, a small pirate faction with hybrid crystanite-domain ships
*New minor features in the Baka system, will work more on this later
*Reworked burn levels and fleet composition; crystanite fleets now favour few but larger ships in fleets
*Made the Crystanite flag more flag-ish
*The Thor-class no longer only fires on full charge with its Tanngrisnir Emitters; instead, it fires at 75% charge, but deals reduced damage dpending on charge level.
*Small other bugfixes
Known Problems:
*Some of the Crystanite hullmods are no longer incompatible with vanilla hullmods. This is unintended, and can cause balance issues. Working on a fix.

Version 1.45: Patchwork Crystal
*Support for Nexerelin Corvus Mode
*Added the Retro-Fitted Discomfort beam, it is not yet available in the campaign
*Added the Grainplanter-class Gun Vessel, a pirate version of the Seeder-class (it is not availible in the campaign, either)
*The Discomfort Overcharger now produces many small lasers, instead of one vibrating (thanks Tartiflette for the code!)
*Fixed "crys_yukari_prime not found" exception on new game
*Fixed insane collision damage recieved by crystanite vessels
*Small other bugfixes

Version 1.4: Newfound Crystal
*Major rework of the entire faction
*The Haystack now has a ship system which increases energy damage at the cost of beam accuracy.
*Added the Lumen class, a vessel which can deal incredible damage at extreme range, but has a very long charge-up time
*The Active Armor system has been added, it halves damage taken by generating hard flux.
*All ships (except the Grower) now has a ship system. Most of the old systemless ships now use the Active Armor system.
*Sevaral new hullmods have been added for the Crystanite, including a shield generator and an energy-efficiency module.
*Crystanite Armor Hullmod now increases kinetic damage taken and decreases hihg-explosive damage taken. They still deal less/more damage to armor, but the difference is not as obvious.
*Most ships received a major rework of their armor and hull
*The Heavy Shard Launcher now has regenerating ammo, it regenerates 0.02 ammo per second (that means a 50-second reload).
*Curse Beams now fire in 4-shot bursts, with slightly changed stats to match.
*All Crystanite ships now has peak CR time, in accordance with the latest patch. They can typically stay in combat slightly longer than vanilla ships.
[Removed Features]
*Removed the Oddity-Class, it simply had no purpose in the mod

Version 1.3: Update Resounding Crystal
*Halo mkII added, it works entirely differently (and i think it looks neat)
*Looted Pin-class added
*Further work on crystanite pirate integration
*Added more "unique" weapon sounds
*Added race-specific music from
*Halo-class now regenerates drones (thanks HeartOfDiscord for the suggestion), it has lost its reserve drones to compensate
*Excommunicator Beam buffed from 1700 Dps to 8000 Dps (it is supposed to be a cheat weapon, after all)

Version 1.2: The "Small" update
*Added three additional frigates
*Added the Heavy Shard Launcher
*Minor rebalancing
*Started implamentation of the Crystanite Pirates (Will most likely never be fully implemented)
*Started implamentation of the Caligo Survivors (Will most likely never be fully implemented)
*Fixed for 0.65.2a

Version 1.1
*Reworked the Soldier; it now carries Splitter Shard Launchers and has a missile reloading system
*Reworked shields and system for the Worker
*Seriously reworked Payback mobility
*Added two Hegemony bases to Baka
*Reworked the Hive-class, it is now more support-oriented
*Added the Rebirth-class (MUHAHAHAH!!!)

Version 1.0
*Added the Thor-class Battlecruiser/Capital-Grade "Glass Cannon", an enormous vessel with powerful weapons and poor defenses
*Added the built-in weapons of the Thor-class, the Tanngrisnir Emitters. These bombard enemy ships with bolts of lightning, but have a high flux cost.
*Added the Halo-class Drone Controller
*Added the Jupiter-class Heavy Destroyer, a powerful ship with a mobility system
*Added the Preserver-class dedicated Point Defense Cruiser and its built-in weapon, the Photon Disruption Cannon mark 3.7 (PD-37 for short)
*Added the Cargo Drone Wing, a small fighter wing used to ferry cargo
*Added the Hail- and Storm cannons
*Reworked some ships used in the campaign (no more 5+ Laborer on crystanos II's open market)
*Added another chapter of Norona's journey
*Rebalanced existing ships slightly

Version 0.95
*Most bugs that i have found have been eliminated.
*Added named bounties to the crystanite.
*Added the Soldier Alpha, a legendary vessel using long forgotten technology. It is only availible in the test mission yet, though.
*Added the Thundercloud Beam and Excommunicator Beam, ancient weapons mounted on the Soldier Alpha.
*Added the prologue and first chapter for the the story of Norona.
*Most likely other things that i forgot.

Version 0.9: the "Civilian" update:
*The crystanite now only employ and sell their own ships
*Added "Solar Capsules" to the campaign. These are needed by all crystanite colonies, and produced by special outposts (interestingly, it seems like the tri-tachyon produces and consumes these as well)
*Added the Laborer-class Combat Hauler, the only combat vessel initially avaliable in crystanite markets
*Added the Wanderer-class Tanker frigate
*Added a slightly modified Traveler equipped with a Tow Cable
*Added a flag (the old one was an unused flag in the core game)
*Added custom interaction dialogs
*Added portraits
*Added the Oddity-class Utility Cruiser and its built-in weapon, the Heavy Wave Cannon. In addition, the Oddity acts as an repair rig
*Increased the size and influence of Sindra, the pirate planet in the Baka system
*Changed the Crystanite Coalition's relations with other factions
*Most likely other things i forgot...

Version 0.81:
*Fixed a stupid error in my files that caused instant crashes
*Added images to the mod page

Version 0.8:
*Campaign integration! Portraits and some ships are placeholders, but otherwise fully implemented! Thanks to Kazi for the code!
*The Crystanite have no need for most organical products, but they are very few in numbers.
*Reworked the scripts into a jar file, easier that way. (the "src" folder is included)
*Moved to the "Mods" page (though this is not really an update)
*Most likely other things i forgot...

Version 0.6, "Lore Update":
*Added descriptions to all assets, no more "No description...yet" messages!
*Removed all placeholder weapons and sounds
*Changed sounds for shields and flux venting (though im not that happy with the flux sounds)
*Added the Shard Swarm system, Shard Swarm weapon, installed on the Hive-class and the Payback-class respectively
*Added the White Dwarf cannon, a powerful weapon that starts out inaccurate but grows more accurate during prolonged bursts
*Added some history on the forum page

Version 0.51:
*Fixed compatibility for starsector version 0.65, slight bug fixes

Version 0.5:
*Complete Overhaul!
*Changed back to old, blue colors
*Added the Curse Beam and the Discomfort Beam, built-in weapons in the Crystanite ships
*Reworked the Crystal Drones, they now carry a Heavy Discomfort Beam
*Changed to new engine-types (thanks Sabaton for the suggestion!)

Version 0.4:
*Added the Desert-Class Heavy Artillery Vessel, as well as the Heavy, Light and Twin Light cactus artillery cannons.
*The Heavy Cactus cannon deals high explosive damage, but has a small chance of dealing extra damage to shields.
*The Light and Twin Light Cactus cannons deal kinetic damage at incredible range, but its overall dps is sub-par.

Version 0.3:
*First non-test mission! Relive the tragic day that changed the Crystanite Coalition forever.
*All basic ships are now implemented, as well as the legendary Judgement, a ship made with experimental refraction technology (still not finished).

Version 0.2:
*The mod now has a total of 7 ships, including 1 fighter wing. Still only orange ships, though.

Version 0.1
*First version.
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« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2014, 12:24:41 PM »

Behold: the Crystanite have awoken!

More info coming soon!

This is my first mod, so it isn't that well made. I basically did a faction based on armor over hull and shields, and i think it turned out OK.
Since i cant sprite if my life depended on it, i simply modified some of the sprites HELMUT gives away for free.


Two things, did you ask permission, and pictures please?

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« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2014, 12:34:57 PM »

Two things, did you ask permission, and pictures please?

Pictures are on the way Smiley

When it comes to permission, i will qoute HELMUT himself
Just putting my unused sprites (some might need some cleaning), free to use, naturally.

Also, it was posted on a thread specifically for free-to-use sprites. So i think that answers your question.

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« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2014, 12:47:39 PM »

Also, it was posted on a thread specifically for free-to-use sprites. So i think that answers your question.
Sure, and nobody will mind, but it would have been polite. Especially since you modified them in such a... herm... "colorful" way?

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« Reply #4 on: October 10, 2014, 12:49:42 PM »

Also, it was posted on a thread specifically for free-to-use sprites. So i think that answers your question.
Sure, and nobody will mind, but it would have been polite. Especially since you modified them in such a... herm... "colorful" way?

I could try to contact him. Will try that now.

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« Reply #5 on: October 10, 2014, 01:03:58 PM »

Until i get written permission from HELMUT that using his sprites is OK, the download link will be disabled. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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« Reply #6 on: October 10, 2014, 02:11:19 PM »

Until i get written permission from HELMUT that using his sprites is OK, the download link will be disabled. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Good man (or woman >.> hard to tell on the internet). I am sure he will give you the okay but as Tartiflette said, it is just good etiquette.

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« Reply #7 on: October 11, 2014, 06:41:08 AM »

 Eh, I don't see the point in bothering someone when they posted on a free sprites use topic, I mean, if I post my stuff on a free for use thread then I have nothing better to do with them and want people to use my work, otherwise I wouldn't and put them in a mod.
 Besides, that place is a graveyard anyway. Hellmut is a more active user true but who nows how long it takes ti'll you get a reply?
 As for the modifications, don't tell me you defiled those perfect blue crystals? (readies angry heretic hunting mob).
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« Reply #8 on: October 11, 2014, 08:47:36 AM »

It's okay. As said before, i posted those sprites for people to use them, no need for my permission. The only exception would be for the reskinned ships, you'll have to ask to the original authors to use them.

Fortunately that's not the case here.

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« Reply #9 on: October 12, 2014, 04:45:00 AM »

Download link is back up Smiley (There is still only a single test mission, though...)

It's okay. As said before, i posted those sprites for people to use them, no need for my permission. The only exception would be for the reskinned ships, you'll have to ask to the original authors to use them.

Thanks. I just wanted to be 100% sure, since i DID photoshop them.

As for the modifications, don't tell me you defiled those perfect blue crystals? (readies angry heretic hunting mob).

Sorry! Had serious issues with the transperancy bugging up the sprites, so i had to make them opaque. When it comes to the color, i am thinking of adding different colored crystal ships, all with their own unique characteristics. Atm, however, i am simply trying to get in the basics. So please, spare me the mob.

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« Reply #10 on: October 12, 2014, 08:28:56 AM »

New version out! You can now play the "Day of Judgement" mission, where you have to escort three Seeder-class Evacuation Vessels to safety.

Also, i finished implementing the basic ships. They will probably be changed in the future, but at least they're in now!

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I make pink lasers

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« Reply #11 on: October 18, 2014, 01:50:00 AM »

Update! Now includes the powerful Desert-Class Heavy Artillery Vessel.

The Desert-Class uses green crystanite armor, making it seriously hard to destroy, but also making it a lot slower. It has a lot of built-in Cactus Cannons, the trademark artillery weapons of the Green Crystanite.
While these weapons are primarily found built into green crystanite ships, they can be fitted inte normal ballistic slots.

EDIT: The green crystanite is no more!
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« Reply #12 on: October 18, 2014, 02:27:53 AM »

Picture is not working.

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« Reply #13 on: October 18, 2014, 10:14:37 AM »

Images aren't working for me either. It looks like your files aren't set to be publicly accessible.

Dropbox gives me this error when I try to open your images in a new tab:
Error (403)
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I make pink lasers

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« Reply #14 on: October 18, 2014, 11:46:28 AM »

Picture is not working.
Hmm, thats wierd. Gonna try to fix it.

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