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Author Topic: Dark Space book reminds me of Starsector  (Read 1129 times)

Hari Seldon

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Dark Space book reminds me of Starsector
« on: June 13, 2014, 04:58:36 PM »

Dark Space by Jasper T. Scott

Humans have a remnant government almost exactly like the Hegemony of Starsector.  The average civilian's life is so harsh they are called "grubs" because they can barely afford freeze-dried food.  And the collapse of galactic civilization happened because enemy aliens with great cloaking infiltrated the Humans' interstellar gate network from the Human's first intergalactic gate.  Human ships have shields, lasers, beams, missiles, and point defense.  The aliens have slower engines, no shields, better point defense, some kind of lasers and beams, and "missiles" that are guided energy torpedoes that cannot be shot down.  Although unlike  Starsector human civilization is somehow bouncing back now that humans have cloaking too.
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