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News: Starsector 0.9a is out! (11/16/18); In-dev patch notes for 0.9.1a (01/31/19)
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Author Topic: Starsector 0.65a (Released) Patch Notes  (Read 192552 times)
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« on: April 04, 2014, 07:00:22 PM »

Changes as of October 20, 2014

  • Added bounty event for special pirate/deserter fleets that hide out near various uninhabited worlds
  • Added penalty for overselling food to market with a shortage (clever speculator... ruinous prices... etc)
  • Character tab:
    • Added "confirm" button
    • Pressing "escape" after points have been assigned but not confirmed will reset the points instead of closing the core UI
    • Fixed bug where adding points to a skill and then removing them would leave the "reset" button enabled, now properly detects that there's no change to reset
  • Removed "Frag Bomb Bay" weapon from campaign
  • Black markets now have a chance have market-owner-faction ships/weapons for sale when stability is low (rather than just black market faction ships/weapons, i.e. pirate)
  • Big enough (>= size 4) markets with a military base will have a capital ship for sale if the faction has one available
  • Markets will strengthen patrols if they are losing battles in or around the market's system

  • Can no longer control the ship while paused (i.e. no changing selected weapon group/toggling autofire/etc)
  • When all the player's ships are destroyed but reserves are still available, will now show the "full retreat" dialog instead of the deployment dialog

  • Roughly halved logistics cost
  • No longer benefit from zero-flux speed boost
  • Piranha now has a Light Machine Gun instead of Swarmers
  • New fighter-specific version of Swarmer SRM that fires 2 per burst; used by Broadsword and Thunder

  • Fixed bug where AI would order a full retreat if the player did not deploy anything for 30 seconds

  • Moved BaseHullMod to com.fs.starfarer.api.combat
  • Added to WeaponAPI: List<MissileRenderDataAPI> getMissileRenderData()
  • Changed Mercury id from "shuttle" to "mercury"
  • Changed some other variant ids

  • API additions:
  • BattleObjectiveAPI
    • SpriteAPI getSprite();
    • void setSprite(SpriteAPI sprite);
  • BeamAPI
    • void setHitGlow(SpriteAPI sprite);
    • SpriteAPI getHitGlow();
    • float getHitGlowBrightness();
    • float getWidth();
    • void setWidth(float width);
    • float getPixelsPerTexel();
    • void setPixelsPerTexel(float pixelsPerTexel);
    • Color getCoreColor();
    • void setCoreColor(Color coreColor);
    • Color getFringeColor();
    • void setFringeColor(Color fringeColor);
  • CombatEngineAPI
    • void endCombat(float delay, FleetSide winner);
    • boolean isSimulation()
    • boolean isMission();
    • String getMissionId();
    • void setPlayerShipExternal(ShipAPI ship);
    • boolean isUIShowingDialog();
    • boolean isUIShowingHUD();
    • boolean isUIAutopilotOn()
  • CombatEntityAPI
    • void setCollisionRadius(float radius);
  • CombatFleetManagerAPI
    • void addToReserves(FleetMemberAPI member);
    • void removeFromReserves(FleetMemberAPI member);
  • FighterWingAPI
    • String getWingId();
  • ShieldAPI
    • void setArc(float arc);
    • void setInnerColor(Color color);
    • void setRingColor(Color ringColor);
    • Color getInnerColor();
    • Color getRingColor();
    • float getUpkeep();
    • void forceFacing(float facing);
    • void setRadius(float radius);
    • void setRadius(float radius, String textureInner, String textureRing);
  • DamagingProjectileAPI
    • getElapsed()
    • DamageAPI getDamage()
  • DamageAPI
    • float computeFluxDealt(float amount);
    • float computeDamageDealt(float amount);
    • boolean isMissile();
    • void setMissile(boolean isMissile);
    • void setStats(MutableShipStatsAPI stats);
    • MutableShipStatsAPI getStats();
    • float getDamage();
    • void setDamage(float amount);
    • boolean isDps();
    • float getMultiplier();
    • void setMultiplier(float multiplier);
    • DamageType getType();
    • void setType(DamageType type);
    • float getFluxComponent();
    • void setFluxComponent(float fluxComponent);
  • MissileAPI
    • float getMaxFlightTime();
  • ShipAPI
    • ShipwideAIFlags getAIFlags();
    • List<WeaponGroupAPI> getWeaponGroupsCopy();
  • boolean isHoldFire();
    • boolean isHoldFireOneFrame();
    • void setHoldFireOneFrame(boolean holdFireOneFrame);
    • void setJitter(Color color, float intensity, int copies, float range);
    • boolean isPhased();
  • WeaponGroupAPI
  • boolean isAutofiring();
    • void toggleOn();
    • void toggleOff();
    • List<WeaponAPI> getWeaponsCopy();
    • WeaponGroupType getType();
    • void setType(WeaponGroupType type);
    • ShipAPI getShip();
    • WeaponAPI getActiveWeapon();
  • List<AutofireAIPlugin> getAIPlugins();
  • ShipEngineAPI
    • boolean isPermanentlyDisabled();
    • void applyDamage(float damAmount, Object source);
    • float getMaxHitpoints();
    • float getHitpoints();
    • EngineSlotAPI getEngineSlot();
  • EngineSlotAPI
    • <nothing so far>
  • ShipSystemAPI
  • boolean isChargeup();
  • boolean isChargedown();
  • boolean isStateActive();
  • int getMaxAmmo();
  • void setAmmo(int ammo);
  • ViewportAPI
    • void set(float llx, float lly, float visibleWidth, float visibleHeight);
    • void setViewMult(float zoom);
    • (setCenter() can already be accomplished via getCenter().set())
  • WeaponAPI
    • DamageAPI getDamage();
  • SectorEntityToken
    • void setName(String name);
  • TextPanelAPI
    • clear()
  • AnimationAPI
    • float getFrameRate();
    • void setFrameRate(float frameRate);

Changes as of September 24, 2014

(Note: this batch of notes does not include some smaller items, in particular a large number of API enhancements.)

  • Doubled XP gain from combat
  • Removed speed penalty after winning battle
  • Added reputation improvement for fighting with enemies of faction if battle is in or near a system with the faction's market
  • Access to internal comm channels granted at "cooperative" reputation level
  • Reduced amount of cargo space taken by ship weapons, now 2/4/8 (was: 5/10/20)
  • Mule combat freighter: medium turret now Energy type. Pirate version has universal turret and built-in Shielded Cargo Holds
  • Added Shielded Cargo Holds hullmod - reduces chance of contraband detection and amount of regular cargo found by toll scans. Built-in on some ship hulls.
  • Made changes to ship repairs/related fleet mechanics. Goals: remove sudden extreme supply drain scenarios, simplify rules, give better control over supply expenditure
    • Repairs now proceed at a fixed rate (per hull size)
    • Ships consume their supplies cost while 1) recovering CR or 2) performing repairs
    • "Suspend Repairs" stops both repairs and CR recovery
    • Ships that are not performing repairs or recovering CR do not consume supplies (previously: consumed 10% of the supply/day value)
    • Removed "Logistical Priority" toggle
    • Removed "Supplies to fully repair" ship stat
    • Field Repairs:
      • Removed level 10 perk
      • Base skill now improves ship repair rate by 10% per level
    • Automated Repair Unit: now also increases the repair rate by 50%
    • Logistics rating: bonus to max CR and repair rate when over 100%, penalty when below
    • Construction Rig: now improves repair rate on first damaged ship in the fleet by 50%, max 1 rig per ship
  • Removed XP gain from losing your own ships
  • Increased maximum post-combat CR loss from taking hull damage to 50% (was: 25%)
  • Wolf, Lasher frigates: now have frontal shields, to better work with their front-facing firepower
  • Hyperion: now has "High Maintenance" built-in hullmod that makes it consume extra supplies per day
  • Hound, Cerberus: now classified as "combat freighter"
  • Doubled the prices for all ships
  • Revamped new game creation dialog
    • More unified UI feel
    • More interesting/impactful choices
  • Balancing:
    • Greatly reduced amount of salvage from battle
    • Fighting combat fleets unlikely to result in high profit unless a bounty is also involved
    • Best opportunity is to attack trade fleets carrying expensive goods
    • Adjusted fuel use and capacity of ships across the board
    • Added fuel cost to jumping into hyperspace (but not out), equal to the cost of traveling one light year
  • Ox-class tug: now limited to a maximum of one per ship
  • Augmented engines: removed repair penalty, added 25% cargo/fuel capacity penalty (to discourage "automatic" use on freighters and tankers)
  • Unstable injector: removed burn level bonus
  • Fleet AI will now consider enemy fleet presence around a jump point when deciding which ones to use
  • Fleets carrying more than their capacity now also receive a speed penalty. The speed is reduced to burn level 1 for any capacity being over the maximum by a factor of 2.
  • Added chance for an investigation event to be triggered by player use of comm sniffers
  • Hull mod tooltips: now highlight relevant information
  • Removed "send out salvage teams" from post-engagement options; choices are now "maintain contact with the enemy" (functions as "harry" did) and "stand down"
  • "Stand down" option now takes into account how long a ship has been deployed; last-second deployments en masse will no longer unlock the "stand down" option
  • Standardized CR loss/second for frigates to 0.25, removed that stat from ship info/tooltip
  • Added new skins of the Buffalo (freighter) - standard, pirate, Hegemony, Tri-Tachyon
  • Pursuit-style battles start out with the fleets being much closer; map is smaller - faster pursuit battles, less time needed to catch up
  • Made fleet movement slightly less inertial (2x acceleration)
  • Faction info screen now shows what commodities the faction considers illegal
  • Added "Customs Inspections"
    • Certain patrols may decide to perform a customs inspection on your fleet if you're in or near a populated star system
    • Assess a toll based on the cargo value and fleet size
    • Search for contraband (based on what faction considers illegal); if found, confiscate and assess fine
    • Evading inspection/refusing to pay toll or fine may result in reputation loss
    • Cooperation results in a small reputation gain
    • Patrols will perform customs inspections on NPC fleets
  • Smuggling:
    • Trade on the black market reduces the relationship with the faction
    • When the relationship becomes "inhospitable", can only trade on the black market
      • Can not trade while patrols are nearby, or if your fleet is larger than 3 frigates or so
    • Can not trade at all when the relationship becomes "vengeful"
    • Pirates are ok with trading openly up until "vengeful", then no trade at all
  • Player now gets price reports for "interesting" commodities throughout the Sector
    • More updates for commodities in local system
    • More updates for systems where you've hacked the Comm Relay
  • Intel tab:
    • Displays all reports/messages received by the player
    • Can display the reports as an inbox-style list or as icons on the Sector map
    • Can filter reports by date/type/location in several ways
      • "Prices" filter section
      • Displays color-coded commodity icons near related star systems on the intel map
    • Can filter by specific commodity/see prices on the map
  • Ship refit screen: now works with submarkets
    • All available weapons show up in the weapon selection dialog
    • Shows what submarket they come from
  • Ship trade screen:
    • Can pick submarket to trade with
    • Better standing unlocks better ships at military base submarkets
    • Trading in ships now counts for trade/smuggling related reputation adujstments and market stability
  • Added "Food Shortage" event
  • Added system-wide "Bounty" event
    • The player can earn a bounty by destroying ships belonging to enemies of the bounty-paying faction
    • Driven by fleet losses in or nearby the market's system
  • Added "Trade Disruption" event
    • Driven by trade fleet losses
    • Affects underlying economy simulation
    • Also picks out several affected commodities and adjusts their prices accordingly, allowing the player to make a profit trading
  • Smuggling:
    • Buying/selling goods on the black market (in sufficient volume) will reduce the market's stability and so increase the chance of negative events
    • Selling (not buying) illegal goods has a much greater impact
    • Trade on the black market is not subject to tariffs
  • Faction relationships update
    • Different tiers: vengeful, hostile, inhospitable, suspicious, neutral, favorable, welcoming, friendly, cooperative
    • Various actions may improve or damage relationship with a given faction
    • Each action has limits, for example bounty hunting might not raise the relationship above "welcoming", and won't raise the relationship at all if it's "vengeful"
  • Added "Military" submarkets to markets with a military base
    • Can only be traded with if the relationship is positive
    • Better ships and weapons available at higher standing
    • If the reputation level is negative, but not hostile, it will go up after a *very* long time (up to a cycle)
  • Added automatic generation of trade fleets that carry appropriate commodities between markets
  • Automatic creation of patrols (based on market stability/size)
  • Markets will generate mercenary fleets when stability is lower. Some of these may actually turn out to be pirates.
  • Planet light location in star systems now cycles from being above the playing field to below
  • Habitation glow layers added to inhabited planets
  • Tri-Tachyon no longer hostile to independents
  • Added progress bar to new game creation

  • New main menu theme
  • New theme for campaign market interactions (campaign music pauses, resumes after player leaves market)

  • Using 'R' to target a ship now requires less precise mouse positioning when targeting smaller ships and fighters
  • High Intensity Laser now fires on achieving full charge (instead of starting to fire at partial effectiveness immediately)
  • Doubled weapon and engine hitpoints

  • Randomized ship deployment order within each row between ships of the same size class
  • Ship AI:
    • Much better survivability/not rushing into a bad situation
    • More dangerous with missiles (aware of how many missiles are in play & how many to fire for a kill)
    • Harder to bait out missile fire
    • Conserves higher-capacity missiles (e.g. Harpoon/Sabot Pods)
  • Missile overhaul:
    • Changed missile behavior to reduce clumping and slightly increase pressure on PD
    • Added nicer-looking continuous missile trails (rather than current particle effects)
    • Harpoon MRM: significantly improved maneuverability, increased hitpoints by 50%
      • Sabot SRM: fires 5 2nd stage projectiles instead of 1. Higher overall damage, much worse vs armor due to being distributed across 5 hits. Fired in a spread, less likely to miss completely.
      • Annihilator: increased speed to 400 (from 250), increased acceleration
      • Reaper torpedoes: faster, much higher acceleration
      • Atropos torpedoes: faster, higher acceleration, very poor tracking
      • Salamander MRM: improved maneuverability and top speed; much more reliable.
      • Swarmer SRM: doubled ammo, first 4 shots per burst, 75 points of HE damage per missile instead of 300 fragmentation
      • Pilum: improved top speed and acceleration. Can still be dodged effectively, just harder. Deadly vs non-omni-shield frigates w/o PD
      • All missile pods: increased burst size to 4 and doubled rate of fire
  • Prettified the "settings" UI a bit

  • Fixed bug in StatBonus that was applying the flat bonus after the mult bonus (the correct order is: percent, flat, mult)
  • Added CampaignEventListener interface. Methods so far:
    • void reportPlayerMarketTransaction(PlayerMarketTransaction transaction);
  • void reportFleetDewspawned(CampaignFleetAPI fleet, FleetDespawnReason reason, Object param);
    • void reportFleetReachedEntity(CampaignFleetAPI fleet, SectorEntityToken entity);
    • void reportFleetJumped(CampaignFleetAPI fleet, SectorEntityToken from, JumpDestination to);
  • Added "beamFireOnlyOnFullCharge" setting to .wpn definition for beam weapons
  • SoundPlayerAPI.playUISound now returns a SoundAPI object
  • Fixed bug in SoundAPI that would cause a NullPointerException on every method call if the sound didn't actually play (due to sound being off/too far from the player/etc)
  • Added DamagingProjectileAPI.getSpawnType()
  • Added CampaignFleetAPI.addAssignment(FleetAssignment assignment, SectorEntityToken target, float maxDurationInDays, String actionText) - the actionText parameter gets displayed in the tooltip while the assignment is active
  • Added CampaignFleetAIAPI.setActionTextOverride() - overrides any action text text displayed in the tooltip, including custom actionText
  • Added FleetAssignment.ORBIT assignment
  • Added CampaignFleetAPI.setAIMode(). Fleets in AI mode do not use fuel/supplies, require crew, or suffer accidents
  • Added to SectorEntityToken: addScript()/removeScript()/removeScriptsOfClass()
  • Faction descriptions: moved out of .faction file to descriptions.csv
  • Added ShipAPI.setOriginalOwner()
  • Added to WeaponAPI:
    • SpriteAPI getBarrelSpriteAPI();
    • void renderBarrel(SpriteAPI sprite, Vector2f loc, float alphaMult);
    • boolean isRenderBarrelBelow();
  • Added ShiAPI.getCombinedAlphaMult()
  • Added TextPanelAPI.setFontInsignia()/setFontOrbitron()/setFontVictor()
  • Added RENDER_ADDITIVE renderHint for weapons
  • Added ship "skins"
    • Way to define a slightly different hull based on an existing hull
    • Defined in data/hulls/skins
    • A skin can:
      • Set a new sprite/name/description
      • Remove and/or modify weapon slots
      • Remove engine slots
      • Add/remove built-in hullmods and weapons
  • Changed Cerberus hull id from "warhound" to "cerberus"
  • Fixed bug with BoundsAPI.clear() - it now works
  • CombatReadinessPlugin: renamed applyMaxCRLogisticsPenalty to applyLogisticsRatingImpact
  • ship_data.csv: renamed "repair %/day" to "cr %/day"

Changes as of June 11, 2014

(Note: this batch of notes is probably missing some items.)

  • Four new star systems (still some work to do populating them with fleets and such)
  • Economy
  • Market conditions influence production/consumption
  • Commodities shipped around to satisfy demand
  • Shipping affected by distance and faction relationships
  • 28 markets
  • Added 10+ commodities with unique graphics and sounds
    • Some examples: Food, Rare Metals, Harvested Organs
  • New trade and market info screens (details/screenshots here)
  • Comm relays:
    • Can install a comm sniffer to intercept messages and gain intelligence
    • Need to wait (without interruption) for installation to finish
    • Factions will protect their comm relays from your interference
  • Added new ship: Shepherd (frigate drone tender)

  • New graphics for battle objectives (smaller, different)
  • Save compression: now creates proper zip files

  • Selecting a weapon group with a Tachyon Lance will now automatically switch the view to your target, if any
  • When switching view to target, you can still move the view around in the area between your ship and the target
  • Selecting another weapon group will automatically switch the view back to your ship. It's possible to quickly switch the view around by selecting different weapon groups.
  • The pips on the weapon arc indicator will glow red when there's a danger of friendly fire
  • Increased weapon and engine health by 100% (harder to disable by regular weapon fire)
  • Increased EMP damage by 100% across the board

  • Economy configuration: data/campaign/econ/economy.json
  • Extensive API for markets/economy
    • EconomyAPI, MarketAPI, SectorAPI.getEconomy(), FactoryAPI.createMarket(), etc
  • Added required "displayNameWithArticle" field to .faction definition (i.e. "the Hegemony", vs "Tri-Tachyon"
  • Fixed bug where only the first instance of EveryFrameCombatPlugin ever created would be used (new instances would still be created, but the original one would be used instead)
  • Added to SectorAPI:
  • void addTransientScript(EveryFrameScript script);
    • void removeTransientScript(EveryFrameScript script);
  • Removed dialogue lines from .faction files; moved to rules.csv (more detail/documentation on that shortly after the release)
  • Added to EveryFrameCombatPlugin:
    • void renderInWorldCoords(ViewportAPI viewport);
  • void renderInUICoords(ViewportAPI viewport);
  • This will cause existing plugins to not compile until stubs for these methods are added
  • Should now extend BaseEveryFramceCombatPlugin to avoid this issue in the future (it'll have method stubs)
    • SectorAPI.getAllEmptyVariantIds() now properly returns hulls with built-in hullmods
  • Added showDamageWhenDecorative option to .wpn files; see sensordish.wpn for an example
  • Added:
    • MissileAPI.getSpriteAPI()
    • AsteroidAPI.getSpriteAPI()
    • WeaponAPI.getUnderSpriteAPI()
    • WeaponAPI.getBarrelSpriteAPI()
    • CombatAsteroidAPI.getSpriteAPI()
  • Added:
    • CombatFleetManagerAPI.isInFullRetreat()
    • CombatFleetManagerAPI.getDeployedFleetMemberEvenIfDisabled(ShipAPI ship)
  • Fixed bug with CombatFleetManagerAPI.getAssignment() that basically made it unusable
  • Star system locations can now be specified in data/campaign/starmap.json. Specifying them in code still works.
  • Fixed bug where missiles with a custom GuidedMissileAI would still not be affected by flares
  • Added FactionAPI.getColor()
  • Added required "logo" key to .faction files
  • Added optional keys to .faction files: baseUIColor, darkUIColor, gridUIColor. Currently used in trade UI, may be used elsewhere later. If unspecified, will derive default values based on faction color.
  • Added FactionAPI.getBaseUIColor() etc
  • Added ModPlugin.onNewGameAfterEconomyLoad()
  • Mirv missiles can now spawn any type of projectile (i.e. ballistic/pulse laser style moving beam, and plasma shots)
  • Added projectileRange parameter to behaviorSpec to govern range of non-missile projectiles
  • Added to FleetMemberAPI:
    • int getOwner();
    • void setOwner(int owner);
  • Decorative modules will no longer be rendered over weapon slot indicators in the refit screen
  • Added sound source number configuration to settings.json: maxFXSources, maxUISources
  • Lots of other API improvements not explictly mentioned here

  • Fixed memory leak that would cause multiple copies of the combat engine to not be released
  • OS X retina issue (only displaying in lower left part of screen) should be fixed
  • Fixed bug in refit screen that would occasionally display negatively-modified values in green
  • Fixed crash when opening refit screen immediately after a battle or loading a game, if the first ship in your fleet has critically low (<20%) CR
  • The flight decks of mothballed/crash mothballed no longer function
  • Ships for sale at stations now properly draw their name from the faction's name lists
  • Fixed hull variant related crash bug when resetting the custom variants for a mission and then opening the refit screen

Changes as of April 04, 2014

  • Added "Intel" tab to keep track of comm messages, news, and other stuff
    • Intel tab replaces the "outposts" tab purely for temporary UI reasons - do not be alarmed Smiley
  • Added framework for events
  • Added framework for player receiving comm messages, including news reports re: events (based on message origin, presence of comm relays, channel message is sent on vs channels the player has access to)

  • Pressing the power button in the top right of the salvage screen now has the same effect as the continue button (previously, would exit out without taking any salvage)
  • Changed text of the "End Battle" button in the combat escape menu to be context-appropriate (i.e. "Claim Victory" when the enemy is in full retreat)
  • Adjusted collision damage to no longer cause excessive damage to shields in certain circumstances (i.e. flamed-out fighters impacting shields)
  • Added approximate total supply cost to recover from deployment to ship tooltip
  • Updated sounds:
    • Refit screen
    • Shield overload
    • Engine boost
    • Some others
  • Improved jump point graphics
  • Optimized save file size (about 50% smaller at game start)
  • Clicking on the "?" button on the fleet screen now shows the Codex entry for the base hull rather than the variant
  • Updated graphics for Falcon, Eagle, and Ox

  • SectorAPI.doHyperspaceTransition() no longer crashes when jumpLocation == null
  • Moved get/setName from StarSystemAPI to LocationAPI
  • Added FleetGoal CombatFleetManagerAPI.getGoal()
  • Added getId() to SectorEntityToken, all entities now have unique ids
  • Added LocationAPI.getEntityById()
  • Added "id" parameter to FactoryAPI.createJumpPoint, LocationAPI.addPlanet/addOrbitalStation, StarSystemAPI.initStar
    • Can pass in null to auto-generate a random id
    • API-breaking change, mod code needs to be adjusted to provide id parameter
    • Should, ideally, also stop using LocationAPI.getEntityByName() and start using LocationAPI.getEntityById() instead
  • Orbital station names no longer include the faction name by default
  • Added new addOrbitalStation method that allows custom station graphics
  • Added to SectorEntityToken:
    • boolean hasTag(String tag);
    • void addTag(String tag);
    • void removeTag(String tag);
    • Collection<String> getTags();
    • void clearTags();
    • void setFixedLocation(float x, float y);
    • void setCircularOrbit(SectorEntityToken focus, float angle, float orbitRadius, float orbitDays);
  • Added LocationAPI.addCustomEntity()
    • Entity with custom graphics (can be a sprite, but there's also a custom OpenGL rendering hook)
    • Entities defined in data/config/custom_entities.json
  • Added LocationAPI.getEntitiesWithTag(String tag)
  • Added minCombatZoom/maxCombatZoom to settings.json
    • Intended for TC use; vanilla not designed to look good beyond default zoom range
  • All sounds based on ship hull styles now fully moddable (see data/config/hull_styles.json for details)
  • Damage decals can now be modded per hull style (see data/config/hull_styles.json for details)
  • Added: CampaignClockAPI createClock(long timestamp)
  • Planets can now have a glow texture (see lava planet for example); glow can either planet-wide or only show up on the dark side
  • Added ShieldAPI.getFluxPerPointOfDamage()
  • IMPORTANT: resources.csv renamed to commodities.csv, expanded with more fields

  • Fixed smart quotes in descriptions (would display as question marks); loading code now replaces those with regular quotes automatically
  • Heron's variant now uses all of its ordnance points
  • Fixed crash that could be caused by exporting and deleting saved variants in the campaign
  • Fleets will no longer have disabled ships/fighter wings in their composition
  • Low-CR deployment warning will no longer show up for mothballed ships
  • Fixed issue with "rally strike force" preventing bombers from going on strike assignments
  • Dedicated strafe left/right keys now work while the "strafe and turn to mouse" key is held down
  • Fixed crash on loading a game with an encounter dialog to be shown next frame (current workaround is to load another game first)
  • Fixed issue where max burn bonus from tugs would not show up in the fleet member tooltip (but would still work)
  • Fixed issue where the tooltip of ships being sold would show the effects of their CR being 0
  • Fixed bug where left-over flamed out fighters would simply disappear if the wing retreated (now blow up instead)
  • Fixed bug with targeting empty space while in a video feed (would snap view back to player's ship for one frame)
  • Hulks no longer play an "engine boost" sound when they reach 0 flux
  • Fixed issue where ships would occasionally go off to look for an enemy someplace they couldn't possibly be at the start of battle
  • Fixed bug where battle objectives lifted the fog of war but didn't actually reveal the ships under it
  • Burst beam weapons will now shut off if the firing ship phase cloaks
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« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2014, 07:16:11 PM »

Hey neat, an update! Some nice things added, though not much.
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« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2014, 07:18:25 PM »


The first couple of items (everything under "campaign") are probably... 10x the work of everything else in the notes. But it doesn't read as such, and it's more preparation for more-obviously-interesting stuff to come.
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« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2014, 07:23:53 PM »

  • Updated graphics for Falcon, Eagle, and Ox
Lots of shiny stuff, but this is the one I'm most curious about; what changed, and why?

Wyvern is 100% correct about the math.
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« Reply #4 on: April 04, 2014, 07:41:11 PM »

  • Updated graphics for Falcon, Eagle, and Ox
Lots of shiny stuff, but this is the one I'm most curious about; what changed, and why?

The Ox looked underpowered for its in-game effect so I made it, whats the technical term? Yes: beefier.

As for the Falcon and Eagle, I feel they were overly greebled in a way that added visual noise rather than signal. So touched them up a bit to read more as overall designs rather than collections of meaningless details. They're still the same ships and look basically the same, mind you, it's just a "this was bugging me more and more as I kept seeing it so I just did it" thing.

I mean heck, it's been at least 2 years since I drew originals so you'd think I'd grow a bit as in artist in the time right?
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beyond the infinite void

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« Reply #5 on: April 04, 2014, 08:08:33 PM »

A lot of intriguing stuff here. I like the idea of more communication and interaction with NPCs both from a modding and gameplay standpoint. Also excited to see what David has whipped up using the custom sprite entity in the campaign layer if anything.

Wanna see dem sprites.

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naively breaking things!

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« Reply #6 on: April 04, 2014, 08:09:32 PM »

That's looking awesome!  Great job getting the event system to that point, the channels / communication idea sounds really cool Smiley

Custom Station graphics, damage graphics and sounds, yay!

Check out my SS projects Smiley
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« Reply #7 on: April 04, 2014, 09:35:26 PM »

Can someone tell me how the fighters going around ships works? Do they enter a separate field of sorts and hence avoid collision, or is collision merely disabled while the engines are active?
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Quantum Mechanic

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« Reply #8 on: April 04, 2014, 09:48:46 PM »

Very cool!

Added LocationAPI.addCustomEntity()

    Entity with custom graphics (can be a sprite, but there's also a custom OpenGL rendering hook)
    Entities defined in data/config/custom_entities.json

Would this allow us to, say, make a custom graphic, add it to the location, then scan for interactions using an extension of BaseCampaignPlugin and handle them with InteractionDialogPlugin? Because the ability to add any sprite and have it interact any way we want is going to be absolutely fantastic for modding!

Thanks as always for the update Smiley
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« Reply #9 on: April 04, 2014, 09:55:04 PM »

Would this allow us to, say, make a custom graphic, add it to the location, then scan for interactions using an extension of BaseCampaignPlugin and handle them with InteractionDialogPlugin? Because the ability to add any sprite and have it interact any way we want is going to be absolutely fantastic for modding!

Yeah, that's exactly the idea. Since the class is always going to be the same and you can't use instanceof to figure out which type of entity it is, you can base the interactions on whatever tags the entity has instead.
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« Reply #10 on: April 04, 2014, 10:01:57 PM »

Would this allow us to, say, make a custom graphic, add it to the location, then scan for interactions using an extension of BaseCampaignPlugin and handle them with InteractionDialogPlugin? Because the ability to add any sprite and have it interact any way we want is going to be absolutely fantastic for modding!

Yeah, that's exactly the idea. Since the class is always going to be the same and you can't use instanceof to figure out which type of entity it is, you can base the interactions on whatever tags the entity has instead.

Oh man thats going to be fun. I already know what I'm going to do with it too... muahahaha.
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« Reply #11 on: April 04, 2014, 10:15:26 PM »

I mean heck, it's been at least 2 years since I drew originals so you'd think I'd grow a bit as in artist in the time right?
Yay! The latest stuff you've put out is DEFINITELY awesome.  Cheesy  Can't wait to see them.

“I [may] not agree with a word that you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”
- Voltaire
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« Reply #12 on: April 04, 2014, 11:41:50 PM »


Don't worry, the rest of us appreciate everything you do! This is definitely a groundwork patch, but I have no issue with that at all; it's part of growing and I'm still super excited for everything in this patch!!
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« Reply #13 on: April 04, 2014, 11:50:57 PM »

Oh, I didn't mean to imply that jet36 didn't, eh, "appreciate" it or anything of the sort; I think the rest of his post makes it clear it's rather the opposite Smiley

But, that aside, thank you!
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« Reply #14 on: April 05, 2014, 06:50:38 AM »

SectorAPI.doHyperspaceTransition() no longer crashes when jumpLocation == null

Haha excellent, was going to post about this Smiley

What happened to 0.63 and 0.64? Or should I say 0.6.3 and 0.6.4...? Tongue
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