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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Raiding for Fun and Profit (11/27/19)

Author Topic: BISO bakground  (Read 2880 times)


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BISO bakground
« on: October 06, 2013, 03:08:07 PM »

ATM just a short background of what the BISO are, may flesh it out later...

hemogeny central archives:
- first encountered cycle 017
--BISO exploration fleet was encountered
---D1 and acompanied by 8 wings of S1 drones
--32 hemogeny main line ships and 4 Attack fleats were destroyed before the BISO D1 was forced to retreat from the sector
---it is belived that this was due to the primary power core of the D1 becoming depleted, rather then damage sustained during the battle
---at the time, weponry in the sector was highly inadiquate to fight against BISO, primarily due to the HDSN plating
- cycle 194
--large scale gravitational anomaly was detected at point -14500, 500
--scout ships returning form the area reported a large black sphere aproximately the size of Corvus in the area
---designated Anomaly-6
--investigations of the sphere begin
---see anex 1
-cycle 195
-- first "modern" BISO invasion fleet encountered
-- since then 1502 BISO invasion fleets, ranging from lone A class ships to full fledged battle fleets composing several D class supercapitals have been encountered throughout the sector
-- first BISO ship sucsessfully disabled and boarded
--- see anex 2
-cycle 196
--Retainer organisation established
---tasked with rapid response and supression of BISO events
---funded by all major races, and factions in the sector
---sell captured BISO technology to the highest bidder
--EMP weaponry was found to be the most effective method of disabling and subsequently destroying, or capturing BISO ships


-High Density Stablised Neutronium Plating (HDSN plates)
--while the ship is active they are contained in a flat short range artificial gravity field aproximated to be over 6*10^12 m/s^2 compressing the material on the ships surface into a mass of pure neutrons
--when a BISO ship is ireprably damaged this material is often ejected from the ships surface at reletevistic speeds
---this often results in the destruction of both the internal systems of the ship and any other ship in the local area

anex 1
---to date only the basic traits of the sphere have been defined
----constant surface temperture 1*10^-43 kelvin
----mass of 1.8 times Corvus
----absorbs all energy that comes closer then 1.6mm of the surface with its surface
----all mater that comes in contact with the surface of Anomaly-6 inherits the same properties, all linked mater is converted at a wave front velocity of 1.8C
-----the science institute spent 6 years studying the results of mater contact experiments before this result was finaly agreed to be valid

anex 2
tri-tachyon corporate archives:
previous boarding atempts of "live" BISO ships universaly ended in failure, coming in contact with active HDSN plates is fatal due to the gravity produced by the active armor.
-Cycle 195.8
--counter BISO operation #12 launched
---stage one sucsessfull
----47 of 62 deployed fighter and 16 of 19 destroyers lost
----67% of BISO ships including 2 D class destroyed
----4 custom Paragon's arive at location
-----1 D1 sucsessfully destroed, and the BISO begin retreat
-----16 tachyon lances focus fired at at the most easily accesible B class BISO warship
--1 B1 BISO ship sucsessfully captured
---boarding actions comence
---although the ships apear to be designed for individuals of aproximately 1.20m in height, no biological mater of any form is found within the hull
----later investigation reveals that the B1 was controlled entirely by an artificial AI core that was ireprably damaged during the EMP strike to the B1's hull

WIP, anyone intrested in writing stuff for this feel free to do so, ill flesh it out as i go along
try to avoid any referances to the BISO home sector, or backstory that would not be accesible to the starsector races through analysis of the invading BISO fleets (the data banks of captured BISO ships are almost allways ireprably damaged, or destroyed due to the heavy use of EMP weaponry to supress the ships and imposibility of bording action before the ship is disabled)
(WIP) lots of shiny new weapons ( :-[ i have more weapons then sprites :-[ )

i got a cat pad
its like a mouse pad but better!