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This version is out - you can download it here.

Changes as of October 02, 2013


* After a loss, enemy will try to disengage if all it has in reserves are civilian ships, even if the player's fleet is all out of CR
* Adjusted "peak active performance" so that inactive (but deployed) drones do not cause it to tick down
* When encountering a neutral fleet that's outnumbered, replaced "Let them go" option with "Leave", picking which doesn't cause the faction to go hostile
* Fixed up Prometheus sprite so that damage decals don't show up outside the ship in a few places
* Retreating fighter wings no longer receive replacement fighters from carriers
* Autofiring strike weapons will not fire at fighters or frigates (except for the AM Blaster, which will fire on frigates but not fighters)
* Admiral AI: won't create "fighter rendezvous" assignment unless there is at least 1 flight deck for every pair of wings deployed (and will cancel it as appropriate)
* Ships no longer lose CR for retreating during an "escape" type battle. (Still lose CR for being deployed; just no longer a double hit.)
* In combat, ships in an AI fleet trying to escape may turn to fight if they're caught up with
* Overall improved "escape" admiral AI (handling a delaying action, ordering retreats at appropriate times)
* Harrying an enemy fleet now counts as a hostile action and triggers a speed boost to the loser/speed penalty to the aggressor. "Let them go" does not.
* A weaker enemy fleet may decide to stand and fight (rather than trying to escape) if caught by a faster and stronger fleet
* Burst PD lasers and the Guardian PD System will only fire at non-missiles and non-fighters if at maximum charges
* Augmented Engines: increased in-combat speed bonus slightly, gives a Maximum Burn bonus of +2 (was: +1)
* Marines: reduced supply consumption by a factor of 5
* Base chance for a ship to be repaired after combat (and to become boardable, or simply repaired if friendly) increased to 20% (was: 5%)
* Field Repairs perk: reduced bonus to ship repair chance to 30% (50% total, base + perk)
* Ships using Burn Drive, Maneuvering Jets, or another engine-enhancing system can not suffer a flameout due to engine damage while the system is active - at least a single engine will remain active. A full flameout can still happen due to a collision mid-burn, though.
* Battles where at least one side has less than 41 deployment points total will not have objectives, except for escape battles, which always have objectives
* Supply deliveries capped to 10000 units of each per station, fuel to 3000, crew to 2000, marines to 1000
* Changed fuel color in fleet member tooltip to default yellow (instead of the orange-red that made it look like it had a penalty)
* Added option to transfer command to a different ship right before an engagement


* Fixed bug where a fringe jump point would not be properly generated for a system without any planets
* Added LocationAPI.removeScriptsOfClass(Class c) and SectorAPI.removeScriptsOfClass(Class c)
* Took out FleetGoal.DEFEND. Use FleetGoal.ATTACK instead, as the behavior is equivalent
* Added ShipAPI.getFullTimeDeployed() (returns total time deployed, as opposed to peak-effectiveness-drain-only time returned by getTimeDeployed())
* Fixed bug that caused all transient CampaignPlugins to be removed every time the game was saved
* Fixed bug where an EveryFrameScript would not run while paused, even if runWhilePaused() returned true
* Fixed bug where if there were more than 10 star systems in the game, some would not be advance()ed without the player being present inside
* Added FleetMemberAPI.getDeployCost() - returns value in range 0,1 that's the CR deployment cost for this fleet member
* Weapons with the "PD" hint and ammo regeneration will only fire at non-missile targets if they're at full charge. If they have the "ANTI_FTR" hint, they'll also expend all their charges on fighters
* Added "ANTI_FTR" hint to Burst PD, Heavy Burst PD, and Guardian PD
* Ships with 0 minimum crew should now work (have a "crew fraction" of 1.0 for CR purposes)
* SoundPlayerAPI.playLoop() now properly updates the pitch of the playing loop if it changes

* Stability improvement for computers with integrated graphics cards
* Hyperspace texture will stretch properly when displayed on monitors with a resolution greater than 2048 in either dimension
* Should no longer be possible for fighters to get stuck in an invisible, "landing on carrier" state when the carrier is no longer in play for any reason
* Fixed issue where AI-controlled pursuing ships would always try to go up when they couldn't see an enemy, even if they were already near the top of the map.
* Fixed bug where Plasma Cannon shots would hit friendly drones and fighter when fired by the AI
* Fixed bug where your view would be stuck to the targeted ship if you pressed R, then Z, then R again to clear the target
* Fixed bug where CR did not affect the stats displayed in the refit screen
* Fixed crash bug caused by pressing "enter" (to activate travel drive) when the player's ship is disabled
* Fixed some bugs with improper CR values being displayed in tooltips, esp. relating to the "Run Simulation" option
* Fixed bug where the losing fleet got a speed penalty and the winning fleet got a speed boost (the opposite of what was intended), also fixed some cases where the bonus/penalty weren't being applied at all
* Fixed bug where clicking very quickly on "Leave" in the encounter dialog registered as multiple selections of that option
* Fixed bug where the hour in the day would get reset to 0 on game load
* Fixed bug where an accident could cause the loss of crew even if there was no crew left
* Fixed bug where an accident could restore some hull integrity instead of doing damage
* Fixed bug where sometimes one less than the selected quantity would actually be picked up by shift-clicking clicking and dragging to select the quantity
* Shift-clicking on a stack on the right side of the screen now properly picks up only 1 item

Changes as of September 19, 2013


* Removed weapon mount information from fighter tooltip (not relevant since they can't be refitted)
* Text in the bottom of the ship info in the fleet panel now always on instead of only on mouse-over
* Ship price always visible in buy/sell tabs, does not require mouseover
* Various convoys that bring in ships now have a 30% for each ship brought in to be a fighter, rather than 60%
* Using right-click to create an escort assignment will not pull in any more ships than explicitly assigned, unless/until some of the assigned ships leave the battlefield
* Added "A" shortcut to repair ships at stations
* Admiral AI: less likely to order a full retreat while it has a military-grade capital ship on the field
* Frigate CR:
* "Peak performance" changed to "peak active performance", only reduced while ship is doing something - firing weapons, using shields, using a system/has drones deployed, etc. Not reduced while just moving.
* So: no hiding to wait out another ship's CR, and no penalty for using a frigate as a command ship and only engaging targets of opportunity
* New hullmod: "Hardened Subsystems". Increases peak active performance time by 50% and reduces subsequent CR degradation rate by 50%.
* Augmented Engines and Unstable Injector are now mutually exclusive
* Sensor Array and Nav Buoy bonuses now apply to frigates and fighters
* Nav Buoy:
* Top speed bonus reduced to +15
* Also lets ships ignore nebula interference, map-wide (i.e. zero-flux boost and normal maneuverability inside a nebula)
* Slightly reduced top speed on most frigates to account for the above (by less than <10% on average)
* The "load game" dialog will only show a TC's save games if, and only if, the game is running with that TC enabled
* Reduced brightness of damage decal on fighters, they don't look quite so molten when damaged and retain more of their original texture
* Adjusted daily fighter supply costs - some lowered, some raised
* A wing costs a little more than a frigate per day, to account for lack of extra repair expenses and being much harder to permanently lose
* Some examples: Talon: 2/day, Wasp/Gladius/Warthog/Thunder: 3/day
* All fleets (including the player's) now start with CR at the maximum level

* Global.getCombatEngine() now works in title screen
* Fixed bug that caused a crash if the start location was in hyperspace
* Fixed bug where ModPlugin.onEnabled() was getting called on every game load and the parameter was also false
* Game no longer hangs when a fighter's "CR to deploy" is set to 0. Capped to 0.25%.
* Admiral AI will properly retreat non-frigates that suffer from CR loss during combat
* Added to ShipAPI:
* boolean isInsideNebula();
* void setInsideNebula(boolean isInsideNebula);
* boolean isAffectedByNebula();
* void setAffectedByNebula(boolean affectedByNebula);

* Selecting "no" in the "do you want to exit the game?" dialog from combat, in iron mode, no longer exits the game
* Disabled fighter wings can no longer be repaired after battle the way regular ships can. Still get repaired if the fleet has carriers.
* Fixed a number of typos
* Fixed crash caused by repeatedly pressing the "F" key while clicking on a fleet member
* Fixed being able to select a fleet member from a fading out fleet screen (again, caused by repeatedly pressing "F" while clicking)
* Fixed issue with shuttle pod (the one used to transfer command) occasionally showing up at stations
* Fixed bug where missiles (and other non-flux-using weapons) could be fired while venting
* Fixed bug that could cause savegames not to load
* Fixed "0-crew stacks" bug. For good this time.
* Fixed crash when creating a new game with a character name that ends with a space
* Fixed fog of war bug that showed up when a single fighter wing would pursue a single escaping enemy
* CR overlay in combat properly updates when frigates lose CR
* Removed extraneous "CR" label above "flux" on target reticule
* Fixed bug with 0.0 shield flux/damage displayed on the refit screen for a ship with a Front Shield Generator hullmod
* Option to repair fleet properly grayed out after performing repairs at station
* Fixed bug where battle objectives stopped revealing the area around them while the game was paused
* Sensor array properly shows that it grants a damage bonus instead of a range bonus
* Player fleet will no longer try to follow the location of a target that jumped elsewhere
* Fixed issue where an AI-controlled fleet would engage and then immediately retreat without deploying anything
* Would occur when the only available ships were freighters, most visible with the Pirate Plunder Fleet and other convoys
* Fix is twofold:
* Mothballed ships don't count against the maximum fleet size that can try to escape
* If the number of freighters is so large that it exceeds the maximum escape deployment battle size, some freighters will be deployed for battle
* Loading a variant with a built-in hullmod will no longer warn the player the that built in hullmod is unavailable
* Maximum burn level now properly updates when selling Ox-class tugs at the station, while at the station (previously required game to be unpaused to update)
* Ships bought from stations now always start at 50% CR
* Fixed crash for selecting only civilian ships for pursuit with the "second in command" option
* Mothballed carriers no longer recover lost fighter wings after battle
* Fixed how CR and maximum CR are handled when a ship's crew is under strength

More to come, both in the way of bugfixing and tweaks! Just wanted to let you guys know what's done at this point.



--- Quote from: Alex on September 19, 2013, 07:35:15 PM ---
* Nav Buoy:
* Also lets ships ignore nebula interference, map-wide (i.e. zero-flux boost and normal maneuverability inside a nebula)
--- End quote ---

So that's a pretty big deal. Especially now that the bonus applies to the frigates and fighters.

Whoo! Like most of this.  :D

Will miss dual engine upgrades, but I TOTALLY get it, haha.


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