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Hi Everyone,

It's been a good long while since I started Hope and Duty and almost as long since I was forced to put it on hold as a result of other matters in my life. I received a tremendous amount of positive feedback on it at the time and many people had expressed a great deal of interest in seeing it continue. Well. I am here to let you know that I am once again in a place where I can make sure that it does.

I am in the process of extensively re-writing the story and expanding it into a full-length novel which I am approximately 10% through completion. There were serious word-count issues with trying to post full chapters on the forum so I am putting together a dedicated site where I will be hosting the first few chapters once they are complete and will also be posting previews of each here.

Since the Starsector universe is still very fluid and in-development there are divorces between the setting in the book and the ever-expanding Starsector universe and these will likely grow as the game and my work both progress along their individual paths. I will post a link to the site a preview of the first chapter as soon as they are both finalized and look forward to sharing it with you.

Hey that's awesome! I really enjoyed reading through the seven posted chapters a few months back.

sounds like fun :P

very nice, H&D is my favorite fanfic here by far (though given, I haven't finished reading all that many, most didn't catch my attention)

is it still in starfarersector universe? Or are you moving it to something a tad more original for copyright purposes?

Great! I wish you the best of luck with pulling through :)


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