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News: New blog post: Salvaging Mechanics Update (09/06/18); In-dev patch notes for Starsector 0.9a (06/01/18);Starsector 0.8.1a is out!
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Author Topic: [0.8.1a] Tyrador Safeguard Coalition 1.5.1 (updated January 27, 2018)  (Read 53840 times)
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« Reply #30 on: March 25, 2017, 11:14:56 AM »

Nice job you made on the sprite!

I'll give it a shot!
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« Reply #31 on: March 29, 2017, 06:04:03 PM »

Really liking the ships so far, haven't done too much.  But I did start a new campaign and have been playing for quite a while.

One of the first ships I've tried is the Lance-class Cruiser.  A very well designed ship that has some nice balance, only issue I've found is that it has a little too much OP.
Most cruisers don't get a base 150 OP, and at higher levels it gets a rather ludicrous selection of what can be put on it.  All-in-all though, this ship is nearly perfect, balance-wise.
The extremely efficient shields are offset by a reasonably high flux upkeep.  And the ability, while seeming strong at first, causes the shield while raised to build up hard-flux.

A side-note on the ability, are you supposed to be able to shut the shield off?  It seems like you aren't, because the shield pops back on if you shut it off (I noticed it when the AI started spamming shield deactivation to save flux).

Another thing I noticed is that the supply/fuel economy tanks after about a cycle for some unknown reason (I will admit that I have a lot of mods installed, like Dynasector and SS+ with Nex, disregard this report if it could be those mods), we're talking 350+ credits per supply.
Edit: I have discovered that this issue may have to do with unrest from Templar invasions, not entirely sure, I'll keep checking around.  The Templars are VERY voracious this time around.

Full mod list:
Audio Plus
Blackrock Driveyards
Combat Chatter
Common Radar
Diable Avionics
Intersteller Imperium
Junk Pirates/PACK/ASP Syndicate
Metelson Industries
Pegasus Belt Council
Scyan Navy
Shadowyards Reconstruction Authority
Ship and Weapon Pack
Tiandong Heavy Industries
Tyrador + Nex Patch
Version Checker

Note that the economy doesn't get this bad during extended play without this mod, only with it.

Thanks again, this mod is excellent so far and I'm loving the style.  I'm hoping to buy the Venture varient next, it looks really promising (If I can get past this horrid economy D;).
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« Reply #32 on: May 27, 2017, 07:39:02 PM »

Version 1.2.0 (for Starsector 0.8a)
"This was just meant to be a new version compatibility patch that got a bit out of hand" edition
More information on the original post

(Requirements: LazyLib)
(Supports: Version Checker, Graphics lib and Nexerelin)
(Download includes patch mod; enable both the main mod and the patch to play with Nexerelin).

I think I might have a problem, I was just going to update this for version 0.8a compatibility first, but I ended adding some content that was meant for later. In other words this was also meant to be a rather small patch...


Version 1.2.0:
   -Mod updated to 0.8a.
   -Gameplay Changes:
      -Renamed Corseque-class to Halberd-class.
      -Renamed Svardstav-class to Claymore-class.
      -Altered ship stats according vanilla changes.
      -Removed ALL drone ship systems.
      -Added shipsystems: Burn Drive (Pernach-class), Targeting Feed (Woomera-class), Reserve Deployment (Kestros-class, Maul-class), Recall Device (Amentum-class), Plasma Jets (Claymore-class), Ram Drive (Angon-class).
      -Added Misericorde, Buckler and Sai drone wings as available fighters.
      -Kris, Loader "drone" ship systems have been converted into built-in fighters.
      -SCV Corvette is now a built-in fighter for Maul-class vessels.
      -Removed built-in Drone bays from Kestros-class vessels, replaced with 2 built-in fighters, Misericorde drones for the Coalition variant and Wasps for the TT variant.
      -Drone Bay (Large Missile) weapon removed.
      -Drone Rack (Medium Missile) diversified into 3 different weapons: Kulbeda Drone Rack (2 waves of 3 PD drones), Corvo Drone Rack (1 wave of 3 Attack drones), Caltrop Mine Rack (single kamikaze drone).
      -Altered how drone racks function, now deployed drones are individuals instead of wings.
      -Removed built-in hullmod "Fleet Server" from Atlatl-class carrier.
      -Modified "Fleet Server" hullmod into a normal hullmod, can be equipped by ANY Coalition combat vessel. Fleet Server provides a combat buff to nearby fighters/drones not taking into account the source of the drone, decreasing the ship's fire rate by 75/60/45/30%, depending on hullsize.
      -Altered sprites of Amentum, Woomera, Venture (TSC) and Sagaris-class vessels.
      -Ship loadouts altered to reflect changes.
   -Campaign Changes:
      -Added Aridas star system to the campaign. (Content WIP, missing custom textures for some planets).
      -Renamed Aridas to Arydas.
      -Added procgen content to the Tyrador star system.
      -Added inert Gate to the Tyrador star system.
      -Added custom icon to Atrio's Defensive Platforms.
      -Removed SSO Base from Penelope's Star star system, replaced it with the Urals' Scaffold.
      -Moved the CSV Andes from Magec to Arydas, added the CSV Himalayas to Magec.
      -Slightly altered the market conditions of Coalition Markets.
      -Moved Tyrador slightly downward.
      -Altered faction ship lists to reflect changes, also fixed some ships/variants that were not included so now they can actually spawn in the campaign.
   -Misc. Changes:
      -Anything else I forgot to type here.

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« Reply #33 on: May 28, 2017, 01:28:58 AM »

W00t, I really like your ship designs and they fit super well into the vanilla style without looking like obvious kitbashes!
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« Reply #34 on: May 28, 2017, 05:11:43 PM »

Well this came outta nowhere. *** awesome though.
Mr. Nobody
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« Reply #35 on: May 29, 2017, 03:34:52 AM »

Does the flash catalog contains information about ships and weapons? Or is it just a gallery of .jpg?

On the left half of the Bell curve
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« Reply #36 on: May 29, 2017, 10:58:01 AM »

Javelins are way, way too powerful... They should have 1 reaper at best or atroposes instead of them.

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« Reply #37 on: May 29, 2017, 05:01:56 PM »

@Mr. Nobody:
Truth be told, I made it for fun when I noticed that I could add flash to a post, but it didn't work. It is not an out of game version of the codex, nor does it describe the weapons, it is a small sprite showcase of the ships with their names and a short description (with arrows to select the previous or next ship).
It is also considerably smaller than the large sprite sheet, at 365 kb instead of 5.96 mb (it doesn't show the skin variants, so that contributes a bit). I have not updated it yet, but the only big sprite changes are the Sagaris-class and Amentum-class.

I'm quite aware of it. I didn't do much with fighters other than port them to the newest version and reimplement drone shipsystems as fighters. I did not want to rebalance my fighters yet, considering that vanilla fighters are already quite OP, and they are getting rebalanced in the next version anywy, and then they would need to be rebalanced again.
I did consider giving Javelins 2 Atropos torpedoes, but then they would be too similar to Tridents. So I kept them the way they were, instead of figuring a new missile to give them. In hindsight this was a bad call, and making them a Trident "clone" for the time being would have been better.

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« Reply #38 on: May 31, 2017, 06:59:34 AM »

Found a bug in the simulator. Tyrador fighters are still counted as "ships" and can be spawned as enemies in the simulator.
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« Reply #39 on: May 31, 2017, 08:32:57 AM »

Another small bit: Halberd's beam has 1000 range, while buyable version has 800 range.

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« Reply #40 on: May 31, 2017, 11:24:00 PM »

Found two sets of typos in last release:

- in data/config/hull_styles.json all occurrences of "/cover/" have to be replaced with "/Cover/"
- in data/lights/Coalition_texture_data.csv all occurrences of "\" have to be replaced with "/"

The second set of typos is wrong directory separator, so enabling your mod most likely breaks the game not only on Linux, but also on MacOS.

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« Reply #41 on: June 01, 2017, 02:48:01 PM »

Just wanted to chime in and say thank you for the different colored ships and overall excellent design of the new hulls! They look great and really spice things up.
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« Reply #42 on: June 02, 2017, 03:56:58 AM »


Thanks for the contributing this mod.
The sprites are well done and your ships fit in very well.

I have some concern about your fighter wings. They seem a bit weak compared to vanilla.
Or even more specialized as vanilla wings
Not playing your mod for a long time yet. So some things might change my opinion.

Sai PD Drone (compared to Wasp wing)
a little bit more armor but lacks the proximity mine.
wasp might be the better choice

durable but with only swarmers you cant rely on it.
I prefer Talon (yes they are a OP at the moment)
Still think that a Broadsword or Warthog will be a better choice depending on what damage type you want. (they even have a decoy flare launcher to make them useful vs bigger threats)

Chakram support wing
Seems to have a bug. They stay close to my carrier and not going in to support my bombers like the should.
probably a good choice if it worked.  Huh

Javelin Bomber wing
Very strong and very expensive. Gets killed nearly every time the are trying to return to the carrier caused by the frontal only shields.
But if you want something dead. Hunt him down with a pair of Javelins.

Scimitar Gunship
Though and a nice distraction. The phase skimmer is a nice addition.
But for the OP, the Tomahawk is a wiser choice.

Tomahawk Gunship
Not as though as the Scimitar, but 2 per wing makes them better.
They miss the phase lance but got double the amount of swarmers compared to the scimitar
Also they got the decoy flare launcher which makes them better vs. bigger ships,
and with the same speed as the Javelin bomber. They work better together.

Shuriken Interceptor
Does what it says. Until something with shields come into play ( High-tech fighters )

Will add more while I continue to play your sweet mod. Tongue

Oh and btw : I like those modular transport ships that by adding a hullmod to that specific ship.
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« Reply #43 on: June 05, 2017, 03:14:39 PM »

Do you have any plans to update this to be compatible with Nexerelin?
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« Reply #44 on: June 05, 2017, 07:16:31 PM »


Yes, current dev version (1.3.0) is already Nexerelin compatible. Ideally I would like to release it during this coming weekend.
Can't make promises though.

The next release will include some bug fixes, namely the ones mentioned above (BTW thanks to all for the bug reports) and some improvements, the removal of the deployment messages triggered by the drone spawner weapons, and the ability to toggle a ship's shield off when using the Ram Drive system.

All that is done already. Currently working in rebalancing/respriting some of the fighters, adding a new weapon, figure what to do with the Amentum's shipsystem, and try to catch any bug that I might have introduced (playtesting the mod a bit).


Thanks for the feedback, I'm taking it into account to rebalance the fighters.

In regards to Javelins, they are way too OP, specially in combination to the Recall Device shipsystem, which makes their downside meaningless. So they are being remade.

In relation to the Scimitar corvette, it gets the "frigate and up" version of the tac laser and the swarmer, both weapons have lesser versions used by fighters (although only the fighter swarmer is vanilla).
Anyway, I get why it would seem a lot less useful than a pair of Tomahawks, specially since graphically it looks pretty similar armament wise, even if it is stronger in practice.

The modded Tactical Laser for fighters has half the range and damage in comparison to the vanilla one. The vanilla swarmer (fighter) fires missiles in burst  of 2 in comparison to the ship version which fires in bursts of 4.
Which means one Scimitar has about twice the firepower of a single Tomahawk plus a Phase Lance, but this is not readily available information to the player.

Currently modified the sprite, made it a bit larger (slightly smaller than the Kite) and gave it 2 proper Tactical Lasers. Also I'm making the fighter tac laser more visually distinctive (It was a bit thinner than the vanilla tac laser, but a difference of 1 is probably not easily noticeable).

Adding a WIP preview of the graphical part of the fighter rework

And yup those "fighters" got a bit bigger, and those "engine pods" on the new Javelin are the new torpedoes.


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