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Author Topic: The Lore Corner  (Read 184507 times)


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Re: The Lore Corner
« Reply #450 on: June 27, 2020, 06:44:36 PM »

They are banned in the Hegemony too and that didnt stop them asking for a gamma in the tutorial. :P

And tbf the League is stated to be a loose grouping of planets with no real central government aside from a vague 'we hate the hegemony' common idea, so that one of them is less opposed to cores is not impossible.

And yeah, we dont see any 'restarted' terraforming, but then again, I get the feeling we arrive in the game when the sector is finally stabilizing to some degree, and that previously its all been chaotic and not really lending itself for big civilian projects like terraforming.

Otherwise it makes little sense why no faction has explored the ruins and stations we find, why no one has colonized nice world right next to the core we sometimes find (Even in Duzhak), or why we, a single person, can foster a planet/system to become larger and more powerful than the capital systems.

Either we are 'super special player' or the factions have been so busy fighting and making sure their current worlds dont crash and burn to do much so far and its now that there's even the consideration of looking past the core worlds.

I kind of disagree with this synopsis. In fact I think the opposite. The player arrives at the "brink of doom" so to speak and terraforming projects haven't been occurring - partly due to technical limitations - and partly due to a constant state of inter-faction warfare. (There were two sector wars AI wars which severely destroyed otherwise pristine infrastructure and the current factional cold war that can be read from evolving hostilities that eventually die down are a side effect of the sector's turbulent history.)

So the "let's use a tug to bring shades back" results in an attack by an opposing faction to destroy the progress. After this happens a certain number of times, faction or world leaders give up and simply try to "hold their ground" at all costs and mostly avoid digging up old technology. This is, in part, why the player as a freelancer alongside other Independents are allowed to salvage much of the sector outside the core worlds. The other factions are busy posturing against each other and patiently waiting for the next conflict.

That doesn't even take into account the "unknown threats" outside of the core straining factional resources to the breaking point - which might actually have caused the impromptu ceasefire/cold war in the first place.

So, for me, it's less a matter of "can we do it?" and more a matter of "where is the time to do it?" if that makes sense.


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Re: The Lore Corner
« Reply #451 on: June 28, 2020, 12:25:58 AM »

While its certainly true and canon that the sector is spiraling down into further and further collapse, I feel it is also right that they did have to do some stabilizing, as nations form, borders and alliances are made and set, and so on, rather than the 'free for all' starving madness that is said to have happened in the following decades to the collapse.

So while there's a constant loss of knowledge, at least populations dont starve and fleets are in place to protect and such.

And given how Jangala is praised to hell and back for being nice and habitable, I would imagine slightly making one of your worlds more habitable would give you a rather big strategic advantage.

But even if we accept the idea that the factions are far too busy fighting and posturing, what has stopped another freelancer like us or minor faction/group from trying? 
Asharu is independent, they dont have horses in the posturing race, so they could surely carry out tugs and such minor projects without much help or interference.

Nevermind that solar shades and mirrors are ridiculously primitive and low tech things to make compared to spaceships. And thatss dicounting nanoforges and all that super tech they can get.

Again, not saying they can turn worlds into new earths, thats clearly a more dedicated job and with Eridani-Utopia off the sector, a no go. 
But fixing planets being frozen or scorching hot is relatively speaking, peanuts for a space infrastructure owning planet.
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