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Author Topic: lost ship  (Read 457 times)


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lost ship
« on: July 25, 2020, 10:54:48 AM »

that night by the floor
of our precious secret cove

recovering from the heat
of today's Corp shipment's brief

crew sleeping in the depth
of your hard steel open deck

we promised one another
as eternal space farers

closing my sore eyes
on a bleak job's catalyse

I remembered the time
I first saw your rounded lines

I was then desperate
leaking cargo to pirates

and you appeared right in
the middle of their fleet

like a majestic cat
chasing them retreating rats

and quickly saved what was left
of our ships maintenance bereft

since then from port to port
you proved invaluable escort

from the Corp seigneury
of the pink poison bakery

to spots where no sun shines
near the death encroaching mines

until that night in the cove
opening eyes to empty floor

looking everywhere mad
searching around landing pads

nowhere in sight my love
you are now forever gone

water flowing from eyes
I came to realise

this night someone had come
work my fleet's head undone

thus enforcing the curse
of a Medusa-less universe

which turned into a blessing
as I finally stopped depressing

over the conscience trial
of delivering the pink vials

to unsuspecting lines
of countless slaves of the mines

to prevent such aftermath
I'm compelled to follow a new path

leave the sirens of Tri-Tech
join Ludd's Knights for a new trek?