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Author Topic: The Story of my playthroughs  (Read 264 times)


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The Story of my playthroughs
« on: March 03, 2020, 12:14:16 AM »

Capt. Rena Cloudskip: Perfunctory command ship Moonskip
July 14 Cycle 210
I've grown weary of my own colony and the dirge of hassles that it has wrought. Its time for somewhere new. somewhere better. First place we went to was promising a jungle world, a solid class V. cant be worse than what my people are already dealing with. But the second... Now that's where my fun really began, I found what was obviously an old system long since gone. In one run around the planets i managed to more than quadruple my own holdings, fill my holds. And aquired enough old world blueprints and tools that i should have not a single trouble with my new colony once i get it up and running. I cant wait to start crafting my own Fleets, Among the blueprints i found were antimatter blasters, and Afflictor class frigates. This is a good day. Unfortunately it also brought to mind a different kind of problem for my newest line of work, I need more tonnage and more people. It's Time to expand the fleet.

Capt. Rena Cloudskip: Command ship Moonskip
Dec 6 cycle 211
The bastards at Shai Halud apparently didnt enjoy the months and months of neglect i've been giving them. Who'd have thought that not feeding your colonies... And not supplying them with drugs... Oh and the ignored constant pirate raids to their homes would cause problems.
Well end result is they went insane, destabilized the planet and destroyed all my "legal" commodities stored there, as well as my old capital ship. A shame really.
I lost probably close to 400k credits to those neanderthals. But in retrospect, its stress i didn't need. I wasn't that attached to that sandy little shithole anyways. and my fleet almost doubled in size in the mean time. Oh well, I still have my empire and its still growing. On to the next endeavor

Capt. Rena Cloudskip: Command ship Moonskip
July 13  Cycle 212
If those idiotic bastards had waited half a year longer, they'd be a part of what i'm building. I found it, a terran world, centered in the tragedy system (ignore the irony). The only issue is the [REDACTED] fleet patrolling it, my scalpel of a fleet is not well equipped to handle their... how did my XO say it. Hammer. The hammer of their fleet. Well you know what they say about bringing the bigger stick. Same rule applies to Hammers. Lets *** go, I have utopia to create.

Capt. Rena Cloudskip: Command ship Self-Inflicted Wounds
Apr 14 Cycle 214
The raids from the brigands that destroyed my last home have been non stop, thankfully my home has been ran not by an idiotic colonial administrator but by my good friend HAL. He's a good ol' chap, I was on the way back to my station to do some human touches and ran into one of the pirate armadas meant for me a little early.... things didnt go well at first till i got a great idea, I utilized phase warp technology in order to draw the heaviest hitting ships of their fleet into a wild goose chase while my own fleet went to town on all the smaller ships, I didnt kill them all like they deserved. However i did manage about a third of their fleet without a single casualty. All in all i consider that a win. I think a change in my command and fleet doctrine is in order.
The ironic part? I got to my base and found the pirate armada engaged in profuse combat with the [REDACTED]... Who'd have thought the [REDACTED] would be defending me.

Capt. Rena Cloudskip: Command ship, Whispered Oblivion
Mar 29 Cycle 215
So I think my lack of influence has broken the system, the markets have stabilized while i've been away on The Epicenter and there's almost no ubiquitous trade routes anymore. Tradgedy system has turned out to be more of a hassle than i bargained for. However just last month it actually turned a profit. Surprised me too... but now I am in need of development credits, and a stable system just wont do for that. I do believe my transponder should become even more despondent as I put a little sand in the gears of this well oiled machine. Time to set some fires. a nice inclination of things to come.

Capt. Rena Cloudskip: Command ship, Whispered Oblivion
Dec 25 Cycle 218
There's apparently an old tradition among old spacers that marks today as a day of good fortune where things will find their way to you. I called it hogwash in this *** up horrid galaxy of ours. Until I found that [REDACTED] protected research station. It signaled something so we got out of there. But not before prying a thumb drive from the desiccated bones of a shot dead officer of tri-tachy. Fearing for our lives we didnt check the contents of the dilapidated card till later. It was a ruse, a shell masking something extraordinary to look inane. Once we plugged it in to the storage drive it yielded blueprints of the highest value i could have imagined. Gauss cannon specs, a prototype conquest battlecruiser from right before they went mainline production in the old dominion. A similar Odyssey class battlecruiser that was from right before production. And my personal favorite find. The final blueprint after revisions marked for upgrading of the phase drive, It was an non-coded doom-class Phase Cruiser blueprint. My fleet would finally be complete. I'm almost tempted to go home immediately but my FTL message should start production of it anyways. Today was a good day.
Also a new crew member said something weird to me today, he said i have Nexu stripes on my cheek... The hell is a fuckin Nexu? I'll have to find a mirror in the doctors suite to check if i got infected from that station...

Capt. Rena Cloudskip: Command ship, Shinderu
Sept 11 Cycle 221
So we took the fleet out into the dark in order to hopefully find some more old dominion blueprints, luck certainly struck home and we now add tempests to our docket of constructables, the downside however is that we have been endlessly set upon by the ------- (entry Redacted  as per spoiler code 1.662.4D) in the Kalico Star System, they just keep getting cranked out of the starbase they have set up here. I cant even really go handle it as our ships are worn out from fight after fight after fight. I also have to cut it short. Pirates have decided to make my life a little more chaotic again. Then again I am not the same captain that I used to be. I dont have to let them raid anymore. I think I'll go do something about it. Rena "Scratches" Cloudskip, Out.

Capt. Rena Cloudskip: Command ship, Nani the ***?!?
Dec 14 Cycle 224
I delved almost too deep this time. The [REDACTED] owned sector that I had left alone almost claimed me and my officers. The Shinderu took a direct barrage from the entire armament loadout of a [REDACTED] capitalship and was lost. Rest in Peace old friend. Fortunately I had came loaded for bear, had a spare Doom class phase cruiser waiting for me. I have to spare the Champagne as another fleet is inbound. Hopefully the upgrades to the fleet will hold up and my carrier battlegroup will win the day.
I've been through hell and back again, brought myself up from nothing... This will not be the end if I have to blow up every bit of opposition by my lonesome.

Capt. Rena Cloudskip: Command ship, Nani the ***?!?
Dec 17 Cycle 225
All of them are intimidated by The Imminent. For good reason mind you but its gotten on my nerves. The Hegemony has launched its last raid, and i've launched my first. To good effect mind you. The marines brought back anything they could find. They're dumb in a lot of ways. Smart in others. 9/10ths of what they grabbed was what they personally found neat. Shiny bits of bulkheads, ration crates. The other tenth was a blueprint from the 14th battlegroup I can make old world battleships now. Excellent.
I may have overreacted though at finding an alpha core at the heart of their colony. They have been sending policing forces to my home for years now to find ai cores. Only for me to discover that they themselves have been running the same scam I have. In the heat of the moment I dropped about 5k units worth of enriched fuel and removed the planet from existence.

It felt good.

Capt. Rena Cloudskip: Command ship, Nani the ***?!?
May 10 Cycle 227
Silence has never felt as peaceful as this. An interesting effect in that the universe is unified into two factions. The Imminent, and the dead.
I think retirement looks comfortable now. These last 20 cycles have been overly stressful, I think its time to find a beach planet somewhere and go to a long sleep. The hardest decisions require the strongest wills. I chose for the universe to rest and begin to dream.
Maybe when they awaken I'll reappear as the next nightmare to force the dreamers back into oblivion.

First iteration in the story as they go, I'll see about getting permission from my group of friends as we play the game to post their captains logs (we write them as we play to tell eachother about our experiences, sometimes with a bit of flair thrown in).
Its nothing formal but they add to the enjoyment of the game for me. Lemme know what you guys think