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Remember that Everyone Here is a Human Being.
* Treat other users of the the Fractal Softworks forum with respect, whether or not they are doing the same. Don't rise to provocation, and if you think someone is being out of line (and you don't know how to deal with them) hit the report button in preference to responding in kind.
This is the first and most important rule of the forum, and from it all other rules are derived. If you adhere to it and use your common sense, you'll be welcome here.

For clarity, the following are a list of rules and guidelines for posts and discussions within the forum (and for user made content distributed via the forum). These will all, of course, be subject to a bit of common sense and the discretion of the moderators and admins. People ignoring these rules will be subject to warnings, temporary bans - or in some cases and with repeat offenders - permanent bans will be handed out.

Please feel free to report any posts you think don't meet these rules, it will greatly help as the moderators can't read everything. If you encounter anything on the forum that makes you uncomfortable, but is not covered by these rules, also feel free to report it.

No Toxicity

We do not tolerate toxic behavior and if you are found to be spreading toxicity you will be issued a warning. A second offense will result in a temporary suspension. If you are found to be spreading toxicity again your account will be permanently banned. Depending on the severity, any of these stages may be skipped at moderator discretion.

In general any post that is overly negative, doesn't contribute to the forum or simply contains foul language and insults is toxic. If your post doesn't contribute and instead serves as a way to stir up more negativity and rage from other users, it's toxic. Keep this in mind:

* Look at your post history. If the majority of your posts are troll posts against other forum members, that's not productive. Don't reply to posts to say no one will reply, that the post shouldn't have been made, and so on. If you aren't looking to help the player with a question, or to meaningfully contribute to the discussion, please do not respond.
* Posts that contain threats, attacks, insults, or zero-value trolls/meme posts may be deleted. They may also result in an immediate and permanent revocation of posting privileges. A good guideline to use for tone is: If you wouldn’t want someone walking into your living room speaking the words you’re about to post; it’s best to find another way to say it.

No Software Piracy or other Illegal Activities

* Do not post links to illegal / unsanctioned downloads, discuss potentially illegal activities or encourage such things (e.g. Piracy, drugs etc.). This in an international forum, so please bear in mind how your own laws relate to other parts of the world. Posting such download links will result in an immediate ban.

No Hate Speech

* Comments and content amounting to hate speech or the promotion of hateful ideologies (such as Nazism, racism, bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, etc.) are not acceptable. Do not use symbols or images related to such ideologies. If you have a creative project that you think might touch on these topics, feel free to check with a moderator.

No Sexual Content

* This is not the place to discuss or post sexually oriented material. Please take it elsewhere.

Accept Moderation

* Do not discuss moderator decisions (such as the locking of topics or the banning of accounts) publicly on the forums. If you have any complaints or questions please send a PM to a moderator.

No Spam or thread bumping

* Do not spam the forum with images / videos, unless it is in context with the intention of a thread. Use spoilers for any animated images. Use spoilers for any large or otherwise distracting images. Do not needlessly 'bump' threads with posts offering little content, or reply to threads with a simple "+1" or other such. Try and aim for threads as genuine discussion.
* This is especially true for the "Bug Reports & Support" sub-forum, do not post in any thread there without the specific intention to report or help with an issue.

No Distracting Profiles

* Keep your signature short. No animations, and no images beyond 100 pixels in height. Animated avatars are OK if they are not distracting (so no wild flashing or anything like that).

Avoid derailing

* Please respect the subject and intention of a thread, as defined by the original poster. Derailing happens, but if the original poster calls for the thread to be drawn back to topic, please try your best.

Use Descriptive Titles

* If you start a new thread, give it a descriptive title. It should be at least possible to make an educated guess about the content of a thread without opening it.

No Necroing

* Replying to very old posts is generally not OK, since original poster are likely not around, the context is lost and it distracts from current threads. An exception is if you have something very substantial to add to the topic, maybe because the situation has changed or there are new information available. Otherwise, please refrain from posting or open a new thread instead.
* Threads with recurring content are of course exempt from this.

Current moderators/admins of the forum are:

* Alex -           Administrator
* mendonca -   Moderator
* Gothars -      Moderator
* LazyWizard - Moderator
* Thaago  -      Moderator
* Trylobot -      Moderator
* Erick Doe  -   Moderator
* David -         Development
* Ivaylo -         Development
* StianStark -  Development


The "Bug Reports & Support" sub-forum is a no-off-topic-zone with tighter rules. Posting in any thread there without the specific intention to report or help with an issue is now considered an offense worthy of an official warning.

Erick Doe:

Do not discuss moderator decisions (such as the locking of topics or the banning of accounts) publicly on the forums. If you have any complaints or questions please send a PM to a moderator.


* New Formatting, added titles
* Condensed some things and expanded on others
* Added rule about hate speech

Updated with a section on toxicity.


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