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Author Topic: Mod Idea  (Read 307 times)


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Mod Idea
« on: June 27, 2020, 01:23:06 AM »

Is it possible to create a mod whereby you start your piloting career as a humble fighter pilot?
A bit like a 2D version of wing commander  ::)

So it would be cool as a starting option, you could be assigned against a carrier (which you don't potentially control)
Getting paid for participating in battles, slowly building up your wealth until you can afford your first frigate, potentially complete your fighter service and receive some rewards / perks.

Potentially not possible, I know currently the vanilla version of the game doesn't offer the ability to pilot fighter ships.
Fighters are weak and have low / no shields so you could be killed very quickly. I think in this scenario, you'd have to give the player a bit more shields & hp for game play reasons.

I dunno, just a thought, a lot of stuff has already been done just trying to think out the box..
it's probably not even possible I guess?

Or maybe someone has already done it?
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Re: Mod Idea
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2020, 10:28:21 PM »

In the [Diable Avionics] mod, The ships [Pocket Gust] and [Gust] have the ability to control the fighters they have equipped directly.
(This may only apply to the Wanzer-type fighters I'm not sure)

Also that same mod has a ship called [Versant] that is very much like an elite fighter type ship.

The problem is CR. Because if you did participate in a large battle you would be dead in the water with any of those ships halfway through.

That is, if you are going in with those ships solo.

I mean you COULD have multiples of the above ships and  deploy one of them at a time, switching when the CR begins to run out.
But that would involve you having a small fleet of them which I'm not sure is what you wanted.

Third option.

You pick a small fightery-frigate you like (from any mod) duplicate all it's related files putting a 2 or whatever at the end to differentiate, then go into ships_data.csv and jack up it's CR to like 5000, then use the modded console to give it to yourself in a new game, and sell your other starting ship(s).

Keep in mind you could also modify other aspects of the ship_data.csv to your liking.

If you want I could do this for you or teach you. It's quite easy.
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