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Author Topic: Help changing settings.  (Read 172 times)


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Help changing settings.
« on: January 21, 2020, 11:29:18 PM »


Having a blast so far but I would really like to change a couple settings for my own play through. I've looked around but cannot find an answer to the following:

How do I adjust the rate bounties scale? I can find the reward values but not what controls the increase/decrease in difficulty.
Also is there a setting to have a more varying levels of bounties offered? For example instead of one lvl 0 bounty and the five lvl 6 bounties, it would have a couple 2, a 4, a 6 and a 7. (hope this makes sense)
Is there an easier way to change the monthly rate supplies drain as a percentage across the board? From what I have found the only way is changing the value on each ship in "ship_data.csv". But I would far prefer changing a percent value since I want to tweak it to find a more comfortable level.
Finally is there anyway to make controls relative to the camera and NOT the ship. I do not want to rotate the screen but I do want strafe left to push the ship to the left side of the screen. Seems this ones a bust but I would be so happy if it was possible.

I am sorry if this info or a mod is out there in plain sight that does these things already but for the life of me I cannot find the answers. Your help is much appreciated!

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