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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Painting the Stars (02/07/20); Updated the Forum Rules and Guidelines (02/29/20)

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Author Topic: [0.9.1a] Starship Legends 1.3.14 - Extra flavor for ships, crew, and NPCs  (Read 163146 times)


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Starship Legends

Download Starship Legends 1.3.14
Older Versions

Compatible with all known mods.
Can be added to existing games.
All updates are save-compatible unless stated otherwise.
Integrated with
Version Checker and Console Commands.
Can NOT be removed from games in which it was already used, but it can be fully disabled.

Starship Legends adds more personality and variety to ships, their crew, your officers, and NPC fleets using a trait/quirk system.

As the reputation of each of your ship grows, it will earn traits that influence its performance.
These traits are stored in a single, dynamic hullmod. Like this:

Major Features:

Reputation Evolution
The traits a ship earns are randomized in a sensible way that encourages using them effectively.

Combat ships earn traits after battle, based on the amount of experience earned.
The first few traits are easy to get, but getting a ship to 'Legendary' status may require enough experience to level your character to 50.
Fortunately, ships are more likely to gain new traits the higher your character level is. At level 50, trait chance is increased by 250%.

Ships that do well in combat will earn a greater number of good traits, and their crews will be more loyal to their captains.
A ship that is nearly destroyed in every battle without dealing any hull damage will only get bad traits.
A ship that destroys four equally powerful ships without taking any hull damage in each battle will earn nothing but good traits.
Most ships will be somewhere in-between.
Reputations are dynamic. So even if a ship has several bad traits, it is possible to eventually replace all of them with good ones.

Civilian ships earn traits based on any experience you earn outside of battle.

The way reputations grow and change is highly configurable by editing STARSHIP_LEGENDS_OPTIONS.ini in this mod's folder.
Enemy Fleet Reputations
Yours aren't the only ships with reputations. Each AI fleet commander grants a reputation to their entire fleet, adding potential twists to every engagement. Fleets with high-level commanders have better reputations.

Faction Reputations
The types of traits a fleet is likely to have is based on its faction

  • Hegemony fleets frequently have traits related to weapons and durability.
  • Tri Tachyon fleets have a high chance to get traits that modify fighters and phase ships.
  • Sindrian Diktat fleets usually have increased range and reduced mobility, with a high chance of weapon related traits.
  • Luddic fleets are almost always poorly maintained and believed to be cursed, but often deal more damage.
  • Persian League fleets are likely to get traits that modify fighters, shields, and flux stats.
  • Domain drone fleets all have the same traits, improving staying power at the expense of speed and accuracy.
  • Remnant fleets all have the same traits, making them even more powerful at the expense of increased overload and vent duration.
  • Independent and pirate fleets have a decent chance to get the blockade runner trait, which is normally unavailable to other factions.
  • Fleets from modded factions that haven't integrated with starship legends get a balanced set of randomized traits.
Famous NPC Flagships
You will often hear rumors about the flagships of other fleet commanders as well. If you can defeat them and salvage their flagship, perhaps you deserve it more.

Lost Famous Derelicts
If you're lucky, you might even learn about worthy ships that can be acquired without bloodshed (however likely other complications may be)


Recommended Option 'Presets'
The options file is very flexible, but it can be a bit complicated and hard to understand.
These edits are meant as a starting point for configuring Starship Legends to fit your preferred playstyle.

The default settings are meant to give ships a fairly even mix of good and bad traits while making it possible (but difficult) for them to eventually earn perfect reputations through exceptional performance in combat.

Ruthless Legends
If you're using Ruthless Sector alongside Starship Legends, then the RUTHLESS_STARSHIP_LEGENDS_OPTIONS.ini settings file is used instead of STARSHIP_LEGENDS_OPTIONS.ini. You can change this options file too, but by default it makes it much more difficult for ships to gain positive traits.

Perfect Balance
For those who want to add flavor to ships without upsetting the balance of the game more than necessary.
With these settings, every other trait will have a negative effect, and no effects will be applied due to loyalty.

Unlimited Power
It's a single player game, so there's no such thing as cheating  ;)
These settings guarantee that traits will always be beneficial and crews will never become less loyal to their captains.

Completely Random
These settings will leave the number of good and bad traits a ship gets up to chance.

Better Immersion
With these settings, reputation changes will be determined only by the ship's performance in the battle in which the changes were earned.

Frequent Questions
Can I add Starship Legends to an existing game?
Yes, but it can not be removed afterward.
Does this mod introduce power creep?
The difficulty of this mod is highly configurable, but with default settings I think it's about the same as vanilla.
Avoiding bad or sub-optimal traits takes both skill and a little luck, and they can't simply be repaired like a D-mod.
Building a good reputation for a ship is an end-game activity that takes time, money, and skill.
What options does this mod provide?
You can edit STARSHIP_LEGENDS_OPTIONS.ini in the mod folder to change many things, like:
How strong traits are and how hard it is to get them.
How likely it is to get good traits instead of bad ones.
How likely it is for combat ships to get logistic traits and civilian ships to get combat traits.
How rating is calculated.
How loyalty changes work.
What does combat rating do?
Combat rating determines how many of a ship's traits are good.
Traits will gradually shift to have a percentage of good traits equal to the current rating of the ship.
If a ship has a rating of 70% for a long time, it will eventually end up with about 70% good traits and 30% bad traits.
How do I increase the combat rating of my ships?
Basically, by making sure they deal as much hull damage as they can while taking as little hull damage as possible.
Each time a ship participates in a battle, it gets a battle rating between 0 (bad) and 1 (good) which adjusts the overall combat rating.

With the default settings, battle rating is equal to 0.5 - damageTaken*0.5 + damageDealt*0.125 + supportDealt*0.125
Where damageTaken is 0 if the ship took no hull damage and 0.9 if it took 90% hull damage,
damageDealt is the deployment-cost worth of hull damage destroyed, divided by the ship's own deployment-cost,
And supportDealt is the deploy-cost worth of hull damage dealt during each engagement by all of your ships that participated in it, divided by the cost to deploy them.

Once the battle rating is calculated, the ship's persistent combat rating is adjusted to be closer to the battle rating using this formula:
newCombatRating = oldCombatRating * 0.9 + battleRating * 0.1
What is the exact formula for the rating a ship gets during a battle?
br = baseRating + bd*battleDifficultyMult - dt*damageTakenMult + max(0, dd-damageDealtMinThreshold)*damageDealtMult + sd*supportMult
baseRating, battleDifficultyMult, damageTakenMult, damageDealtMult, and damageDealtMinThreshold are values you can change in STARSHIP_LEGENDS_OPTIONS.ini.
br = Battle Rating - an approximation of how well the ship did during that battle.
(0 means 0%, 1 means 100%)
bd = Battle Difficulty - a ratio of total supply deployment cost for both sides (not including ships deployed during pursuit).
(e.g. 1.5 if the enemy spends 12 supplies deploying ships and you spend 8.  12 / 8 = 1.5)
Ruthless Sector is also being used, the Battle Difficulty it calculates will be used instead)

dt = Damage Taken as a fraction of total hull integrity.
(e.g. 0.2 for a ship that starts battle with 70% hull and ends with 50%.  0.7 - 0.5 = 0.2)
dd = Damage Dealt as deployment-cost worth of hull damage destroyed, divided by the ship's own deployment-cost.
(e.g. 1.5 for a ship that costs 4 supplies to deploy dealing 50% damage to a ship that costs 12 supplies to deploy.  12 * 0.5 / 4 = 1.5)
(max(x, y) means that the greater of x and y will be chosen.  max(3, 2) = 3)

sd = Support Damage Dealt as the deploy-cost worth of hull damage dealt during an engagement by all of your ships, divided by the cost to deploy them.
Support damage is calculated individually for each engagement, so a ship that participates in more engagements during a battle will earn more rating for support.
How do I improve loyalty?
Loyalty is based on the combat rating a ship gets for each battle.
If it is above 0.5, loyalty might increase, otherwise, it might decrease.
The further the bonus chance is from 0.5, the higher the likelihood that it will change.
Is there a way to reset a ship's reputation?
Yes. Reputations can be completely reset by mothballing a ship for 10 consecutive days per trait (in or out of storage).
This will remove all traits and loyalties from the ship, and will reset its rating.
Does Starship Legends conflict with any other mods?
Not that I know of. Please let me know if you find out it does!
How do I customize how Starship Legends interacts with my faction mod?
  • First, download the example config file and place it in "mods/YOUR_MOD/data/config/starship_legends/"
  • Edit the file to your liking. It's full of comments. You probably won't need most of it, so feel free to delete unneeded parts
  • Load a save file with this mod and your faction enabled
  • Check the log for a message like this: INFO  starship_legends.FactionConfig  - Reading config file for faction: your faction name
If you see that line in the log without any errors following it, then everything is probably working fine.

I'm happy to help with integration in any way I can, so feel free to ask for clarification/help/etc.
Can I remove Starship Legends from my game?
No, but it can be disabled by setting "removeAllDataAndFeatures" to true in the options file (it's at the bottom)
Change Log


Removed the possibility for ships with modules to be chosen as famous flagships or derelicts, as this could lead to crashes (this won't be necessary with the next version of Starsector)
Fixed loyalties being reset in many circumstances.
Fixed a problem that increased the number of storytellers that tell "fanciful fabrications"
Added Escape as a hotkey for all "leave" options related to storyteller events


Fixed new storyteller bar events temporarily not being created in some cases
Fixed some player ships having the effects of the enemy fleet's reputation during battle in some cases


Fixed reputation resets never occuring if the required time to clear the ship's reputation exceded 30 days
Fixed loyalty to the player character being reset for a ship if the reputation hullmod tooltip was viewed without any captain being assigned
Fixed storyteller events breaking if the game was saved and reloaded between first seeing the event and accepting it
Fixed an error that could occur when updating from very old versions of starship legends
Fixed a few typos
Added new integration functionality meant to make it easy for mod authors to allow retrofitted ships to retain their reputations:
   starship_legends.Reputation.transferReputation(FleetMemberAPI from, FleetMemberAPI to)


Fixed reputation data being erased the first time a new game was saved, causing all kinds of trouble, including reputation hullmods displaying error messages
Fixed loyalty changes occurring for ships with no traits (and therefore no reputation hullmods)
Added "PrintStarshipLegendsData" console command, which prints starship legends data


Fixed stat changes from NPC fleet trait not being reflected in the stats cards of enemy ships (both before and during battle)
Fixed NPC fleets having different traits during different play sessions
Fixed famous flagship intel "show on map" showing the exact location of the fleet instead of just the system
Fixed the possibility for multiple storyteller events to choose the same target fleet
Fixed another error that could sometimes close the bar dialog when viewed
Fixed the ability to save-scum storyteller events (the same event will now be generated every time after reloading)
Fixed storytellers telling "fanciful fabrications" (which means an invalid mission was generated) far too often in some cases
Changes for the Excelsior and Royco (script-heavy ships from Ship and Weapon Pack):
   Hull damage no longer counts against rating at all, unless the ship is disabled
   Flux related traits can no longer be received


Changed: By default, combat rating reductions will now be multiplied by the percentage of lost hull integrity
   This means no reductions will occur for ships that take no damage
   To balance this change, baseRating has been reduced from 75% to 65% (default) and 40% to 30% (with ruthless sector)
   Added "multiplyRatingLossesByPercentageOfLostHull" setting to allow this change to be disabled
Fixed famous derelicts always having names based on the independent faction
Fixed civilian ships getting rating adjustments when deployed in combat
Fixed a rare bug that sometimes caused money do be deducted when accepting storyteller events that shouldn't cost money to accept
Fixed AI flavor text being used for mothballed ships that would otherwise require crew
Fixed a rare error that would close the dialog screen when "visiting a dockside bar"
Fixed sometimes using up far more memory (RAM) than necessary (fixed previously in 1.3.5, but that fix was reverted due to complications)
Changed: Reduced default frequency of storytellers in bars by 50%


Fixed storytellers never appearing at markets owned by the player's faction
Fixed fleets from enhanced bounty missions (Vayra's Sector) not showing up as famous flagship targets
Fixed timed derelict recovery mission map icons not having a guage for the remaining time
Fixed factions with integration data in faction files overriding data for the same faction in factionConfigs files
Fixed ships with no/few missile slots getting missile related traits while ships with many missile slots couldn't
Fixed ships with no weapon slots being able to get weapon related traits
Added a check to remove irreleveant traits (as above) whenever a game is loaded with a new version of the mod
Added a short description of the target fleet's last known activity to famous flagship intel
Changed missile related trait effect descriptions to make them more clear:
   missile reload rate  ->  missile rate of fire
   missile agility  ->  missile manuevering


Fixed an error that prevented some derelict bar events from being accepted


Fixed everything broken by 1.3.5 (which was basically everything) - Apologies to those of you who downloaded it


Fixed a serious issue caused by famous derelict bar events spawning derelicts even if the quest was not accepted
   These derelicts were bugged, and would freeze the game when interacted with
   Loading a game with this version of starship legends or higher will remove them from the sector
Fixed famous flagship bar event sometimes choosing target fleets that are scheduled to despawn soon
Fixed remnant fleets sometimes being chosen for famous flagship events in systems with remnants and at least one market
Fixed sometimes using up far more memory (RAM) than necessary
Changed: All famous derelict/flagship intel is now automatically marked important when accepted
Changed: Significantly reduced the chance for famous derelicts to be in good condition


Fixed flagship bar events generating different reputations for the same ship at different markets
Fixed reloading clearing the reputation hullmod from famous AI flagships
Fixed fleet reputations changing on reload


Fixed an error that sometimes prevented fleet traits from being displayed or applied if "traitsPerTier" was set very high (above 8 or so)
Fixed new setting "showNewTraitNotifications" not being applied
Fixed non-lore friendly references to "years" in text instead of "cycles"
Fixed a few grammar mistakes in the bar event descriptions


Fixed an error that would cause famous flagship bar events to sometimes fail
Fixed traits that modify missile rate of fire not being applied correctly, sometimes resulting in rediculous rapid-fire torpedoes
Added a setting to disable notifications about traits earned from peaceful xp: "showNewTraitNotifications"


Fixed an error that would occur when "Consider your military options" was chosen for a market that has no defenses
Fixed a mod conflict that would prevent Nexerelin from showing the option to launch invasions on markets
Fixed ships getting negative traits via peaceful xp when the "ignoreAllMaluses" option is set to true
Fixed the likelihood of civilian ships to earn traits from peaceful xp being far too high (reduced by 80%)


New Features:
   Enemy fleets now have traits of their own, based on the fleet's faction and level of its commander
   Added a bar event that provides information about famous ships that you can aquire through post-battle salvage or derelict recovery
   Civilian ships now earn traits based on experience earned outside of combat, but no longer gain traits after battle (by default)

Combat Rating Calculation Improvements:
   When a ship earns a rating higher than 100% after a battle, the excess rating is now shared equally betwen all deployed ships
   Generally improved how the combat rating system decides whether a new trait should be good or bad
   Fixed an issue that could sometimes result in ships not earning new traits when they should
Added a slew of new settings to adjust how the new features work
Added two new trait types that adjust the effectiveness of missiles
Added a new icon for battle reports
Added a setting for disabling (and potentially uninstalling) starship legends: "removeAllDataAndFeatures"
Removed "UninstallStarshipLegends" console command in favor of the above setting
Fixed a harmless error message that would pop up on save when no variants were defined for a ship type
Fixed reputation hullmod listing loyalty levels for officers that are no longer in the fleet
Changed default days required per trait to reset a ship's reputation from 30 to 10
Changed: Traits now have more of an effect, especially at lower tiers
Changed: increased default baseRating from 0.5 to 0.75 to compensate for enemy fleets having mostly good traits


Added a new contributing factor to rating calculation that is meant to benifit support ships
   Ratings are now increased based on hull damage dealt by all allied ships during any engagement in which the ship was deployed
   "supportMult" setting added to the options file
Added a console command for uninstalling Starship Legends (uninstallStarshipLegends). See FAQs for how to use it properly
Added more flavor text for AI reputation hullmods (thanks to Avanitia for all the help with this!)
Fixed a mostly harmless error that could occur during battle when a trait triggered a malfunction for disabled ships
Fixed trait effects not propegating to the sub-sections of multi-section ships
Fixed: Reputation hullmods are now removed from autofit goal variants prior to game saves
Changed: Ships will no longer recieve any type of negative reputation adjustment after a battle in which their rating improved, and vice versa
Changed: Dealing hull damage to civilian ships now improves rating, making rating improvement via pursuit more viable


Default RUTHLESS_STARSHIP_LEGENDS_OPTIONS.ini settings will no longer cause civilian ships to recieve nothing but bad traits
Battle reports will no longer display loyalty changes for ships that do not yet have a reputation

New setting "bonusChanceForCivilianShips" to easily change the likelihood for civilian ships to get good traits

The default rating formula has been adjusted, reducing the effects of both taking and dealing hull damage by half
The rating of Noir ships (from the Artefact mod) is now less affected by hull damage due to their reliance on hull regeneration
Settings are now loaded using getMergedJSONForMod, making it possible to override them with other mods (including personal tweaks mods)


Added 12 new traits:
   Battle Scarred / Scrap Heap - Adjusted effects from lasting damage (d-mods). Only earned after ship recovery
   Skilled/Inept Survey Team - Further reduces supplies required for surveys. Only for ships with built-in surveying equipment
   Blockade Runner - Increases speed boost at zero flux. Only for ships with built-in shielded cargo holds
   Cool/Hot-running Drive Stabilizer - Adjusts sensor profile by quite a bit. Only for ships with built-in drive field stabilizers (like the Ox)
   Comm Support - CP recovery while deployed. Only for civilian-grade ships
   Nav Support - Speed bonus for all ships while deployed. Only for civilian-grade ships
   ECM Support - ECM rating bonus while deployed. Only for civilian-grade ships
   Cursed - Spontaneous malfunction chance. Only earned after ship recovery
   Phase-mad Crew - Malfunction chance while phased. Only earned after ship recovery by ships with built-in phase fields
Added console commands: AddTrait, SetLoyalty, AdjustTraits, ClearRep, ListTraitEffects, SetRating, SetTraitEffectMult, and List traits
Added supplimentary details to battle reports, including lists of enemy ships destroyed and routed
Added a section to reputation hullmod tooltips that shows the officers with the most loyalty (only when no officer is assigned)
Added a new setting for easily changing the potency of trait effects: "globalEffectMult"
Added an alternative settings file to be used only when ruthless sector is active: RUTHLESS_STARSHIP_LEGENDS_OPTIONS.ini
Added an error pop-up when used with old versions of Starsector
Added a file for adjusting the percent of damage taken that is counted for rating calculation: "\sun_sl\data\hull_regen_ships.csv"
   This is primarily for ships that regenerate hull damage, and currently only applies to the Excelsior and Royco (from ship and weapon pack), with a 50% reduction
   Please let me know of any other ships that regenerate hull and should be adjusted
Fixed battle reports not being sorted by date and time
Fixed rating colum of battle reports being too narrow at very low resolutions
Fixed starship legends calculating battle difficulty when ruthless sector reports a battle difficulty of 0% due to reload penalties
Changed logic for trait prominance changes to prevent insignificant swapping of trait positions
Changed battle report notification for trait prominance changes to mention both traits that swapped places
Changed default rating calculation to exclude battle difficulty
Changed: ships deployed only to mop up fleeing enemies are again counted as deployed for the battle
Changed ship strength calculation to be overriden by ruthless sector if it is also active
Changed traits that affect crew losses to also apply to losses taken by fighters
Changed XP required to guarantee new traits. It has been lowered for all tiers:
   Notable        160k -> 80k
   Well Known     640k -> 400k
   Famous       2560k -> 2000k
   Legendary   10240k -> 10000k


Ships that are deployed only to mop up fleeing enemies will no longer count as deployed for the battle
Fixed a few minor formatting issues for battle reports
Added new settings, both of which default to 0.75 (75%)


Fixed "Skilled Salvage Team" being the only trait that could possibly be earned (it's a long story...)
Improved accuracy of ship-strength estimation for non-player [REDACTED] ships, including those added by mods
Civilian ships are now estimated to have 0 strength, and therefore no longer affect battle difficulty rating


Fixed combat rating adjustments not being saved if the ship had no trait or loyalty changes
Fixed an issue that made it possible for a ship with max rating to get negative trait changes
Fixed ships with built-in phase field hullmods being able to earn non-applicable traits related to sensor profile
Loyalty levels now require certain ratings to improve, from 0.1 at insubordinate to 0.9 at loyal
The CR decay adjustment from loyalty now ranges from -30% to 30% instead of -50% to 100%
The strength estimation of stations is now based on fleet points rather than deployment cost
Battle reports...
   Now include destroyed and disabled ships that were not recovered
   Will no longer disappear as long as they are marked as important (pinned)
   Now show ratings for the battle instead of a persistent rating when useRatingFromLastBattleAsBasisForBonusChance is true
   Now list ships in the order they were in before battle instead of after


Fixed a problem with battle difficulty calculation
Fixed battle report showing a rating of 0% for combat ships that weren't deployed


Fixes the lack of backwards compatibility introduced in the last patch


Fixed miscellaneous bugs related to damage calculations (eventually I'll get it right)
Fixed additional credit being awarded for landing the killing blow to a station
Fixed battle difficulty calculation failing to account for D-Mods, along with a few other issues
Fixed inital rating for newly notable ships not being applied
Damage dealt to non-functional station sections (like armor sections) no longer counts as hull damage
Added new option: "showCombatRatings"
Fixed debug information appearing in reputation hullmod tooltips


A ship's balance of good/bad traits is now determined by it's combat rating, with only a small amount of RNG (see FAQs for how the new system works)
Fixed hull damage not being recorded after a full retreat (by the player)
Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause battle difficulty to be 0%
Fixed credit for damage dealt to sub-sections of stations and multi-section ships not being distributed properly
Fixed multi-section ships not getting credit for damage dealt by their sub-sections
Sustained hull damage is now capped at 100%, which should help ships with regenerating hull until I can make a more perminant fix
Doubled the xp required to earn new traits at every tier


Fixed failure to credit carriers with the damage dealt by their fighters (again)


Fixed friendly fire to player ships being counted as dealt damage
Fixed Field Repairs 1 and 2 affecting the calculation of sustained damage
Fixed damage against some enemy ships not being recorded (hopefully)
The battle report now lists loyalty levels (in gray) even when there was no change in loyalty
Reduced effect multipliers for all trait tiers:
   Notable       4 -> 3
   Well-known    6 -> 4
   Famous       8 -> 5
   Legendary   10 -> 6
Trait effect multiplier for Fiercly Loyal reduced from 3 to 2
Trait effect multiplier for Openly Insubordinate increased from -3 to -2
Adjusted loyalty change values to have a higher tendency toward indifference
Adjusted CR decay rate effects from loyalty:
   Openly Insubordinate    75 -> 100
   Insubordinate       50 -> 50
   Doubtful       25 -> 25
   Indifferent        0 -> 0
   Confident      -25 -> -20
   Loyal         -50 -> -35
   Fiercely Loyal      -75 -> -50


Fixed an error caused by harrying a fleet without engaging (and possibly other, similar, situations)


Fixed occasional failure to record damage dealt after battle
Fixed failure to credit carriers with the damage dealt by their fighters
Fixed an error that would sometimes occur when a ship's reputation was cleared
Added setting - traitPositionChangeChanceMultiplier


Fixed failure to properly handle some unconventional battles (automated defenses, stations, scripted events, etc.)
Added a description of what a trait does in the notes section of battle reports when a new trait is gained


Fixed issue preventing loss of loyalty in most cases


   Instead of notifications, a battle report is now created that details all reputation changes from the battle
   A ship's traits can now change positions or even be removed based on how well they perform in combat
   Reputations can now be completely reset by mothballing a ship for 30 consecutive days per trait
   Added 2 new levels of loyalty and reworked the loyalty fluctuation system
   New trait type: Dutiful/Obstinate Crew - affects chance of improving loyalty
   Added support for ships with no crew requirement, including renamed crew traits (e.g. "Cooperative AI Persona" instead of "Dutiful Crew")

   Fixed trait limit not being applied (by default there should never be more than 2 traits per tier). Existing ships with more than 2 traits per tier should be fixed automatically
   Ship restoration no longer removes reputation hullmods (fixed by Starsector version 0.9.1a)
   Fixed removal of pre-existing duplicate trait types not working
   Fixed trait effects not applying to ships in storage
   Fixed mothballed ships being able to earn traits
   Fixed issue that occasionally allowed reputation changes to persist after reloading
   Corrected spelling of "Volitile Flux Core" to "Volatile Flux Core"

   Reworked calculation for chance of getting positive vs negative traits (see FAQs for the exact formula)
   Ships that take less than 5% total hull damage in battle will not get a bad defense trait for that battle
   Ships that deal more deployment-cost worth of damage than their own cost-to-deploy will not get a bad offensive trait for that battle
   Civilian ships are now far less likely to gain new traits beyond "Notable" tier

   Agile/Clunky increased from 1 to 3 (maneuverability)
   Durable/Fragile increased from 1 to 2 (hull integrity)
   Fast/Slow Turret Gyros increased from 3 to 4 (weapon turn rate)
   Robust/Glitchy increased from 2 to 3 (EMP resistance)
   Durable/Fragile Mounts increased from 3 to 4 (weapon durability)
   Durable/Fragile Engines increased from 3 to 4 (engine durability)
   Skilled/Incompetent Engineers increased from 2 to 3 (repair rate)
   Removed Meager Fuel Tanks and Meager Cargo Hold traits, which should automatically be removed from existing games on load
   Changed Ample Fuel Tanks and Ample Cargo Holds to a flat bonus based on hull size


Fixed an error caused by crew loyalty changes without new traits. The error was introduced in the last patch


Duplicate trait types should no longer be possible, and existing duplicates should be removed upon loading a game
Average time between reputation changes is now reduced based on the number of pending changes
Restoring a ship will still remove reputation hullmods, unfortunately, but they are now restored as soon as you leave the market
Effect on crew casualties from 'Safe' and 'Death Trap' traits has been reduced by 40%


Fixed a crash caused by an incompatibility with Ship/Weapon Pack
Fixed an error that caused the error reporting system to fail
About Starship Legends

Alex and the rest of the Fractal Softworks team, for this excellent game and it's outstanding modding API.
Voiddweller, for letting me steal his idea.
LazyWizard, for making this mod much easier to test using Console Commands.
kazi, for the guide on setting up Intelij IDE

All assets from this project may be used without obtaining explicit permission as long as...
No laws are broken and Fractal Softworks' terms of service are not violated
The original authors of any code or assets used are credited
Nothing taken from this mod is used for nefarious purposes
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Re: Starship Legends - Personality for Your Ships and Crew
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2019, 07:48:51 PM »

oh HELL yes, i was waiting for this one
Kadur Remnant:
Vayra's Sector:
Vayra's Ship Pack:

im gonna push jangala into the sun i swear to god im gonna do it


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Re: Starship Legends - Personality for Your Ships and Crew
« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2019, 07:51:51 PM »

THE DAY IS HERE. So excited to play with this.


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Re: Starship Legends - Personality for Your Ships and Crew
« Reply #3 on: May 01, 2019, 07:56:54 PM »

It looks like a good mod to fit the same niche as Extra Systems, I can't wait to break play with it!


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Re: Starship Legends - Personality for Your Ships and Crew
« Reply #4 on: May 01, 2019, 08:17:28 PM »

Damn it, stop revolutionizing my mod list every time I take a freakin nap!

In all seriousness, I'm wrapping up a current run and will begin toying around with this in short order. Definitely look forward to it.
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Re: Starship Legends - Personality for Your Ships and Crew
« Reply #5 on: May 01, 2019, 08:24:21 PM »

This sounds really cool. What are the mechanics behind crew loyalty?


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Re: Starship Legends - Personality for Your Ships and Crew
« Reply #6 on: May 01, 2019, 08:50:55 PM »

This is just plain cool.  Thank you!


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Re: Starship Legends - Personality for Your Ships and Crew
« Reply #7 on: May 01, 2019, 10:36:28 PM »

Glad you guys like it  :D

I can't wait to break play with it!
Please do! It's much easier to fix bugs when I know about them  :)

This sounds really cool. What are the mechanics behind crew loyalty?
I'll flesh out the FAQs soon with answers to this question and others. For now you might want to take a look at the options file to get an idea of how it works. Basically it's the same as good vs bad traits, with hull damage taken in battle being the primary factor.


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Re: Starship Legends - Personality for Your Ships and Crew
« Reply #8 on: May 02, 2019, 12:59:26 AM »

Pretty rad, this is the type of thing I'd hope Alex would seriously look into added to the in some way.

More personality for ships/crew is always welcome.


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Re: Starship Legends - Personality for Your Ships and Crew
« Reply #9 on: May 02, 2019, 01:35:23 AM »

It's not the old crew experience, but I will check it out. Looks promising.

Cyan Leader

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Re: Starship Legends - Personality for Your Ships and Crew
« Reply #10 on: May 02, 2019, 04:58:25 AM »

The modding community never ceases to amaze me. Are these applied to AI fleets in any way though? I could see this working hand in hand with bounties, facing some legendary fleets and such.


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Re: Starship Legends - Personality for Your Ships and Crew
« Reply #11 on: May 02, 2019, 07:05:19 AM »

I haven't yet fiddled around with the mod, so take this with a grain of salt, but I think it'd be interesting to have certain good traits associated with getting battle damage (but surviving) and certain bad traits associated with getting through unscathed.

E.g. crew getting complacent after too many easy victories, or crew getting grim/determined after skin-of-the-teeth victories.


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Re: Starship Legends - Personality for Your Ships and Crew
« Reply #12 on: May 02, 2019, 12:00:08 PM »

This looks awesome.

However, I'd definitely want to adjust the connection to hull damage; at least in my experience, any ship that relies on armor as its primary defense (i.e. the entire low-tech line-up) will usually take a small-to-moderate amount of hull damage in the course of a normal battle.  And then you get into the industry fleet-of-clunkers playstyle where you expect your ships to get battered in combat...

Personally, I already skew towards preferring high-tech shield-based ships just because I don't like taking crew casualties.  I don't need another thing that encourages that same playstyle.

I'm not entirely sure what to replace it with, though; there does definitely still need to be the possibility of acquiring negative traits so that it's not just pure power creep, and making that completely RNG feels off too...

Additionally, I don't know maybe this is already in (haven't had a chance to play with this yet and won't for a couple days), but I'd suggest that there be a way to wipe the slate clean and start over - maybe treating the reputation mod as a d-mod that'll get removed (and then re-applied clean) after a full shipyard restoration of the hull?
Wyvern is 100% correct about the math.


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Re: Starship Legends - Personality for Your Ships and Crew
« Reply #13 on: May 02, 2019, 12:15:40 PM »

Trying to load a save that has this mod and I'm getting this error
299393 [Thread-4] ERROR com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain  - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ruthless_sector/ModPlugin
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ruthless_sector/ModPlugin
at starship_legends.ModPlugin.reportCrash(
at starship_legends.hullmods.Reputation.applyEffects(
at starship_legends.hullmods.Reputation.applyEffectsBeforeShipCreation(
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.fleet.FleetMember.updateStats(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.fleet.FleetData.syncIfNeeded(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.fleet.FleetData.getMembers(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.campaign.fleet.FleetData.getMembersListCopy(Unknown Source)
at data.scripts.SWPModPlugin.onGameLoad(
at Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.title.TitleScreenState.dialogDismissed(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.ui.while.dismiss(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.ui.impl.float.dismiss(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.ui.OoO0.buttonPressed(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.ui.V.super(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.BaseGameState.traverse(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.state.AppDriver.begin(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.combat.CombatMain.main(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.StarfarerLauncher$ Source)
at Source)
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ruthless_sector.ModPlugin
at$ Source)
at$ Source)
at Method)
at Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
... 22 more
Which I'm posting here instead of in the ruthless sector thread because I don't use ruthless sector.


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Re: Starship Legends - Personality for Your Ships and Crew
« Reply #14 on: May 02, 2019, 01:43:43 PM »

Thanks for the report! I should be able to get a patch out soon.
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