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Author Topic: Hidden industries have weird interactions with industry cap [0.9a RC10]  (Read 1236 times)


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- Start a game with Nexerelin
- Assign Sindria to player faction (console: setmarketowner sindria player)
- Lion's Guard HQ has disappeared; start building some new industries to fill the 12 industry limit
- Assign Sindria to Sindrian Diktat again (setmarketowner sindria sindrian_diktat)
- Lion's Guard HQ reappears; Sindria now has 13 industries, one of which is not displayed

Not sure this would be appropriate for all the desired use cases, but: Perhaps hidden industries/structures should still be displayed and count towards the cap, with the image greyed out and the tooltip explaining that the structure is inactive (and perhaps why)?


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Hmm, yeah, let me make a note. In the meantime it should become less of an issue with the industry (as opposed to structure) limit in .1.