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As some of you may already be aware, Nexus Mods recently added a dedicated Starsector section to their website, and as of last week their Vortex client now natively supports Starsector.

For those who've never used Vortex before, it's a generic mod manager that allows you to download and install mods directly from the Nexus website, handles updating mods for you, and will warn you if you're missing dependencies. You can even set up multiple mod profiles and quickly switch between them*, for those who like to mix vanilla saves with heavily modded playthroughs.

You can grab Vortex here, and download mods for it here. This should make using mods easier for our newer players, and hopefully the Nexus integration will help introduce Starsector to a wider audience.

*Mod profiles are an experimental feature and must be enabled in Vortex's settings.

Cool! Looks like most of the mods are on Nexus already too.

Midnight Kitsune:
Wll the mods be enabled In the launcher if we enaenable temail in Vortex or will we still need to check the boxes?

Considering that (for the Windows version, anyways) Starsector's game/mod settings are stored within the Registry... does Vortex have permissions to alter the Registry in that manner?

I dunno. Haven't gotten around to actually trying out Vortex yet. Took a near-year long hiatus away from any and all Nexus-based modding, and am severely behind the times.

Doesn't help that I'm an utter control freak when it comes to my PC, and anything that could conceivably end up being installed on it; so I manually installed mods when possible.


--- Quote from: Midnight Kitsune on February 23, 2019, 04:30:02 PM ---Wll the mods be enabled In the launcher if we enaenable temail in Vortex or will we still need to check the boxes?

--- End quote ---

You will still need to enable any mods added through Vortex in the Starsector launcher. The Vortex API includes bindings to read from the registry but not to write to it, so I couldn't have it enable them for you automatically.


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