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News: New blog post: Portrait Hegemonization (10/16/18); In-dev patch notes for Starsector 0.9a (06/01/18);Starsector 0.8.1a is out!
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Author Topic: [0.8.1a] Sylphon RnD 0.8.1  (Read 10465 times)
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« Reply #60 on: August 22, 2018, 06:44:21 PM »

The metafalica is seriously cool and probably my new favorite capital ship definitely not because it seems heavily inspired by harlock

On another note, the replekia seems to behave like a dedicated carrier when controlled by the AI, at least a steady captain anyways. I've consistently had to give it direct orders otherwise it just sits back with the other carriers.
Nia Tahl
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« Reply #61 on: October 11, 2018, 08:58:08 AM »

Sylphon RnD - patch 0.8

It's finally here. The big 0.8 update bringing more changes than I can even remember, including new campaign features, a fully reworked Frelia and much more. Enjoy.

Warning: Breaks all the saves of course.


-Added Fulgent-class carrier for Remnant
-Added a campaign-layer feature allowing you to automate most Sylphon designs in exchange for AI cores and credits (available to core Sylphon markets)
-Added a new shipsystem to some Sylphon carriers: the Nullfield Catalyst
-Added the first rules.csv additions in the mod: custom dialogue for turning in AI cores
-Ad-c¤ ? €Mä=23 £*/ REDACTED-
-Added an additional gladiator society bounty following the null order line of bounties. If you're looking for the Metafalica, maybe give it a try.

-The Tahlan Shipworks are now a separate mod altogether, and their ships are no longer available
-Completely reworked the Frelia battlecarrier; it now has a pair of super-heavy weapons which can be converted into hangar bays
-Updated some descriptions
-Changed pricing of various weapons to be more consistent
-All Nullspace Conduit hullmods now reduces the damage of harmful nullspace forces (such as overloading Nullspace Conduits)
-Removed the Heavy Autoforge from Ozma station; it was a carryover from previous versions
-Ozma station market size decreased by 1
-Castrum market size increased by 1
-The Embrace now auto-charges; you can't release the trigger to cancel a shot
-Adapted the Embrace script to function properly with the new sound effects from MesoTroniK
-Changed the mechanics of the Flux Exchanger; it now fires bolts of energy at a fixed damage, which are randomly spread across any available targets; more charged energy=more bolts of energy
-The Flux Exchanger AI now considers preventing non-fighter friendly fire twice as important as before, and is generally slightly less willing to activate the system
-Modular Nullspace Conduits are now incompatible with Safety Overrides
-Skallic Drones now has a maximum range of 6000 SU
-Slightly changed the Hymnon's old glowing capacitor sprite
-Changed Replekia large mounts to energy (Hybrids were a holdover from an earlier iteration that I forgot to change)
-Adjusted Replekia's base cost down to sensible levels
-Increased spawn rates for faction hullmods in markets and prototype hullmod ship variants in Sylphon fleets
-Removed all non-Sylphon ships from the mod, to be released as standalone later on.

-Myrigo upgrade
   --Increased Myrigo OP cost from 12 to 18
   --Increased number of harrow S launchers from 4 to 6
   --Added Vacuity PD
-Improved Finis Astra maneuverability
-Lowered Seresvalla dissipation by 100
-Radiant Dawn:
   --DPS increased from 300 to 350
   --Beams now fully converge
   --(further changes to be coming in the future)
-Prototype Nullpoint Shield hullmod:
   --Damage reduction reduced from 50% to 45%
   --Bolt range increased from 600 SU to 700 SU
-Clemency Pulse/Ping
   --Now only disables missiles if its EMP is higher than 1/3rd of the missiles current health (still considers EMP resistance, but previously anything without EMP resist would automatically be disabled)
-Condemnation range lowered to 800 SU

-Fixed case sensitivity bugs for Linux
-Fixed Bounties not spawning properly when Nexerelin is loaded
-Fixed the stability bonus from the Geofront on Castrum not having a description
-Fixed Outcast Nullspace Conduits not counting as nullspace conduits for the purpose of the Flux Exchanger
-The Disavowal's beams now properly converge in the center (used to converge on the left-hand side)
-Fixed some visual issues regarding engines and the Slip Drive, Nullspace Skip and Nullspace Joust
-Fixed some minor issues with commodity supply and demand on Castrum
-Fixed a bug causing many in-game icons to display improperly or not display at all
-The Metafalica's built-in Phira cannons no longer prioritize missiles
-The Götterdämmerung now correctly fires a single beam, instead of three overlayed ones (some damage values were tweaked due to this, but the end result should be similar)
-Modular Nullspace Conduits are no longer incompatible with themselves
-Automated Sylphon ships no longer have 0.8 crew capacity
-Fixed some incompatibility issues with Gladiator Society
-Fixed a display error when in combat against or with a Metafalica
-Fixed esoteric crashing issue due to a corrupt .variant file
-Minor code cleanup
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Nia Tahl
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I make pink spaceships

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« Reply #62 on: October 11, 2018, 02:18:48 PM »

Small 0.8.1 patch, adding supership starts and new defence station for Sylphon. Download in the first post as always.
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« Reply #63 on: October 11, 2018, 05:06:27 PM »

Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error loading [data/config/gsounty/SRD_Yokai.json] resource, not found in [C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\DynaSector,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Active-Gates,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Arsenal Expansion 1.4.10,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Athena Dreadnought,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Blackrock Drive Yards,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Combat Alarm Sounds,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Combat Chatter,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Common Radar,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Console Commands,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Dassault-Mikoyan Engineering,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Degenerate Portrait Pack,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\DIABLEAVIONICS,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\gs,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Ifed Legacy,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Interstellar Imperium,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\LazyLib,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Leading Pip,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Metelson,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Neutrino corp,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\New Galactic Order 1.06b,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Nexerelin,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Omnifactory,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\ORA,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\TARGETS,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\sad,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Save Transfer,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\SCY,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\SEEKER_UC,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Shadowyards,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Ship and Weapon Pack,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Simulator Overhaul,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Sylphon,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Templars,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Underworld,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\UnknownSkies,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\UpgradedRotaryWeapons,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\Audio Plus,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\GraphicsLib,C:\Users\Poste\Desktop\starsector vanilla\Starsector\starsector-core\..\mods\hell aids,../starfarer.res/res,CLASSPATH]
   at com.fs.util.Object.Ó00000(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.util.Object.Ô00000(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.loading.LoadingUtils.return(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.loading.LoadingUtils.o00000(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.loading.LoadingUtils.Ø00000(Unknown Source)
   at com.fs.starfarer.settings.StarfarerSettings$1.loadJSON(Unknown Source)
   ... 15 more

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« Reply #64 on: October 11, 2018, 09:06:00 PM »

Your Gladiator version is not updated. The class "GS_Bounty" do not exist anymore.
(Also, the variant do not exist, so the game crash, but here, this is not the fault of Gladiator mod)

I am pretty bad on english. So, sorry in advance.

Gladiator Society
Add battle options on Com Relay/ Framework for modders for add their own bounty.

Two weird faction.

Sanguinary Anarchistic Defectors A fan-mod of Shadowyard.
Nia Tahl
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« Reply #65 on: October 12, 2018, 12:06:56 AM »

Already fixed in 0.8.1
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« Reply #66 on: October 12, 2018, 10:06:00 PM »

Somebody's spent a lot of time playing around in Ar Ciel.
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« Reply #67 on: October 13, 2018, 11:58:11 AM »

thanks snrash, will check it out the new update o7
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« Reply #68 on: October 19, 2018, 02:42:02 PM »


I started playing Starsector 1 year ago, and I've added Sylphon RnD to my mod list when it was released 3 month ago - played a least one campaign back then. I've played a campaign with Sylphon 0.8 / 0.8.1, here is a short feedback:

- Great unique ship designs, art style and polish. Overall fits quite well with Starsector and other mods.

- Good selection of ships, they fit many different roles. They feel a bit like Tri Tachyon ships with more options.

- Interesting weapons. Most energy weapons have an unusual sustained fire capability due to their relative low flux, but are not the best at cracking armor. They are suprisingly good against shield, probably due to Sylphon weapon's native flux efficiency combined with Sylphon flux discount hull mod.

- As others have reported here, I too find the black smoke trails a bit disturbing. Especially as they seem to be displayed over the ship and over its shield, it feels a bit out of place to me. The "regular" engine smoke is displayed under the shield, isn't it ? The black smoke is a neat looking visual effect, but ships already have that special pink/red glow and of course a very distinct shield. Let me put this another way, from someone who is not an artist : IMO you don't need any of those additionnal visual effects (glow and smoke), Sylphon's ships and weapons are already great looking. Or ... maybe try to have the black smoke not cover the ship and its shield.  Wink

Balance - I'm not sure what your goal is balance-wise, so the following may or may not be relevant to you:

- Sylphon ships tend to be better than others. They are not crazy overpowered as those from Knights Templar and Foundation of Borken, I think they sit in the middle between those and the base game.

- Sylphon ships have higher than average firepower (and/or defense) combined with higher than average mobility.

- A rough estimate comparing my latest Starsector campaigns would be : playing Sylphon I can have 30% less ships in my fleet and on the battle field ... and it still feels easier. But at this point I should point out : sometimes I've used non Sylphon weapons.

- Catora frigate : 180 top speed, 200 base flux dissipation, 500 armor !

- Silverhead destroyer : 110 top speed, "phase cloak" ability, 450 base flux dissipation, good shield !

- Dread Eagle cruiser : 80 top speed, "phase cloak" ability, 750 base flux dissipation, good shield !

- Scourge Eagle cruiser : ... overall feels like an upgrade to the already good Dread Eagle (even if somes stats are slightly worse) !

- Dread/Scourge Eagles look a bit like a regular Eagle, but they behave much like an Aurora ... an Aurora that would have traded somes of its small mounts for a large mount, and accepts balistic weapons on its medium mounts. One could also compare them to a Blackrock Nevermore or a Dassault-Mikoyan Kormoran or even the purple Eagle-like mod cruiser bounty ship from Ship/Weapon Pack. IMO the Sylphon Eagles are better than these as general purpose ships and they also easilly support many different loadouts.

- Seresvalla capital : 80 top speed, 800 base flux dissipation, 2 large synergy mounts and 1 medium energy mount on the front, great shield, can be almost invincible in player's hand. The AI uses the ship system in dangerous situations where it should not - it makes the ship much weaker.

- Replekia capital : the change in 0.8 from large hybrid to large energy is good. But even without balistics, this ship is still a beast.

- Tilia destroyer-level carrier : 3 fighter bays ? Did not have this one in my fleet, but it seems to be better than any other destroyer-level carrier.

- Hubris cruiser-level carrier : 2 figher bays ? Designed as a hybrid missile boat / fighter carrier ? Kind of sits between a Gryphon and a Mora ... but also has flux to use its medium energy weapons and do some damage by himself. Maybe a bit too versatile ?

- Selene large missile launcher : fast "phase cloak" missiles with good tracking, 1500 high explosive damage, 1500 EMP damage, 5000 range, 9 ammo and ... auto-reloading - thankfully the "reloaded/minute" is low at 1.2, but I think this weapon is a bit too good nonetheless. Yet if it weren't, I'm not sure I would still use it.

Last thing: I've had several "crash to desktop", most certainly due to Sylphon 0.8 / 0.8.1. Never had a crash with previous versions. Please have a look at the relevant topic in the bugs section :

Anyway, thank you for this awesome mod !  Smiley
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