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Author Topic: When salvaging, give tooltips to the "lasting damage" negative hull mods.  (Read 1577 times)


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When you're salvaging ships, there's no way of finding out what the affects of the negative hull mods are until you've actually committed to salvaging the ship.
Not such an issue for experienced players, but definitely an unnecessary additional barrier for new players.

There's also no way of getting into the codex from within the salvage operation UI.
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Very true. It can sometimes get confusing with those "hull damage" and "structure damage" thingy.

Well you got a web browser and a nicely maintained wikia ... (unless mod is adding new kinds of d-mods)

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Not only do I fully support the proposal, but I've been annoyed for a while that it's not already in the game. The need is certainly there.

There's also no way of getting into the codex from within the salvage operation UI.

An important oversight; triply so for the impact upon inexperienced players.
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Dunno if its right place to talk about but I want to talk about Salvage gantry.
#Increases the resources gained from salvaging derelicts, floating hulks, and other such by 10/25/30/40 percent, depending on hull size, up to a fleetwide maximum equal to the salvage difficulty rating.
I know that vanilla didn't use bigger salvage ships than destroyer  but it very weak for bigger modded salvage ships to have so low bonus.
30 for cruiser and 40 for capital vs 25 on destroyer.
I  know that they usually offer some other benefit or can defend themselves but still why even bother with them as they cost a lot much more and are barely more effective?
It could go 10/25/50/100. So having capital salvage cover all your needs(and why it shouldn't?).
Any thoughts about it?