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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Painting the Stars (02/07/20)

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Author Topic: [0.9.1a] TC: Archean Order: Rebalanced Combat/Lore RPG - Lore update 1/20  (Read 196568 times)


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It specifically says "Legion_Hegemony"? That is strange. ??? That might be a new error logging feature from the latest release pointing to the "legion_xiv" skin, because there isn't a file by that name that I know of in the mod or the standard game.

But to answer your question the mod hasn't officially been updated for 0.91a-RC and so probably won't run with it yet. Try 0.9a and let me know if that is any better, but make sure you run that version on windows or the file merging section won't read correctly and you will get a crash.

Any other mods running?

(The update to .91a is still very much underway, but I have to review all variants and add a bunch more from all the new weapons and fighters that will also be included. That will take a bit, but hopefully will be worth the wait.)


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So I thought I would try the mod and I am getting the following error.   Fatal:Ship hull Spec(Legion_Hegemony not Found!   I am currently using Starsector 0.9.1a-RC should I be using something different.

Ah, so the graphic is actually named "legion_hegemony.png" so that is what it may be referring to. Is that present in the graphics portion of the mod? Its present in the mod download link at least. Let me know if there is any additional info or anything else I can do, but things seem ok on this end. :(


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Well thanks for looking into it.   The funny part is I updated just before trying the mod.    If it makes any differences the game would load and let me make all my choices and the when it was building everything it would get through about 3/4 of the bar and the give me the error.  I am going to play the game I started and then come back and give this Mod a go.   Looks fun.


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Well thanks for looking into it.   The funny part is I updated just before trying the mod.    If it makes any differences the game would load and let me make all my choices and the when it was building everything it would get through about 3/4 of the bar and the give me the error.  I am going to play the game I started and then come back and give this Mod a go.   Looks fun.

No worries :) I'll see if I can reproduce what you are experiencing and try and provide a fix if I can for the next update.


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I'm having the same issue. Downloaded the mod twice, just to make sure I had all the files. For me, the game crashes when reaching March 1, just as the game is about to start, after loading everything.


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Archean Order with .9a version of StarSector was very stable for me...


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Sure, but there's a new version out now (0.9.1a), and Archean seems to be broken, for some people at least. The question is, if everyone using 91a is using Archean 132b, why some have no problems while others can't play no more? And if everyone really using 91a can't use Archean 132b, then the Index (, should reflect that by changing Archean 132b to red.

In any case, I'm sure someone will figure it out soon and Morrokain will have a fix in an instant. :D


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It has been slow going due to some lingering health issues, but I'm about 85% of the way done editing/improving/expanding every variant in the mod, and I will have a final number somewhere in the range of 500 when all is said and done. Also added ~3 large ballistic weapons not currently in the notes.

I will expand the notes later on, but for now focusing on getting this finally ready for a release. Keep in mind every balance change I had to make isn't documented, because that would soon become a novel nobody wants to read haha. I will keep it generalized for the most part.

This combat rebalance has been very much worth all the effort. I have had some time and I truly love what this does to balance missiles and fighters better alongside standard weapons.

Hopefully most will agree once the update is live. :D


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Can't wait!! Thanks for all your hard work on this mod!


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I guess Nexerelin and Archean Order are not compatible? That's a pity...


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I can say that my .9a game instance with Archean Order was good/unique on its own...that I didn't really notice the absence of Nex as being an issue in itself. 

For me the best parts of StarSector are in the first half...once I've got the ability to sustain colony-takeovers and capital ship building I start thinking about the next game instance/mod mix...

...though I have a certain curiosity in seeing an Interstellar Imperium formation go up against the Archean Order I do admit.


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No they are not for right now. I have permission to merge Nex features with Archean Order, but the Nex project (unsurprisingly) is pretty complex and it would take a huge amount of effort to merge with Archean Order. Its definitely on the list of things I want to do, but I had other things that needed to come first. Story events of some kind is one thing in particular I really want to implement soon. And a better rep system. Not fully redone, just a few additional tweaks to make it a little more intuitive to players. For one, getting a commission with some of the more xenophobic or ruthless factions should be more difficult than it currently is.

One of the number one reasons it would be difficult: we both override the starting options in complex ways.

I may try and scalpel some of the cooler Nex features out of the project and provide a custom implementation though.. I haven't quite decided yet how to best make that happen.

Thanks for the support of the mod, and I hope to bring some more content in the very near future, I just want it to be extra polished if I can help it. This is the version I'm hoping to get up on Nexus Mods.


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I have some final quality assurance tests to run.. but release is imminent. Probably an hour or two.

Here are the final patch notes for this release: (Assuming no critical bugs are found of course)


Campaign Content Additions and Balance Changes
 -- New Ships:
    - Prometheus MkII
    - Atlas MkIII

    - New Skins:
       - Luddic Path Eagle
   - Luddic Path Crucible
   - Luddic Church Crucible
   - Luddic Path Rhino
   - Luddic Church Rhino
   - Luddic Church Wolverine
   - Luddic Path Enforcer
   - Luddic Church Enforcer
   - Luddic Path Hammerhead
   - Luddic Church Hammerhead
   - Luddic Path Condor
   - Luddic Path Mora
   - Luddic Church Lancer
   - Pirate Shrike
   - Hegemony Centurion

 -- New Fighters:
    - Banshee-class Interceptor
    - Sentinel-class Heavy Interceptor
    - Goliath-class Heavy Gunship

 -- New Weapons:
    - Shattercell Cannon (Small PD/Assault Energy Weapon)
    - Heavy Shattercell Cannon (Medium PD/Assault Energy Weapon)
    - Smokescreen Rocket Launcher (Small Anti-Fighter Rocket Weapon)
    - Heavy Smokescreen Rocket Launcher (Medium Anti-Fighter rocket weapon)
    - Twin Shockwave Launcher (Medium Strike Rockets)
    - Triple Shockwave Launcher (Medium Strike Rockets)
    - Rupture Shockwave System (Large Strike Rocket System)
    - Obliterator Cannon (Medium Strike/Assault Energy Weapon)
    - Heavy Obliterator Cannon (Large Strike/Assault Energy Weapon)
    - Burst Pulser (Medium Assault Energy Weapon)
    - Punisher Artillery System (Large Ballistic Fire Support Weapon)
    - Heavy Fissure Cannon (Large Ballistic Strike Weapon)
    - Razor Tri-Beam (Large Energy Assault Weapon)
    - Heavy Autocannon (Medium Ballistic Assault Weapon) - Original Heavy Autocannon renamed.
    - Vulcan PD Cannon (Medium Ballistic PD Weapon)
    - Heavy Vulcan PD System (Large Ballistic PD Weapon)
    - Micro Repeater (Small Energy PD Weapon) - Original Mirco Repeater renamed.
    - Dual Micro Repeater (Small Energy PD Weapon)
    - Cutlass Laser (Medium Energy PD Weapon)
    - Heavy Cutlass Laser (Large Energy PD Weapon)
    - Proximity Mine Launcher (Large Missile PD Weapon)
    - Trapdoor Mine Launcher (Large Energy PD Weapon)
    - Widow MRM Launcher (Medium Anti-Fighter Missile Weapon)
    - Heavy Widow Launcher (Large Anti-Fighter Missile Weapon)
    - Tri-Railgun (Large Kinetic Ballistic Weapon)
    - Iridium Hyperdriver (Large Kinetic Ballistic Weapon)
    - Guillotine Cannon (Large High Explosive Ballistic Weapon)

 -- Market Changes:
    - Bomb Bay is no longer an available weapon in markets. It was mostly useless and was taking up valuable weapon choices when it spawned. (Now bomber only)
    - Removed slight rarity modifier of PD Cannon spawning in markets.
    - Reduced rarity modifier of Burst PD Laser spawning in markets.
    - Now over 130 different weapons- not including built in fighter versions.

 -- Faction Balance Changes:
    - Another round of dialogue polish. (So as I catch things)
    - Replaced Piranha bombers from pirate Enforcer-class destroyers with pirate Mauler heavy interceptors.
    - Adamantine Consortium will no longer deploy many Spectre interceptor drones, and will favor Banshee interceptors instead.
    - Osprey-class Light Carrier no longer autofits. Variants for each factions have been expanded to compensate. (Too many empty fighter bays in campaign fleets)
    - Zero chance for non-standard fighters (faction-equipped variants) to be found in Independent fleets and a very, very low chance in Scavenger fleets.
    - Reduced chance for Exile-class Light Carriers to spawn in Archean Order fleets.
    - Separated out Doom variants between Adamantine Consortium and Tri-Tachyon Corporation. (Tri-Tachyons shouldn't be using phasetech weapons)
    - Changed some factions so that when they pursue the player for smuggling or black market activity that they actively pursue the fleet instead of sometimes merely harrassing.
    - Changed some factions so that under certain varying circumstances when pursuing players for black market activity or contraband high rep will:
        - prevent contraband from being confiscated.
        - cause a negative impact to reputation rather than an outright attack.
    - Numerous new variants for the new skins for Luddic factions have been added to the campaign fleets.
    - Ships supplies per month is much lower, universal among tech tiers and based on hull size. (I felt it was unncessary now with monthly costs per crew filling the same role)
    - Added a huge amount of variants utilizing new weapons and fighter craft for most traditional player enemies.
    - Added new variants utilizing new weapons for major factions such as the Hegemony, Trader Guilds, Luddic Church, Adamantine Consortium and Sci-Corps.
    - Redacted now have more variants, utilize a greater variety of weaponry, and in the earliest cases are far more robust and well-armed than before.
    - Adamantine Consortium now starts hostile to the player in most game starts. They are an evil, merciless faction and should act as such. (Players can still become friendly through tribute - a.k.a bribery)

 -- Blueprint Changes:
    - Pirate Talon is now a pirate blueprint unlock instead of a base blueprint.
    - Luddic and Pirate blueprints are no longer unlocked by tiered tech blueprint sets (lowtech in particular).
    - Bomb bay is no longer a blueprint.
    - Spectre-class interceptor drones are no longer unlocked by the Admantine Consortium blueprint package.
    - Added Cobra heavy bomber and Banshee heavy interceptor to the Admantine Consortium blueprint package.
    - Apocalypse Cannon is now ultra rare instead of legendary.
    - The Heavy Apocalypse Cannon is now a legendary bp.
    - Goliath-class Heavy Gunship has been added as a legendary bp.

 -- Feature Enhancements/Additions:

   Cease Fire Enhancements:
     - Adamantine Consortium fleets can be more successfully negotiated with if you hire one of their officers and so know their politics.
          - New description, dialogue and possible results when negotiating Cease Fires for:
      - Archean Order
      - Adamantine Consortium
      - Pirates
       - Luddic Path
     - Bribes
      - Bribe results and descriptions are more faction specific for some factions to shed more light on how effective bribery will be for that faction's commanders.
                - Increased base chance for bribe requests over outright refusals when attempting a bribe-free Cease-Fire.
                - Pirates will have an even greater chance to ask for credits rather than fight when attempting bribe-free Cease-Fires.
      - Pirates will accept bribes and ask for bribes over fighting even when vengeful to the Player's faction.
      - Less lawful factions like the Luddic Path, Adamantine Consortium and Pirates will now give a reputation boost for successful bribes up to a certain reputation level.

Combat Balance Changes
 - Slightly increased deployment cost of Legion, Megalith, Malevolent, Tyrant, Astral, and Paragon.
 - Increased range of Rapier SRMs. (From 900 to 1200)
 - Slightly lowered max charges for Micro Blaster and reduced the amount of charges returned each recharge cycle.
 - Nova Cannon proximity blast radius is doubled, and the fuse range is doubled, but the fuse will now only trigger on missiles.
 - Increased Nova Cannon damage by 20%.
 - Increased Machine Gun damage by 25%.
 - Increased Electron Cannon damage by 33% and increased range to 450. (Up from 400)
 - Increased Pulse Laser Damage by 50% and increased range to 450. (Up from 400)
 - Increased Assault Beam damage by ~15%.
 - Increased PD Beam damage by ~40% and increased range to 350, up from 300.
 - Increased Squall SRM hitpoints by 200%, missile speed and turn rate by ~600%, and range by 200. (Was VERY underwhelming for its tier in larger battles)
 - Reduced Atropos Torpedo turn rate by 40%. (I'm hoping this reduces the chances of the AI wasting it against slower fighters like gunships)
 - Changed Ion Cannon and Heavy Ion Cannon to now have regenerating charges, but they also deal more burst damage either through faster firing or damage per shot.
 - Fissure Cannon (formerly Sunder Cannon) has increased range (500 to 600). The fighter variant range remains 500.
 - Iridium Cannon has increased range. (500 to 700) The fighter variant range remains 500.
 - Scythe Cannon has decreased range. (600 to 500)
 - Assault Autocannon has increased range. (600 to 650)
 - Icer Gun has increased range. (600 to 700)
 - Lowered projectile velocity of Phalanx Cannon and Hypervelocity Driver. (They were a little too powerful and hopefully this will balance them out a bit)
 - Increased turn rate of Strike beams to help prevent the A.I from wasting them while maneuvering to evenly distribute armor damage.
 - Apocalypse Cannon is now 30 op (down from 32)
 - The Heavy Apocalypse Cannon is now an available weapon at 32 op.
 - Increased health of destroyers and frigates by ~15-20%. (Slightly better balances out the strength of cruisers' easy access to fighter bays)
 - Increased damage of Ion Pulser by ~70%.
 - Rebalanced stats and OP cost of medium ballistic line of weapons.
 - Hivemind nanite clusters now go directly for the kill rather than seeking the target's engines.
 - Slightly reduced deployment cost of Aegis cruiser.
 - Increased max flux of Aegis and Eagle cruiser by 1000.
 - Increased turn rate of Flak line of weapons, and increased their rate of fire by ~25%.
 - Removed stealth minefield from midline starfortesses and added it to the hegemony starfortresses instead of the standard mine field.
 - Reduced Trebuchet missile speed slightly to better separate it from the Harpoon in effectiveness.
 - Reduced distance for Sabot missile to enter is second stage to allow point defense more time to take it out, and reduced its hitpoints. It was too reliable before for its tier.
 - Greatly improved Thunderbolt missiles strike potential, and increased the speed of the secondary warhead. This should feel scarier than Harpoons or Sabots now, as intended.
 - General re-work of missile balance with the goal of making high tier missiles more attractive, and increasing the reliability and range of others.
 - All carriers now have a built-in hullmod increasing the replacement rate of all equipped fighter craft by 50%.
 - Large buffs to the Colossus-based Pirate and Luddic Path variants.*
 - Large rework of most of the early Redacted vessels, and many others have many more variants to give more variety to campaign fights early on.
 - Safety Overrides hullmod range reduction threshold increased to 950 from 450. (One of the primary reasons this hullmod and the Luddic Path were suboptimal).
 - Luddic Conversion hullmod now allows for more flux and dissipation for its benefits.
 - General re-work of Large Ballistic weapons now that several more have been added. Most notably, a large buff to the Excalibur Cannon.

 -- Overhauled flux costs of the entire rocket line of weapons:
     - Reduced flux cost of Shockstorm rockets per salvo by 50%, increased max rockets for medium variant, and increased rocket speed and range slightly. (Large buff overall)
     - Increased flux cost of Annihilator rockets (small variant) by 25%, but flux costs for medium variant reduced to match flux per rocket of the small variant.
     - Annihilator rockets (small variant) now gets 4 rockets back on reload (was 2) though reload time per rocket (DPS) remains roughly the same.
     - Reduced flux cost of Javelin rockets by 25%, and reduced their flight speed.
     - Reduced flux cost of Fury Rocket System and Hailstone rockets by 33%.

 -- Overhauled Fighter Combat Layer --    
 -- Not all of the individual changes will be documented. Here are some general points:
     - Now over 60 different fighter wings.
     - All fighters now have limited ammunition which gives them a specific combat time before some kind of rearmament is required.
     - Rearmament design-wise is intended to give ships a window of recovery between strikes and reduce fighter swarming in favor of assault wave behavior.
     - Rearmament stats are unique to each individual fighter weapon, though some general rules apply:
     - Magazines of fighter weapons only last around 5 seconds of active combat time.
          - Non-missile weapons will reload their magazines in a set amount of time, typically 12-20 seconds depending on the the fighter role. (AI can't handle finite ammo)
     - Missile weapons almost always require redocking with the carrier, and often have even more limited ammunition than non-missile fighter weapons.
     - Fighters, gunhsips and interceptors that use finite missiles will usually redock with the carrier immediately, or soon after they have used them all.
     - Mostly removed the use of flares in midtech and low tech fighters, gunships and bombers. Only the highest tiered craft will use them.
     - Fighters now deal 200% additional damage to other fighters, making interceptors and anti-fighter roles a serious threat to unescorted bombers and gunships.
     - Fighters now deal 200% additional damage to ship hardpoints (weapons and engines), up from 150%.
     - Balance pass on most fighter replacement rates. Some have increased rates, some have decreased rates depending on balance adjustments. As a soft rule, however:
          - Bombers have increased replacement times. (They also tend to have the highest strike impulse)
          - Gunships have been moved to closely match Bombers in their replacement times. (They also tend to have the longest active combat times and largest magazines)
          - Fighters have slightly reduced replacement times. (They have various specialized roles)
          - Interceptors have moderately reduced replacement times. (They are powerful bomber/gunship killers, and important escorts for your own fighter/bomber/gunship strike groups)
     - Removed Fighter Systems hullmod's effect on weapons in favor of fighter-specialized weapons. Fighter weapons are now less effective against ships.
     - Though still present for descriptive flavor, Limited Range Finders hullmod on fighters doesn't actually do anything. Range is handled through fighter weapons.
     - Reduced health and shields of high tech gunships and bombers and some midline and low tech gunships and bombers.
     - Reduced general health of the higher tiered fighters, and any fighters that use shields have much lower flux dissipation to make PD beams more effective against them.
     - Rebalanced OP cost around new fighter craft additions that were added in some of the more recent updates.
     - Reduced OP cost and efficiency of some pirate fighters even further, while balancing other weaker ones to make them useful to the player in some circumstances.
     - Many low tech fighters, bombers, gunships and interceptors now have proper OP costs considering their combat effectiveness.
     - OP to Power ratio when scrolling up and down the "equip fighter wheel" on the refit screen should now make more intuitive sense.
     - All fighter weapons are now added to the codex with a basic description of how fighter weapons differ from standard ship weapons as well as hard weapon stats.
     - Balance pass on fighter crew requirements and costs. General increase in crew required for gunships and bombers, scaling better with size.
     - Balance pass on fighter mass. (Doesn't make too much a difference but documented anyway just in case).

Bug Fixes
 - Corrected issue with Cease Fire requests not working on patrols who are attacking you from smuggling or black market activity.
 - Fixed issue with overspawning faction-specific fighters in Independent and Scavenger fleets.
 - Corrected Pirate Talon bug with base blueprints.
 - Devastator Cannon should now properly hit ships along certain angles of fire that caused the proximity fuse behavior to trigger early.
 - The Nova Cannon should now effectively hit ships at all times, making it more in line with the intended dual assault/pd role.
 - Removed accidental chance for Fighter-class Light Pulse Laser to spawn in campaign markets or loot.
 - Added a description to the Archean Order station's heavy anti-capital weapon in the codex.
 - Hopefully resolved issues with Hailstone Rockets and Fury Rocket System sometimes causing the flameout slingshot behavior on ships.
 - Corrected the Adamantine Consortium Condor skin to no longer change its medium missile mount to energy.
 - All fighter wing descriptions should have the brief summary portion that describes their role.
 - Fixed merge issue with Helmsmanship skill stacking on top of the original version.
 - Correct equip-screen description of Militarized Subsystems to better reflect what downsides it removes from civilian hulls.
 - Hivemind nanite clusters now effectively hit ships at all angles.
 - Corrected Simple Core System's description.

 - Due to storage space, versions lower than v1.2.1b are no longer downloadable, though their patch notes will remain documented.
 - Sunder Cannon has been renamed to Fissure Cannon to avoid confusion with the Sunder-class destroyer. XD Must have been in a hurry on that one lol.
 - Round of polish on the Heavy Apocalypse Cannon's sprite.
 - The Heavy Autocannon has been renamed to the Heavy Dual Autocannon.
 - Slight round of polish on the Velocity Cannon sprite.
 - Micro Repeater has been renamed to Micro Blaster because the original name felt better for a PD weapon and this was more of a strike weapon.
 - Guardian PD System has been renamed Paladin PD System to match unmodded Starsector since the weapons share similar roles.


However, since these notes are so massive... I'll provide a quick basic summary.

1) Major rebalance of combat in the sense that this should bring missiles, fighters, and pure combat ships more closely aligned with one another. Previously fighters dominated the battlespace.
2) Lots of enhancements to the bribery mechanic including reputation increases for some factions as a result of successful bribes. More custom dialogue for factions as well.
3) A massive amount of new content in the form of new weapons, fighters, custom ship paintjobs and a much, much larger variety of enemy variants to face. (Over 700)
4) Easier access to blueprints (hopefully... found a bug there I think)
5) A more balanced experience with beginning enemies that will better challenge the player during exploration as well as bounty hunting.
6) A more powerful and well equipped Luddic Church and Luddic Path.


Seems good on the older system. No immediate crashes when starting a campaign. Lets give this a go. :)

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0.9.1a compatible?  let's give this a spin...


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0.9.1a compatible?  let's give this a spin...

Yes 0.9.1a compatible :)
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