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Author Topic: Starsector 0.8a (In Development) Patch Notes  (Read 34541 times)
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« on: December 03, 2016, 10:36:56 AM »

Changes as of December 03, 2016

  • Added options to new game creation
    • Sector size (small or medium)
    • Sector age (old, average, young, mixed)
    • Random seed used to generate sector
      • Can be copied from character tab in existing game
      • Can be used to replay the same sector or shared
    • Added procedurally generated constellations and expanded map (about 16x previous area, ~200 star systems maximum right now)
  • Deep hyperspace now functions similarly to nebula (slows down smaller fleets, fleets inside are less visible)
    • The slow-down effect is up to 30% (vs 50% for nebula)
  • Campaign map overhaul
    • Two tabs, "sector" and "system"
    • Sector tab can be viewed while inside a star system
    • Max zoom in sector tab is set to always be enough to fit full map on screen
    • Zooming now centers on cursor
    • Holding shift while zooming zooms faster
    • Double-clicking tab (or shortcut) instantly centers and zooms out to maximum
    • Star and planet names are now laid out to reduce overlap
    • Added set of filters/configuration options for maps
      • "Starscape" mode - a "real space" view of the sector
      • Toggle star/constellation names on/off
      • Show fuel range visually
      • Show what you've explored
      • Show inhabited star systems
    • Clicking on map icon presents a context menu; can lay in a course, view planet info, or switch to system map depending on what's clicked
    • Added controls to quickly switch back and forth between planet info (in intel tab) and map
    • Added new map to planet intel tab; allows for quicker selection of data for known star systems
    • Replaced intel tab map where events are displayed with new map
    • Reworked minimap that shows a star's relative location to the player (shown in mission list, planet list, etc)
      • Now shows star and arrow from player's direction, arrow length depends on distance
      • Detailed info (fuel cost to reach, distance, days to reach) on mouseover
  • Added new ability: "Sustained Burn"
    • Increases maximum burn by 10
    • Reduces acceleration and sensor range, increases range at which fleet is detected
    • Activation results in fleet slowing down and stopping before sustained drive mode is engaged
    • Intended for long-range travel while creating a vulnerability if hostile fleets are around
  • Added new ability: "Scavenge"
    • Recover supplies, weapons, and other valuables from debris fields
    • Risk of accidents resulting in small losses of crew; mitigated by having heavy machinery
  • Battles leave behind short-duration debris fields that can be scavenged
  • Exploration
    • Can find and salvage derelicts from the various stages of the Sector's history
    • Salvage:
      • Entities have a "salvage rating" that determines whether you can salvage them w/ current skill
      • If not, can be demolished for a smaller reward
  • Planet surveying
    • Enter star system to find out what planets are in it
    • Perform a preliminary (free) survey to assess planet's hazard rating and full survey cost
    • Perform full survey (using heavy machinery, crew, and supplies) to uncover planetary conditions such as ore deposits and ruins
  • New intel sub-tab to keep track of planets
  • Revamped economy simulation - better results, faster updates, better performance
  • Revamped market info screen for better readability
  • Can now avoid solar flares/corona by hiding behind planets
  • Venture, Shepherd, Apogee: added built-in "Surveying Equipment" hullmod
  • Construction Rig:
    • Renamed "Salvage Rig"; hullmod is "Salvage Gantry"
    • Increases base salvage from derelicts by 25% up to a fleetwide maximum equal to the salvage rating
    • Increases post-battle salvage by up to 10% based on the portion of the battle the Salvage Rig spent deployed
  • Odyssey, Conquest: increased burn level by 1
  • Added "X ordnance points left" indicator to ships in fleet view for unspent OP
  • Added campaign radar
  • Added visual ping for new sensor contacts in main view
  • Luddic Path Brawler: replaced damper field with ammo feeder
  • Hullmods can now be acquired from a "Modspec" item
    • Dropped by enemies
    • Found as salvage
    • Bought on markets
  • Added music for the Sindrian Diktat
  • Added market music for Tri-Tachyon
  • Changed "suspend repairs" key to "D"
  • Changed when ships have a chance to suffer an accident
    • Was: 0% CR and not mothballed
    • Now: less than 10% CR, not mothballed, and repairs suspended or fleet out of supplies
  • Heavy Mauler, Hypervelocity Driver: now tier 3 (were tier 2)

  • Orbital station combat mechanics; content using these TBD/REDACTED
  • Venting now stops weapons from reloading/recharging for two seconds; will resume if still venting after the time elapses
  • Renamed "Search & Destroy" to "Full Assault!"
  • Ordering a full assault will make ships much more aggressive
    • Useful for pursuit and cleanup
    • Pressing the button again toggles this off (and uses a command point)
  • Changed Intercept assignment
    • Now named "Eliminate"
    • Ships assigned to it will behave more aggressively
  • Added new officer personality: "Reckless"
    • A more aggressive version of aggressive; always behaves as if "search & destroy" was on
  • Weapons will not reload for the first two seconds of venting or being overloaded
  • Added cruiser-sized carrier - Mora-class, low tech
  • Weapons
    • Added "Hammer Barrage" large missile weapon
    • Added "Devastator Cannon" large ballistic weapon
    • Added "Heavy Mortar" medium ballistic weapon
    • Thumper: now fires 1-second burst of 20 shots (100 frag damage each), 3 second delay between bursts
    • LRPD Laser: increased turn speed to match PD Laser
    • Atropos torpedo: damage reduced to 1250 (from 2000), speed reduced to 400 (from 500)
      • OP cost reduced to 4 (dual) and 2 (single)
    • Squall MRLS:
      • Changed AI to two-stage approach (first stage aims, second stage burns forward)
      • Changed engine and explosion color to be more white for consistency w/ kinetic damage
      • Increased turn rate
      • Reduced hitpoints
    • Flamed-out missiles now have a 50% chance to bounce off harmlessly on impact
  • Hullmods
    • Auxiliary Thrusters now available at game start; reduced OP cost for capitals to 25(from 30)
    • Unstable Injector
      • Removed acceleration bonus and engine damage penalty
      • Now reduces weapon range by 25%
      • Reduced OP cost
    • Augmented Engines
      • Removed in-combat speed bonus
      • Reduced cost
      • Renamed to "Augmented Drive Field"
    • Dedicated Targeting Core: reduced cost
    • Integrated Targeting Unit:
      • Reduced cost to match DTC
      • Slightly increased range bonus for cruisers (+5%) and capital ships (+10%)
  • Added status indicator for when peak performance time is not going down due to nearby enemy presence being too weak
  • Significant performance improvements
  • The missiles fired by certain anti-fighter missile weapons (Swarmer, Locust, etc) will change targets to closer fighters so that they can be used effectively vs a fighter swarm, hitting multiple targets
  • Ships can now break apart (and become "destroyed") when disabled
    • Destroyed ships can't be boarded post-battle
    • Raised base boarding chance to compensate
    • Salvage from destroyed ships is now the same as for disabled ships
    • Pieces of debris can be shot at and broken apart further
  • Armor value for damage reduction no longer goes below 5% of base armor value
  • Fighters:
    • Now mounted on carriers as "weapons", costing OP
    • New combat control to order fighters to "regroup" or "engage"
      • Bound to Z by default, "view target" moved to T
    • Complete rebalance of fighter stats, carriers
    • Reduced peak time for carriers a bit
    • Fighter balance overhaul; 2 new fighter types
  • EMP ship system energy damage increased to 100 (from 25)
  • Omen:
    • Increased armor to 125 (from 50)
    • Increased maximum flux to 2500 (from 2200)
    • Increased shield arc to 360 degrees
  • Damper Field: now reduces damage by 67% (was: 75%)
  • Accelerated Ammo Feeder: now reduces ballistic flux cost by 50% (was: 30%)
  • Hammerhead:
    • Ordnance points increased by 5
  • Astral: increased armor to 900 (was: 500)
  • Shepherd:
    • "Borer" drones now handled as built-in fighter wing; stats the same but now 6 instead of 5 and replacements aren't limited
    • Ship system is now "Maneuvering Jets"
  • Tempest:
    • "Terminator" drone now a built-in fighter wing, 1 drone, uses AM blaster
    • Ship system is now "Active Flare Launcher"
      • Modified to have unlimited uses and slightly improved flare speed
  • Aurora:
    • Increased speed to 80 (was 70)
    • Reduced max flux by 20%
    • Reduced deployment cost to 30 (was 35)
    • New ship system: "Plasma Jets", short-duration high-effect version of maneuvering jets with a focus on speed rather than maneuverability
    • Goal is to make the Aurora fit in with the high-tech approach of "lower weapon range, but able to dictate engagements"
  • Heron: reduced top speed to 80 (was 90)
  • Ship AI:
    • Improved venting logic (able to vent while taking insignificant damage)
    • Improved escort AI behavior
    • Bombers will try to stay behind carriers while not cleared to engage
    • Will now autofire hardpoint weapon groups if they don't have many weapons in them
  • Removed the following assignments:
    • Fighter Rendezvous
    • Strike Base
    • Rally Carrier
    • Recon
    • Strike
  • Optimized performance of proximity fuse weapons (e.g. flak)

  • Contact for procurement mission will no longer initiate comms when player is being sought by patrols
  • Fixed visual issue with scrolling area shadows when over bright backgrounds
  • Removed crew experience levels
    • Base CR for ships is 70%
    • Stat improvements start at above 70% (was: 60%)
  • Added damage type information to weapon tooltip (i.e. "200% vs armor, 50% vs shields")

  • StarSystemAPI
    • void initNonStar() method for locations not centered on a star
    • getHyperspaceAnchor() now returns a SectorEntityToken
  • CombatEngineAPI
    • boolean inFastTimeAdvance()
  • Added spawnProjectile() method with an extra parameter for the projectile spec id
  • Added applyDamage() method with extra parameter that controls whether it plays a sound
  • ShipAPI:
    • PersonAPI getCaptain()
  • Added SUSPEND_RECOIL weapon render hint, forces recoil sprite to still be rendered but not moved by recoil
  • .skill files from mods are now merged with base vanilla skill files. For skill effects, only works for hullmod unlocks.
  • ShieldAPI:
    • void setCenter(float x, float y)
  • FactionAPI:
    • String pickRandomShipName()
  • ModPlugin:
    • void onNewGameAfterProcGen()
  • Fixed bug in RelationshipAPI.ensureAtBest/Worst()
  • Fixed infinite loop related to system-activated engines being disabled on a ship with no normal engines
  • Added "UNBOARDABLE" ship type hint
  • Abilities now defined in abilities.csv instead of abilities.json
    • Same basic data, plus cooldown information, icon name, and AI plugin class
  • Added "tags" to abilities that govern how abilities interrupt/disable each other
    • Example:
      • Emergency Burn has tags: burn+, stealth-, sensors-
      • Active Sensor Burst has: burn-, stealth-, sensors+
      • They're incompatible because they have a pair (two pairs, actually) of opposite tags
      • One is disabled while the other one is active
    • For toggle abilities, incompatible abilities are simply turned off on activation, but not disabled
  • Fixed issue with ship contrails showing from hidden nozzles
  • Added HIDE_IN_CODEX ship spreadsheet hint
  • newGameCreationEntryPoint, newGameSectorProcGen plugins: new instance created on every new game, so can store data in data members if needed
  • Added "short" field to hull_mods.json, used for description in skill tooltip

  • Fixed bug where it was possible for another dialog to open after exiting a campaign game
  • Fixed bug where ships with certain systems (i.e. flare launcher) would never be picked for combat assignments
  • Fixed bug where mothballed ships could suffer from an accident if other ships in the fleet were at 0% CR
  • Fixed bug where a patrol could do transponder-on cargo scan right after a transponder-off one
  • Fixed bug where a patrol far from their home market would care about your transponder status if you interacted with them
  • Fixed issue with fleet state after attempting to use a jump point but being moved away from it before being able to jump
  • Fixed bug where it was occasionally possible for a retreating phase ship to leave the entire battle running in slow-time
  • Fixed minor collision detection bug when checking whether exact bounds contain a point
  • Fixed ship AI issue where heavier (by internal mass value) frigates would not try to avoid collisions with lighter ones
  • Fixed issue where using "Fast Missile Racks" immediately after firing some types of missiles
  • Trying to activate an out-of-ammo shipsystem will no longer turn off the zero-flux speed boost
  • Fixed bug with phase ships not properly considering the incoming DPS from fast-firing weapons

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« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2016, 10:39:52 AM »

A few notes:

1) This doesn't mean the release is imminent, though naturally it's getting fairly close. There are a few things to work through before then - one or two I'd probably call big features, a lot of content creation, and a good amount of playtesting. And a few modability improvements.

2) These notes are not as thorough as usual, especially in the "Modding" section. The other sections, basically just assume they're missing a lot of minor stuff.
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« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2016, 10:45:54 AM »

I'm so moist right now Cheesy
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« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2016, 10:55:29 AM »

*Finishes reading post*

*rolls over, lights a cigarette*

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« Reply #4 on: December 03, 2016, 11:12:47 AM »

1) This doesn't mean the release is imminent, though naturally it's getting fairly close. There are a few things to work through before then - one or two I'd probably call big features, a lot of content creation, and a good amount of playtesting. And a few modability improvements.
Given the changes to Hullmods, I would bet one of those "big features" is the still unconfirmed Skill revamp...

Edit: Speaking of readability and overlap, could we have the info card of weapons in markets and inventory appear next to the weapon rather than on top of it?
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« Reply #5 on: December 03, 2016, 11:13:10 AM »

yes thank you god for this gift of patch notes
Morgan Rue
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« Reply #6 on: December 03, 2016, 11:21:40 AM »

No changes to flak?

Network Pesci
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« Reply #7 on: December 03, 2016, 11:23:58 AM »

No changes to Proximity Charge Launcher?
Morgan Rue
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« Reply #8 on: December 03, 2016, 11:25:30 AM »

  • Fixed infinite loop related to system-activated engines being disabled on a ship with no normal engines
You caught this one when moving stations around with systems?

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« Reply #9 on: December 03, 2016, 11:27:20 AM »

Given the changes to Hullmods, I would bet one of those "big features" is the still unconfirmed Skill revamp...

Lips sealed

No changes to flak?

Nope. "Not much if anything gets through" is flak working as intended. The window of opportunity for using missiles etc is overloads, being distracted by something else (another ship, decoy flares), etc. Plus it now gets a newly important threat to counter in fighters.

No changes to Proximity Charge Launcher?

No. It's always been a bit of an oddball; probably needs another look but I wouldn't want to make it too good.

You caught this one when moving stations around with systems?

Caught it when someone reported it a while back Smiley
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« Reply #10 on: December 03, 2016, 11:32:12 AM »

Ohshit its of happening
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« Reply #11 on: December 03, 2016, 11:42:11 AM »

Update hype! Looking forward to messing with all these new mechanics!

~Aura be with you
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« Reply #12 on: December 03, 2016, 11:43:57 AM »

Huzzah!  It's happening!

Time to read this.

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« Reply #13 on: December 03, 2016, 11:51:39 AM »


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« Reply #14 on: December 03, 2016, 12:01:14 PM »

Wowza, some pretty big bombshells in here—big nerfs to combat speed boosting hullmods and the killing of "vent spamming" jump out in particular!

What exactly does the tier increase for HM and HVD mean? Does that relate to when you can unlock them via commission? Also, wow, a lot of new ballistic weapons—is the Devastator that flak looking weapon you teased months ago?

Was hoping you'd reveal a brief bit about the new hulls other than the Mora, but, there is always next iteration of them notes.
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