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Author Topic: Mod Request/ idea.  (Read 1229 times)


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Mod Request/ idea.
« on: May 31, 2016, 11:09:26 AM »

Okay so this is the major thing bugging me in the game, the limit on how many ships can be in your fleet, I really don't know if this is possible to expand on and if it is, then I'm plesantly surprised,  :o

Second off... how bout a faction entirely based on using drones? Kinda like the Tempest class, except with more ships and if its even possible (Probably not without making a giant amount of variants of ships with different drones) being able to configure the drones, maybe add new commands beyond free-roam, recall, and hold pos, I could imagine a ship completely focused on drones, maybe the size of  afflicter, having 5 drones, now of course, they won't have many weapons, they might not even have enough weapon points to have a decent point defense, though they'd have decent shields if the stories i have for the factions are going to be true eh?

Story?: A new faction has come to the sectors, entirely robotic and humanoid, it appears that this is a foray into completely self sustaining artificial intelligence, they seek to claim all the systems in this area for themselves, however, a few of them have abandoned their faction and joined the independance, telling the ones who will listen their story, of how they were created to be servants, but their creators gave them too much power, eventually they overthrew their creators, and a new directive appeared out of no where... 'Claim the universe for yourselves.' To those that would be considered more aware then the others, this order seemed rather primitive, they felt like it was received and wasn't actually part of them, that they were being ordered to do the bidding of some great power, these are the ones who have joined the independence and have helped the factions advance technologically,

Now that definitly needs refining.... But thats kinda my idea, the other is kinda like the Path of Ludd, of course.... and seeing as its A.I like this, very few of them would manage to get into the factions that was part of the A.I wars...
I chose the Independence because they seemed more open minded, though it could be the tri-tachion, even though they'd probably not share this information with the rest of the factions.

This is far longer then i expected, XD


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Re: Mod Request/ idea.
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2016, 02:36:32 PM »

For the first you just have one line in the settings to modify, a quick search on the forum should point you in the right direction. For the second, the (big) problem is that the AI tend to focus it's fire on the drones rather than the carrier because they fly closer. That make drone ships disproportionately more powerful than they should. A faction based on drone would lead to really problematic AI behavior and probably be impossible to properly balance for both the player and the AI.

btw, SS+ removed the hardcap and replaced it with a softcap that raise the supply usage of your fleet if you go beyond the soft limit.
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