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Blog post/download links here.

Changes as of December 05, 2015 (3rd hotfix)


* Fixed issue with ship sales not being reported as transactions

* Fixed bug where it was possible to get a person bounty by attacking the bounty fleet after another fleet had killed off its flagship
* Fixed more market procurement mission issues
* Fixed issue w/ empty bounty reason when causing faction was the independents
* Fixed bug where player would become hostile with "Knights of Ludd" (which aren't in the game) on accepting a Tri-Tachyon commission
* Fixed some issues in post-battle crew loss calculation
* Fixed issue with ship sales on the open/black market not affecting suspicion levels
* Fixed issue with person bounties not being paid
* Procurement missions properly show that they're "over" in intel filter
* Fixed issue with non-combat capital ships being too aggressive

Changes as of December 04, 2015


* Jangala will now always have fresh bounty on game start
* Can ask mercenary officers what they can do when at officer limit
* Added military market indication to star system tooltip in intel tab
* When joining a battle with overwhelming odds in your favor, the allied fleet is more likely to harry instead of pursue
* Player fleet less likely to be pursued if it consists of ships that easily outpace the enemy in combat
* Will be harried instead
* "Low engine interference" bonus is now based on the sensor profile of your fleet, so that hullmods like Augmented Engines properly interact with it

* Ship AI
* Fixed issue where EMP emitter system wasn't generating a proper kind of threat
* Improved autofire logic when using beam weapons for point defense (less likely to keep turning beam on and off vs a fast moving target)

* Your credits will properly update for next officer hire after hiring one officer
* Fixed bug where allied damage to allied ships could cause friendly fire incidents
* Fixed visual glitch with accident report dialog

Changes as of November 30, 2015


* Removed half damage option from global settings
* Easy difficulty in campaign:
* +50% damage dealt
* -50% damage taken
* +500 sensor range
* +50% extra salvage
* Halved enemy officer level
* Extra starting money (10,000)
* Extra starting ship, with officer
* Added faction commissions
* Offered by Hegemony, Tri-Tachyon, Luddic Church, Sindrian Diktat, and the independents
* Can be accepted via the mission board if your standing is at least favorable
* Makes you immediately hostile with the faction's enemies
* Automatically annulled if your reputation with the faction drops to suspicious or below
* Grants a small bounty for fighting faction's enemies, similarly to a system bounty but not restricted to a specific system
* Required for most military-market purchases (anything requiring "welcoming" or above)
* Small monthly reputation penalties for being hostile with neutral factions, and for not being hostile to faction enemies
* Turned off "faction ties" investigations
* Added faction hostility events
* Otherwise non-hostile factions may become hostile to each other for up to a cycle
* Hostile player actions while holding a faction commission increase the chance of inter-faction hostilities
* Faction capital ships now available on markets of size 5 and above
* Tri-Tachyon capital ships available on Ogma in Hybrasil
* Increased range at which most pirate fleets can be detected by making (D) hull hull-mods increase sensor profile
* Faint "near sensor range" indicators now shown for fleets that are only at "unidentified contact" level
* Safety Overrides:
* Can no longer be installed on civilian-grade hulls
* Increased number of pirate fleets
* Coming into market will now automatically turn off Emergency Burn
* Improved procurement mission variety
* Increased low-end prices
* Sensor strength/profile will now show fractional values where necessary (i.e. phase ships, civilian ships, ships with Augmented Engines)
* Smuggling investigations
* Take 3-4 months to finish instead of 2-3
* Won't happen if the faction is already hostile to the player
* Black market:
* Reduced number of (D) variants
* Added ships and weapons drawn from the "independent" faction
* Slightly higher chance of getting ships/weapons from market's faction, even at high stability
* Better odds for some specific weapons to spawn:
* Light Assault Gun
* IR Pulse Laser
* Phase Lance
* Sabot Pods
* Fleet compositions: reduced number of fighters in carrier groups, improved algorithm to more closely match intended ship distributions
* Removed reputation decay/increase from not interaction with a faction for a while
* Boarding: when multiple ships are potentially boardable, more expensive ships have a higher chance of being picked in proportion to their cost
* Damaging allied fighters no longer causes friendly fire incidents
* Increased damage threshold for friendly fire incidents
* Changed "mission accept" shortcut to T
* Officers now retained upon losing full fleet and respawning
* Missions the player can't accept are now sorted to the bottom of the list
* Missions the player can't accept now look dimmer in mission list
* Market procurement missions show days left in intel filter
* Added star system and faction to system bounty in intel filter
* Commodities available for sale on markets reduced to more reasonable quantities
* Increased "deserter" bounties by 50%
* Fleets now have a minimum sensor strength of 4; fleets with a lower strength receive a "low engine interference" bonus to make up the difference
* Immediate area around player should mostly not have hostile fleets on spawn or respawn

* Enabled escort commands when selecting allied ships
* Venting will now interrupt travel drive
* Gryphon:
* Reduced ordnance points by 15
* Missile Autoforge:
* Increased flux generation
* Limited to 1 use per battle
* Removed CR cost
* Timid officers behave as if they were cautious if only timid officers/non-combat ships are deployed
* Fortress Shields: now takes 1 second to ramp up to full damage absorption bonus
* Ship AI:
* Will now properly turn off missile groups set to autofire instead of leaving them on and firing all missiles at the first target

* BattleAPI
* Map<FleetMemberAPI, CampaignFleetAPI> getMemberSourceMap()
* Fixed crash caused by spawning ships in campaign battles
* Ships spawned in the campaign battle via scripts, that aren't added to the member source map, will not show up as "disabled", "destroyer", etc
* LocationAPI.addTerrain() now returns CampaignTerrainAPI, for clarity/to avoid extra cast
* Added Misc.getHyperspaceTerrain() method that returns the CampaignTerrainAPI for the main hyperspace terrain
* MissionBoardAPI
* void makeAvailableAt(CampaignMissionPlugin mission, MarketAPI market)
* Fixed issue where procurement missions were made available using the market id instead of an entity id
* Fixed bug with decorative weapons not rendering properly on fighter wing icons
* Removed speed cap of 600 on missiles
* Fixed bug where buffs would not apply to ships in the refit screen or in simulation
* Fixed bug where calling MarketAPI.removePerson() on a market with no people would crash
* SettingsAPI:
* List<RoleEntryAPI> getDefaultEntriesForRole(String role);
* void addDefaultEntryForRole(String role, String variantId, float weight);
* void removeDefaultEntryForRole(String role, String variantId);
* List<RoleEntryAPI> getEntriesForRole(String factionId, String role);
* void addEntryForRole(String factionId, String role, String variantId, float weight);
* void removeEntryForRole(String factionId, String role, String variantId);
* RoleEntryAPI;
* String getVariantId();
* void setWeight(float weight);
* void setVariantId(String variantId);
* float getWeight();
* boolean isFighterWing();
* float getQuality();
* void setQuality(float quality);
* float getFPCost();
* Added "faction crests" - square version of flag for UI use
* FactionAPI
* String getCrest()
* CampaignMissionPlugin.playerAccept() now has a SectorEntityToken parameter
* Added FleetEncounterContextPlugin.computePlayerContribFraction()
* Added FighterWingAPI.getWingLeader()


* Changed message when clicking on identified contact on map to "... course for unidentified contact" instead of including (as yet invisible) fleet name
* Fixed issue where transferring ships with officers/yourself assigned to command into storage could result in temporary duplicate officers
* Fixed issue where person bounty would report full amount when a player only got a share due to ally participation
* Fixed issue with Tachyon Lance EMP arcs passing through shields
* Fixed issue where terrain info UI element would sometimes get out of alignment
* Advanced Tactics perk description no longer mentions crew
* Fixed assorted typos
* Fixed issue where boarding a ship with an officer would keep that officer in command of the ship until it was unassigned
* Fixed issue where player crew casualties weren't being reported after battle
* Fixed tooltip for "High Maintenance" hullmod
* Fixed "free port" markets not allowing open transponder-off trade
* Fixed issue with smuggler fleet commanders sometimes showing independent flag when functioning as pirates
* Fixed xyphos description referring to phase beam instead of pulse laser
* Fixed issue where AI could cancel the retreat drive burn by venting
* Fixed encounter flow where the player joins a battle but their allies elect not to fight
* Fixed issue where missions would not show up in orbital stations' comm directories
* Fixed issues with "Volatiles Depot" and "Dissident Population" market conditions
* Fixed bug with excess casualties from boarding; should now be close to the number of lifesigns detected
* Fixed bug where autoresolving pursuit without having allies yielded no salvage
* Fixed issue where ships that are too expensive to be bought after tariff, but not before, could be bought, resulting in negative credits
* Adjusted help message that mentioned the now-non-existent logistical priority button
* Burn level tooltip now properly shows slower ships first in the ship list
* Fixed issue where procurement missions could target markets that had that commodity for sale in sufficient quantity
* Suspicion chance for smuggling investigations no longer shows "none" for <1% chance
* Fixed bug with Squall missile launcher getting reduced range from taking Missile Specialization
* Fixed out-of-memory crashes some players were experiencing (before battle, transitioning jumppoints, taking screenshots)
* Fixed issue with the Apogee not firing the Squall MLRS due to it pointing at an off angle
* Fixed issue where if a bounty fleet lost its commander, but wasn't entirely destroyed, the player would still get a bounty for them
* Updated some obsolete tooltips
* Fixed 20% chance for fleet tutorial to crash
* "Military Base" market conditions should properly increase local fuel stockpiles
* Fixed bug where player fleet could join battle against itself
* Fixed bug where the confirmation for attacking a non-hostile enemy was using the faction of the combined player-side fleet, which wasn't always the player
* Fixed later-game framerate stutter issue in campaign
* Fixed issue where having emergency burn enabled would prevent CR loss from star coronas and hyperspace storms
* Fixed issue where combat tutorials would end automatically after a couple of minutes
* Fixed rare case where using phase cloak and venting at the same time could result in both overloading and venting

Going to spend a bit of time testing this, see how it goes, and then make a release if all is well. Planning to do a .2 release at some point after that to address other lower-priority issues.

Will this be compatible with 0.7a saves?

The Soldier:
Those faction commissions!  Awesome!

Do what you want 'cause a pirate is!...wait, wrong faction. :)

Abradolf Lincler:

--- Quote from: Megas on November 30, 2015, 06:57:36 PM ---Will this be compatible with 0.7a saves?

--- End quote ---

I hope so...


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