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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Skills and Story Points (07/08/19)

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 on: August 17, 2019, 05:57:53 PM 
Started by Piemanlives - Last post by xenoargh
Using a hotkey for any major game function is a major mistake in UX design.

Frankly, that UI needs rebuilt, with explicit buttons to take the player to the major interaction areas.  But this is something that can probably wait until nearer to 1.0.

 on: August 17, 2019, 05:45:56 PM 
Started by Alex - Last post by Alex
This topic has been moved to Modding.

 on: August 17, 2019, 05:45:14 PM 
Started by Cycerin - Last post by mathyou
I'm really enjoying the mod. Thanks for all the work on it.

I got a modspec for "BRDY Systems Reinforcement," but after learning it, I don't see it available to add to my Blackrock ships. Any ideas?

 on: August 17, 2019, 05:44:23 PM 
Started by AxleMC131 - Last post by AxleMC131
I've been tearing my hair out for about three weeks trying to figure out why I can't make (what I thought was) a pretty simple setup work, and I've come to the conclusion that there's something very strange and fundamental going on in the core game that's preventing me from achieving this. Whether it is a bug or not I have no clue, but I would very much like it to be looked into either way, as it makes zero sense. Regardless, that's why I've stuck it here in Bug Reports. If a moderator would rather it be in the Modded subforum, that's fine by me, as long as it gets addressed, or at the very least explained.

I have a decorative weapon with multiple animation frames on a ship. The ship also has two unique hullmods: one built-in and hidden, the other modular and visible. The built-in hullmod does all the work. If the player tries to remove the modular hullmod, the built-in one notices this as a trigger, and "does something", before manually re-installing the modular hullmod. The result is a "cyclic" function that lets the player toggle through a series of options by repeatedly removing the modular hullmod. Presently, that series of options is the series of animation frames for the decorative weapon. (This is all cosmetic for now.)

No matter which way I slice this damn system, I cannot get the deco weapon to change animation frame in the way I want it. I can forcibly set it to a particular value if I just stick a hard number in the script, but the moment I put in a saved number attached to the ship ID (fleetMemberId actually), it refuses to change.

Worse, I've set up a logger so I can see if the saved value is incrementing... And it goddamn IS! For reasons beyond my comprehension, this line...
Code: java
... does not work.

For full context, here's the whole of the meat of the script (this is the built-in hullmod). "dara_arrow_paintcycle_trigger" is the modular hullmod that the player removes to cycle the setup.
Code: java
    public void applyEffectsAfterShipCreation(ShipAPI ship, String id) {
        String shipId = ship.getFleetMemberId();
        if (SAVED_DATA.get(shipId) == null) {
            SAVED_DATA.put(shipId, 0);
  "Reset frame to #0");
        if (!ship.getVariant().hasHullMod("dara_arrow_paintcycle_trigger")) {
            for (WeaponAPI wpn : ship.getAllWeapons()) {
                if (wpn.getId().contains("dara_arrow_paint")) {
                    int currFrame = SAVED_DATA.get(shipId);
          "Retrieved frame #" + currFrame);
                    if (currFrame + 1 > 12) {
                        currFrame = 0;
                    } else {
                        currFrame += 1;
                    SAVED_DATA.put(shipId, currFrame);
          "Incremented to and saved frame #" + SAVED_DATA.get(shipId));
                    runOnce = false;
As you can see, I've got multiple log outputs here, which have very clearly been showing the saved value incrementing, live, as I try to cycle the hullmod from the refit screen:

98010 [Thread-4] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.dara_RedArrowPaint  - Reset frame to #0
98010 [Thread-4] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.dara_RedArrowPaint  - Retrieved frame #0
98010 [Thread-4] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.dara_RedArrowPaint  - Incremented to and saved frame #1
98977 [Thread-4] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.dara_RedArrowPaint  - Retrieved frame #1
98977 [Thread-4] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.dara_RedArrowPaint  - Incremented to and saved frame #2
113244 [Thread-4] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.dara_RedArrowPaint  - Retrieved frame #2
113245 [Thread-4] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.dara_RedArrowPaint  - Incremented to and saved frame #3
114526 [Thread-4] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.dara_RedArrowPaint  - Retrieved frame #3
114527 [Thread-4] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.dara_RedArrowPaint  - Incremented to and saved frame #4
127248 [Thread-4] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.dara_RedArrowPaint  - Retrieved frame #4
127248 [Thread-4] INFO  data.scripts.hullmods.dara_RedArrowPaint  - Incremented to and saved frame #5
And yet, in the refit screen, the animation frame of the weapon does not change.

YES the deco weapon has the right frames setup and is visible and all that jazz. I've tried multiple ways to ensure this, everything from manually giving the setFrame() call values for each one, to just making the animation have a non-zero frame rate and watching it go through each one from the refit screen.

NO the frame does not update in combat. It refuses to work anywhere... Except for the codex. If you repeatedly click the ship's entry in the codex, you can see the image of the ship cycling through the animation frames exactly as I want it to elsewhere. What the hell!?

The worst bit about all of this? I KNOW that you CAN make a system just like this that manually changes weapon animation frame on a cyclic basis, because I've already done it once. I'm not annoyed because it looks like this is impossible: I'm annoyed because I know it IS possible, and I cannot understand why I'm unable to make it work a second time.

I'm at my wit's end with this damn thing, tried about five different methods to make it work, and I'm |this close| to giving up. Help is sorely, desperately wanted.

 on: August 17, 2019, 05:39:41 PM 
Started by StarScum - Last post by firestormXL
I did not see it mentioned here, but while the expedition fleets are still scrambling I found that you can use your influence within the faction or grease some palms to disrupt the expedition in the planning stages in the Intel menu, much like giving orders for what to do during AI inspection fleet.

Sometimes doling out 100k is a small price to pay to continue exploring the stars

 on: August 17, 2019, 05:27:57 PM 
Started by Sundog - Last post by Sundog
@ActuallyUlysses: Thanks for explaining!

@Kikbow: Absolutely what ActuallyUlysses said. This mod is all about tweaking the difficulty to your liking. You shouldn't feel like you're cheating by adjusting it, because the default settings are balanced to make the game tougher even for players with several hundred hours of experience. If it's your first run, I'd recommend setting the following options to zero:
Also; welcome to the forum!

 on: August 17, 2019, 05:23:49 PM 
Started by Arealfairchild - Last post by firestormXL
I watched the review and bought the game immediately. I've not responded until now because I have been too busy playing. I'd never heard of this before Sseth review but knew I would love it immediately. it makes me think of a single player Eve Online, except... fun.

 on: August 17, 2019, 05:17:01 PM 
Started by Kat - Last post by intrinsic_parity
I can see population growing kind of fast if player does everything to promote growth.

It takes about five in-game years for population to grow from 10^7 to 10^8 with all of the reliable population boosts.

from 10 Billion people in one piece of rock to 100 Billion in 5 years is really hard to think could happen but if my math is right by the time we reach year 5 there's going to be 120 Billion people on that planet, considering player investiments as maximum throughout the whole process
10^7 is 10 million and 10^8 is 100 million, not billion.

 on: August 17, 2019, 05:15:36 PM 
Started by Nia Tahl - Last post by Nia Tahl
Update time~

This one features a pair of new weapons, 3 new normal ships and a couple of unique ships obtainable from custom bounties if you have Vayra's Sector installed.

Won't break saves, but the custom bounties for Vayra's Sector seem to require a fresh save to spawn.

- Titanomachy beam weapon
- Efreet barrage cannon
- Dun Scaith class pirate dreadnought
- Hresvelgr fleet carrier
- Glint fast cruiser
- Some content for Vayra's sector:
   - a number of special bounties featuring unique ships
   - some ships for colony factions

- Overhauled all Castella sprites and adjusted all 3 variants
- Overhauled Ingress sprite   
- Buffed damage and flight time of Pendragon submunitions

 on: August 17, 2019, 05:12:07 PM 
Started by Piemanlives - Last post by SafariJohn
Even if a new user does hit F, there's a decent chance they won't notice the market buttons at the top of the screen since it's so similar to the normal fleet screen.

Another complaint due to the current screen is you can't undo buying/selling ships.

Brainstorming: maybe put all the colony info at the top like the trade screen, but replace the Colony Info button with "Ship Market"? The ship market screen would be about identical to the trade screen, except using a new medium-sized tile.

While I'm thinking about it, the M shortcut should probably go to the colony info screen from any screen, instead of switching between colony info and trade.

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