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 on: Today at 09:59:19 AM 
Started by neptix - Last post by TJJ
@neptix What platform are you playing on?

Do you have additional input devices or controllers connected?

 on: Today at 09:37:05 AM 
Started by Kahabut - Last post by SCC
Everything in storage of that colony is lost.

 on: Today at 09:03:58 AM 
Started by Megas - Last post by Megas
Re: Sensors
The best part of sensors is Neutrino Detector, and that ability's best use is finding a hidden pirate base in a huge system like Penelope's Star.  I do not like Neutrino Detector as implemented, but I cannot deny its usefulness.  There were times I had a hard time finding a pirate base, and if I did not abuse game reloads, Neutrino Detector would have been very handy for base searching.

Sensors 2 is hilariously good with pure phase fleets.  Going Dark with such a fleet is normally 150 profile, but it becomes 50-something with Sensors 2.  Sneaking into Culann or Sindria to raid and steal blueprints almost becomes a snap with Sensors 2.  (Hiding after luring patrols away is easy with very small profile.)  But like Industry, this is pre-endgame since player should eventually get all of the blueprints after raiding long enough.  Once endgame rolls around, player should be powerful and wealthy enough to not need stealth.

For colony skills taken by player to have any long-term use, alpha cores need to have some meaningful drawback or limitations.  Pather cells working again might deter me, but probably not others.  Currently, the only event resembling a drawback for core use is inspections that are easily bribed away.  The bigger threat from inspections is missing the alert and have cores stolen by Hegemony unexpectedly because default response is "comply".

P.S.  I do not want Sensors to be a skill tax like Navigation 3 is.  Electronic Warfare 1 just to get basic EW defense is already plenty.

Also, the increased ship quality idea is a good one, especially if an alpha core cannot get that skill/perk.

I want to get colony skills myself and not rely on cores (because I want to rule a large self-sufficient empire without AI help), but the game heavily punishes me if I do this (by robbing me of twelve skill points better spent elsewhere) instead of farming and abusing alpha cores.

 on: Today at 09:00:46 AM 
Started by neptix - Last post by Alex
Edit:  I have to reduce the resolution as well as uncheck the fullscreen button, otherwise it does fullscreen anyway, with ensuing problems.

If you run at native resolution with fullscreen unchecked, it'll run in windowed mode but without borders, so it'll look like fullscreen while still being windowed. But since you still get the same issue, apparently it's not 100% caused by being in fullscreen mode... hmm.

Can you try running the game in administrator mode? Nothing has really changed in the game as far as handling input, so this seems like it would have to be something related to your system. I'd look at whatever other programs you have running, and then see if turning them off helps. Also, if you haven't tried this already: a reboot would be a good thing to try. As would running the game in compatibility mode for windows 7.

 on: Today at 09:00:02 AM 
Started by Kahabut - Last post by vorpal+5
If I settle a colony then lose it, what happens to ships in storage? Same question for fuel?

 on: Today at 08:31:48 AM 
Started by Megas - Last post by Dexy
Sensors needs to be a little more useful in combat. It would be nice if there was a deeper electronic warfare specialization that required more skill investment, and sensors would be a good fit.

Industry could use a skill that increases the quality of produced ships. It can lose some d-mod and salvaging related skills in my opinion.

 on: Today at 07:28:22 AM 
Started by Megas - Last post by Megas
Simply put, it is a bit of a pain to deal with if I want to block out undesirable hulls like most of pirate pack.  You may think all you need to do is click all of what you want and it uses just that right?  Maybe.

For ships, it seems like I need to click at least one hull of each size.  Afterwards, I need to go through each sub-category of Warship, Carrier, Phase, and Civilian and make ship at least one ship type is checked to block out unwanted hulls.  On top of that, civilian may be sub-divided by tankers and cargo haulers.  I need to make sure I have a tanker and hauler checked, if I do not want the very slow Atlas and Prometheus slowing down my patrols.  Then, there are some ships that may fit into more than one category, and they are not always immediately obvious.  For example, Gemini.  It is a hauler AND a carrier, but the screen only makes it clear that Gemini is a carrier.  It is nice that I can replace civilian haulers with Gemini, but on the other hand, I do not want too many Gemini if I want mostly carriers; I want the other dedicated combat carriers like Drover or Heron instead.

I have no idea how weapon priority works for ships.  Do they replace weapons on default loadouts?  If I want custom loadouts with weapons I like on my ships, is that all handled by autofit.  Do I need to delete default autofits and replace with custom autofits if I want to produce ships with those weapons pre-installed?  Currently, I use weapon priority primarily to arm battlestations (so they use Tachyon Lances instead of Autopulse Lasers), but I would like to change the default weapons my ships get after Heavy Industry produces them.  Is that handled by priority or custom loadouts from Autofit?

Fighters seem a bit easier to observe.  Like hulls, I guess they are divided between bombers and non-bombers, and work from there.

 on: Today at 07:05:51 AM 
Started by Megas - Last post by Megas
What skills the player should be most interested in if he looks down the line and wants the best for endgame play.

Combat is where things are at.  Players probably want to be at least as powerful as a level 20 officer.  Detailed skill analysis has been done elsewhere and not really the point of this topic, and nearly all have their niche or use, except Helmsmanship 3.  Helmsmanship 3 is useless because moving at zero-flux speed with shields up only works when there is no combat and no need for shields.

Leadership has some useful skills or necessities.  Command and Control enables an unconventional playstyle.  Officer Management is one of the most powerful combat skills if you can deploy your whole fleet somehow.  Fleet Logistics does several very useful things even if the colony bonuses are ignored.  Coordinated Maneuvers removes the need to capture Nav points.  Carrier skills are combat skills for fighters.  Odd one out is Planetary Operations, which while good, is mostly colony stuff that is free with an alpha core.  Raiding bonuses are nice, but unnecessary for stealing blueprints - just get more marines.  Your character may not want everything here, but some, like Officer Managment and Fleet Logistics, are among the best for everyone.  The only one that is really unnecessary is Planetary Operations is because while useful, you can get the colony benefits for free with alpha cores.

Technology is a mix of powerful combat or other vital skills whose usefulness has been explained elsewhere.  Sensors is the weakest link, but even that skill has some use.

Industry skills seem mostly those that deal with problems that go away by endgame.  Safety Procedures is the only one that seems endgame worthy if one wants to E-Burn frequently or exploit lowered malfuction thresholds.  The rest of its bonuses apply to crew and clunkers.  Crew, you can easily buy more than you need, and for clunkers, you do not need them at endgame when you can afford and build as many pristine ships as you want.  Recovery Operations, the only perk that could be useful late is the one less (D) mod that sometimes lets your pristine ships that were disabled stay pristine when recovered.  Field Repairs is convenient, but nothing that more money cannot solve.    You do not need Salvaging by endgame after you have found every blueprint in the game.  It might help find more special items, but the skill is usually not needed, and raiding core worlds for the item is a last resort.  Colony Management and Industrial Planning are very useful, except it is better to abuse more and more AI cores that can be farmed and have Industrial Planning and other skills, than get the skills yourself.

In short, skills or perks to avoid when seeking maximum endgame power, and why:
  • Helmsmanship 3.  The perk is simply useless.
  • Colony skills aside from Fleet Logistics. Free from alpha cores, cores are safe to use (thanks Pather bug), and theoretically unlimited cores may be farmed by those who can smash Ordos fleets.
  • Other Industry skills.  Their perks become progressively less useful as player acquires more income and loot, then be able to easily afford and casually replace anything lost by endgame.

 on: Today at 04:40:46 AM 
Started by Deshara - Last post by TJJ
Minigames are bad. But often optional and ignorable.
Minigames that are gates to actual content are awful.

'Warscore' is one of my (incredibly sujective) pet hates. And the reason I bounced off Stellaris (and every other paradox mapgame) hard.
If I'm playing an empire game and end up in a war, the rules are as follows:
  • Take what I can
  • Give nothing back
Being forced to specify what you want to take beforehand, and then give back the rest is utterly baffling to me in a game.
It's one of those fun > "realism" things.
THIS^ You keep what you kill! This, war weariness and forced peace treaties is why I just can't get into Stellaris. I came to fight space battles, blow s*** up and take over the universe! Not sit on my paws and kiss political a**

It makes sense in settings where there is an overarching legal framework within which all rulers operate; i.e. 'rules of war'.
The 'game' them becomes focussed on the politics & intrigue behind acquiring the necessary claims & CBs to enact the wars you desire.

That's why ck2 is such a great game, and one of the reasons why Stellaris is such a dismal failure.
It's also why everyone will eventually outgrow Civ & Total War games.

If only Stellaris had been set in the Dune universe.....

 on: Today at 02:54:05 AM 
Started by Nicke535 - Last post by Dark.Revenant
Ah, the good 'ol myth of const.

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