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News: New blog post: Revisiting the Economy (01/03/18); Starsector 0.8.1a is out!
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 on: Today at 08:47:02 PM 
Started by McSpiffy - Last post by TaLaR
From what I've seen on videos actually piloting a ship looks nowhere near as fun as it is in SS. Just collision-less jousting and pixel-hunter style shooting.

 on: Today at 07:49:04 PM 
Started by Azmond - Last post by Lakis
Year 253-01-02
I’ve come to the comely little fortress in search of my adopted brother, the catman known as Azmond, and as a human have found my presence to be… Tolerated at best.

However, it seems that they trust me enough that I’m allowed to stay and make myself useful. I think I shall start Smoothing the pathways of the living quarters and making the place look a little more polished. It’ll be hard work, but I think that can be done…

I’ve heard the others talk of making a large storage area for the Smithers to have their ore near-by, but we’ll see what happens… The place is more akin to a colony of ants that talk rather than a Monarchy that the dwarves normally practice in their Moutainhomes…

Year 253-02-06

A horrid smell wafts across the land as dwarves come running into the fortress, “The goblins are here, they’re here!”


The Force was massive, and the stank of unwashed goblin, beak dog, and troll gagged those who didn’t have the stomach for it. I wretched as I looked upon them form the fortress ramparts… “Aye… Th’y ‘ere…”

The dwarves too far out were shut out of the fortress, swarmed and mutilated in short order. Our traps worked and the murderpit performed, the thing is full of the horde as they try to get within the fortress. Creatures are caged in traps meant for the local fauna, and after a few days or weeks... I can't recall...

Nothing. They died in the murder pit, the weremoose driven to transform at the scent of blood...

That's honestly all that's been recorded since then...

The month after, I've gotten a tavern steup in the surface of the fortress reserved for the normies, I've started a number of massive Smoothing and Mining Projects, and I've started work on a Library...

My time as Over-Dwarf of Nokgolrith has been short and full of activity, but I feel that my time is best spent doing my work in the forges. There was also a dwarf who was hit with a mysterious mood, but nothing of great note came of it... Just a Cross-bow club combo, nothing more...

Below is a link to the album I've made recording the state of the Fortress at this time.


There's likely more I've forgotten, but I don't have the time or inclination to honestly keep persuing the game at this time. Heck, I barely manage to touch Star sector or any other game...

 on: Today at 07:43:36 PM 
Started by Dark.Revenant - Last post by DrakonST
Mr. Dickerson fleets it is fantastic! Hordes of mad pirates in in fight which lasted hour, wow!
In a stage 10 I have counted at the enemy of 196 ships, and then I have destroyed all of this, and it was astounding.It is amusing that I used for this purpose the same piracy ships.
Thanks Dark.Revenant for the this feature for fights with such enemy! It was mind-blowing!

 on: Today at 06:54:51 PM 
Started by Rap1d - Last post by FreedomFighter
Well, that remind me how many time i wasted flying around trying to find a ship i want to beef my fleet up. I wouldn't mind if i'm allow to browse all related market on that faction and place buy order on it and has the ship store right there, waiting for me to go pick it up. I don't mind flying across the galaxy if i know i'm going to get my stuff but go there blind with just hope that it will sell a ship i want? No. Kinda reminded me on how Eve Online market work.

 on: Today at 11:50:41 AM 
Started by andre2 - Last post by xenoargh
Lol, yeah, indeed.  Truth is, even most modern ship weapons use autoloaders of some kind.

 on: Today at 11:34:05 AM 
Started by McSpiffy - Last post by xenoargh
WTF is still a demonstration that building a tech idea (completely modifiable 2D ships where all the parts are meaningful) is completely different than making it Fun.  Reassembly did pretty much the same thing, but it had a good-enough core game design and premise; there was something to do and meaningful goals (especially building epic death-fleets to inflict on random people online, lol).  

I’ll be the first to say that WTF has gotten better than the first time I played it, where it was a poorly-optimized mess.  But it’s still not very fun, because the mechanics are still broken if you even slightly care about optimizing your designs; it remains fun in theory but largely a drama-less chore to play (and the Blueprint barrier didn’t help, it just added grind).

 on: Today at 11:19:10 AM 
Started by Rap1d - Last post by xenoargh
Besides, compared to a lot of other games that require "grinding" to progress, Starsector is pretty lax. It's not like you get stonewalled by this one thing you have to find to level up and continue. If you're looking for one single particular ship, then fine, I wish you luck, but it's not like the hunt for that has to stop progression of any other goals you have in the game (as with certain other grindy games).

And, if you want one more point: Finding cool and rare ships as either salvagable derelicts or in markets, and not knowing what's going to be available until you get there, is part of the fun of the game. It's the same reason people like random maps in Roguelike games and such - or even Random Core Worlds in Nexerelin. The moment you get frustrated* or lazy during a hunt for a specific ship, and feel the need to resort to "throwing money at it", I worry that you've removed that aspect of enjoyment from the game. I too look for specific ships sometimes, and if I was able to just say "screw it, I'll just pay some extra credits and get it now", I would worry that doing that would lose me a huge amount of playtime.

* Incidentally, when I say "you get frustrated and remove that aspect of enjoyment" I'm referring to how frustration often chases away enjoyment, with the implication that you might not be doing the right thing. If you're hunting for that ship and getting frustrated at being unable to find it - and as such not enjoying the play experience - then my recommendation is simple: Stop searching for that ship and do something else.
I do not agree with any of this.  Perhaps I would decades ago, but not today.

Grinding is lax compared to Diablo II and perhaps other modern games, but it still does not make the grinding any less taxing.

During the pre 0.8 days, I got sick of Tri-Tachyon shops stocking Hammerhead after Hammerhead, when every other market sells low-tech/midline.  THE high-tech faction kept selling low-tech frigates and midline junk (and Hammerhead was awful before 0.8 ), aside from the obligatory Odyssey or Paragon.  If I wanted a Tempest or Hyperion, the easiest way to get one was to attack a Tri-Tachyon fleet (either proper or pirate-in-name-only deserter), and save-scum that battle for about an hour (due to terrible boarding chances) until I successfully board it.  (The save-scum deterrence in some later versions only lengthened the time to get a ship, and it was still the fastest way.  It was much like farming Mephisto or other Diablo II drop boss while wearing mostly magic-find equipment.)

Today, I am sick of arming most of my ships with stuff I can readily find at Open Markets (Mortars, Arbalests, Mark IX) or the handful of Black Market staples (like LAGs and Pulse Lasers).

Then... when NPC factions can use as many rare ships and weapons as it wants, and I cannot, even when I have enough money to buy an entire market and then some, it gets more irritating.  Ever since 0.8 switched to ship recovery, I am able to acquire Tempests (and other ships) far more easily than I used to.  At least most ships are easy to acquire provided I am willing to suffer (D) mods on them (because restoration is very expensive).  Weapons, on the other hand, are generally harder to replace than ships.

I do not bat an eye at reloading the game as soon as a lose a rare ship or weapon, which before 0.8 was nearly everything (aside from some frigates and Hammerheads).  I call that saving time.  Means I do not need to spend days rebuilding a character.  Today, if I lose a clunker with open market weapons, I do not care and continue with the game, although I get tired of having my entire fleet be said clunkers.  As soon as I lose my elite flagship, an undamaged ship (that I cannot buy), or a ship that needs rare weapons to work, it is an instant reload.
I agreed with every word of this.  Grinding is bad game design; ideally we’d find ourselves in positions where, on Easy, we can buy / build everything we want pretty easily, on Normal, we’d find ourselves under some time pressure and unable to cherry-pick without knowing the game well, and on Hard, we’d have to find optimal paths or have unusually-high arcade skills.  From Alex’s response, that looks like how he’s thinking;  I think that’ll work.

 on: Today at 07:11:50 AM 
Started by Nicke535 - Last post by Nicke535
Update time!

Download the Crystanite version 1.10a for Starsector 0.8.1a
Requires LazyLib
Supports Nexerelin and Combat Chatter

This update will break saves

So, new version. I have finally gotten around to fixing campaign generation properly, so from now on EzFaction and Nexerelin are no longer required (though Nexerelin is of course still supported). The main focus of this version is new mechanics in the campaign, and also introduces support for Combat Chatter. Other than that, there is a large amount of balance being done, and some old issues related to hullmods are finally being ironed out. More specific details are contained in the spoilers.

This will also be the first version to be posted on the Discord chat (though it might take a short while for it to appear).

Full changelog at the bottom of the post.


One of my personal favorite additions to Nexerelin was battlestations. The Crystanite now has a station to call their own, with a full arsenal of weapons and a powerful main cannon which, while slow and inaccurate, can kill smaller ships in a single burst.

Note that these stations currently only appear in Nexerelin campaigns.

Combat Chatter

The Crystanite now has their own dialogue in combat if Combat Chatter is also installed. Not all that amazing, but I find it nice for the atmosphere of the mod.

Hullmods from skills

The recent version of Starsector added support for partial merging of skill files. What this means is that mods can now add some content (though not all kinds of content) to campaign skills without breaking compatibility with other mods.

For the Crystanite, this means that some hullmods can now be unlocked from certain skills, rather than only being purchased. This means that there are now more options for unlocking their hullmods, and also means that many otherwise useless skills for Crystanite ships become slightly better options.

Full changelog:
Version 1.10a : Drifting Crystal
*Re-added and completely reworked campaign generation: no longer requires Nexerelin or EzFaction (still supports Nexerelin and Corvus mode)
*Added the Redemption, the first Crystanite Station (currently only appears in Nexerelin)
*Some Crystanite hullmods are now acquired from Character Skills
*Several new variants have been added: Crystanite fleets should now have more variety
*Added custom personalities to Crystanite when using Combat Chatter (works most of the time, some officers in nexerelin seems to be bugged)
*Added support for Combat Chatter mechanics such as boss ships and missile ammo warnings
*Added some special mechanics when using Nexerelin
*Added the White Dwarf Overload system, which converts the firerate bonus on WD cannons into a damage bonus
*Added AI support for the Rebirth's Phoenix System
*All "Relay" hullmods now have increased range on larger hullsizes (+50% on cruisers, +100% on capitals)
*Crystanite (D) ships now only splits apart 30% of the time (non-D ships still break apart 100% of the time)
*Changed some minor mechanics in the new version of Nexerelin (fleet names etc)
*Changed the damage decals for Crystanite ships, and slightly changed vent color
*Changed the sound effect for the Lumio and PD-37 cannon
*The Splitter Shard launcher has new behavior
*The Worker and Grower now uses the new White Dwarf Overload system
*Minor adjustments to the Active Armor ship system: it is now cooldown-based rather than a toggle
*Slightly improved AI for some ship systems
*Reduced the OP costs of practically all Crystanite hullmods by around 30%
*Heavy Drone shard launcher damage down to 50 (from 75), firerate increased to compensate (DPS unchanged)
*Splitter shard launcher damage from 100 x 10 to 50 x 20 (total damage unchanged)
*Seeder flux capacity up to 7000 (from 3500)
*Lumen flux capacity down to 7500 (from 15000), dissipation down to 250 (from 500), turn rate halved
*Lumio Cannon flux-per-second down to 700 (from 1300) and damage-per-secong down to 300 (from 600)
*Communion relay ECCM-capability up to 50% (from 30%)
*Storm cannon accuracy drastically improved
*Removed the Hail cannon in its entirety; it was simply uneccessary, doing nothing in most situations
Bug Fixes:
*Fixed Drones, Heavy Drones and Cargo drones very rarily spawning in markets (they should not be bought that way in the first place)
*You can now properly equip the Melter and Modulator Maledict rewirings and the Heavy Drone Bay
*The Haystack now correctly displays the additional beams it fires as a buff, rather than a debuff

 on: Today at 01:30:42 AM 
Started by Igncom1 - Last post by Igncom1

Time to use some stolen goods!  Cool

 on: January 22, 2018, 09:09:04 PM 
Started by AxleMC131 - Last post by AxleMC131
How rare is the Sturmovik (S) supposed to be? I have been playing with the mod for awhile but I have never been able to find one in the campaign.

How rare? Very rare.

It definitely spawns - I've seen it spawn in a Scavenger fleet myself during testing - but it's extremely hard to come by. If you find one, consider yourself extremely lucky!  Grin

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