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I'm not seeing it. Not even a #CantBeUnseen. If anything it looks like a droid with a tall head. If that looks phallic to you pretty much everything long with a rounded end must look phallic.

F1 already pops a tooltip on goods. Just have it pop a tooltip with the planets data on it.

General Discussion / Trading AI for rep
« on: September 21, 2019, 01:56:20 PM »
Hey all, I have decided to dump a bunch of spare gama cores for rep, but I am unsure how to go about doing that. The faction I am trading with is hostile (-100), so I have to trade with them with no transponder, and that means I do not seem to get the rep boost from dumping AI cores on their open market. Is there a way around that? I have also tried talking to their administrators, but I have no options other than to just close the com link. Any advice would be great.

General Discussion / Re: Quick Load
« on: September 20, 2019, 11:26:55 PM »
Exit to the main menu does not remove a quickload point?

General Discussion / Quick Load
« on: September 20, 2019, 11:00:57 PM »
Is there a reason the quick load does not work from within a battle? I just went through 30 minutes of watching my fleet get torn apart (ambushed by 3 superfleets as soon as I went through a jump point) with zero possibility of disengaging. I tried fighting, retreating, and eventually had to settle for letting the battles destroy every last ship in 3 successive fights. Sad thing is I knew I lost as soon as I got jumped, but I had no way to reload since F9 does not work in the battle screens. There needs to be a way to exit a battle without loosing a quick-save.

But the high tariffs basically mean it is nearly impossible to make a profit doing legal trading. You need to trade at a nearly 100% profit margins just to break even (30% both coming and going).

(simple math time. At 30% tariffs 100 credits worth of good costs 130 credits to purchase. But now need to make over 130 credits to make a profit on the sale, and to get 130 credits in return means you need to sell the goods for ~190 credits with a 30% loss on the sale. In effect you need to sell 100 credits worth of goods for 190 credits just to break even.)

Legal trading should be a viable gameplay option. Yes it should still be less profitable than illegal trading, but that comes with increased security for your reputation. Legal trading should be fairly profitable so long as you put in the work to maintain high rep with all the factions you trade with (and not all factions have a military market, at least that I know of). So long as the tariff is fixed at 30% (again, at both ends!) legal trading will never be viable as anything but a way to build rep. This may be all well and good if you are in the doghouse for that faction, but they should not be looking to screw you so much if you are friendly with them.

Suggestions / Re: Resource management sucks
« on: September 20, 2019, 12:55:51 PM »
Having a variety of generic "trade goods" that serve no other purpose for the player is 100% fine, but I definitely think a lot of the various materials need more uses. Here are my ideas for how things should change:

  • Supplies: Still used for pretty much all ship activities. should still be used for survey work, but should be significantly toned down for use in colony construction.
  • Fuel: Still used for travel, though I think the "munitions" use should be rethought and expanded, maybe requiring the fuel to be modified first?
  • Crew: Working as intended, no need to change.
  • Marines: used for raids. Working as intended.
  • Heavy Machinery: Works fine.
  • Metals: Use should be expanded. Metals should be required for major repair work on ships (i.e. recovering hull hip points, removing dmods etc.). This should also be required to establish a colony.
  • Transplutonics: similar to metals these should be expanded to be used in major ship maintenance. This could be another balance factor with ships, as some of them may require more TPs to recover from damage than others.
  • Volatiles: This should be expanded to more use types, other types of scanners, and maybe be required to make the munitions grade "fuels"
  • Food: You should need a lot of this to establish a colony.
  • Domestic Goods: In addition to food both these types of goods should be able to help a player "buy" stability for their colonies, instead of it being just a straight up cash transaction. You would need to "invest" them in a 5:3:1 or 3:2:1 ratio (food:domestic:luxury), with more needed for each point of stability as your population increases and with increasingly diminishing returns as you try to buy more and more stability.
  • Luxury Goods: *notes above*
  • Drugs: Drugs can be used to buy a temporary increase in production from a specific facility in a colony, at the expense of stability. (players could take advantage of increased market demand to boost colony profits, or simply produce a needed material faster. increased production lasts for one month or so, but the stability decrease takes longer to wear off, to prevent to player from using the mechanic 100% of the time)
  • Harvested Organs: Used as an alternative to currency as a way to "buy" increased population growth rates. It is significantly more effective than attempting to increase pop growth through the use of cash to encourage immigration, but comes at the cost of stability.
  • Heavy Armaments: You should be able to use these to *make* marines from crew.
  • Ore: Generic trade good, is fine as-is.
  • Organics: Generic trade good, is fine as-is.
  • Transplutonic Ore: Generic trade good, is fine as-is.
  • Volturnian Lobsters: Generic trade good, is fine as-is.

Another way to view this is:

  • To run ships you need: crew, fuel, supplies
  • To repair ships you need: supplies, metal and TP
  • To survey/salvage you need: supplies, heavy machinery, crew (volatilizes for various specialized scanners)
  • To set up a colony you need: crew, heavy machinery, food, metal (maybe a small amount of supplies)
  • To run a colony you can use: food, domestic/luxurey goods, drugs, organs (these will still be required to fill the basic needs of the colony too)
  • To set up satellites you need: metal, heavy machinery, TP
  • To attack a colony you need: marines, fuel, volitiles

I also think you should be able to make setting up industries on colonies cheaper by pumping various materials into them. This would of course need to be roughly the equivalent cost on the open market for balance reasons, but means if you are diligent about hoarding your goods you can use those in lieu of dumping them for cash to buy the industry (saving a step for the player).

I am sure someone has though of this before, but tariffs should be tied to faction rep. The higher your rep at that market the lower the tariffs should be.

Another thing I would like to see is the ability to bribe your way into an open market after coming in secretly. This would let you get full reputation for trading there "openly" while still letting you come in secretly. Maybe instead of seeing a greyed out "open market" button you instead got a "talk to the port authority" button instead. That would open up a interface that lets you talk to the various station administrators and lets you offer them bribes. Some would be more loyal than others (to either you or their faction), and your individual reputation with them would also impact the price and success rate. Successful bribes would build your rep with that administrator, but not with the faction. This means you could be super friendly with an administrator, even if you are at war with that faction. A failed bribe would immediately alerts all faction fleets in the vicinity of your ID, almost like you had just flashed your transponder on and off.

Expanding on the market access thing (and also something I suspect has been suggested), we should have a way to spoof our transponders, setting up alternative IDs. I am not sure if the best way to balance that would be to require a "spoofer" module on each ship, or if it should be a fleet level skill for the player, but the general principle is you would have access to a number of different IDs to build reputation under. There would always be a risk that these IDs would get associated, with negative reputational consequences, but this would let you maintain the ability to trade with factions your real ID was not on friendly terms with. This would obviously need to include things like being able to see the reputation of each ID with all the various faction, and which IDS they know are associated with each other. Such a mechanic may even allow you to spoof IDS that belong to a specific faction, letting you seed hostilities under a false flag (though it should obviously be very difficult and unreliable to get and use such IDs).

Suggestions / Re: Combining multiple debris fields into one.
« on: September 20, 2019, 11:19:51 AM »
+1 on the merge debris fields. It could work where each debris entity simple consolidates all the overlapping risk/reward metrics, and even if you have partially mined out a field adding to it with newly destroyed fleets simply updates those metrics by adding them to the existing leftover metrics.

As far as the interface mechanics goes, we should get a slider that shows how much risk we are willing to take, with more risk pulling more "richness" out of the field, at the expense of risking more of your tools/crew. As the slider goes up your % recovery goes up, but so too does the crew and tools you have to commit to the action, all of which are at risk for loss. There should also be some kind of indicator for the size of the expected recovery, like maybe a "you expect to recover 100 units of materials (all kinds)" so you can know if a particular field is even worth your time. Even better, put the field "size" in units on the map view (larger fields with more recoverables return a larger radar signature).

General Discussion / Best way to get in good with Pirates?
« on: September 20, 2019, 08:32:25 AM »
Hi all, I am starting a a colony system with 4 planets, and I am starting to see pirate raids. I am also trying to get in good with the pirates so they are more inclined to leave me alone. Currently I am doing this via basic trading, but that basically only cancels out for the rep hits I get from killing raids. Is there a faster way to gain rep with them? I currently have to trade with them transponder off, since we are on pretty unfriendly terms, and that does not seem to get the full effect of the trade rep, even when using the open market.

so the question is how to I make them like me faster? I do not want to give them a bunch of plans or other advantageous gear, 'cause I still want to keep them from murdering other factions I want to keep around, so I want whatever I do to be as low impact as possible. Anyone have experience with this?

(100% vanilla game)

General Discussion / Re: 0.9.1a interesting seeds
« on: September 16, 2019, 09:34:28 AM »
Version: 0.9.1a-RC8
Mods: N/A (Pure Vanilla)
Seed: AN-6168866987343334196
Notes: Duzahk has a gas giant with subordinates sufficient to found a small empire. Enjoy
Just tested, this one also works with Nex (provided you haven't randomised the core). Not sure if there's even a possibility it wouldn't of, but I had spare time.

Another fun fact is that Dev mode changes the generation.
MN-0 pure vanilla has no moons around it's gas giant.
MN-0 in dev mode does.

That does not seem right, bug report maybe?

Ok, thanks. Wondering if any of the 3 Derelict Legions I found could have been mine :(

That is. . .  unfortunate. I recommend a new playthrough, preferably with the max fleet size increased to some number you will never hit.

Ok, that is still a manual intervention. I would rather it let me rout around a problem I can see from miles away ahead of time. While we are at it, a manual "yes, please just make the jump" would be great as well (if it does not already exist), maybe with options for selecting the preferred transponder state for various systems.

(in case it  is not becoming obvious, I am an AFK pilot, often watching or reading stuff on another screen for long-haul flights. Having to manually intervene all the time is somewhat annoying, especially when the fleet is burning supplies for no good reason while frolicking in the corona of a star) 

General Discussion / Re: Salvage exploit
« on: September 12, 2019, 08:36:04 AM »
oh, you need to repair ships before you sell them? Is that why I only get a few thousand credits for a ship that costs multiple tens of thousands to buy "new" when I bring them in? I may have to reevaluate the value of my massive flying scrap fleet in storage around my main colony. . .

setting a waypoint in another star system automatically takes you to the closest jump point that is not the sun. Almost everything you asked is already in game.

Maybe this is something I missed, but can you set multiple waypoints in a row? 'Cause that is what I need. Currently I set a destination in another system (as someone else suggested), but the problem is if the jump-point is on the other side of my current systems star my fleet tries to fly through the star to get there. If I could set a waypoint then a destination to go to after that then that is all I need (well, more intelligent pathfinding is a need too, but I can work around that by being able to set consecutive waypoints). So far whenever I try to set multiple waypoints in a row it just overrides the previous destination, so I have to manually pilot my fleet around obstacles one nav point at a time.

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