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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Painting the Stars (02/07/20); Updated the Forum Rules and Guidelines (02/29/20)

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Bug Reports & Support / Re: Micro stutters in campaign
« on: November 27, 2015, 04:00:50 AM »
I'm also having this issue after about 30 hours of gameplay, though I can 100% confirm that at the start of the game, it was frame capped at 60 all the time, no stutter. I can confirm I alt+tabb-ed a lot during these 30 or so hours.  Also I'm having huge space battles with no drop in framerate (old PC but works fine).

@Alex If you need another set of saves just mention and I will send them.

General Discussion / Re: Best Place to find Apogee?
« on: November 27, 2015, 02:38:08 AM »
Btw does anyone know the interval at which the markets refresh with da goods? So I can fly, kill some plebs then come back and check the market.

General Discussion / Re: Best Place to find Apogee?
« on: November 26, 2015, 10:04:40 AM »
Well, I found also in Nortia when I didn't have enough indie rep. Also missed a Paragon with 69 rep. Now I have 76 and only Onslaught and Eagles. I think Alex has some troll code in them markets....

General Discussion / Re: How to effectively raise Rep past welcoming
« on: November 26, 2015, 08:53:02 AM »
I must commend you my friend for choosing TT. I ended up being best friends with SinDik and Indies and there be no interesting ships to buy(except the onslaught). I would love the cruisers from TT or that Independent Bttlecruiser(forgot the name) which has strong broadsides.

I can confirm that as TT fighting Hege will increase your reputation if it's in their space/hyperspace. Imagine only doing bounties (as trade missions don't give rep past welcoming) to get to 75 rep.

But the fun is with the SUnder(s). I never had so much fun with a glass ship like this one. I almost don't even need that Apogee (it's a lie). I found about 2 very fun setups for it.

Yeah at this version f the game there isn't any way to stop the hatred unless (very very boring) you turn off and on your license plate in front of different patrols to lose some reputation with factions, only increasing one faction to max.

Currently I am the proud owner of 3 declarations of war (Try, Hege, Luds of Green) added on top is the pirate hate and the Luds of Light Green. So atm I'm really trying to find a Tachyon ship on the independents market OR GOD FORBID capture it (RNG all day e'ry day, no prablm). Also... waiting for bounties from the only 2 factions that luv me : Indies and SinDies.

The epic fleet battles are fun tho. And you find one very fast. Most of the time they find you. And it's good. Cuz I like lazors.

Aaand after some "serious" investigation in the "he killed too many pirates department" Hegemony hit me with almost 90 rep penalization. So I guess I have my Syndicate and Indies.

Not sure I trust myself to reply to Kzanu and Sordid, but here goes:

Games are very different. Tetris, Counterstrike, Starsector, etc. We all discover games that we like, and where we can see a lot of potential for growth. When those games develop in a direction we disagree with or dislike, we get disappointed. That is natural. Your criticism is welcomed, but please don't compare the game to tumors, that's uncalled for. Call it a mess if you think it is a mess, that's fine.

Personally, I find that the games that I like best have the 3 classical layers: Strategic, tactical and operational. For example: Total War, League of Legends, Starsector. Games that lack layers can be fun, but they are too simple to provide lasting fun. I think you will find this to be true for Starsector if you only play missions, never the campaign.

Right now Starsector is still undergoing heavy development with lots of changes. What we have today is geared towards supporting things that have not even been implemented yet, such as industry, meaningful faction warfare, and other goodies that will continue to have a massive effect on how the game plays.

Your comments makes me think that you loved SPAZ (I think we all did). If you haven't played it yet, go and have some fun with it. Then come back to Starsector when you want a game that is more complex, and you are ready to enjoy and appreciate the interaction between the strategy, tactics and execution.

Indeed I own SPAZ and really enjoyed it. Also almost all single player space games out there on the market (decent ones). I do understand that this game is designed with a purpose. Having played with the bounty system the guys explained, I made some fast cash and awesome battles and had a piece of fun. But. Again. Reputation goes up as you do the bounties, investigations start, now I'm hostile by 2 factions.

You have to admit that going in a faction space and repeatedly turning off the beacon as to keep reputation neutral after doing some bounty missions is pretty MEH as a gameplay solution.

Pls understand that this impacted pretty hard after basically playing a whole new game. It is purely nonsensical and fun destroying in this current implementation. Fun fact now my favorite faction (purple Syndicate) is investigating me because Hegemony faction gave me rep until 30 for some back to back close bounties. Can we at least have the investigations start around 40 rep?! An easily implementable temporary solution.


Overall I feel like the developer is out of ideas, so he's just cramming in filler. He made the really fun part, the space shooter, and now he's padding it out with stuff that just makes it more annoying rather than more interesting and challenging.

It's kinda the feeling I had after 1 year or so of not touching the game. I always declared war to all but one faction, due to the huge awesome battles when I went up in power; but now is incredible hard to find some ships, it's incredible hard to make that faction sell the ship to you, boarding is useless, and INVESTIGATION. In my opinion either investigations should start ONLY after you hit like a 2 mil net worth, or only in the final version, that uses this mechanic.

@Voyager I Thanks for the replies. I really don't have much time to read upon all the Starsector history. I can see the logic, but why isn't there a temporary ceiling (let's say you're worth over 1 or 2 million) before these investigations start?

Just saying, if the complexity and the unexplained mechanics keep going up and being all sneaky and unintuitive, I'm not seeing this game being a huge hit with new players. It will be like "Oh cool space battles maaaaan, let's play that game". Then they stare at the screen and get blasted by frigs at lvl 1. Then negative review. Repeat. I don't really get the investigation mechanic. Why is it in place??? Why does it hit you with such a huge loss of rep? Why is it in place? Why does it punish you for having a good relation with a faction that no one has any beef with?!? Is the game just trying to get more complex just for the sake of complexity?

Well, imagine me starting Starsector after 1 year:

- I try to farm some pirates -"Damn these pirates is sneaky. None to be found". Finally get a few and buy a Hammerhead.
- I get that small carrier/transport that look obscene and do some trading; getting a few wolves and officers after that. Alright!
- After buying a falcon, I feel like a big boy, and I start sucking up to Tachyon.
- When I did the trading/pirating hunt it was in a Syndicat sector.
- These investigations start from Tachyon, Hegemony and Ludd almost at the same time.
- No one was at war with Syndicate, so I'm like "OOk, maybe I traded something illegal, np, we cool bros". I keep kissing Tachyon ass, for the good stuff.
- Tachyon finds me guilty...OF *** WHAT SON?!?!?! and I lose around 40 or 50 rep. I barely had 20.
- "Ok let's bring the war to Tachyon". Find the next Tachyon detachment and engage. Get demolished at a level human decency does not exist- the tempest, phase and wolf frigate cheese is strong. My 5 lvl 15 officers fight like morons.
- "Ok let's find 6 dominators, fill them up with lrms then come back". Or better uninstall. Game increasingly not fun. Really really not fun anymore.

Btw. What bounties??? Pls explain the bounty mechanics to a guy who forgot everything.

Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.7a (In Development) Patch Notes
« on: April 30, 2015, 07:21:15 AM »
I'm just wondering how much until the release of 0.7.  I downloaded the game yesterday, played 5 hours just looking for comms from mercenaries (I've read the blog). Then I realized the patch didn't hit. Had to cry myself to sleep... :'(

Bug Reports & Support / Re: AI turns off shields early
« on: May 04, 2012, 05:46:39 PM »
I saw a similar thing with my AI controlled Aurora. When I outfitted it with burst pd's , as soon as the other ships stopped firing for a sec it would drop shields, then put them right back up. After I took out all pd's from it, the ship maintained shields up throughout 4 fights in a row.

Maybe it's related to the availability of pd weapons or burst pd.

General Discussion / Re: Great AI, keep it up
« on: May 04, 2012, 03:57:36 PM »
Just let me ask you a question: if you where to compare the Ai to a human, which one would you do it to? (I mean like child, adult, teenage, or Albert Einstein :D)

If I were to compare the AI to a human, I would say it's like a smart, cunning and sneaky teenager. I had a fight today where my awesomeEagle strayed from the pack a little; half of the destroyer herd just ganged up on him and finished him off. I didn't see that kind of pack AI before. The last AI just sent a few ships to each relay point, making it easier for you to go full fleet to one destination and finish those ships then go full fleet to the remaining ships. Now the ships move in a large pack, just sending a few fighter/frigate scouts.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong Alex, but did you include fighter escorting in the enemy AI??? Because today I saw some enemy Talons just buzzing around an Eagle, never leaving it's side.

PS2. I love the new Eagle/Falcons, and yeah, I can see you worked a ton improving the AI. Don't overdo it pls, because I lost 7 battles in a row to a smaller enemy fleet trying to capture a damn Paragon. That thing is a freekin beast with those damn pds now.

General Discussion / Great AI, keep it up
« on: May 04, 2012, 02:21:01 PM »
 To be honest I was kinda down a little because the rate of development seemed slow.Until I got the new version.
 The most significant change is indeed the AI. Played about 25 hours since launch, and I can really say that this is the most difficult standard AI I have ever met(an AI that doesn't get an unfair advantage). It's so challenging it feels like I'm playing another game. Fighters have been toned down a little, BURST PDs have been buffed(although the guardian is still weak and seems like it has some dmg issues) and now frigates fight really smart. Also loving the improved AI regarding missile usage. Would still like the full 100% on the increased ammo hull mod, because burst pds have insane flux usage, so it would compensate.

Great AI. Really epic AI Alex. Gonna get a few more copies at my next paycheck because of it.

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