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General Discussion / Re: Nanoforge
« on: September 30, 2019, 03:32:53 PM »
Yeah, I'd save one or two before I started selling them. Same for synchrotron cores.

General Discussion / Re: What's AI good and bad at?
« on: September 30, 2019, 03:20:37 PM »
Others have all made great points, but I'll add that in general in my experience the AI is both good and bad at kiting -- it seems like a binary where ~90% of the time, a fast ship will decide to kite slower ones, diving in for attacks and then retreating to vent/dissipate... But sometimes the AI seems to be like "eh f*** it" and flies a super fast ship right into the center of the enemy fleet. This, from the same ship with the same build and officer, in subsequent battles against the same basic enemy (e.g. pirates or Remnant).

It also tends to waste missiles on low value targets, or use too many/too few based on the defenses of a given target (like launching tons of sabots vs a frigate, or dropping reapers on a 0% flux Atlas Mk II. It's superhuman at aiming missiles though.

General Discussion / Re: Tutorial thoughts.
« on: September 30, 2019, 03:08:31 PM »
Opened this thread expecting to find some thoughts on how to improve the tutorial - which, to be fair, it certainly could be.

Thank you! <3

Literally the only place reasonable people get stuck is not realizing they need to quicksave in order to progress it. Everything else about it is perfect. There are plenty of guides online for the esoteric stuff (like colony optimization) and most of the fun in the game is with experimentation and exploration anyway.

General Discussion / Re: Take a rep hit for too much cargo!
« on: September 28, 2019, 03:02:05 PM »
Do scans remove AI cores anymore? I've noticed that they don't anymore, but I cannot find the version where it was changed.

I've been caught without any shielded holds and with tons of cores and never once had them removed, since 9.1.

Generally I'd love to see something more serious for being caught trading on the black market, like a credit fine equivalent to the tariffs you didn't pay on your last visit, or something like that. Some kind of risk to go with the massive 30% reward of black market trades.

General Discussion / Re: Take a rep hit for too much cargo!
« on: September 27, 2019, 11:52:46 PM »
If anything the penalties for black market trade are pretty toothless. I never even consider the non-black markets, other than to check them for mods and weapons I want in the early game, or to buy out their fuel and supplies once my fleet has become a space locust swarm of capital ships devouring the supplies and fuel of every system I pass through. The worst thing that happens is a few points of rep here and there; easily made up by doing a few bounties or exploration missions here and there. I've been caught with suspicious amounts of cargo tons, and somehow I also always pass scans even with a dozen AI cores in my holds too. I generally don't ferry other contraband around for too long before selling or storing it.

General Discussion / Re: How do deal with shield fighter swams
« on: September 27, 2019, 01:13:19 PM »
ok thx i see the problem now flaks are really not that impressive vs shield fighters, and i tend to use smaller ships so that if they do get behind my ships i am in trouble, but bigger ships has less problem with that.

Basically -- think of fighters less as missiles and more as very weak and nimble frigates. You wouldn't rely on two vulcans to kill a Hound or three PD lasers to kill a Kite, so don't expect one of them to kill a fighter. Frag damage type is useful for things without shields and armor, so missiles, some of the weakest fighters without shields, and in special use cases, larger enemy ships after armor is stripped (locust is actually a decent finisher for this reason).

Non fragmentation PD is generally more expensive flux wise and OP wise when comparing on raw dps, though, so it can be useful to have a mix . Though generally I think everyone agrees that the burst PD laser is the best all around due to balanced damage type, high armor pen, reasonable flux ratio, accuracy, and range, even with a high-ish OP cost...

Suggestions / Re: Max ships in fleet limit. U.D. And ECM.
« on: September 26, 2019, 03:50:00 PM »
A big problem is that capitals are somewhat balanced around a low fleet cap to help make them efficient by the fleet slot measure, especially the logistics capitals. When you consider their role and impact on fleet speed, fuel, and sensor profile, anyway. No slot cap also makes weird 12 tug 20 base burn fleets possible uncomfortably feasible. I mean it's already possible but you'd eat up half your slots with tugs and Prometheuses to carry all the fuel which hurts it a lot more than its raw fuel cost does. 

This could obviously be fixed by just improving the efficiency of capitals and making tugs more expensive though.

Suggestions / Re: Going dark should require a double press if your IFF is on
« on: September 26, 2019, 03:39:42 PM »
That makes sense -- I was thinking your original post included when entering a system with it ok. Maybe a general transponder status reminder when transitioning between real and hyper space, regardless of its status and the method and direction of transition? Which could be turned off in the settings for players who were annoyed?

Currently PD just shoots whatever is closest. Which is horrible target prioritization outside of simpler cases.

Giving player option to configure PD fire priorities would provide optimal performance, but would probably be too powerful and in conflict with other design decisions (flares subvert PD fire control, spammy missiles providing cover to high value ones is at least partially intentional).

Agreed -- I wouldn't want it to have perfect prioritization, I'm just talking about ignoring anything not on a trajectory to hit the ship, and not turning toward the ship. Which leaves spam and flares useful but stops the PD from just looking dumb.

General Discussion / Re: Overrated (overpriced) ships
« on: September 26, 2019, 03:29:31 PM »
Agreed on the MkIIs. If they kept a little more of their heritage (a bit more cargo/fuel capacity -- Prometheus is kind of there but not enough for its DP cost) and maybe came with some thematic logistics mods (shielded holds?/augmented drive field?) then they would be nice. It's kind of unclear whether the player is really supposed to be using them. It seems like they'd be most appropriate as salvaged capitals for a midgame mixed exploration/smuggling/piracy fleet composition, but at that stage it's easier and better to spam Colossi, Phaetons, and a mix of Apogees/Hammerheads.

On the original topic, most overrated ship is obviously the Doom; fight me. It's not that it's bad, it's that it's not the second coming of Jesus Christ. Speaking overall regarding forum sentiment and how expensive and rare it is in game, that is. Obviously if you decide the competition is about sensor profile or AI performance against sim opponents or something else contrived then all bets are off.

Suggestions / Re: Going dark should require a double press if your IFF is on
« on: September 26, 2019, 08:44:59 AM »

... Should it be? I don't understand.

I wonder if some kind of little visual indicator around your fleet, like the fuel range indicator on the map, could be implemented that would have different graphical signals for:

1. Whether your transponder is on (some kind of gentle ping emanating from your fleet?)
2. Current detected at range (dim circle)
3. Current detection range (bright circle)

It would make figuring out the effect transponders plus sustained burn, terrain, going dark, etc. all have more intuitive for newbies, and the way it looks could also serve as a reminder about transponder status.

I second Plantissue's annoyance on all of my PD wasting flux and burst charges and opportunity cost vs other missiles to target missiles that not only aren't heading for any of my ships, but have actually already passed them and are moving away from them to the rear. It's like they're being paid by the rocket destroyed, not to minimize damage to my ship.

That said, the AI operating the PD would have to distinguish a salamander that flew past but will loop around from an annihilator that won't, so it's not as trivial  as it kind of feels to the player.

Suggestions / Crew Morale and Specialization
« on: September 19, 2019, 07:21:25 PM »
This has probably been suggested a million times, but...

I've been thinking I'd love some kind of morale mechanic for my crew. If I lose a fight and run, or prey on weaker fleets, I don't think my men would respect me as much as if I won against larger fleets and fought defensively. Also, I think they might get *** if I eject half of them in the middle of a neutron star system because I picked up extra crew from a derelict but didn't feel like paying their salaries for the rest of my exploration circuit. Or if I hire a bunch of crew and then turn around and blow up the station I hired them from. Or if I keep them right around a skeleton crew level because I'm a cheap bastard, so they never get to take any R&R because they have to work 12 hour shifts to keep their ship combat ready. Obviously they already leave if I don't pay them, but I'd like the ability to pay them more and increase their loyalty, so they'd stick with me through the hard times. Seems like morale could get involved in all these places.

Of course, if I embarrassed myself as a fleet commander and my crew no longer respected me, I could fix it by firing them all and rehiring a new crew, but that's already expensive due to existing systems in the game. I know Starsector used to have more detailed crew mechanics and simplified them (crew experience) but they feel oversimplified and commoditized. But I feel like morale could be abstracted and be a good way to provide feedback to the player choices above.

Secondarily, some more distinctions between crew types would go a long way -- for a game where the item types are divided between supplies and food, ore and transplutonic ore and metal and transplutonic metal, luxury and domestic goods, etc. for all space crew to be a single undifferentiated item seems a little weird. Why not fighter pilots, mechanics, and bridge crew? Pilots might cost a lot more salary and be rare because they have an incredibly crappy job. But maybe I just want some kind of impossible HR management sim in my space WWII gunboat game and I'm weird...

General Discussion / Re: am i playing the wrong way ?
« on: September 19, 2019, 07:00:37 PM »
As others have said, lots of people just like combat, and for some reason some superhuman individuals who post online seem to be able to fly ships around. I am a player who is truly awful at flying ships and I exclusively use autopilot (press U during battle), but I like the game a lot (including combat). I'd suggest treating combat like a puzzle where most of the work is done in experimenting with which ships and loadouts are most effective (in the autopilot's hands), which fleet compositions you can beat and which to emergency burn away from, and how to use the tactical command screen to help keep your AI ships from getting themselves killed by failing to focus fire, etc. It takes a while to get good at intuiting which fights to take and which ships to deploy in battle, but you can always save and reload if fights go poorly.

This thread, this feeling, so much. I was loving this game until I made a colony. I loved every aspect of the early and mid game -- smuggling and bounty hunting and running from big pirate and [redacted] fleets, using and then dumping commissions to get the ships I want, learning which fits and fleets I like, etc.

But now that I have a colony, I'm kind of done with this playthrough (maybe that's the point? get the player to realize the game is over and there's no point playing when your colonies crap out Paragons for you every couple of months?). I've ended more pirate lives than Woodes Rogers and scurvy combined, because with a handful of colonized systems I'm just flying back and forth from pirate base to pather base over and over. It's still an awesome game and the endgame/colonies mechanics just taught me that where I find my fun is in the early/midgame. But once I get a handful of capital ships and can fight off pretty much anything, the only thing left is starting a colony and then playing pirate/pather whackamole and babysitting my colonies protect their precious nanforges/synchrotrons/ai cores from the relentless onslaught of every other faction because I had the gall to mine ore and produce fuel. It kind of breaks immersion -- these guys are dying by the thousands and throwing away tens of millions of credits worth of ships, and never succeeding on a single raid/terrorist attack? Where the heck are they coming from? Why are their leaders throwing away so much? Why not be like, ok, I guess a fleet of death star paragons is a little much for our 10^3 pirate base, let's go back to raiding Nova Maxios again.

I wish more mods went into adding depth/variety to and extending the exploration, salvage, smuggling, and "just scraping by in a rag-tag fleet" feel of early and mid-game. Some kind of Homeworld/BSG mode where there are few markets and the player goes from place to place salvaging what they can, moving on and fleeing from usually-stronger enemy fleets would be awesome. It would also create way more fleet variety by forcing the player into suboptimal fleet/fit choices that I feel like people just bypass right now because money is so easy to come by once you get how smuggling works. I guess I could also just force myself to stick to some kind of theme, like "no colonies" or "low-tech only."

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