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News: Starsector 0.9a is out! (11/16/18); In-dev patch notes for 0.9.1a (01/31/19)
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1  Starsector / Modding / Re: Domain Drones? on: April 16, 2019, 03:07:36 PM
When I played vanilla, I would see domain probes very commonly, especially if I took exploration missions as the majority of them wanted you to go to some.

However, in my current game after installing multiple mods, including Tyrador, DME, Unknown Skies, and Nexerelin which might affect the fringe the most, I have yet to see a single domain probe/ship/mothership even after exploring half the sector. Of course it might also just be bad luck, but I think one of these mods, or any others that affect fringe generation, might have something to do with it.
2  Starsector / General Discussion / Re: 20 Drovers vs Pirate Starbase and 26 Doom Fleets, 616 ships destroyed, no losses on: April 15, 2019, 04:38:40 AM
Yeah, that's almost certainly the case - should be fixed for .1 (thanks to goduranus' earlier report), but I'll take another look.

Assuming that the enemy actually was sending in its forces piecemeal to be picked apart, does this also solve the issue of a player-less spark drover fleet being so powerful for its ease of use or are the drovers still able to overpower so many enemy ships without needing escorts?
3  Starsector / General Discussion / Re: 20 Drovers vs Pirate Starbase and 26 Doom Fleets, 616 ships destroyed, no losses on: April 12, 2019, 07:11:58 AM
Although I will be adding my own thoughts here, please bear in mind that this is someone that prefers to pilot carriers/supercarriers as the flagship in a carrier centric fleet. Honestly, I was pretty excited when 0.8 rolled around and Alex announced the new mechanics for fighter control that wasn't "Mass tons of fighters with a few hangers and watch them wolfpack them down."

Generally, fighters do better against frigates and destroyers while bombers are better against cruisers, capitals, and starbases. Another unmentioned reason that fighters are strong are because of the AIs tendency to deploy all small ships first before the larger ones. This leaves nothing but separate frigate and destroyer fodder to be quickly run through before the less DP efficient enemy caps and cruisers show up lacking any support and getting worn down.

The video also shows the main advantage of fighters, the concentration of force with little risk. Early on you took down the level 2 station by concentrating the fighters immediately on it prior to the enemy frigates showing up, and as stated before frigates are fodder to fighters and quickly disposed of by the high-end performing sparks. This meant that for the first few minutes you were able to safely concentrate 160 DP worth of firepower on the station. Some fighters would be destroyed of course, but it means little to losing frigates or destroyers.

In this case too, as noted earlier, pirates tend to be very poor in dealing with fighters, let alone the extremely high end and dangerous shielded 5x Burst Laser sparks. Pirates lack good anti-fighter weaponry, either have no or poor shields with little coverage, lack good options for bigger ships aside from Falcon(P), and their officers tend to be few and low in number, meaning less chance for 'Advanced Countermeasures 3'.

A high tech space fortress might be the better contender against the spark drover due to having better, dedicated shield modules and heavy mine spam. It won't kill the drovers not being mobile, but if it isn't slowly getting worn down it should force a stalemate and retreat. High tech would also be more likely to make use of dooms and omens which are much more effective at anti-fighter.

Although mods were involved, in 0.8 I used an II Matriarch loaded with Wanzers and was able to blow through most opponent fleets with the exception of the Templars, who were strong due to their priwen bursts and the high frequency of 'Advanced Countermeasures' from all level 20 officers and DME who have a lot of EMP, which is better against low numbers of strong fighters admittedly.

Generally, PD weapons are not so good against fighters though you'd think so by designation. Since all weapons can target fighters it works a bit differently, HIL for instance can be manually swept over an initial fighter wave with its strong HE. Swarmers can be massed rather than harpoons for good anti-fighter coverage for a time and the first wave at least. And don't dismiss Advanced Countermeasures 3. AC 3 with good autofire accuracy can single-handedly wipe fighter squads with token defenses or weapons, 50% damage is no joke. Usually when piloting a carrier, I can immediately tell when an enemy ship has AC 3 regardless of class by the amount of casualties they inflict. It won't save a frigate, but for a cruiser and capital it makes a huge difference in whether I'll be able to beat them down or if they completely no-sell my carrier and its a very good skill to give to officers if one is inclined to go warship heavy as it counters fighters surprisingly well. Using the templar example above, AC 3 bulwarks were almost entirely untouchable with priwen bursts, and the paladin and archbishop would kill them before they even got close.
4  Starsector / General Discussion / Re: How not to suck? on: April 08, 2019, 06:13:09 AM
Keep in mind that these are mostly based on my experiences, so feel free to experiment and tweak it as it works for you.

I set each ship to escort each other, and form on me. No one goes off on their own. What usually plays out, we face off with enemy and they eventually overwhelm us. They also have mostly cruisers, destroyers and frigates. My heavy firepower onslaught and his supporting cruisers and destroyers make no difference.

In the beginning, I used to do that but you have to realize what the escort order does. Currently the escort order does not mean 'follow this ship and provide backup' it means 'Put yourself between the enemies bullets and this ship regardless of size differences' with the exception of carriers who prefer to hide behind escort targets.

Instead, don't be afraid to let ships be free roaming. Though this does mean checking up every so often to ensure no one gets into an overextended position with no chance of rescue (though orders as suggestions can prevent you saving them anyway) the ships on your team tend to be very cautious and conservative in what they do and will more often than not be perfectly fine on their own. This is more true the bigger ships you have in your fleet as larger ships are not able to travel quickly and so will be more likely to fight around allies in a line whereas frigates will usually zip around and wind up behind enemy lines either skirmishing or kiting.

Also, escort does not work well between ships that have wildly different speeds as a slower vessel can't keep up with a really quick one so they won't support each other and a quick one won't use its superior speed to stay safe because of the leash the escort order gives it.

I try to fit with variation of anti shields and anti armor weapons on my battleship which I fly. I never had any trouble getting this far, I mean I'd say im in mid-end game area now, I've won lots of battles during that time. Should I be trying to out maneuver people instead of getting in a shooting war? Are my weapons terrible?

Depends on what kind of ship you're piloting and what you like to do. Are you flying a Hyperion, tempest, or Aurora? Go around the flank and hammer anything that overextends itself or backs off while weakened from your main line.

Playing as a Paragon, onslaught, hammerhead, or SO lasher in the earlier game? Fly in there and cause some trouble with your superior firepower. Don't be afraid to do a head on approach when flying an onslaught as excluding mods, stations, and remnants it has the highest offensive power of all sector ships.

If you desire to be a Heron or Astral then make sure to take things in a more tactical manner and more actively directing your fighters and fleet to achieve your goals.

I will say though that how you build your ships will have the largest impact on their performance, which is why Loadout Design 3 is considered on of the top tier skills in the game. What you want to do is try to think of a role for the ship to do and build for it, and very importantly make sure that what you hand off to the AI is something that they'll be able to make good use of. The AI are very good at being a line, but don't expect it to smartly use a quick, high alpha damage, assassin style ship as that's more the player's territory. Don't feel as though you have to fulfill that role though, there are many ways to skin a cat in this game.

What are some good suggestions for fighters/bombers to use on my 4 carriers?

Depends on what your carriers are and what you want to do with them.

For general bombing runs I would suggest a mixture of Broadswords/Longbows(Anti-shield/Torpedo protection) + Daggers/Perditions/Khopesh/Tridents(Anti-armor/hull)

For fighter superiority you can go with a lot of sparks/wasps/xyphos/thunders

For anti-frigate flankers any fighter with excellent speed and a high range of engagement such as thunders(ion suppression, but takes awhile) + gladius(can bring more damage than thunders)

For destroying starbases, Piranhas, which are normally horrible in fights due to always missing or friendly fire threats, can be very dangerous in raw damage output and PD saturation on the stationary target.

Also, coming up against a fleet of equal size and strength one must expect to take losses, but even losing 3-4 ships an engagement is crippling money wise. And then there is no point recovering them even if they are intact because of the permanent damage to them.

Don't be afraid to recover ships just because they have some D-mods. The D-mods even make ships cheaper to deploy in fights making them cost less in supplies to fight, and if you really want to there's a skill that reduces ships' maintenance costs based on its D-mods.

You don't need to restore the ship and in-fact I advise against it as its cheaper to manufacture or buy a new one. Restore is there for extremely rare/unique ships that you cannot easily replace with the earlier two methods.

D-mods mean far less than outnumbering your opponents, so long as they're not something crippling such as degraded engines(Can reduce fleet burn speed which can be dangerous for your fleet.), any D-mod that affects fighters for a carrier(means fighters will die quickly and uselessly), or damaged cargo bays for freighters.

In-addition to that don't be afraid to not only recover your own ships, but feel free to recover enemy ships as well if they're worthy.

Also, should I lean heavy to flux cap or flux vents? I max out both. I see people lean heavy towards vents and less flux cap, and just leave off some weapons to put on more system mods.

Generally vents over caps, with some exceptions where more caps are better and vent speed doesn't matter (ie. Phase ships, frigates, hyperion). I will say though that if you're regularly spending enough OP to max out both weapons and flux stats that you should think about using more Hullmods. Many hullmods can be extremely good, like expanded missile rack can make double the reapers effectively doubling how many cruisers can be immediately put out of commission and Integrated Targeting Unit is a staple of almost every warship build type with Expanded Deck Crew being its Carrier must-have version.

Don't be afraid to leave some weapon slots empty too to help with a ship's flux stats or to get more OP to assist the build plan you're going for on a ship. A scarab is a good example of a ship that benefits heavily from leaving some weapon slots empty.
5  Starsector / General Discussion / Re: Character Build and doubts. on: April 06, 2019, 04:56:27 AM
I am in a similar boat with Thaago. Often of late, I only really have about an hour or so to play SS and only really if I skimp out on sleep, which is very non-sustainable. Because of this, I generally take a couple skills for doing things quickly like Navigation or the salvaging skill that gives remote survey at level 1, and even Neutrino detector can help by quickly determining if there is any loot worth looking at in the system by doing a quick test of false positives around if I'm able to fit it. This is all because the top priority of my games is simply to lessen time required to do certain tasks, especially ones that can get a bit stale like searching through endless fringe systems with no/minimal planets and loot for the all important blueprints and colony sites.

Navigation also helps more than with speed, between increased burn speeds, maybe sensors, and transverse jump its possible to avoid a lot of unnecessary fights. Fights which, on the larger end, could take anywhere from 30 mins. to said hour to complete.
6  Starsector / Announcements / Re: Starsector 0.9.1a (In-Dev) Patch Notes on: March 31, 2019, 04:31:50 AM

Re: First month's haul.

That's actually a very lucky first month's haul. But yes, Vast ruins typically pay off large dividends on the stuff you typically go out into the fringes for such as blueprints, nano forges, and synchrotrons.

edit:  is it just the first month that's insane? because month #2 was quite disappointing in comparison

All tech mines do have diminishing returns though, with the exception of their production in supplies, fuel, metals, etc. So you'll get less of the good, rare stuff each month until you'll want to abandon them.
Also, although they produce and export metal, fuels, and supplies their export levels are stagnant and do not grow with population so later on in a permanent colony you're better off to replace them as they'll get out numbered in (the logarithmic) exports by the specialized industries which do scale with population.
7  Starsector / General Discussion / Re: Character Build and doubts. on: March 29, 2019, 12:36:37 PM
  • Safety Procedures is good for going through hyperspace storms and saving up supplies at level 2. Can also let you spam E-burn like AI did in 0.7 and 0.8.
There's actually one detail about this skill that can, in some cases, be a vital life-saver: if you have Safety Procedures 3, you can E-burn with mothballed ships in your fleet.  If you don't, you can't.

I didn't realize that, though thinking about it it does make sense. Edited the above post with this.
8  Starsector / General Discussion / Re: Character Build and doubts. on: March 26, 2019, 01:45:07 PM
Generally, in Starsector you can do good picking whatever skills you feel best suits your playstyle. Combat tree (With a bit of technology tree) is good if you want to be the combat hero like in Mount & Blade. Leadership is better if you prefer carriers and to buff your fleet by adding more officers, increasing CR, etc. Technology is a combination of personal combat skills, fleetwide buffs, and campaign skills, and industry is for making money especially with the new colonies.

Quote from: diegoweiller
1. Do sensor jammers and nav buoys appear in battle if you don't have their skills and what exactly "up to a maximum of 10% without skills" mean?

They'll always appear once the total DP of the ships involved are greater than a certain value. The maximum statement means that without upgrading those skills or Command and Control to level 3, then you'll always max out at 10% speed no matter how many nav buoys you capture/ships you have in your fleet and same with Sensor buoys and enemy range.

Quote from: diegoweiller
2. Level 3 Command & Control applies to level 1 Coordinated Maneuvers and Electronic Warfare?

Yes, it should also apply to unskilled Coordinated Maneuvers and Electronic Warfare as well, but really it's not too important aside from min/max building to outrange stations with Paragons.

Quote from: diegoweiller
3. Level 2 Command & Control 50% bonus is worth it?

Depends, Level 2 Command & Control (and the Operations Center HullMod) are designed to allow you to take a more commanding role in battle rather than directly fighting. HULMUT had a post in general back in 0.8 about doing a pure commanding run where he used a Hound with Ops Center to great effect to command a fleet of Odysseys and Astrals.

Quote from: diegoweiller
4. How Loadout Design actually fares against the late game?

90% of the time, you'll find that people will take Level 3 Loadout Design. Levels 1 and 2 are a bit lackluster but level 3 is where all the good bonus comes from. This is due to the fact that its very versatile in its use in how you build the ships in your fleet and can make ships that feel on the fence much stronger by allowing them the vents or hullmods they need to become really strong. Loadout design is pretty good early and late.

Quote from: diegoweiller
5. Is -25% supply usage and +15% combat readiness from Fleet Logistics impactful, or you can always circle around both with, for example,Efficiency Overhaul?

As mentioned above, Combat Readiness(CR) above 70% begins to gives minor general buffs to ships and inversely for ships below 50% CR. You can circle around the supply use/fuel use reductions with Efficiency Overhaul since its very cheap and the enemies while exploring aren't too tough. Though the Skills for reducing supply/fuel usage are very useful when exploring long term or distances and can be stacked with efficiency Overhaul. Also, this is a good example of how Loadout design 3 can be good, if you instead go without the supply skills and go with Efficiency overhaul, the 10% OP will cover the cost of the hullmod since its so cheap effectively replacing itself with the reduced usage skills.

Quote from: diegoweiller
6. Does Fighter Doctrine stack with Officers skills?

Yes, it will stack with officers and your own skills. Usually if you dabble into leadership and have carriers in your fleet you'll want to get fighter doctrine since it and carrier command give the best buffs to fighters.

Quote from: diegoweiller
7. If  level 3 Officer Management, Combat endurance would be a better pick than Fleet Logistics?

Fleet Logistics will stack with Combat Endurance giving a max CR of 100%. 100% CR means 10% Damage dealt, maneuverability, speed, and reduce fighter refit time and damage taken by 10%. So if you want to, you can get both. Before 0.9 colonies I would get Combat 3 only for Combat Readiness, but now I'm thinking of getting Combat readiness 1 for 2 points since its too large a commitment in tandem with new colony skills.

Edit: Forgot to mention this, but Fleet Logistics 1 pairs well with Officer Management since it means that you'll always be able to recover any ships with officers in them so you don't need reinforced bulkheads for anything you want to keep but can't easily replace.

Quote from: diegoweiller
8. Navigation skill worth anything?

Up to your decision, the fuel use reduction is great for going out to the fringe and exploring, but if you're getting Nav 3 its really for the Transverse Jump. Transverse Jump has the campaign utility of jumping in close to any planet in a system and jumping out from anywhere, bypassing typically fortified inner jump points and avoiding long detours of outer/fringe jump points. When combined with Sensors 2, you can jump in and do almost anything stealthily extremely easily unless you happen to warp directly on top of someone.

Below is a post I made before about my opinions on each of the skills if you want to read about them.

  • Combat Endurance is actually a pretty nice skill to get assuming you decide to put points into combat tree. Level 3 stacks with Fleet Logistics 3 and can give your (officers') ship additional combat bonuses from higher CR. Also having extra PPT for lasting power is very nice in general and even necessary for smaller destroyers and frigates. That said its a skill generally only gotten with 1 or 3 points.
  • Missile spec can be absolutely devastating if you want to live in a Gryphon cruiser or Harbinger for the rest of your life in SS. Otherwise, it might be useful as a backline carrier but there are other things you can spend points on.
  • Between Ordnance Expertise and Target Analysis I believe Target Analysis does a bit better at taking down enemy armor, but of course it loses out at hitting the hull aside from knocking out enemy weapons/engines better. Can pair well with Ion though at level 1. Naturally, Ordnance Expertise 1 has a bit better effective DPS due to missing less shots on faster targets.
  • Damage Control's best level is actually level 2 for the faster turn around time with engine/gun repairs. No matter how good you are you'll have to contend with Ion and the only non-skill reducer to that is Resistant Flux Conduits(hullmod, RFC). Having a fast turnaround time on your engines/weapons means you're less concerned with them getting knocked out and if you have the OP to fit Automated repair unit(hullmod, ARU) allows you to just about ignore it.
  • IIRC Impact Mitigation is currently borked and instead of increasing armor values linearly, it increases armor by 150% on level 1 right now, though Alex has stated that its fixed for next patch. The short answer though is that armor works exponentially so even if it was a flat 150 it works much better for heavier ships, but a flat 150 would be good for frigates too. Here's a handy link for more in-depth look into armor here!
  • Defensive Systems is generally good, but it needs to be cautious about level 3. While faster phase cloak can be useful, most of the phase ships don't need it and ultimately it gives less lasting power.
  • With proper shield use Advanced Countermeasures can actually provide better shield buffs than defensive systems. I believe Thaago had also described a good use for them, by putting them on some of your officers you can effectively shutdown enemy fighter/missile superiority even with mostly warships.
  • Level 1 of Evasive Action is generally the most popular one, but its level 3 armor perk is pretty good only falling a bit behind Impact Mitigation for effectiveness and pairs very strongly with it.
  • Helmsmanship isn't nearly as good to max out as it used to be in 0.7. Now that carriers no longer abuse it with their fighters (It automatically raises flux above 5% to engage with fighters.) 5% flux is really only good to run around with 0-flux boost with your shield up w/o taking damage and firing only token low flux PD.

  • Command & Control is there if you want to play SS like a RTS game really. There's a quite number of people that prefer to autopilot their flagship, but in actuality HULMUT discovered that it was better to slam OPS center onto a hound, sit in the corner and command from a far. Generally pairs well with Officer management.
  • Officer Management can be really good depending on your fleet preference and your max battle size. 6 extra officers technically means 42 extra skill points in your fleet as well as 6 ships with a different behaviour then your assigned fleet doctrine.
  • Fleet Logistics really is overtuned right now IMO. lower supply costs, nearly guaranteed ship recovery for officered and your own ship, and CR on top of colony Accessibility bonuses easily makes this one of the best skills in-game with the honor of all levels being very useful on its own.
  • Coordinated Maneuvers is very good to get for level 1 so that you're just about guaranteed the bonus 10% depending on deployments and lets you completely ignore the nav objectives in combat. That said the higher levels have diminishing rewards with only 5% max raise so they're only good if you're using faster ships. Though it should be stated that unlike Electronic warfare, the extra levels are independent of the enemy and always useful based on deployment.
  • Fighter Doctrine is generally always good if you plan on using carriers in your fleet. Not only does it provide vital fighter replacement rate help, it will also guarantee you expanded deck crew at level 3 which is the Integrated Targeting Unit(hullmod, ITU) of dedicated carriers.
  • Carrier Command and Wing/Strike Commander are carrier skills. If you plan on commanding a carrier then these are vital to fighter performance.
  • Planetary Operations can be take it or leave it. Additionally the +2 stability can be an extra colony if you desire, since being above/below the administration limit means a 2 stability penalty/bonus for each count to the limit.

  • Gunnery Implants is very good if you plan on piloting gunships. +range is always very useful and the weapon recoil helps a lot with weapons that have poor accuracy like the mortars. The autofire is mostly useful for hitting missiles, fighters, and fast frigates.
  • Power Grid Modulation is also very good if you plan on piloting gunships but not necessary if you want to pilot carriers. That said you can either go for level 2 or 3 IMO. More flux dissipation is nice, but the level 2 I feel is the best bonus as it means you active vent much faster lowering your vulnerability window.
  • Electronic Warfare is extremely useful at level 1. Without level 1 you can suffer up to 20% range penalty depending on the enemy while with it you can protect your range or nerf the enemy's range by 10%. Higher levels are not so useful do to it being compared against the enemy's ECM stat so if they have EW1 its unlikely that you'd get the full bonus and if you do then you severely outmatched them anyway. That said, enemy's rarely have this skill aside from the high tech Tri-tach and maybe Perean League?
  • Loadout Design is considered one of the best explicitly for its level 3 perk for giving more OP for ships. Otherwise, its not so good as you need OP to take advantage of its level 1 and 2 perks.
  • Sensors feels like a bit of a convenience skill for the sensor game. Neutrino detector can help with finding objects not near celestial objects. Meanwhile I'd say level 2 is the only really neccessary level for this if you choose to get it. Now with Logistical hullmods its possible to keep your profile lower and level 2 will help keep your sensor higher than your profile and give you the added bonus of a mobile asteroid field cover with "Go Dark" ability. Level 3's movement during active sensors doesn't seem as useful.
  • Navigation's level 2 is good for fuel conservation, but drams and phaetons carry more than enough fuel anyway. Personally, while +1/2 burn speed is nice I believe that Transverse Jump is the best part about level 3 as it allows you to completely bypass the jump gates. Very good for sneaking into enemy territory as well as saving time (and occasionally supplies).

Industry: I can't be very descriptive with this one since I never used much of it in 0.8, but its good for a fleet of makeshift junk. Its claim to fame in 0.9 are the colony skills.
  • Safety Procedures is good for going through hyperspace storms and saving up supplies at level 2. Can also let you spam E-burn like AI did in 0.7 and 0.8. Wyvern added that you're also able to use E-burn with mothballed ships, which you're not normally able to do giving you some flexibility.
  • Recovery Operations seems like it'd be good for gathering weapons, ships, and fighters early on but could fall behind in the end once you have colonies running and a fair stash of blueprints. Still it could nab you that specific thing you don't have a blueprint for.
  • Field Repairs is good for saving supplies in the long run with a fleet of clunkers, but since its level 3 skill applies to D-mod ships it loses its luster once you start producing/restoring your own pristine ships. Also I believe that its faster ship repairs applies specifically to hull/armor damage and not CR which is typically the bottleneck with post-combat recovery.
  • Salvaging is good for getting the rare things for the colonies. I would recommend not using up any orbital habitats/mining/research stations and just noting where they are if you plan to max this out. Also, when salvaging from those locations, salvage the debris fields too until there's absolutely nothing left. Its possible you might salvage the field 6 or 7 times before being sure of nothing more coming out of it.
  • Colony Management is a colony skill. Good if you want more colonies or you want more stability for your fewer colonies.
  • Industrial Planning is a definitely good skill if you want to go in on colony skills. Maxing it out helps increase your colonies market share while importing less if necessary (Though that just means less potential of losing output currently). The last skill of course just prints a hefty 30% colony income for you.
9  Starsector / General Discussion / Re: Is there a possibility out there to "save" your savegame, when a new mod..... on: March 21, 2019, 08:56:43 PM
Yes, the Save Transfer mod is able to help with that, unfortunately it hasn't been updated for 0.9 yet but you can be rest assured that Dark Revenant is working on it.
10  Starsector / General Discussion / Re: Identifying new mods from the mod index on: March 19, 2019, 02:19:18 AM
In terms of checking updates, the Version Checker mod won't crash the game without an internet connection, but does need it to check versions automatically for you once you load up a game.

Specifically, it will list out which mods you have that are up-to-date, which mods have an update available, and rarely a mod that it couldn't verify.

Also, if you happen to be using it I did hear that Nexerelin had version checker integrated into it.
11  Starsector / General Discussion / Re: Luddic Path's sabotage unrest value can be 10? on: March 18, 2019, 03:23:45 AM
Its possible considering the AI won't do anything about the Luddic cells on their planets.

I wonder, I know AI planets will decivilize eventually from pirate raids, but would they eventually decivilize from Pather cell terrorism? This would mean that AI planets that make use of fuel production or Heavy industries will eventually decivilize without player intervention.
12  Starsector / Suggestions / Re: Getting New Blueprints - Maybe a way to 'reverse-engineer' stuff? [Math Inside!] on: March 17, 2019, 04:58:58 AM
I'd say that's an interesting thought. Could make it show up only on high hazard planets of 175%+ to help make it a late game thing, so that only other established colonies can fund the endeavor as well as require more significant investment if the player wants to have it capable of protecting itself sufficiently.
13  Starsector / Suggestions / Re: Getting New Blueprints - Maybe a way to 'reverse-engineer' stuff? [Math Inside!] on: March 17, 2019, 02:14:33 AM
If I might make a recommendation for the ships, rather than using their OP to use their Deployment Costs instead. Many ships' powers and capabilities are often in correlation with how many Deployment Costs are needed.
For example, the Hyperion, Harbinger, and many mod "High-end frigates/destroyers" are worth a similar amount of DP as cruisers for the amount of power and combat ability they bring and are also balanced out with their rarity.

Having it based on OP would mean even the normally rare Hyperion would be a very likely guarantee despite its combat capabilities because it has frigate level OP.

Lastly, DP is more like the OP of the combat layer, since OP limits what you can place onto a ship and DP is meant to limit what ships you can bring out onto the field simultaneously.

Otherwise, I agree with the thoughts behind the rest of the idea, as currently the only way to get blueprints you desire without mods are to regularly farm raids on a specific faction. I understand that the chances are going to go up in version .1, but its still a waiting game for something that's eventually going to happen late game when there's not much capable of stopping the player and I would not mind the costs that devoting ones economy would bring to increase the chances of making blueprints for a vessel via the industry recovery skill.
14  Starsector / General Discussion / Re: How many markets can my own faction own? on: March 10, 2019, 05:11:56 PM
Since you mentioned agents, I'm guessing that you're playing on Nexerelin. One thing I heard of there, but haven't yet verified myself, is that as you colonize more planets then the number of human admins you can have grows as well. So, more sources of more colonies for you.
15  Starsector / General Discussion / Re: How many markets can my own faction own? on: March 09, 2019, 07:04:04 AM
Since you mentioned that you have 2 admins, I will assume you have at least Colony Management 2.

With that, you can have 3 human admins for 3 different colonies.

Your "limit" will also be anywhere from 2 to 4 depending on how many points you put into Colony Management. The player limit is a soft one though as your colonies get
stability = 2 * (colony limit - colonies admined by player)

You can have a limitless number of alpha core admins.
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