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Discussions / Re: Starsector fleet battle in 3D
« on: February 07, 2020, 04:07:21 PM »
SPAZ2 is monumentally worse than its predecessor

Blog Posts / Re: Raiding for Fun and Profit
« on: December 29, 2019, 03:31:09 AM »
Hiring new marines dilutes the experience and reduces the bonuses (no experience is lost, it’s just redistributed). It’s also possible to drop off experienced marines in storage, or in cryopods, and have them retain their experience level.

that's exactly what a game I'm ripping off shamelessly does, Ultimate General: Civil War! And it worked wonders in that game to make me care about my regiments -- your regiments gain XP over the campaign but they also take losses, you have to manually replenish your regiments in between missions out of your available pool of recruits and the more you fill a regiment with recruits the more you dilute that regiment's overall XP down to 0. You can replenish a regiment with veterans that doesn't dilute XP but unlike recruits they are not free, and bc you need money to buy guns for all regimental replenishment (and upgrades) and bc the AI is actively competing with you over the campaign to defeat you forcing you to go into each mission with $0 in the bank, there's a heavy resource cost to maintaining veteran regiments of any size that scales with how poorly you did in your last mission, so all the incredibly experienced regiments you have will be small, and all of your green regiments can be as gigantic as your store of guns to equip them, which means that when you get a regiment of veterans up to the max size you value it, because getting that regiment up to that size has not only required a lot of money, but has required multiple missions of cultivation -- getting them into the battle to get them XP, but also keeping them safe & sacrificing green regiments to defend them from losses.
And because it's rare and hard-won and easily lost once you've got it, the game has the capacity to let you go hog wild once you've gotten them -- in a civil war game of musket-era soldiers you get this regiment of two thousand men, experienced enough to know how to land shots and operate their guns, armed with modern magazine-fed cartridge rifles able to annihilate an enemy regiment from 100%-0 in the space between the start of their charge and when they would have met your men blade to blade if they weren't dead to the man. It's amazing, in the "this is why this method of warfare is dead, you are getting to play the death of a way of life" kind of way few games have every pulled off.

ANYWAY! So my question to Alex is: It sounds rn like you're having marine XP be a global fleet-wide statistic? I think there might be interesting possibilities in having XP tracked per marine stack, that you then assign to objectives in raids by the stack so that you can have a stack of veterans that you assign to high-priority & low-risk tasks and green stacks of marines that you assign to low-priority & high-risk objectives. This would of course require de-coupling the binary "you require ___ many marines to attempt this objective, if you have that many the objective is automatically won & the difficulty scales casualties" system it sounds like you're going for... maybe, maybe it might not.
Additionally, the moment I make the "per stack XP" suggestion the thought pops into my head of having special missions & objectives in raids that can only be done by stacks of marines of a certain XP level -- right now while it makes sense to have raid effectiveness correlate smoothly to XP it seems a bit weird to have the XP thresholds be purely cosmetic, seems like it wouldn't be v hard to have late-game raiding content gated behind having marine stacks of an adequate size brought up to veteran or elite rank over the course of a campaign

That's such a cool idea. Is there a way to make it so it only picks ships from your faction, if applicable?

    not that anyone looks at it.
    Incidentally, have I shared with you guys yet my new 18-paragraph breakdown on how alex could implement multiplayer?
    • 1
    every game is more fun and easier to make with friends! First Alex should really take a page from fortn-

Suggestions / Re: No downside to running out of credits?
« on: April 17, 2019, 08:59:44 PM »
You will automatically repay your debt at a later date. I'm not sure how much money does it take from you monthly, I never got a huge debt that I couldn't repay within a month.


My favorite part of Europa Universalis is that it doesn't crawl on its belly at the feet of the ideological snowjob that is austerity.'Th
State debt is irrelevant and a colony running out of money doesn't cause everyone to just... stop working or riot lol you print more money, pay people that and de-circulate it later
The incredibly absurd thing about austerity politics is that americans are capable of continuing to buy into it even tho their country is literal living proof that millions of civil servants just not getting paid anymore for an indeterminate length of time will have basically no impact on that nation's function.

Suggestions / Re: Range, or lack of it
« on: April 07, 2019, 02:36:58 AM »
How close do you think you need to be to hit a jet fighter with a machinegun?
Now, a jet fighter can only move in one direction. A starship has thrusters in every direction, and it would be trivially easy to hook them up to a nav computer hooked up to a comms computer that takes in tracking data for old shots and does micro-adjustments so that any shot fired at it with more than X seconds to splash are guaranteed not to hit where you could tighten that value down with better processing power like if you have better ships for doing it or a fleet skill for it that would effectively lower the range of enemy ships and oops that's already in the game.

Suggestions / Re: kill officer aggressiveness
« on: February 14, 2019, 01:07:16 AM »
Just allowing to set aggressiveness per-ship at design time + CP-costing override in combat would be good enough.

shoOT I hate it when I put effort into a rework idea & someone just comes along and blows it out of the water with a vastly simpler, easier to implement solution that involves barely changing anything

Suggestions / Re: Allow carrier/phase preference to go to 0
« on: February 12, 2019, 12:10:54 AM »
TBH the bottom rung of carrier/phase preference should just be made to be zero. All-phase fleets are a thing of the past in the sector, phase-less fleets are not.

Suggestions / kill officer aggressiveness
« on: February 12, 2019, 12:09:26 AM »
kill it, replace it with a series of toggles. Maybe make officers inherit sets of available options for those toggles and then let the player pick new ones to unlock as said officer levels up, and have the Command HQ unlock the ability to customize presets that will spawn at your market.
Obviously this would have to be done to coincide with a rework of the AI & would have to be one of the final features added into the game since AI is a system that touches on most other mechanics, but there's so many edge-cases where one-size-fits-all that I think there's a case to be made for preset AI suites being axed.

For example; does this ship count its PD weapons as weapons or defenses? Does this ship join its fighters missiles & close support in the fray or merely deploy them? When escorting a bigger ship, does this ship merely lend it close support, take cover in its shadow or join the fight? When escorting a faster ship should this one try to keep up or automatically issue a sub-order for the target ship to escort it to stay together? Should this ship use its missiles for finishing or as close support? Should this ship manually use one of its weapongroups of non-PD guns against missiles or never? Should this ship save its ship system offensively or save it for escaping? Should this ship leave the combat zone once its out of limited use weapons and systems or not? Should this ship use its armor to press an advantage or never? Should this ship die for the cause or live to see another day? Should this ship avoid pressing the advantage on an enemy surrounded by backup or brave the danger for glory? Should this ship prefer to run down slower and weakened enemies or focus on the battle? Should this ship place the salad fork on the left napkin or right napkin? Does this ship use its HE payload to overload shields when it can or save them for after the overload? Does this ship prefer coke or pepsi? Should this ship consider its missiles fighters & close support to be its primary armament or use everything non-PD for ranging or is it primarily here to screen missiles & fighters?

Allow me to do a little back of the napkin calculating; It took about 10 years for the world's infrastructure to recover from WW2.
All the bombs combined were 3.5 megatons of explosives.
Each warhead in the 15 warhead Trident MIRV missile that a Ohio-class nuclear strike submarine carries a dozen of is, each, 3.5 megatons of yield.
So, one Ohio class submarine can drop the equivalent of all of the bombs dropped in the world's biggest war ever, more than one hundred and eighty times over.
180 x 10 years = 1,800 year's worth of damage.
One vessel. Now.

And keep in mind; this is just how long it took to rebuild the leveled cities.
We're still recovering from the demographic impact of WW2. The fact that the world is ruled by people who will die of natural causes before the affects of their social structure kick the world into a furnace -- rendering the world's administrations incapable of appropriately reacting to the looming threat of global climate disaster? That's WW2. 70 years later, from a (in most places) less than five year war.
If anything SS should make it worse.

the game's map is already too large for the amount of content it has.

Suggestions / Re: Spaceborne Aliens?
« on: February 04, 2019, 07:29:21 PM »
the assertion that taking something that's already a reflection of societal prejudices and increasing its ability to appear to be a human being would decrease how much its a reflection of societal prejudices

Suggestions / Re: Spaceborne Aliens?
« on: February 02, 2019, 12:12:48 PM »
lots of people ITT are super behind on their AI. I imagine if I explained to them in an effective-enough way that most popular sites such as Youtube (for just one example) are almost entirely AI run, and at that are run by an AI that no human built but was built by other AI to be good at running Youtube -- and are super racist, homophobic, bigoted & pro-fascist AI despite no human hands having been involved in their design to make them so, their heads might explode.

Like, we already have AI running some quite substantial infrastructure, and no human knows how it was made or why it is the way it is, and said AI's turn out to reflect the worst prejudices of the societies they came from. This isn't speculation, it's a known fact about the state of the world as it is today and if you read that and go "no but AI are logical" then IDK what to tell you other than that the image inside your head of what AI should be based on decades/centuries-old speculative fiction has no relevance to how it actually turned out to be

Suggestions / Re: Spaceborne Aliens?
« on: February 02, 2019, 12:17:05 AM »
Haha about that... Also its been stated before in a previous thread that true AI if made IRL could be more alien than actual biological aliens in behaviour since they dont play by organic life rules.

it actually turns out IRL AI just repeats the bigotry and hatred of the society that produced it. Like, disappointingly so; AI is just as racist as the most racist person you know, but faster

General Discussion / Re: Why is there friendly fire?
« on: January 28, 2019, 08:07:15 PM »
maybe -- friendly fire for the player only?? TBH I can't think of a single case in which AI friendly fire improves player experience -- at best it highlights gaps in the AI. At best

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