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Bug Reports & Support / "Friendly" Pirate Raiders attacking player
« on: November 21, 2015, 01:37:46 PM »
not sure if this can be considered a bug, but it's something i think shouldn't happen:

i'm currently Welcoming (26 / 100) with Pirates, yet had a Pirate Raider fleet intercept me and demand some of my cargo. i think those Raiders are a neat addition, having a powerful fleet but allowing the player to give up some of their stuff to avoid a battle.
but them going after me despite supposedly being my allies is a serious problem. if i refuse to hand over my goods, they will force a battle -- and are even joined by other nearby Pirate fleets! even if i just try to disengage, some of their squishy frigates and fighters will be killed by my retreating ai controlled ships, which instantly drops my standing with the Pirate faction down to Hostile (-53 / 100).

some inter-faction conflicts wouldn't be at all surprising among Pirates, and might actually be expected. after all, the one defining factor that all Pirates share is their willingness to kill and steal to get what they want. but if they attack me, i shouldn't suddenly be considered an enemy to all Pirates just for defending myself.
currently, i have no choice but to comply with their demands if i want to be a Pirate myself (or, rather, i would if it wasn't for the Console Commands mod <3).

bunch of screenshots:


somewhat related: i also feel it's currently way too difficult to gain reputation with the Pirate faction, since they never offer any bounties themselves, and many of the system-wide bounties as well as all of the target specific bounties (that i've seen so far) that are offered by other factions are actually against Pirates. so even if i hunt with disabled Transponder, doing bounties for other factions is a very bad idea if i try to establish a better standing with Pirates.

i've been doing as many of their missions as i can find, support them in battles against Independents or Luddics and do quite a bit of trading at their markets and smuggling at non-pirate markets, but it's been sloooow. for clarification, the only reason i was able to make it to Welcoming at all is because i actually used the console to set my standing to Favorable (10 / 100) right at the start of the campaign.

Bug Reports & Support / Officer level up: no new skill?
« on: November 20, 2015, 11:13:45 AM »
iirc, every time they level up, officers are supposed to be able to choose between gaining 3 ranks in one of the skills they already know and gaining a new skill at rank 1. but one of my officers who just leveled from 4 to 5 (and has a total of three different skills so far) only gets to choose between ranking up two skills she already knows.

full screenshots:


i assume this is a bug, likely caused by the fact that she had enough accumulated xp to gain three levels in a row: i just gave her the rank 1 Gunnery Implants as she leveled from 3 to 4, then immediately got to level her up again.
in case it makes any difference: she had the other skills from the start, as i hired her at level 3. so this was the first time i leveled her up myself. level 5 to 6 seemed to work as intended.

General Discussion / New Missile Weapons
« on: November 19, 2015, 11:52:28 AM »
before i'm diving into a new campaign game now, i had a look at the two new large missile weapons in the codex. their descriptions and stats look pretty damn awesome, can't wait to try them out in the campaign, together with the Gryphon! \o/

buuuut... no new LRM. with Hurricane MIRVs now being changed to MRMs, the only vanilla LRMs are Pilums. q_q

i feel kinda bad immediately posting some negative criticism when there are so many new shiny things to discover, but i don't like this at all. especially since even the Pilums are primarily a support weapon, not one designed to really do much damage. as mentioned in the other thread, i would really like to see more LRM choices, and a powerful large-only LRM could also give large-missile slots a more unique role. the two new ones we just got do look powerful, but their role (from what i can tell so far) seems to be something like "upscaled version of Swarmers/Sabots".

i wonder if Alex decided that LRMs are just not a good idea to have in SS at all?

oh, and, on a sidenote, the Locust's description seems to imply that it does fragmentation damage ("will have little relative effect unless shields and armor are already breached") despite it being a high-explosive weapon. maybe it was meant as anti-fighter-only weapon in an earlier build? frag dmg would help to further differentiate it from both Swarmers and Hurricanes, but sacrifcing a large slot for such a niche role might not be worth it. hmm.

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