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Discussions / I felt a need to share this
« on: July 02, 2020, 07:04:06 AM »
I would like to show you quite possibly the finest, most wonderful and magnificent work of art ever crafted by a sapient mind.
However this process will result in the unfortunate doxxing of a respected and lovely forums poster.

HELMUT is made of soup.

Suggestions / Re: Option to forbid blueprints.
« on: July 02, 2020, 03:45:42 AM »
Could this not work as a tri-state toggle?

When being produced by industry, the Pathfinder never completes and just consumes money forever.

The cause is the ship type "vayra_pathfinder" not being defined in default_ship_roles.json.
Adding the following to roles allowed construction to complete:

SWP Excelsior might be worth looking at.

poor Mule is at F tier. I'd say it's the best hybrid ship we have
A fair point. Because Mule is good. (imo)
One of the best ship options in the early game. Can fill 5 roles simultaneously. (Freighter, surveyor, light skirmisher, missile platform, aux carrier.)
Not as capable as Venture on paper, but arguably a better choice as thier greater speed + mobility system makes them much more survivable.

More love for the base_bp ships!

I'd say yes.
Venture is the largest, and most heavily armed ship which can be built without access to any additional blueprints.
If you build a military base without a heavy industry, your largest colony defence fleets will be squads of bricks Ventures.
They actually do okay enough that H.Ind. isn't a huge priority. (For me.)

Venture has a lot of uses and is a lot stronger than people give it credit for.
I did a "joke" game a while ago where I used nothing but Ventures. It was... Different. Fairly capable-ish though, if a little frustrating due to thier low speed both in & out of combat. Okay with bounties until multiple caps show up. Not great for Ordos (can't quite manage a battleship group - did kill the battleship itself tho).
Venture might be trash. But it's reasonably strong trash.

Suggestions / Re: Colony Threat Timers
« on: June 14, 2020, 03:13:42 AM »
The trick is to make it clear and descriptive enough without taking up much screen space.
The only thing I don't like about the idea of manually toggling it on

Every threat defaults to "tagged" and appears on screen.
Each threat can be "dismissed" individually if it is of limited/no concern to the player.

The potential for clutter is high though, so maybe only the first x most imminent threats are displayed, and when they either expire or are dismissed the next one immediately takes its place if there are more than x active threats.

What is x though?
I'm running with screen height of 1080, and could proabably fit 5 or 6 events fairly comfortably under the date counter.
Not everyone will have the same settings or preferences, so it might be an idea to limit x to 3 or 4 for maximum compatibility with the widest range of possible display configs, and then add a line in settings.json so the player can adjust this if desired.

But just having the 3 most imminent active threats on display would still be incredibly useful.

Suggestions / Re: Debris Field Improvements
« on: June 13, 2020, 12:22:48 PM »
Though it could be argued that if you scavenge your own cover you shouldn't get to use it as cover any longer.
100% fine with this. Make a choice: Loot or cover.

I need to blame someone for this who isn't me.

This is disgusting trash, and I can't stop ruining stuff with it.

Skills are attached to the character always.

Suggestions / Colony Threat Timers
« on: June 12, 2020, 05:40:28 AM »
Not super important, but may be helpful making "important" data more obvious (and not having to navigate screens and menus to find it).

Would it be possible for any incoming colony threat timers to be displayed on-screen constantly as they count down?
Expeditions, raids, inspections, that kind of thing.
Maybe something as simple as re-using the notification and keeping it under the date for as long as it's active.

Maybe also with a toggle in the options to turn it on/off if required/desired.

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Terraforming and Station Construction (v5.2.1)
« on: June 12, 2020, 04:55:52 AM »
Some things to consider...
None of this is particularly pressing or vital though.

Terraforming options adding volatiles
While this is a very interesting and useful feature, I think it may be a little too "good".
Changing a planet to Frozen generates a volatiles resource with a value of +2, the highest possible.
While this could be explained as uncovering or otherwise making accessible new exploitable areas, this trivialises the presence of volatiles in a system removing part of the balance required to locate a suitable colony site.

There is already a precedent for generating resources "out of nothing" in this mod: Mining stations.
They generate expolitable ore resources with a value of +0. Enough to sell profitably, but not enough to run industry on it's own.

Would suggest that new Frozen worlds generate a volatiles resource with a value of +0 to bring it into line with the already extant Mining stations.
And all other instances of terraforming generating volatiles creates a -1 resource.
(-1 volatiles is still incredibly profitable.)

A sort-of counter to this, would be if you manage to find a means of dynamically generating a resource randomly from a specified range of outcomes. That would alleviate the concerns about always being able to ignore a resource due to being able to create it "on demand".

There's a similar thing with Food and Organics, although I don't really consider that an issue as they are somewhat unique in that neither are impressively profitable, so higher value resources don't make such a pronounced difference.
And both are "industrially" useful even at -1, so thier actual resource concentration is largely meaningless. If they're present at all they're enough.

Terraforming options
I would like to see the addition of Arid as an option for terraforming.
While Desert is similar to Arid, it is not the same. Deserts are considered only marginally habitable, while Arid is fully habitable. And it would be nice to have that option available if the player wants a hot dry option for improvement. (Jungles and Oceans being notably un-dry.)

From a technical standpoint, the inclusion of another entry in the selection list shouldn't overly clutter the screen. Although any more than +1 might run that risk.
(RIP Eccentric.)

Another thing to think about is possbily limiting the available terraforming choices based of the current temperature of the planet in question.
So it would not be possible to change a hot world into Frozen or Tundra without first adding shades. (These types cannot exist in vanilla with the hot condition.)
And likewise would not be possible to change cold worlds into Desert or Jungle (or Arid) without first adding mirrors. (These types cannot exist in vanilla with the cold condition.)
The rationale being that the current system doesn't really need the reflectors all that much, as every option is available from every starting point. Which itself leads to oddities such as a Frozen planet in a close orbit of a bright star with the "very cold" condition, but no shades.
Or hot Jungle planets in the outer system with no mirrors.
I would like to see the reflectors play an integral part of the terraforming process as they did in previous versions. (This current verison is a much better system, except for this one part where you've accidentally marginalised one of the coolest features - it's currently easier to use the systemwide options.)

The challenge here would be communicating the requirement for this extra step to the player.
Text on the terraforming options screen would likely be the easiest way.
Although "greying out" locked options with a "you need to build some reflectors" appended to the end of each one possibly being a slicker approach.

This mod has come a long way. And even as-is is incredibly impressive.
Trully excellent work!

Suggestions / Re: Debris Field Improvements
« on: June 10, 2020, 09:49:39 AM »
My biggest complaint with the fields is I need to repeat salvage at least twice to get everything worth getting.  In case of research stations and the like, as many times as it takes until no more items are found.  Nice to see that repeat salvage will be gone.

I also suspect too many debris fields may contribute to slowdown and wished they disappear after salvage.
Very much agree with this. Streamline the common tasks as much as possible.

Mods / Re: [0.9.1a] Terraforming and Station Construction (v5.2.1)
« on: June 09, 2020, 01:06:13 PM »
I'm aware of the issue with farming/aquaculture but I can't fix it until the API update in the next version of starsector. If you try to build the farming industry on a water world, it should be "corrected" to aquaculture within one in-game day by my script that runs once per day to correct this issue. If not, please let me know.
Noted, and thank you.

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