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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Personal Contacts (08/13/20)

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General Discussion / Re: Starsector, is it the one?
« on: April 18, 2014, 01:32:30 PM »
EV was quite good; Starsector is leagues ahead of it in terms of combat, comparable in terms of user mod-ability, and (so far) leagues behind in terms of exploration, environment interaction, plotline, etc.  (Though some mods manage to address that...)
But, well, that's kinda what Alex is working on next, and it's still alpha anyway.  Totally worth getting regardless of that 'alpha' tag; I got my money's worth back when the campaign mode didn't even exist and you couldn't outfit your ships in missions, and it's only gotten better since then.

(Speaking of EV Nova, my favorite thing was always turning a Polaris medium freighter into a full-on warship.  Had to do the right plotlines to get the upgrades that let you mount guns at all, and you pretty much had to know about the wormhole network to bypass the hostile Polaris military outposts so you could buy the right ship... but it had amazingly strong shields, was quite decently maneuverable, and - with all the cargo-to-weapon-space conversions you could buy - had room for an amazing supply of missile weapons, with enough cargo space still left over to pay for a complete munitions restock in a single delivery run.  Spamming hellhound missiles was a great way to blow up everything in your path.)

I have to admit, this is one is very promising, even if it's a bit early for me to play something that does not have every feature available.

EV Nova is impressive, but carries different gameplay mechanics. Managing a fleet might not be practical, since no orders to do and buying ships as escorts. It has an economy and factions, though fixed.

Then there's the X-series, where it became extraordinarily time-consuming to build credits and a working complex that contributes to the ever-shifting economy. Does not feel like inertial flight, but combat goes where it counts... Still, every once in a while, an AI ship crashes into a station while docking/undocking... or ram into another ship, especially when setting a large ship such as a frigate to autopilot. Unintended rep loss.

General Discussion / Re: What's YOUR flagship? Modded or Vanilla
« on: April 18, 2014, 01:14:45 PM »
My flagship has changed several times while I try to find a sweet spot but right now, it is a wolf-class frigate with graviton beam, 3 tactical lasers, and 2 Harpoon MRM racks.  Interestingly enough, the other 24 ships in my fleet are the exact same thing.  It's nice flying around at 14 burn in normal space and warping to the other end of the battlefield so the enemy doesn't have time to retreat.
Now that's what I call a Wolf pack. I am not an agile captain, so I do not pilot frigates unless pursuing.

General Discussion / Re: Officers and ship class
« on: April 17, 2014, 11:58:14 PM »
I would be curious as to how officers will do to ships. But if capital ships would become quite scarce, would shipyard-like stations be the best bet to find them?

I tend to buy at least one ship per combat ship class, since I may or may not find use in it later on.

General Discussion / Re: What's YOUR flagship? Modded or Vanilla
« on: April 17, 2014, 11:49:45 PM »
My flagship is the Paragon, though I'm usually in a Hyperion out-of-combat and while pursuing disengaging fleets.

Until reputation gain events are placed, I will stick with pirates while stockpiling supplies and elite crews. Since I outfitted it to crush heavy cruisers and below, pirate armadas and plunder fleets are struck down by a lone Paragon while a trio of Hyperions engage fleeing ships.

General Discussion / Re: Capital flagship suggestions
« on: April 17, 2014, 11:40:57 PM »
While still new and recently purchased the game. My play style went well with the Paragon. The outfit when I first had my hands on it was armed with all beam weapons. I would still play in vanilla so I could get the feel the direction as updates go by. After moving on to a different, it was saved as the 'Attrition' variant.
2 High Intensity Laser
2 Guardian PD
6 Graviton
Tactical to all small energy mounts
Harpoon to all small missile mounts

Hull mods include augmented engines and maneuvering thrusters to improve turn rate and speed; improved optics, turret speed, and integrated targeting unit brings out the range and responsiveness on the beam weapons. Rest went to flux or shield-focused mods.

This outfit struggles with capital ships, but outlasts anything else smaller. The focus was on flux management, sacrificing finishing strikes to conserve reserves when surrounded, found effective if Combat aptitude is 10 and gained limited hard flux dissipation while shielded. Found to put an end to large pirate fleets, since the largest they have at the time are cruisers, especially when flying with just one capital for any reason. It will withstand some waves until CR depletes. While beam weapons deliver soft flux when shielded, graviton beams are just for that purpose, build up flux to the point that enemies could not fire weapons that give off more flux than it can carry. After getting a sizable fleet to keep pirates off me, I set that variant aside for long-term defense needs.

My current outfit is named as the 'Obliterator' variant

2 plasma cannons on hardpoint
2 Tachyon turrents
2 Gravitons at front
4 Phase beams on the rest of medium mounts
Tactical laser on all small energy mounts
4 Reaper torpedoes

Modded with Augmented Engines and Maneuvering thrusters; has integrated targeting unit and stabilized shields; made sure to put 100 points to venting, or it won't last when surrounded.

This outfit became a credible threat to a capital, even with heavy escorts smaller than a capital; it was matter of which ship can the plasma cannon salvo say hi to first. Due to said player-only skills, PD lasers were no longer used (unless the opposing fleet carries high-yield torpedoes). More than enough to erase a pirate armada or cut off all combat ships in a supply fleet and leave the disengaging fleet to the Hyperions (My default flagship is a Hyperion, but always switch to Paragon on first engagement; needed to have extra CR on reserve.). The gravitons at the front were placed to keep pressure on enemy flux before the plasma cannons are ready to breach. Tachyons are most useful in putting ships under EMP and take out long-distance and fleeing ships. The torpedoes were meant in the rare event of facing a capital; that or accurately predict and hit a fleeing target with unforgiving linked firing of all four. While a bad idea in itself, piloting that variant by itself while engaging the Hegemony's 3 Onslaught ships with escorts was successful, though left with more than mere armor scratches. As far as I remembered, that was on 'full damage' setting, and the AI mishandling the Onslaughts to burn drive into my plasma cannon range.

I find myself relying on front shields over omni-shields; one being that playing on a laptop made it impractical to move the cursor over fast and accurate enough to minimize damage on particular points.

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