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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Painting the Stars (02/07/20)

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I was just thinking, is it possible to have those 3D ships working with the usual 2D ones? The organic effect on that Conquest could be very interesting on a modded faction, thought about BGE for example.


Well, I would have to say that it's yes and no:
-yes, it works for the ship sprite
-no, it does not work on animated parts, unless it's possible to assign the effects to each animation frame which would involve a tremendous amount of work

My comment was requested, so here's what's pretty much the stock answer (which I've given before in different form):

We investigated using normal-mapped sprites very early on in production of Starsector. I worked on a spaceship game back in 2007 (which didn't go anywhere) that was going to use normal maps and did make a test sprite for it. It's a cool effect, but:
- it's *at least* 2x the work-time per sprite, almost certainly more, not counting such schemes as hiring a 3d modeller to re-make everything (and remake everything again if I change anything, and the management/accounting overhead time thereof; unless you've had experience being a small business owner/manager, you'll be shocked at how this balloons unexpectedly).
- normal mapping bumps up system requirements (this is less and less a problem over time, true, but min system requirements is not about what hardcore gamers like all y'all have - the hardcore will always demand more and better, always, always - it's about what is really convenient and cheap for anyone who happens to pick up Starsector.)
- and ultimately, it's not the direction we chose to pursue with the aesthetics of the game.

Game-making is a balance between artistic intent, technical plausibility, and business reality and we've got a good thing going here. This is not to say that enthusiastic modders should not go wild with the possibilities here if they so desire, of course. So: go for it.

I would've never been able to express myself in this way which is why I haven't posted here yet but I have to say that this is exactly how I feel about it.


Mods / Re: Scy [23/05]
« on: May 23, 2014, 04:00:26 AM »
Welcome to the forums mate!

Cool stuff you've done so far, love your designs and animations.
I am not really good with coding and tbh I don't have time to help anybody out because I am busy with my own mod but I simply wanted to give a warm welcome to a new modder!

If you like give me a PM and I'll invite you to the modder's skype chat, it's very useful if you need help or want to share your ideas and thoughts.

I am very impressed by your animations, I've been animating stuff as well for my bioships to make them look alive, if you've got any spare time I might actually need some help with an animation I wanted to do for weeks now but it's so hard.

Keep up the good work, I am looking forward to see those ships of yours ingame!

I am still working on an update to BGE and it's gonna be quite big.

There will be a whole new faction added greatly underlining the current lore and I am almost finished with all decorative and animated parts.
Next thing will be an updated star system, new weapons and some basic stuff to get ready for the next SS update which will involve at least one more faction (maybe 2 but I guess it will come later at some point in the future).

There will be new mechanics and gameplay features as well and maybe I will make BGE use shaderlib as well but that will have to wait for the SS update since I don't have the time to rework it completely.

In the meantime you might see some more lore bits pop up.

I completely forgot to mention why this is taking so friking long: I am currently very busy at work which is slowing my progress down significantly. I'm not gonna let BGE die, don't worry, it'll only get better.

Autopsy report by Hegemony Chief Medical Officer van Elst:

"Subject: Corpse of a humanoid crustacean lifeform found in the aftermath of a boarding attempt by an unknown group of pirates or terrorists.

Height: 2.4 meters

Weight: 210.6 kilograms

The body seems to be largely intact except for a few burn holes induced by automatic sentry gun laser fire.
The whole body seems to be covered in some kind of very hard but slightly elastic material similar to the shell of some crustacean animals.
The surface is dark and smooth. Areas around the head and torso seem to be reinforced by bonelike structures.
The subject has three toes and fingers ending in razor sharp horn like claws.
It does not seem to have eyes or any other means of visual perception.
I will open the torso now. *noise of a buzzsaw can be heard in the background*
Oh my god! What is this?
[Warning: Classified Data ... Access Denied]
[Enter password: ************]
[Access Denied]
[Reboot ... Enter Password: *********** ... Access Granted]
I am removing it's viscera now.
Inner organs suggest that this is a human being but it has some abnormities: The subject's heart is about double the size of an average human, liver and kidneys are much smaller then usual, probably to make room for a massive lung.
All of which seem to be in perfect condition, not even a newly born child would have such pristine vital organs.
No signs of aging effects at all although the size of the subject suggests he's a fully grown male.
I will remove the rest of the exoskeleton now to have a better look at the subject. *more buzzsaw noises*
It is indeed a male human telling by it's appearance.
Muscle tissue seems to be remarkably durable, even my best tools are blunt after a few cuts.
Bone structure seems to be reinforced by vein like black substance similar in appearance to it's exoskeleton.
I will need to take tissue samples and send them to HQ, I don't have the proper equipment to analize deeper right here.
Oh, I didn't notice anybody coming in, can I help you Officer?"

End of report

Captured video footage of a prisoner under suspicion of belonging to BGE splinter group:

The video shows two men sitting at a table in a well lid cell.
The left one wears the uniform of a high ranking Hegemony officer, on the opposite side sits a man in a grey overall with a shaved head, his hands cuffed to his back.

"What were you and your comrades doing out there?" asks the uniformed man in a calm but intimidating voice.
"Well, what do you think we were doing?" the prisoner answers with a stron hard accent and grins.
Shortly after another person appears from outside the camera angle and punches the prisoner.
"Show some respect to a commanding officer!"
"Let me ask again: What were you supposed to do at the anomaly?"
"You wouldn't understand anyway, there's no point in telling you. You don't see in the same way we do."
"So, how do you see?" the uniformed man asks while signaling the guard to stand back with his hand.
"Ha, you can't possibly understand it. You haven't met the Walküren [suggested translation: "valkyries". Translate? No.]." the prisoner receives another punch and spits on the floor.
"They gave us all the answers, it wouldn't matter in any way if I told you what they want. You're outdated, your whole civilisation is on the brink of destruction. We know."
"How dare you insult the glorious empire we've built!" says the officer as he flips the table to his left and kicks the prisoner's chair to make him fall over folowed by a painful grunt.
"I'll ask you again: What were you doing!?"
The prisoner bends his neck to look into the officers face. He grins, opens his mouth as if to speak but instead snaps his jaw. Shortly after he begins to roll his eyes upwards and foam comes from his mouth.
"Damnit! Get a medical team over here right away! He's the only one we found alive!"

End of footage

*** Further search results ***


*** Translating ***

Excerpt from a journal found in a hidden stash on a captured pirate vessel:

Research notes by Prof. Dr. Hans Friedrich Warschau

November 23rd 1939,

Doctor Wernher von Braun claims to be ready to start the operation but we are years of research behind compared to his breakthrough.

However the latest subject seems to be doing fine but like the others it still can't move it's legs. There must be something else we're missing although the new treatment is progress in itself.
I have a theory ... We'll see if it works within the next week.

November 29th 1939,


The subject's damaged tissue is reforming and growing new nerveous connections to the subjects brain, subject is held under morphium to sustain the tremendous amount of pain.

The solution was so simple, right in front of our eyes, how could we have missed that before. The subject only needs [the document seems to be stained with some kind of liquid, untranslatable]
... that is all we did.

I have to inform von Braun right away.

December 5th 1939,

Subject freed itself from it's restraints and tried to escape, when surrounded by security trying to capture it it injured 4 soldiers badly.
Unfortunately the subject tripped on it's continued escape and died from heavy skull trauma.

I'm hoping autopsy will yield any valuable data since at this time of year it's impossible to get fresh research material.

Modding / Re: Create a monster contest! (vote until 14th May)
« on: May 14, 2014, 03:54:04 PM »
And the winner is:

John by HELMUT

You'll see ...

Modding / Re: Spriters judgement thread [non-sprite art allowed]
« on: May 14, 2014, 01:02:47 PM »
Two more ships



I see you've been able to fix the "grey". Looking very nice now. I like the custom mounts and the ship on the right. The asymmetrical ones you posted the other day were my favourite!

Intercepted Tri-Tachyon distress call:

"... send help immediately! We're surrounded, I don't even know how they could get around our scanners.

Our current position is 3.5 kSU from the anomaly, we're losing ships fast. Alpha group has been wiped out almost instantly, even our heaviest weaponry seems futile.
I don't even know what these are, they look like they came right out of my worst nighmares.

There are tentacles everywhere! They are eating us, do you hear me? They feed on our ships!
We killed a few of them but they came back ...

We are commencing full retreat, save everything we've got left. I don't care anymore about the Infernium inside that anomaly, just save us!
Where did those things even come from? If this is what I think it is we need to get prepared to fight back!

Relay this message directly to the chairmen, he will want to be informed about this before anyone else knows. I am sending a copy of our black box data via the encoded channel right away.

You will receive it in ... oh no, this cannot be!
Quickly! Evasive man... [static]"

The position of said Tri-Tachyon fleet could be triangulated successfully, nothing was found at those coordinates.

*** Universal Translation Plugin failed to load ***

Raw data output:

"Wir sind verloren! Wenn jemand diese Nachricht erhält, dann stoppt sofort das Raumfahrtprogramm!
Wir sind gestrandet im Nirgendwo, keins der sichtbaren Sternbilder ähnelt auch nur im entferntesten der Milchstraße, wir wissen nicht einmal welches Jahr wir schreiben.

Vor drei Tagen haben wir den letzten Treibstoff verbraucht, vor zwei Wochen sind die Cryotanks ausgefallen und wir wissen mittlerweile nicht einmal wie lange unsere Vorräte noch halten.
Ich kann nur eines mit Sicherheit sagen: Das hier ist nicht Mars, wir sind offensichtlich nicht einmal mehr in der Milchstraße.

Oberstabsgeneral Strauß hat seine gesamten Raketen geordert auf dem unbekannten Planeten zu landen, seit dem keine Rückmeldung mehr. Warscheinlich besitzt dieser kleine Planet nicht einmal eine atembare Atmosphäre und sie sind alle tod. Ich will nicht, dass uns dasselbe passiert ...

All unsere Bemühungen Kontakt mit irgendjemand aufzunehmen sind gescheitert. Ich weiß nicht mehr weiter.
Nur noch ein Ausweg bleibt ..."

Message recorded on a primitive magnetic recording device found next to a very simple handgun and a corpse clad in an unknown uniform on board of an ancient vessel confiscated from a smuggler.

Comencing deeper search


Please wait

Handwritten book pages found inside the carcass of a strangely organic appearing vessel orbiting Umbra:

" ... it appears that the chimpanse has normal sensory input after transplantation and reacts normally to stimulation.
But there still lies the problem in repairing damaged nerve tissue in order to enable the subject to use the host body's extremeties. Further testing seems to be in order.


April 23rd 1938,

Subject refuses any nourishment, continue using intravenous nutritional liquid to keep the subject from starvation.

Still no limb movements. Continue testing.

April 27th 1938,

Host body rejected transplant, any attempt to reanimate failed.

Autopsy in progress.


May 6th 1938,

Von Braun sent in his latest test results, at least he seems to be making progress after my own attempt failed.

Preparations for another attempt at transplantation have been met but I'm still waiting on that delivery from Japan."

Protocoll of a conversation salvaged from still intact components of what appears to be inside one of the organic ships after an aggresive encounter with said splinter group:

"Kapitän, awaiting orders!"
"Report our situation, Fähnrich."
"Course set to nearest Krill field for redeployment, SMS Graf Spee took minor hull damage due to a maneuvering mistake, rest of our fleet is fully operational."
"Good, let's hope we won't get interrupted while harvesting, HQ relies on us to sustain the Walküren. Are they still following us?"
"Yes Sir! Our pheromone trail is guiding them to our destination."
"Well done! Dismissed, Fähnrich."
"... Ambush! Order the fleet to protect the Walküren! They need to ... (static)"

End of protocoll.

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