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Starsector 0.9.1a is out! (05/10/19); Blog post: Personal Contacts (08/13/20)

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Allright, i re-downloaded the files, and got this, "./
./ line 1: ./jre_linux/bin/java: Permission denied "

going to download again an extract on the desktop, no other webpages are up, so it can't be corrupt every time i Download it~!

Result when taken to the desktop?

[email protected] ~/Desktop/starsector $  ./
./ line 1: ./jre_linux/bin/java: No such file or directory
[email protected] ~/Desktop/starsector $ .
bash: ./jre_linux/bin/java: No such file or directory
[email protected] ~/Desktop/starsector $

I have to wonder if it's not my OS, or something I did, damn it!
I hate linux some days, but others, I just love the minty Linux OS... =3=;

In anycase, i've been scratching my head at this for some time, it worked- then froze after preload -with the script, and it did the same when i simply put  "java" in the bash file, replacing the . /jre_linux/bin /java. In other words, from THIS: /jre_linux/bin/java  TO THIS: java.
And that yeilded the same result as the script. which was, at the preload, when it was done preloading, it froze up, my mouse was locked in the game, and it wouldn't work.

Using the native script supplied, I got the code you saw at my first post  "bash: ./jre_linux/bin/java: No such file or directory"

[email protected] ~/Documents/linuxgames/starsector $ sudo ./
./ 1: ./ ./jre_linux/bin/java: not found
[email protected] ~/Documents/linuxgames/starsector $ .
bash: ./jre_linux/bin/java: No such file or directory
Using this script, i was able to get so far before it ended up... Well, freezing, locking up! And i couldn't tell you whats up. everything loads up well, but then one preloading ends, the game just locks every up!

EDIT: using the original script results in the same error code...


Mods / Re: Vacuum / Exerelin Alpha 2 (Total Conversion)
« on: September 12, 2013, 12:31:31 PM »
This mod sounds pretty cool, i like the vanilla, but love the mods more, now granted, they're going to come out with mining at some point after base mechanics, but still, it's nice to see some have gone ahead an pushed te feature- evne if it's not vanillia to the front.

I'll DEFEINATYLY, give this mod a try when i get my system reinstalled with a new OS, my current OS keeps breaking up my gaming activeis and i'm afriad that it could extend to other problems as well. = 3=;


Tried it~! Enjoyed it, but it needs a bit of um... Fine tuning? The mod works great forme but it needs to be spread out further, not every ship has drones!
oh dear gods! THE DRONES!!! F---, i thought i hated the pirates in vinallia!!! Jeez, how many ships can have a drone system seriously?!
Though i love how you implimented mining, it's simple yes, but it works so far, an could even be how they initally introduce mining, least... till they get more in depth with mining. In any event, the mod is GREAT, it really is a great mod, but it just needs a bit more work and balancing... Not every ship, is a monster drone mother... heaha-eah.
Anyone whose faced a gas-tanker group, knows what i'm talking about.

The ships in the mod, right are pretty cool, I started to with a full decks hermes and i've got to say, that i LOVE, this, TOUGH LITTLE NUT! Realy, i've had a whole tanker group try an kill it, and, it lived, albeit i could barelly get anywhere without a swarm of little buggers after me!!! I lived. Where as the rest of my fleet... ueha, yeah, died.
If it didn't have all it's stuff, it'd b dead as well.

The good things about this mod though is that it's really a great little thing, and a good... Appetizer for some of the features to come, givng us more to nibble an gnaw at for a good while.
The ships are well made an spirtes are decnt too.
Why is there no astroid smashing into ship though, I don't know =3=;

Bug Reports & Support / Re: Troubleshooting
« on: July 23, 2013, 10:07:38 PM »
I don't know if anyone's noticed, but here's another linux touble-shooting tip. If a mod doesn't work, look at what made it crash, if the file isn't the same as the file in the error, try renaming the file to the one in the error.

An example:

File aSd.PNG not found, you look in the mod folder where the file should be there, it's there. but named asd.png instead. Rather then go throguh the code of the mod, just re-name the file to what the mod is looking for, linux is a case-sesitive OS, so, if it's not named right- even the extensions of the flie!!! -you may have an error on your hands.

Mods / Re: Project Ironclads, version 5.2 (0.54.1)
« on: July 22, 2013, 08:58:12 PM »
possible bug here, but for some reason a graphic isn't loading. THe game starts up, gets just pass the second 'T' a bit, and then the game crashes.
heres the log file- I've lazy lib and that doesn't offend the mod either it seems, as the result is the same.

I'll try opening theimage and editing it so to speak before trying it again, that worked last time with an issue i had.

I keep forgeting linux is a very case sensitive system and that names are important to this pegunie of mine... Allright fixxed the issue, but i'll have to work on getting the impending issues fixxed as well... LOL  oh linux, you awlays keep me busy...
though, that didn't last long either as it seemed to be the UIN-cr#-bay##.png files only. so for any linux users, easy to fix. :)

Okay, so, i got the lazy lib, the games loads, but doesn't start and actually seems to crash. xD
So after looking at the Log file a portrait for the Nihils- who i've no idea are -is missing. I'll see about trying to pull the or a port from the mod itself and simply renaming if need be.
On the off chance this doesn't work... well, that's why i'm posting.

EDIT1: Okay, so, that didn't work, and i'm pondering on what to do next... Any help would be enjoyed, i'll be digging through my skull! xD

Heres the code, I'm also running via a Linux Laptop- 64BIT mint 15 MATE desktop -if that could be of any notoriety:
44055 [Thread-6] DEBUG  - Loading [graphics/portraits/portrait_relics_elder_02.png] as texture with id [graphics/portraits/portrait_relics_elder_02.png]
44070 [Thread-6] DEBUG  - Loaded 71.59 MB of texture data so far
44071 [Thread-6] DEBUG  - Loading [graphics/portraits/Nihil.png] as texture with id [graphics/portraits/Nihil.png]
44172 [Thread-6] ERROR com.fs.starfarer.combat.O0OO  - java.lang.RuntimeException: Error loading [graphics/portraits/Nihil.png] resource, not found in [/home/peter/Documents/linuxgames/starsector/./mods/Exerelin,/home/peter/Documents/linuxgames/starsector/./mods/LazyLib,../starfarer.res/res,CLASSPATH]
java.lang.RuntimeException: Error loading [graphics/portraits/Nihil.png] resource, not found in [/home/peter/Documents/linuxgames/starsector/./mods/Exerelin,/home/peter/Documents/linuxgames/starsector/./mods/LazyLib,../starfarer.res/res,CLASSPATH]
at com.fs.util.C.Ò00000(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.util.C.Object(Unknown Source)
atÒ00000(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.loading.H.o00000(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.A.super.Ò00000(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.combat.O0OO.o00000(Unknown Source)
at com.fs.starfarer.StarfarerLauncher$ Source)
at Source)
I really really wish minig was implimented in game, grrhahahea.. wah...

EDIT (problem solved~!!!)
It was the PNG extension, all i had to do was change the ext to a png format rather then PNG, or it was simply very case sensitive towards the portraits. In either case, the mod now works. :)
And yes it was actually in the file system, it was again, simply the PNG file.  ^ ^

Bug Reports & Support / Re: Linux Start up
« on: June 21, 2013, 08:26:49 AM »
and this is where I curse myself...
Thanks for the help guys, I'll see what i can do.

I added the repositories and upgraded my Gfx drivers anb they now say IntelĀ® Sandybridge Mobile but, the experience is at Fall-back, which makes me think it is lesser, however~! The game runs at 60 FPS during the title screen as well as when i run a mission- only slowing down slightly due to sudden change in color of a ship blowing up~!

Bug Reports & Support / Re: Linux Start up
« on: June 20, 2013, 10:04:53 PM »
GREP VGA returns with this:
$ lspci|grep VGA
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 2nd Generation Core Processor Family Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 09)

to Swanny: I looked through the Xorg.0.log file and nothing of error came up when i searched for error, I'll look for "missing"... not found... Nothing seems to come up as an error or being problematic it seems from the Xorg log...  And De shows nothing either- and if did, the terms may've flown over my head, it was 3 or so year ago before i took any sort of course~!

If worse comes to worse i simply upgrade to Mint 15 with my data backed up an restored on my system.
Speaking of the game itself i was able to play it- albeit happhazardly and with bad FPS- at 5 to 15 FPS~! So... it was playable but not in the sense of fun. If you like waiting, then it is... Idle was around the 90's...

My drivers were originally "Integrated Graphics Chipset: Intel(R) Sandybridge Mobile" (copied from log as this was what i remember when looking at hard-ware) I belive i some how changed my drivers to try an play Dark Accesnt, that didn't work obviously, as well as man other things... may the gods have a little mercy on my luck with computers, blah.

Bug Reports & Support / Re: Linux Start up
« on: June 19, 2013, 10:01:42 PM »
No... I'm not, so that means I-aaugh fudge me in the cake hole!

I need to reinstall some things i guess then... nah hell.

No i am not running this in a VM, i am running on a laptop through hardware an OS, not a VM... I took an A+ tech class an remember at least enough to know doing VM for a gmae is suicide unless it's a low load game~! xD

Bug Reports & Support / Linux Start up [SOLVED]
« on: June 19, 2013, 08:45:32 AM »
To all linux users, I don't know if anyone has had this problem, but here it is; the game would
load part way, crash, part way, crash, an so on an so forth.

HOWEVER, this is not a cry for help, more of a thing to do that MAY, help... Run the game out of full screen on the smallest resulotion your computer can muster. Why it keeps crashing in between loadings, i've no idea exactly, but that seemed to have helped, running it three-times in a row may solve the trick as well. I had my computer come up with an internal error, an was not able to get the bug file due to the fact my entire machine froze, with only the mouse being able to move around~!

What I sort of think is happening here is this. The graphics being loaded all at the same time cause a crash, so it stops mid-way through the loading proccess, let it load three times an may or may not work, it depends on the specs of the computer.

For me i'm running on a laptop with:
3.8 Gbs Memory (not inclding swap)
Intel Core I3-2350M CPU @ 2.30ghz x 4 Processor
Linux Mint 14  64-bit
Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe (LLVM 0X301) Graphics

Really, I just found that helps, if not, sorry.

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